Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 482 – CN

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Mo Tian Yun gawked. He scratched his head and asked, “Minister Jun, what does this mean?” He thought, [You won’t release the person if we hand you over the money? What kind of a rule is this?]

Jun Xi Zhu coldly replied, “Didn’t you properly read the letter that I had sent you? And, you even came looking for the hostage now? It’s really laughable!”

Mo Tian Yun and Mo Tian Ji stared blankly.

They spontaneously took out the letter of extortion from their pockets. Then, they looked at each other in dismay, [There’s doesn’t seem to be an issue!]

“Read it out aloud!” Jun Xi Zhu said.

“Daughter of the Mo Clan – Qing Wu is in the hands of Dark Bamboo. Quickly pay sixty million silver taels. The hostage would be killed if you delay!” Mo Tian Yun read out in a puzzled manner. He frowned since he didn’t find the problem.

A mysterious light flashed in Mo Tian Ji’s eyes. He had realized it, and felt that it was his bad luck.

Jun Xi Zhu sneered and spoke, “I had informed that the hostage would be killed if you don’t pay the ransom. That’s all. Did I ever say that I will hand over the person to you? Your younger sister is here with me. She’s eating and drinking with me here. I’m providing her clothes. I’m taking care of her expenses. I’m providing her a place to live… Don’t these things cost money?”

Mo Tian Yun was left dumbfounded. In fact, he had gotten so angry that he couldn’t even retort.

“These 60 million silver taels are for the living expenses of your little sister!” Jun Xi Zhu indifferently explained, “You two Young Masters can go back if you don’t have any other matter to discuss. Of course, you’re most welcome if you want to live here with me! You’d only need to pay 60 million silver taels each for your living-expenses.”

Jun Lu Lu firmly covered her mouth to hold back the sound of her laughter. [I didn’t expect that my elder sister had such a plan. It is indeed an excellent plan…]

Mo Tian Yun was standing outside. He angrily said, “Why did you drag me out?”

“You can still go in now!” Mo Tian Ji replied, “If you can produce another 60 million…”

Mo Tian Yun snorted and said, “Why did you give her 40 million? It was clear that she was defrauding us! I knew that you’re a fool… but, I didn’t expect that you’re that big of a fool!”

Mo Tian Ji glared at him contemptuously. He said, “Jun Xi Zhu was looking to teach us a lesson. Didn’t you notice? The two of us would’ve been in big trouble if we didn’t pay her that money! The 60 million was for ransom. And, the 40 million was to buy our security! You can’t even notice this simple point… How would you ever hold the position of the Clan Lord of the Mo clan?”

Mo Tian Yun got very angry, “You!”

Mo Tian Ji shook his head and said, “You go back to your own business! I won’t stop you if you wish to go back and look for Jun Xi Zhu. I have something else to do. I need to find someone,” He didn’t wait for Mo Tian Yun’s reply. And, he simply turned around and left.

Mo Tian Yun spat out a mouthful of spittle, and touched his pocked. His pocket was empty at the moment. He felt as if it had been washed clean. He couldn’t help but grit his teeth. He hatefully muttered to himself, “I’ll see how you’d be arrogant towards me once I’ve won my one billion, Mo Tian Ji!”

Then, he sneered and walked away.

Little did he know that Mo Tian Ji was also cussing in his heart… [This bastard! He even put the property of the clan into gambling. You’ll end up being a joke if you lose, Mo Tian Yun! You’d be even worse than a joke!]

Chu Yang was with Gu Du Xing.

“Du Xing, how did you get injured?” Chu Yang asked.

“It’s Mo Tian Yun’s doing,” Gu Du Xing casually mentioned, “I had heard something. So, I went to look for Mo Tian Yun to settle scores. But, many of his experts gathered, and besieged me. I killed a few of them, but got injured in the process.”

Gu Du Xing had spoken this in a casual manner… as if it was no big deal. But, how could Chu Yang not sense the danger involved whilst hearing the description of that incident? [It seems that Gu Du Xing has managed to escape death!]

“What was that matter about? Was it even worth taking this risk?” Chu Yang wrinkled his brows.

Gu Du Xing looked at him with astonishment, “Don’t you know it yet?”

Chu Yang gawked for a moment, “What is it that I don’t know?”

Gu Du Xing got furious, “What is the matter with Ji Mo and the others. They’ve kept such a big matter hidden from you till now?”

Chu Yang’s became shocked in his heart, and asked, “Is it related to Qing Wu?”

Gu Du Xing shouted loudly, “Ji Mo! You people, get over here!”

Dong Wu Shang and the others compliantly came over jolting their buttocks. Gu Du Xing glared at them and angrily said, “Why did none of you tell Big Brother about Little Wu’s matter?”

Ji Mo scratched his head. Then, he opened his eyes wide and said, “What? Doesn’t Big Brother know it already?”

Chu Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, “How would I know?”

Luo Ke Di, Dong Wu Shang, and Ji Mo – all three of them looked at each other in dismay. They then suddenly sighed at the same time.

“You were dealing with Meng Luo when we met you. And, you left the Meng Clan in a difficult situation. In fact, their clan almost sank into a situation where there’s no hope to reprieve them. After that, you dealt with Mo Tian Yun in the gambling… So, we thought that you knew about it. How come you don’t know?” Dong Wu Shang and Luo Ke Di got baffled.

They had really screwed up this time.

Chu Yang puckered up his brows, “I dealt with Meng Luo because you wanted to snatch his Storm Leopard! I dealt with Mo Tian Yun because he mistreats Little Wu! What does this have to do with the current matter of Qing Wu?”

Chu Yang had thought that he would inquire about latest news on Mo Qing Wu after he had arrived here. But then, he thought that everyone was busy with Ji Mo’s marriage, and had to deal with other troublesome stuff. Moreover, Qing Wu was still very young. So, she shouldn’t have gotten involved in any major matter in the Mo Clan.

However, he didn’t know that this matter of Ji Mo’s would lead him to Mo Qing Wu in the end. [Did something happen to Little Wu?]

“Meng Luo and Mo Tian Yun had gotten close to each other some time ago, and they must have talked about Mo Qing Wu. Mo Tian Yun must have encouraged Meng Luo to form a marriage alliance with the Mo Clan so that both the clans could join forces,” Gu Du Xing slowly explained.

“Form a marriage alliance?!” Chu Yang stood up with a ‘whoosh’ sound, and angrily said, “Meng Luo and Mo Tian Yun, are they courting death?!”

He recalled Meng Luo’s evil technique. It was so vicious and cruel. [Meng Luo wanted to harm Qing Wu with it?] Suddenly, a murderous aura rushed forth from his whole body. He couldn’t hold it back! Even the bodies of Gu Du Xing and Dong Wu Shang shivered from this aura.

“And, Meng Luo immediately followed the good advice, and requested for a marriage alliance with the Mo Clan. He requested to marry Mo Qing Wu so that he could make Mo Qing Wu his little concubine. Then, the Mo Clan discussed over it for a while. The Great Elder Mo Wu Xin made the final decision, and agreed with the marriage proposal!” Gu Du Xing explained in one breath.

Chu Yang became so angry that his hair stood on end! He gritted his teeth so hard that ‘ge ge’ sounds were produced. His entire body shivered, and started to make rustling sounds!

[Little Concubine?]

[Meng Luo! You son of a bi*ch! You have really fu*ked up this time!]

“I went to look for Mo Tian Ji when I heard about this matter. But, Mo Tian Ji had gone deep into the Cang Lan Battlefront at that time. So, I turned back. And, I returned to look for Mo Tian Yun… Sigh, and got into a fight!” Gu Du Xing exposed cold rays of light in his eyes and said, “But, you have come here, Big Brother. And, you will naturally take a stance. So, there’s no need to be worried. We will do whatever you tell us to do!”

Dong Wu Shang and the other two people also said in unison, “Yes, Little Wu is eleven years old. This act of the Mo Clan is immoral! Don’t worry, Big Brother! We will do whatever you tell us to do!”

“Humph! It seems that I have handled things lightly!” Chu Yang felt deep regret in his heart, [Motherfu*ker! How would I have let that bastard Meng Luo go back alive if I had known this?!]

Someone hurriedly came running from the outside. It was a guard. He reported, “Second Young Master, there is a matter…”

Dong Wu Shang, Ji Mo, and Luo Ke Di turned around at the same time, “Which Second Young Master are you calling?”

The guard was sweating profusely, “Second Young Master Dong… Second Young Master of the Mo Clan – Mo Tian Ji has come to pay a visit. He said that he wants to discuss something important.”

The look in Chu Yang’s eyes turned cold. He said, “Let him come in! I was about to go looking for him to settle the account!”

How could the guard dare to stay after having seen that the faces of all the Young Masters seemed densely covered in cold frost? He immediately rushed back.

A man hurriedly came in a little while later. He was still some distance away when he spoke, “Dong Wu Shang, is Chu Yang here?” This man was Mo Tian Ji. And, the man he was looking for was actually Chu Yang.

Mo Tian Ji already knew that Chu Yang had arrived in the Middle Three Heavens. But, he felt ashamed to meet Chu Yang. [I couldn’t protect my little sister. In fact, my own clan members have snatched the precious saber that you gifted her…]

[How shameful this is…! How will I confess this to Chu Yang?] He recalled the time when Chu Yang had left after earnestly entrusting him the task to protect her. And, Mo Tian Ji had made a solemn vow to protect Mo Qing Wu… but, he couldn’t fulfill his promise. How could he not feel ashamed in his heart?

He knew that Chu Yang had arrived on Mt. Dingjun. But, he had hidden himself away because he was ashamed. In fact, he didn’t even have the nerve to participate in such a lively gambling…

However, it was too late to hide things from Chu Yang now. He was still ashamed of his failure. But, the matter with Jun Xi Zhu had left him with no choice but to be shameless and come find Chu Yang.

He had heard that Chu Yang and Young Master Yu had friendly relations. In addition, his own elder brother and Chu Yang had made a bet, and Young Master Yu had taken the initiative to be the notary for it.

Therefore, he immediately came to look for Chu Yang. [It would be a piece of cake to take Mo Qing Wu back if Chu Yang agrees to ask Young Master Yu!]

It could be said that Mo Tian Ji’s brain worked very quickly!

“Chu Yang, you’re indeed here!” Mo Tian Ji felt pleasantly surprised in his heart, “I have come to request you something.”

Mo Tian Ji had showed up at the right time! And, he got caught up in the outburst of Chu Yang’s anger. He too had messed up this time!

“How do you have the face to request me for something?” Chu Yang furiously glared at him, “Mo Tian Ji, you couldn’t protect your own younger sister. You let her get bullied and humiliated. And, you have come to request me something? Are you fu*king kidding me?”

Mo Tian Ji’s face turned red. He replied in a sad voice, “I have come to you to discuss about…”

Chu Yang coldly said, “What is there to discuss about?”

Mo Tian Ji was helpless. So, he humbly apologized. His handsome face had turned red.

“I want an explanation,” Chu Yang furiously said, “How is Little Wu doing? What does your Mo Clan plan to do to her? What your Mo Clan has done… is absolutely disgraceful!”

“I have come to you to discuss about this matter,” Mo Tian Ji helplessly said, “Only you can handle this matter.”

“Only I can handle? Do I have such an influence in your Mo Clan?” Chu Yang was stunned.

“Little Wu had run away from home. But, she fell into the hands of the Lord of Dark Bamboo – Jun Xi Zhu. She has been held hostage ever since. And, Jun Xi Zhu is using this opportunity to teach the Mo Clan a lesson.” Mo Tian Ji anxiously said, “I have heard that you are friends with Young Master Yu…?”

Chu Yang immediately became vigilant, “First… you explain everything properly.”

Mo Tian Ji began to explain everything that had happened since Mo Qing Wu had left home. And, he slowly told everything that had happened till now. He sighed with bitter expression on his face, “I realized that Jun Xi Zhu didn’t kidnap Mo Qing Wu for a ransom. I suppose… she doesn’t like our Mo Clan. So, she is deliberately playing tricks with us. I have no idea how she would’ve taught our Mo Clan a lesson if this matter didn’t involve Little Wu. But, the problem is that Mo Qing Wu is in that hut with Jun Xi Zhu. And, I clearly know that there’s no danger there. But, I’m worried.”

Chu Yang frowned and said, “What do you plan to do with Little Wu once you get her back? Would you take her back to your clan?”

“Taking her back to the clan is out of question!” Mo Tian Ji replied resolutely and decisively, “I will take her somewhere far away.”

“I will bring Little Wu back. But, she will stay here with me after she comes back!” Chu Yang put forth his condition in a way that it couldn’t be questioned, “I won’t feel relieved if she’s with you Mo Clan people!”


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