Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 490 – CN

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Tu Qian Hao was sent out flying, and several hundreds of feet away at that. He felt as if the sky was spinning and the earth was going round in circles. He again puffed out a mouthful of blood. He had already sunken into a semi-comatose state. He could only hear what Gu Du Xing had said at the end in a low voice, “Mo Tian Yun had requested me to carve ‘number-one fool in the world’– on your chest if you were to fall into the trap and got defeated at the end. I’m very sorry that I have carved these words on your chest. And, I apologize even though you can’t hear what I’m saying…”

However, Tu Qian Hao had actually heard these words. He had heard exactly what had been spoken, and had become so angry that he fainted immediately-after…

The crowd of spectators became silent!

Who would’ve thought that this match would end like this?! Who would’ve imagined that this insufferably arrogant Tu Qian Hao would be sent off flying like a sack by a kick?

Gu Du Xing leisurely returned victorious to the spectator’s grandstand while the men of the Tu Clan came up to carry Tu Qian Hao back. However, they couldn’t help but look at Gu Du Xing with complicated expressions in their eyes. Gu Du Xing had indeed shown mercy. Tu Qian Hao wasn’t dead. The injuries he had sustained were very heavy. However, they weren’t life-threatening… nor had he been crippled…

This was akin to owing a big favor to Gu Du Xing…

Ou Du Xiao and Xie Dan Qiong opened their eyes wide. They extended their necks, and foolishly looked at the arena. They could only think two words in their minds – We’re doomed! [We will have a tragic financial loss this time…]

Ao Xie Yun’s eyes were also fixed to the arena. And, his eyes issued some signs of bluing. He then patted his thigh, and spoke-up with a fierce countenance, “Fu*k! We have been tricked!”

This ‘Evil Young Master’ had always been calm and elegant. In fact, he had used obscene language for the first time today!

He finally understood why Chu Yang had suddenly bet such a big amount! And, he finally realized why the Dark Bamboo organized such a big underground gambling, but eventually pulled back and openly staked 500 million instead!

Everything had suddenly made sense. However, this realization had made him dumbfounded and sullen. [So, Gu Du Xing wasn’t injured. Or maybe his injuries were nowhere close to being as serious as Mo Tian Yun had reported. He has healed…]

[And, Tu Qian Hao suffered such a big loss as a result. Otherwise, Tu Qian Hao had the capability to bring this fight to a draw. But, his carelessness has resulted in his defeat. Moreover, this defeat is so pathetic that he won’t have the strength of turning it over again!]

The three Big Young Masters looked at each other in dismay. In fact, they looked at each other with such mournful expressions that it seemed as if their mothers had passed away. They were extremely sullen in their hearts. [Motherfu*ker, which one of us isn’t a talent individual with God-given wisdom…? How could we get fooled like this…?]

“Don’t be sad. This expression isn’t good,” Ao Xie Yun quickly regained his composure. Then, he gently smiled, “We should be glad, ah… fortunately, the Greatest Young Master over there hogged all of that 1 billion for himself. Otherwise, we would’ve had to pay six billion more as compensation. And, our three clans would’ve gone bankrupt if that had happened… In fact, our three clans would’ve had to sell ourselves into slavery in order to repay those debts if that had happened.”

Ou Du Xiao and Xie Dan Qiong complied. In fact, they now had smiles uglier than cry on their faces.

Ao Xie Yun pouted and continued, “See… what a wonderful expression is there on the face of the Greatest Young Master!” Both the men turned to look as they heard this. And, they couldn’t help but smile gleefully. They were obviously taking pleasure in someone else’s misfortune.

They had just looked at Mo Tian Yun, who was seated on the other side. Mo Tian Yun was lying in his seat with his legs spread out… as if he had become paralyzed. His complexion was deathly white, and his lips were shivering. He had an expression of indescribable shock in his eyes. He seemed lifeless!

Mo Tian Yun had personally planned this entire gambling scenario. And, his great efforts had gone in vain at this time. His schemes had been wasted. Moreover, he had even ended-up creating a situation in which the entirety of his wealth had been lost…

Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao became very satisfied when they imagined about Mo Tian’s state of mind. They felt relaxed and refreshed throughout their body. In fact, they felt as if they had taken a cold water bath in summer. They were going to lose a billion soon. So, they shouldn’t be so happy at this moment. But… they still felt very proud of themselves. This kind of mood was quite strange. In fact, they seemed to be so happy that one would think that they had won instead of suffering a major loss…

[Fu*k, I lost! And, I will have to pay the compensation amount as well. But, Mo Tian Yun will be in a far more miserable condition than us.]

[I won’t be the most pathetic one…] They felt comfortable in their hearts as they thought this.

“The fifth match — Gu Du Xing versus Tu Qian Hao — has been won by Gu Du Xing!” the voice of the Master of the Ceremony had changed because of the shock. In fact, he was still perplexed. This outcome had struck him as the most unexpected possibility…

The entire viewing platform flared up as this announcement was made. It seemed as if oil had been poured into fire…

“Crap! How is this possible? Didn’t they say that Gu Du Xing was injured…?”

“Who had spread the rumor that Gu Du Xing’s chances weren’t high…? Motherfucker, wouldn’t I have bet on Ji Mo’s victory if I hadn’t heard that rumor? Ah! Ah! Ah…! I am so mad…”

“How did he win? What exactly happened?”

“Who released the fake information? I will slaughter his entire family!”

“Didn’t they say that he had been injured by Mo Tian Yun?”

“That fu*ker Mo Tian Yun! He cheated me like that…?! I have gambled two-hundred-thousand… dammit…”

“This fu*king Tu Qian Hao! This motherfu*ker would flamboyantly clamor about his valor every day, but he got defeated by Gu Du Xing! Fu*k! This bastard has clearly eaten far more food than Gu Du Xing for all these years. Moreover, he has also crapped several times more than Gu Du Xing in all these years… He’s a very shitty man! I lost my money because of him!”

“Mo Tian Yun released the fake information?”

“Mo Tian Yun released this fake information?!”

“Mo Tian Yun released this fake information!”

“Mo Tian Yun cheated us…”

Suddenly, a person wailed. Then, hundreds of responses came en masse. And, countless people started to cry out. Then, a man suddenly stood up. And, he shouted in a very loud voice, “Fu*k Mo Tian Yun!”

These words immediately reached everyone’s heart. These words were the best reflection of how they were feeling at the moment. So, they all teamed up. And, thousands of spectators shouted loudly:

“Fu*k Mo Tian Yun!”

“Fu*k Mo Tian Yun!”

“Fu*k Mo Tian Yun!”

Each of these men had a good cultivation base. And, all of them had bellowed out loud with their entire strength at this time. So, the impact of their clamor was sky-shaking!

Mo Tian Yun’s popularity had reached the peak of his lifetime at this time.

Chu Yang looked towards Gu Du Xing as he walked over. There seemed to be a tacit mutual understanding between the two. Chu Yang merely winked at him and asked, “Didn’t kill?”

“Didn’t kill.” Gu Du Xing exposed a solemn and stern look on his face. He then sneered, “I will let him play with Mo Tian Yun first. And, I’ll kill him later,” he winked-back at Chu Yang after he said this.

Chu Yang couldn’t help but smile. He suddenly recalled Gu Du Xing’s invisible sword-energy. And, he immediately understood that Gu Du Xing was by no means merciful-enough to let Tu Qian Hao off that easily…

Two wins, two defeats, and one draw. The score was even so far. And, only two matches were left to decide the winner of this competition.

However, the mood of the people on the spectator’s grandstand had detonated like an explosive barrel. And, they were unable contain their anger. In fact, the spot where Mo Tian Yun was sitting had been submerged by banana peels, fruits, stones etc. by now. These things had obviously been thrown at him in a crazed manner!

Moreover, many people even took off their shoes to throw. People had also started to throw all sorts of bizarre things to the viewing platform where Mo Tian Yun was seated. In fact, anything that one could think of… had already been thrown at him. The thing that was especially odd was that — some people had even taken-off their bellybands, and had thrown them at him as well. Moreover, these clothes still had the lingering smell of cosmetic powder from their bodies… as well as their body’s warmth. It wasn’t known where these had come from…

The Master of the Ceremony was at a loss in the arena. So, he was helplessly standing there in a panicked state of mind. And, he obviously didn’t know what he ought to do. In fact, his shouting had also turned out to be useless at the moment. Therefore, he was unable to conduct the contest further since the berserk crowd wasn’t willing to listen to anything he had to say in this matter…

Young Master Yu wrinkled his brows besides Chu Yang. Then, he suddenly let out a long and loud roar. Wind and thunder surged up all of a sudden, and suppressed the loud cries of tens of thousands of people in one fell swoop. After that, Young Master Yu began to rain curses, “Why are you people shouting? Do you want to die? I would like to see who dares to shout again?!”

“It’s Young Master Yu!” someone from the crowd said in a low voice.

The arena immediately fell silent. Most of the people had an aggrieved look on their faces. But, no one dared to jump up to cause ruckus.

[Young Master Yu. Fu*k me! This guy will kill people even if someone dares to speak another word. Moreover… Jun Xi Zhu is also here! Ah… Crap! How did we forget this…?]

Young Master Yu looked around and said, “Members of Dark Bamboo… listen to my order — Maintain order here. Kill whoever dares to clamor. There’s no need to give them any warning!” his voice had a stern murderous aura. And, everyone had listened to his voice… loud and clear.

“Yes! Minister Yu!” the subordinates of Dark Bamboo roared in unison.

The entire vicinity immediately became silent out of fear!

Chu Yang marveled in his heart. [The criminal underworld is maintaining the order. It’s indeed more effective than the likes of Ao Xie Yun and the others…]

The Master of the Ceremony let out a sigh of relief. And, he hastily announced, “Sixth match! Luo Ke Di of Luo Clan will battle Li Hong Tu of Li Clan!”

Luo Ke Di shouted ‘ahwooh’ loudly, and stood up in excitement. He looked up and howled loudly, “Ahwooh~~~ finally, it’s my turn!”

However, Gao Sheng suddenly started to laugh at this moment. He then stood up, and said in a loud voice, “Ji Mo! There have been two victories, two defeats, and one draw by now. So, we can simply skip this match of Luo Ke Di’s. How about we have a fight and determine the winner instead?”

He smiled and continued, “Ji Mo, you also understand that our fight can’t be avoided. So, it would be better to settle things here at once! The brave heroes of the world are present here. So, you must show your courage and valor if you want to rob somebody of what they cherish! You must do it yourself! Come and fight me!”

Everyone started to rain curses as soon as these words were said – [Gao Sheng is so shameless!]

Li Xiong Tu was obviously no match for this newly promoted Wolf Sword King. So, it was evident that Gao Sheng had raised this idea to selfishly take the easy way out!

“Gao Sheng, you are so shameless!” Huyan Aobo pranced up to stand. She then scowled in anger, “Rob somebody of something they cherish…? How could you even say this…?”

Luo Ke Di also got furious, “Gao Sheng, what do you mean by this?”

Gao Sheng didn’t answer. Instead, he looked at Ji Mo…

Ji Mo laughed out loud. He stood up and said in a loud voice, “Gao Sheng, I was going to teach you a lesson anyway. You good-looking bastard! You may be handsome on the outside, but you’re hollow inside. How dare you occupy a latrine but not shit in it…?! You son of a bitch!”

Huyan Aobo was stupefied when she heard this. She fiercely glared at Ji Mo at first, but furiously sat down the next moment. [Occupy a latrine but do not shit in it? What does this mean? Ji Mo, you’re dead!]

Young Miss Huyan angrily thought to herself, [How dare he say that! I will teach this loud-mouthed bastard a proper lesson!]

Chu Yang looked towards Gao Sheng. He then hurriedly said in a low voice, “Ji Mo, don’t forget what I had told you.”

Ji Mo nodded. He pursed up his lips and replied, “Don’t worry, Big Brother. I’ll win for sure.”

“There’s no hope in this match,” Young Master Yu looked at Ji Mo, and then at Gao Sheng. After that, he wrinkled his brows. He possessed an insightful vision. So, he could obviously see that Ji Mo’s inner foundation was insufficient even though he had progressed very rapidly. However, Gao Sheng had a more stable, strong, and reliable foundation on the other hand.

Both of them were Second Grade King Level Experts. However, Gao Sheng was at the peak of the second grade, while Ji Mo was in the intermediate stages of it. And, this difference was quite big!

“I think Ji Mo will win,” Chu Yang spoke with full confidence, “This match is going to be full of twists and turns, but he will win in the end!”

“How are you so sure?” Young Master Yu suspiciously looked at Ji Mo and Gao Sheng. Then, he made his calculations again. But, he still felt that Gao Sheng’s chances of winning were somewhat higher. Consequently, he couldn’t help but become doubtful at Chu Yang’s statement. What he had seen with his insightful vision couldn’t be wrong since he could see the outcome very clearly.

“Brother Yu, how about we both have a bet again? We can make extra profit that way…?” Chu Yang squinted. He looked at the expression in Young Master Yu’s eyes, and it seemed as if the famed monster had found a mountain of gold…


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