Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 491 – CN

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Chapter 491: Second Master Ji Enters the Arena!

“Eh, bet?” Young Master Yu tilted his head to one side, and looked at Chu Yang. He couldn’t help but be somewhat apprehensive in his heart. Young Master Yu wouldn’t have hesitated to gamble if it were someone else…
However, the one in front of him was none other than Chu Yang! Young Master Yu had always been skeptical about the unpredictable methods of this guy.
His eyes twinkled as he was lost in thought for a while. Then, he finally felt assured, [Ji Mo may have some super-strong attacks. Perhaps he knows those exquisite and incredible sword moves like Chu Yang does. But, he can only throw Gao Sheng into confusion at the most with them. He can’t possibly jump the barrier of levels to attain victory in the end.]
He asked, “What do you want to bet?”
Sword Spirit hastily pointed out to Chu Yang in his mind, “White Crystal! Bet for his white crystals! The Nine Tribulations Sword doesn’t exactly need the top-tier purple crystals the most at the moment — it needs those white crystals!”
Chu Yang smiled mischievously. He took the hint and said, “How many white crystals do you have?”
Young Master Yu’s eyes flashed as he disgruntled in reply, “So, this Boy has taken a fancy to my white crystals? You ask me how many white crystals I have in total?! How big of an appetite do you have?”
“I want you to bet all of it. I will bet as much in worth.” Chu Yang was very calm and composed. His net worth was very high at present. In fact, he was filthy rich. There were two of the ‘nine great herbal medicines’ and a jade snow spirit ginseng in the Nine Tribulations Space. Furthermore, the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal and the Mysterious Yang Jade had also been piled-up like a mountain therein. Even a small portion of these items could be considered as rare treasures in this world! Therefore, he wasn’t afraid of anyone when it came to the aspect of gambling.
“I don’t have many white crystals,” Young Master Yu looked at him somewhat jokingly, “I only have a few tens of thousands of white crystals; that’s all. Also, I also have a white crystal mineral reserve… Do you want them all? What do you want bet against these?”
Sword Spirit made rapid calculations in the midst of the conversation, and his face lit up. [Tens of thousands of white crystals, white crystal mineral reserves…! Getting all of that would be like making a fortune! The Nine Tribulations Sword can upgrade by one full level if it gets to absorb them all!]
“Bet one piece of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal, and one block of Mysterious Yang jade,” Sword Spirit made a quotation, “Both are fist-sized.”
Chu Yang nearly fainted.
[You want to bet a block of Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal and a block of Mysterious Yang Jade against Young Master Yu’s bet of an entire white crystal mineral reserve…?]
“Relax, you just say it,” Sword Spirit replied confidently, “Young Master Yu seems to have practiced a section of the ‘Transcendent Secret Shadow’ technique. These two jade chunks aren’t that valuable, but he will accept the bet! I have a feeling that this is exactly what he needs most at the moment. And, those white crystals are anyway a burden on him. “
“What do you want to bet with me?” Young Master Yu curiously looked at Chu Yang. He found this somewhat ridiculous in his heart, [when have I lost to someone when it comes to smashing one’s wealth into the other person’s face?] However… Young Master Yu still felt a great sense of accomplishment when he saw that this boy appeared somewhat dumbfounded.
“These are the only most precious items that I possess.” Chu Yang sighed, “So, let’s bet if you are fine with it. But, let’s forget it if you don’t like these…”
Chu Yang reached out into his chest pocket, and fished-out something as he spoke in a dejected tone, “These two chunks… constitute my net worth.”
Young Master Yu had been smiling complacently. However, his jaw suddenly dropped, and his eyes popped out when he saw the items that Chu Yang had taken o

There were two fist-sized jades stacked one upon the other in Chu Yang’s palm. The one above was exuding a faint yet deep coldness, while the one below was exuding a faint trace of warmth.
One cold, and one hot — one Yin, and one Yang. It seemed as if they formed a perfectly balanced loop upon Chu Yang’s hand. The pure warm of the resultant vapors rose up, and began to float in a radius of 3 feet around Chu Yang’s palm. Moreover, they didn’t even seem to drift away!
“Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal… Mysterious Yang Jade…” Young Master Yu’s eyes got glued to them in no time. And, his Adam’s apple started to move up-and-down as he swallowed his saliva.
“Is this enough…?” Chu Yang asked somewhat nervously, “I know this isn’t enough… So, it can’t be helped if you don’t wish to gamble for them.”
“It’s enough; it’s enough! These are more than enough!” Young Master Yu replied adamantly, “I will gamble! How can I not gamble?! I will definitely bet! A real man never goes back on his word. A promise must always be kept. It’s upon a brave man’s honor to stand by his word. He won’t have any regrets even if he has to die for the sake of the promise…”
“Shall we bet then?” Chu Yang asked for confirmation.
“Yes!” Young Master Yu had started to burn with impatience. So, he snatched the Mysterious Jade Ice Crystal and Mysterious Yang Jade, and began to fiddle with them admiringly. He then said, “I will take care of the gambling stakes. I will also be the notary… do you feel reassured? Ha-ha, you must be feeling very relieved…”
Chu Yang went speechless for a while. [You are participating in the gambling. That makes you an involved party. Yet, you still want to be the notary? What kind of logic is this?]
“Relax.” Young Master Yu patted his shoulder and added, “I won’t let you suffer a loss. These items will obviously belong to me in case you lose. But, I will still make-up to you by giving you a thousand white crystals. However, I will use my entire stock of white crystals to trade these with you if you win…! What do you think?”
Chu Yang got furious!
[What the hell is this guy talking about? He has lost all sense of shame!]
“Why would I have to trade something I already won…? I’m betting against your entire stock of white crystals!” Chu Yang flew into a rage.
“Well… why are you getting agitated for no reason?” Young Master Yu shamelessly replied, “You see, these two jade chunks are already in my hands. And, you won’t be able to do anything if I run away with these, correct? However, this Young Master’s moral standing is so strong that I’m not running away… Moreover, I am even staying here to gamble with you! In fact, I’m even willing to compensate you after I’ve won the bet. And, I will certainly repudiate the debt I owe if I lose. You should be grateful to me!
“There are many people in the Middle Three Heavens who kill people for money. How many do you think negotiate with honesty like I do?” Young Master Yu asked.
Chu Yang tried to force a smile, but failed to do so.
[Awesome, you take these away if you win the bet. You take these away even if you lose the bet. And, you still claim to have a strong moral standing? Then, you even talk about honesty? Elder Brother, you will surely get filthy rich if you step into business!]
“Fine. But, I have a condition.” Chu Yang finally revealed his hidden intention. [I am giving you such a cheap deal. So, I would obviously have my request as well…] “I want to go with you to your secret treasure house if you lose. And, I’ll personally inspect the treasures present there. In addition, you still owe me a purple jade core from the Lower Three Heavens. I also want to take that away.”
Young Master Yu suddenly got enraged and annoyed, “Do you think that I wouldn’t payback the debt I owe?”
Chu Yang said in his heart, [you think you still have the face to speak such words? Your current behavior is giving the vibes of a man who reneges on a debt through and through!]
“What do you say?” Chu Yang sneered.
Young Master Yu held out his hands, and hugged Chu Yang’s shoulder. He then said in a brotherly manner, “Alright, it’s settled then! It’s a deal! Ha-ha, these two jade chunks are mine… regardless of the outcome. This Young Master won’t go back on his word. Ha-ha, who is more qualified than me in the Middle Three Heavens? Isn’t that right?”
Chu Yang turned his face away and spat. He had been rendered speechless.
Mo Qing Wu had been on Chu Yang’s lap this entire time, and she had been listening attentively to the conversation of these two people. She raised her head at this time, and angrily looked at Young Master Yu, “You are a bad person! You even dare to cheat my Elder Brother Chu Yang of his things. I believe that the right thing should be that you return the two jade chunks to Elder Brother Chu Yang. And then, you should give all the treasures you have in your secret treasure house to Elder Brother Chu Yang — regardless of the outcome of the gamble! Got it?”
“Eh, Eh…” Young Master Yu opened his eyes wide to look at this cute little girl. He eventually let go of Chu Yang, and spread out his hands as he spoke, “I’m a bit unreasonable. But, you are even more unreasonable than me…”
“You are unreasonable!” Mo Qing Wu savagely retorted.
“Fine, I am unreasonable.” Young Master Yu hung his head dejectedly as he conceded his defeat. Then, he twisted his buttocks, and went away to sit with Gu Du Xing instead. He was about to get into trouble, but he managed to run away in time. And, he heard that cute little girl muttering from afar, “He’s too unreasonable…”
Young Master Yu staggered, and nearly fell to the ground.
The Sword Spirit merrily spoke-up in Chu Yang’s mind, “You can make a great development as long as you can win this bet!”
“How?” Chu Yang curiously asked.
“The essence present in so many white crystals can help the Nine Tribulation Sword separate itself from the mundane iron level. The other levels are the following — gold, silver, copper, and iron. In fact, it can even rise to become a spiritual sword! And, you can even treat Mo Qing Wu’s injuries once it becomes a spiritual sword.” Sword Spirit explained in a tempting manner.
“I can treat her injuries right now.” Chu Yang rolled his eyes and said, “In fact, I don’t even need an extremely safe space to do it…”
“Nonsense! You can certainly cure her Three Yin Meridians if you treat her injuries right now. However, the most important function of the Nine Tribulations Pill will be lost in the process.” Sword Spirit rolled his eyes, “But, I can use the Nine Tribulations Pill to reconnect her Three Yin Meridians after the sword has risen to the spiritual sword level. And then, I will seal the medicinal efficacy in her body. After that, she will gradually level up one grade after another. Consequently, the sealed medicinal efficacy will detonate within her body when it’s finally time for her to step into the Emperor level, and that will send her to the Monarch level in one fell swoop!
“This is the real power of the Nine Tribulations Pill! The pace of her cultivation will be far more than the pace of those so-called geniuses as long as this is done properly. Moreover, this process will also save her life at a critical moment,” Sword Spirit snorted and continued, “That’s it; now you decide. I won’t stop you if you still insist on treating her injuries right now…”
Chu Yang was overjoyed at this unexpected good news. So, he replied, “What else is there to say? We must first obtain the white crystals! Let the competition end. Then, I will make Young Master Yu repay the debt he owes, and I’ll go fetch the white crystals. It won’t take much time and effort anyway, ha ha…”
Sword Spirit looked at him disdainfully. Then, he quietly went back into the consciousness, and didn’t speak further. 

Ji Mo had a somewhat low-key presence as he entered the arena. He gradually walked forward. He secretly regulated his own strength as he walked step by step.
He knew that the disparity between him and Gao Sheng wasn’t small. So, he didn’t dare to act with the slightest carelessness, and decided to control his own temper very diligently since he didn’t wish to waste any strength before the match. 
Ji Mo’s stance was obviously quite magnificent. However, he was reluctant to use too much strength. [This relates to a major turning point in my life — my marriage. This will determine who the wife will belong to. However, this won’t affect Gao Sheng’s mentally much since he doesn’t care whether he loses or wins. But, the same can’t be said about me.]
Gao Sheng had been waiting in the arena for a while. And, Ji Mo wasn’t walking fast; but, he wasn’t walking too slowly either. Gao Sheng got angry and said, “Can you go faster?”
Ji Mo rolled his eyes and replied, “Why do you fu*king care whether I am going faster or slower? Are you in a hurry to get you’re a*s kicked?”
He was vigilant in his heart, but he was still as vocal as ever. In fact, he didn’t even stammer once. He was firmly adhering to Big Brother Chu’s suggestion. [You must keep calm. You don’t need to be anxious. In fact, it would be more ideal to berate Gao Sheng if you genuinely can’t help but be anxious, got it? Go, go! I believe in your eloquence.] 
Gao Sheng sneered and said, “Ji Mo, could it be that you are scared? Could it be that you have the courage to act, but not-enough courage to bear the consequences?”
“Ha ha ha, Gao Sheng, your words are truly laughable. What do you mean by saying ‘I have the courage to act, but not-enough courage to bear the consequences’?” Ji Mo let out a long laughter, “You think that it would’ve been possible for you to arrange for such a big event if I hadn’t nodded my head in agreement?”
This statement was true in reality. Gao Sheng’s challenge was one thing. However, there wouldn’t have been a grand event if Ji Mo hadn’t agreed!
Ji Mo loudly said, “I – Ji Mo – came here! I – Ji Mo – came to fight you! At least I did that much! I – Ji Mo – dared to challenge you, dared to love, dared to fight for my woman! At least I did that much! I – Ji Mo – unlike a certain someone didn’t agree to marry under the parents’ pressure, and later fled away to avoid the marriage. You didn’t want to marry her. So, why didn’t you say so? No one would’ve forced you to marry her. But, you are still dragging the marriage contract and haven’t rescinded it even now!
“Why?!” Ji Mo roared loudly, “It’s only because you have taken a fancy to the wealth and status of the Huyan Clan. You think these world heroes who have come here are fools? You think that they can’t see your real intentions?”
“Ladies and gentlemen, isn’t this correct?” Ji Mo crazily bellowed.
Thousands of people responded in unison, “Yes!” Their voices were neat and orderly.
This itched-up Ji Mo’s complacence even more. He was gracefully waving his hand with the poise of a great leader on the one hand. On the other hand, he continued to weave a flowery speech with his tongue, “Gao Sheng, you covet power and you covet wealth. That is still understandable since this is human nature. And, the most one can say about your morality after considering these points is that… you are a bad guy. However, there’s something you mustn’t have done while you were seeking money and fame — you shouldn’t have been so ruthless towards a woman’s precious youthful years!
“Do you even know how short-spanned a woman’s youthful years are? Yet, you tyrannically wasted her youthful years at your wish. But, you backed off when it came to marrying her in reality. You, you… are you even a man?!”
Gao Sheng was so angry that his lips had started to tremble. He stretched out his hand, and pointed it at Ji Mo, “You you… you are talking nonsense! I – Gao Sheng – am not like that. How can I be that kind of a man?!”
“You are!” Ji Mo occupied a commanding position and bellowed. And, he let out a series of shouts when he saw Gao Sheng refuting, “You are! You are! You are…”
The tens of thousands of people in the audience laughed out loud at first. They then followed suit, and began to clamor in mockery, “You are! You are! You are…”
Huyan Aobo stood up inside the Huyan Clan’s camp, and looked at Ji Mo from afar. She was deeply touched by this…
Ji Mo raised his hands in an awe-inspiring manner, “Everyone, I haven’t finished my speech yet.”
“Ha ha ha… Second Master Ji, please continue,” everyone laughed, and ceased to make the noise.
“Now, I – Ji Mo – shall spare no effort for the sake of my beloved. I am willing to go through every trial and tribulation for her. I even traveled for ten-thousand miles… through day and night… to get here in order to participate in this decisive battle! But, why?” Ji Mo looked up to the sky and roared, “For the true feelings of love that linger in my heart! Ahwooo! Dog Aunt!”
Tens of thousands of people shouted at the same time, “For the true feeling of love that linger in my heart! Ahwooh! Dog Aunt!”
However, someone quietly asked the person sitting beside him, “Hey buddy, what’s the meaning of this… Dog Aunt?”
The man had raised his arms in the air when he had shouted loudly. And, he snapped as soon as he heard this question, and replied, “How would I know that? You go ask Second Master Ji.” He said that, and continued to wave his arms as he shouted, “For the true love… Ahwooh! Dog Aunt!”
Ji Mo was in high spirits. He again took a few steps, and raised his arm as he shouted loudly, “I must rescue my beloved woman from the clutches of this villain! I want to give her happiness! I want to give her a bright future to look forward to! I will never allow someone’s conspiracies to succeed in trapping her! Ahwooh… Dog Aunt!”
Thousands of spectators shouted at once, “Second Master Ji is so mighty! Ahwooh… Dog Aunt!”
Ji Mo was excited. He was waving his arm. There was an impassioned look on his face. He suddenly felt the blood boiling throughout his body. He raised his hand towards the sky and exclaimed, “Heaven! Give me strength! Let me overcome the evil! Let me save her! Love her! Be with her! Make her happy!” Then, he suddenly let out an earth-shaking bellow, “Let her be my wife! Ahwooh!!!”
The audience suddenly burst into cheers! Who amongst those who had come here had seen such a bold courtship in their life?
Huyan Aobo looked at Ji Mo. There was endless love in her eyes.
Many female members of the Huyan Clan also stood behind her. And, they all held their own shoulder and said, “This is disgusting.” However, each of them had a shade of deep envy flashing in their eyes. 
Gao Sheng was seething with rage! His whole body was shaking. In fact, he nearly spouted blood from his mouth, [fu*k you Ji Mo! Have you come here to fight or perform in opera…]


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