Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 481 – CN

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Jun Xi Zhu’s complexion sank. She asked in a deep and resounding voice, “Which old fogy did this to you?”

The expression in Young Master Yu’s eyes became quite strange. He seemed to be somewhat confused and perplexed. He heard the question, but didn’t reply. Instead, he asked in a serious tone, “Xi Zhu, tell me… do brothers who can live and die for each other exist in this world?”

Jun Xi Zhu stared blankly. She thought for a while and replied, “I can’t tell whether they exist or not. Legends say that they do. But, I’ve never seen such brothers in reality!”

Young Master Yu nodded. He spoke in a low voice, “But, I have seen them.”

He exclaimed, “They are real!”

Human nature is the most despicable thing. Young Master Yu had never believed in human emotions; especially whenever he’d come across the so-called ‘sworn brothers’ who were ready to die for each other. He’d fight them until they had nowhere to go. Then, he’d put a condition in front of them — [Only one of the two brothers can live.]

Then, he’d see those two brothers massacre each other. And, Young Master Yu would enjoy seeing this ugly human nature unfold from the sidelines. He had always made fun of the so-called ‘friendship’. He’d ruthlessly lashed-out-on and ridiculed the so-called friends. [Humans are ready to kill each other for their own life at the end of the day…]

He had done such a thing many times. No one had ever had the courage to sacrifice his own life for his brother’s sake when confronted with Young Master Yu.

Because… they all believed that Young Master Yu was the kind of man who’d never be sympathetic. So, they felt that he would most likely kill them both if they tried to be heroic.

However, Chu Yang used himself as a human shield and blocked the knife for Dong Wu Shang without any hesitation! And, Dong Wu Shang came to attack Young Master Yu to save Chu Yang without caring about his own life!

[Did that Dong Wu Shang not know that I could’ve easily crushed him to death? He must have known! But then… why did he do that?]

This compelled Young Master Yu to question his own belief that ‘human nature is despicable since it makes everyone in the world kill for their own life’!

Jun Xi Zhu didn’t reply. She merely snorted and asked, “Who injured you?”

“Don’t ask about this matter.” Young Master Yu insipidly replied, “It’s not as serious as you think.”

Jun Xi Zhu nodded and said, “You have a lot of things to do.” She knew that no one could make Young Master Yu tell anything if he didn’t wish to. So, there was no point in inquiring further.

Jun Lu Lu and Mo Qing Wu walked inside in the midst of their conversation.

Mo Qing Wu had changed her clothes. She was now dressed in red from head to toe, and looked adorable. She had the delicate frame of a young girl who had just started to mature. She looked like a slender and elegant flower. She was on the verge of blossoming into a flower of youthfulness. Her pretty face was shining, and her fine black hair was sliding down her head. There was a delicate looking butterfly knot on her head. It was made up of red cloud steel, and it seemed as if the butterfly would spread its wings and fly.

Her eyes were bright and clear. Her long eyelashes looked smoky. Her facial expression made her seem innocent and intelligent. She had a pointed little chin. She was carrying a somewhat stubborn look…

“Where is Elder Brother Chu Yang? Is he somewhere on this mountain?” Mo Qing Wu pouted as she eagerly asked. She then looked towards Jun Lu Lu with an appealing look in her eyes. She had a pitiful expression on her face.

“Chu Yang?” Young Master Yu subconsciously said, “I’ve just had a fight with him…”

“What?” Mo Qing Wu opened her little mouth, and became anxious, “Did he get hurt?”

Young Master Yu suddenly came back to his senses. He rolled his eyes and spoke, “What does the fight have to do with whether he got injured or not? Can’t one just have a fight with him?”

“No!” Mo Qing Wu opened her eyes wide in a stare. She puffed up her cheeks, and looked at Young Master Yu ferociously, “Why did you have a fight with my Elder Brother Chu Yang?”

“Huh…?” Young Master Yu scratched his head. Then, he looked at Jun Lu Lu, “Who is this little girl? Have you brought her here to lecture me?”

Ju Lu Lu couldn’t help but giggle. She replied, “She is King of Hell Chu’s darling. You can tell anyone that you’ve had a fight with King of Hell Chu. But, you can’t say it in front of this girl.”

“Did you really fight with him?” Mo Qing Wu glared at Young Master Wu. Her eyes had turned red, “Did he get hurt when you fought with him?”

Young Master Yu raised his hands in surrender when he looked that stubborn and limpid expression in her eyes, “I didn’t hit him. But, it was him who hit me. Take a look at my hands. See. How pitiful ah…”

Young Master Yu extended his arms so that this cute little girl could look at the wounds on his hands in an attempt to gain her sympathy…

He knew that she wasn’t an outsider since Jun Xi Zhu had brought her here. So, he was coaxing this child in his favor to have some fun.

Mo Qing Wu let out a sigh of relief… as if she had been relieved from a burden. She said, “I know you can’t beat him. But…” she rolled her eyes and said, “It’s okay if he had beaten you…”

She jumped to the side of Jun Lu Lu as she spoke. Then, she held her arm and gently shook it. She said, “Elder Sister Ah Lu, lend me your mirror; I want to use it…”

Young Master Yu was dumbfounded.

[It’s not okay if I beat him, but it’s okay if he beats me? What kind of logic is this…?]

Just then, someone came in to report, “Minister Jun, Minister Yu, representatives from the big clans have come to pay a visit.”

Jun Xi Zhu thought for a moment and said, “Minister Yu, you go and receive the visitors. Talk to them about random stuff for a while. Then, make them leave.”

Young Master Yu nodded. He rushed out. However, it seemed as if he was escaping from something. This little girl’s arrival had scared him a little. [It turns out that someone can be more unreasonable than me! Moreover, it’s a little girl…]

The members of the aristocratic clans went away after not-too-long. But, Young Master Yu didn’t return. No one knew where he had ran off to…

“Is Minister Jun in? Mo Tian Yun and Mo Tian Ji of the Mo Clan have come to pay a visit,” an ample voice came from the outside; it was full of vigor. It was Mo Tian Ji’s voice.

Mo Qing Wu’s body shivered and her complexion turned deathly pale.

[Second Brother, do you want to redeem me and marry me off to that bad guy?]

Mo Qing Wu had misunderstood him once again. Mo Tian Ji had indeed come to redeem Mo Qing Wu. But, he would never give her to Meng Luo.

He had found out about Mo Qing Wu’s matter some time ago. So, Mo Tian Ji had asked his clan that his little sister be given to him. He had obviously done this once the uproar had died down in the Mo Clan. He had told them that he’d take her somewhere, and raise her himself. He wanted to take her responsibility since he wished to take care of her. But, he had been rebuked by Great Elder Mo Wu Xin. So, he had come here with the determination that he would take Mo Qing Wu to some place far way in order to protect her…

Jun Xi Zhu looked at Mo Qing Wu. She felt a sense of tenderness towards the little and said, “You two, go behind the curtain and sit there.” Jun Lu Lu complied. She took Mo Qing Wu with her and walked away.

The two of them sat there. And then, they heard Jun Xi Zhu’s heavy voice from the other side, “Send them in!”

Sounds of footsteps rose after a while. Two voices said in unison, “Greetings to Minister Jun.”

Jun Xi Zhu sat on a large wooden armchair. She snorted and said, “Did you bring the money?”

Mo Tian Ji asked in a deep voice, “Is my little sister alright?”

Jun Xi Zhu coldly replied, “Don’t you trust the reputation of Dark Bamboo?”

Mo Tian Ji gently replied, “The world shakes from the name of Dark Bamboo. Obviously, I trust it. But, this kidnapping thing is too unimaginable. May I dare to ask you what the reason behind this was?”

Jun Xi Zhu coldly replied, “Mo Tian Ji, I only want your money — not your nonsense! Put the money forward if you have it. And, get out of here if you don’t! Don’t show-off your eloquence in front of me!”

Mo Tian Ji became silent for a while. Then, he said, “Here’s the silver notes.” Mo Tian Yun had already given him the silver notes of his share before they had come in here. So, he had put all the money together.

Mo Tian Yun’s heart filled with more and more hatred. This hatred had been derived out of jealousy. He had always thought that he was superior to Mo Tian Ji in every aspect. In fact, he had believed it till now. But, Mo Tian Ji was speaking with confidence in front of Jun Xi Zhu today. He was even asking questions. But, Mo Tian Yun was afraid of the domineering presence of Jun Xi Zhu. In fact, he couldn’t even utter a word. He feared that his voice would tremble if he tried to speak in front of Jun Xi Zhu…

However, he didn’t know that Mo Tian Ji’s heart was also beating like a drum while confronting Jun Xi Zhu. He was also afraid of her power and influence. But, his heart would brim worry and resentment whenever his heart recalled his little sister. And, this instead helped him remain calm and collected.

“Golden hand Hua Cuo!” Jun Xi Zhu coldly shouted.

 “Subordinate is here!” A man appeared in the tent with a ‘shua’ sound.

“Hua Cuo, come and check these silver notes.” Jun Xi Zhu insipidly said, “Check if the money is real.”

Mo Tian Ji wrinkled his brows. [Is Jun Xi Zhu playing some trick? Is this some kind of joke? Who would dare to give her fake money? Why would I defraud you? I don’t want to court death here…]

Golden Hand Hua Cuo was a middle-aged man with slim stature. His hands were dry and steady. He took the silver notes worth sixty million taels. Then, he applied a bit of saliva on his fingertips, and started to count the notes.

Mo Tian Ji stared attentively at the man as he steadily counted the silver notes. He suddenly got alert in his heart.

“…Minister Jun, there is something wrong.” Golden Hand Hua Cuo spoke-up in a puzzled manner, “Silver notes worth of 60 million taels? These are only 20 million taels. And, white papers worth another 40 million are sandwiched between them. This… this is too much. Who would do such a thing…?”

“White papers worth 40 million?” Jun Xi Zhu’s complexion sank, “What is the meaning of this?”

“Wait for a moment!” Mo Tian Ji shouted. He had counted 60 million taels himself before he had come here. [How did the notes change into white papers? This guy must’ve done something. But… his movements were very slow. How did he do it? I didn’t see it!]

“Is it okay if I take a look?” Mo Tian Ji asked.

Golden Hand Hua Cuo seemed to be puzzled. He foolishly nodded with a blank expression and replied, “Alright, ah.”

He handed over the silver notes.

Mo Tian Ji received them, and his heart immediately sank. They felt different. He flipped them over a little, and saw shining white papers instead of silver notes… He couldn’t help but feel dizzy…

“What’s the meaning of this?” Jun Xi Zhu frowned and asked.

Mo Tian Yun angrily said, “What does this mean, you say? Minister Jun, even thieves have principles. And, you’re defrauding us like that?!” How couldn’t he be anxious right now? He was already penniless. His share of money also couldn’t come out yet since the gambling wasn’t over… So, he would lose his face if they were to get defrauded by Jun Xi Zhu…

Jun Xi Zhu eyes became cold. She squinted and coldly said, “Defrauding you… but how?!”

Mo Tian Ji was observing from the sidelines. He was looking at Jun Xi Zhu’s crystal clear eyes. They had already begun to emit an evil glint. He couldn’t help but shiver in his heart. He knew that Jun Xi Zhu was determined to extort these 40 million taels from them. He hastily said, “It is probably my carelessness. He he… I remember that I had some white papers in my pocket. I think I mixed them with the money. Please forgive me, Minister Jun! Let me compensate the remaining amount.”

Jun Xi Zhu profoundly looked towards Mo Tian Ji. Then, she said with a faint smile, “Oh, really?” She couldn’t help but think, [This Mo Tian Ji is worthy of being called the ‘God of Crafty Plans’. He saw through the fact that I wanted to teach them a lesson. He realized that I don’t want these 40 million silver taels…]

Mo Tian Ji took out the silver notes, and spoke with a smile, “I will give you the notes one by one this time so that there won’t be any counting mistake.”

Jun Xi Zhu replied with a smile, “Okay, I accept that!”

Mo Tian Yun felt relieved and said, “Sorry for the inconvenience, Minister Jun. Now, please bring out my little sister. Minister Jun must be busy; we shouldn’t trouble you any further. So, we will take our sister and go back. Thanks a lot for taking care of her for this period of time, Minister Jun.”

Mo Tian Ji handed over the money. So, Mo Tian Yun naturally came out to act as a good guy.

Jun Xi Zhu frowned and asked, “What? Mo Tian Yun, aren’t you mistaking something? When did I say that you can take back the hostage after you had handed over the money?”


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