Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 478 – CN

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The throwing-knife was caught by Chu Yang. The blade and Chu Yang’s flesh came in contact, and the blood started to gush out. But, the residual momentum in the knife was far too high. And, it continued to dash towards Dong Wu Shang’s vest along with Chu Yang’s right hand!

The speed of the throwing-knife had slowed down…

However, it didn’t slow down enough…

Chu Yang’s body also tumbled a little to the side by the insane force of the knife. But, there wasn’t enough time to think. Chu Yang suddenly shouted wildly, and instinctively extended his left hand and firmly grabbed the tip of the knife!

The knife-tip pierced through Chu Yang’s palm-bone with a ‘swoosh’. The protective layer of the Nine Heavens Technique got pierced in a flash. Then, a fountain of blood fiercely gushed out from his palm! Chu Yang turned over his wrist to one side in order to stop the knife that was now firmly sewn into his bone. [I have to stop it! My brother will die if I don’t!]

Only this thought remained in Chu Yang’s heart!

He didn’t even consider that this knife had been thrown by Young Master Yu’s hand!

The Sword Spirit reacted at this time, and immediately mobilized his power!

However, the power of the throwing-knife remained as ferocious as before. Chu Yang’s body severely knocked against Dong Wu Shang’s back, and the two of them fell down.

The throwing-knife had pierced through Chu Yang’s hands like a stick piercing through a fruit. Then, it went forward and penetrated into Dong Wu Shang’s body. However, its direction got diverted after it had passed through the cushion of Chu Yang’s hands. So, it pierced into Dong Wu Shang’s shoulder instead of his heart.

However, the throwing-knife had sewn the two of them together!

Fortunately, the Sword Spirit had blocked the blow at the final moment. This knife would’ve pierced through Dong Wu Shang’s vest after having penetrated through Chu Yang’s palm if the Sword Spirit hadn’t interfered!

The line traced by the flying knife in the air suddenly issued a sharp whistling ‘woo’ sound. The speed of the blade had beaten that of Sound! After that, a white smoke rose up in spirals and scattered.

Chu Yang flipped his body over as soon as he fell down on the ground. Then, he pulled out the knife from Dong Wu Shang’s shoulder. His hands were still stitched together, but he didn’t have the time to deal with it. The anger in his heart had already come to a boiling point. He suddenly turned his body around, and bellowed in rage, “Why?!”

Dong Wu Shang jumped up from the ground. He looked at Chu Yang’s hands… they had been threaded together by the throwing-knife. He stared in anger, and roared furiously. He put his hand behind his back, and pulled out a 285 Kg black saber from his back. His eyes turned blood-red as his body fiercely flew over. And, he turned into black lightning as he threw himself at Young Master Yu without thinking about the consequences.

He had charged out with this saber to sacrifice his life… without any defense! He had been gripped in an intense bout of rage since he felt cheated. And, this had made him lose his senses.

His shoulder bled due to the ferocious movement of his spiritual power. But, he had seemingly forgotten everything.

[You’re a despicable man! You’re a disgrace in the name of an Expert!]

[You launched a sneak attack behind a man’s back while he was unprepared!]

[My brother…! My Big Brother took a blow of knife for me! His hands have been damaged!]

Dong Wu Shang had forgotten everything at this moment! He only knew that he wanted to kill this man who stood before his eyes! He didn’t even consider that he was no match for the said-man!

Young Master Yu’s figure flashed. He had complicated expressions in his eyes. He dodged Dong Wu Shang’s great saber. Then, his body drifted over towards Chu Yang like mist. The power of Dong Wu Shang’s saber was earth-shaking. And, it had enveloped a radius of a hundred feet. So, Young Master Yu shouldn’t have had any space to dodge it into…

However, he had casually dodged the attack in a weird way!

Dong Wu Shang angrily chased him to attack. But, Young Master Yu’s body again flashed, and arrived near Chu Yang. He hung his hand over Chu Yang’s head and shouted, “Stop!”

Dong Wu Shang shook from head to toe. He fell down from the sky with a ‘thud’ sound. And, the ground split up as soon as he stepped on it. He then shouted in anger, “Let my Big Brother go!”

Chu Yang had already stood up. He looked towards Young Master Yu with cold expression in his eyes, “Why?”

Young Master Yu looked at the knife that was stuck in Chu Yang’s hands, and realized that his palms had been badly mutilated. A look of guilt flashed through his eyes. Then, he extended his hand, and quickly took out the throwing-knife from Chu Yang’s hands. He did it so quickly that Chu Yang didn’t even get the time to react!

Young Master Yu looked at the blade of the knife that was dripping with blood. Then, he let out a long sigh.

Chu Yang coldly snorted, and shouted with anger, “You self-centered show-off! You were testing us, weren’t you?!” He thought about this, and figured it out. And, he was left to tremble from head to toe in anger at this realization.

[This bastard! He didn’t believe our words! So, he used this cruel method to test us…?] He realized that Dong Wu Shang would’ve turned into a corpse if he had shown any hesitation. And, he couldn’t help but feel a lingering fear in his heart. His anger towards Young Master Yu rose like a flame!

Young Master Yu looked at the knife with a look of guilt on his face.

He gently sighed and spoke, “I’m sorry!” Young Master Yu was a matchless person in the Middle Three Heavens. And, he had apologized for the first time in his entire life…

He further said, “I hadn’t believed you when you had said that your brothers can live and die for each other’s sake!” he let out a deep sigh and continued, “But, I believe now.”

He laughed mockingly at himself and added, “The one who makes you feel so proud…” he again sighed. He then lowered his head and said, “…such a brother… why do I not have one? I would also fear nothing if I had such brothers…”

Dong Wu Shang arrived in front of Chu Yang at a very fast speed, “Big Brother! Big Brother, your hands…” he suddenly shouted loudly, “Young Master Yu! You son of a bit*h! I will kill you!”

There were two frightening big holes in Chu Yang’s hands. In fact, his ten fingers had nearly been cut off. They were badly mutilated and mangled. It was a gory sight to look at…

Chu Yang held out his hand, and stopped Dong Wu Shang. He had already regained his calm even though blood was continuously flowing from his hands. However, his chest was still moving up and down. The look in his eyes became as sharp as a knife, “Brother Yu, I want an explanation! Otherwise, I – Chu Yang – shall destroy the entire Dark Bamboo! And, you know that I can do this!”

“Explanation…” Young Master Yu laughed, “Well, I will give you an explanation.” He suddenly turned over his hand. Then, he made ten big holes in his own arm with the throwing-knife. And, ‘pfff pfff pfff’ sounds were heard as he did so. After that, he grabbed the knife with his mouth, and made ten holes in his other arm in a similar fashion…

The blood flowed over. However, Young Master Yu remained standing in a perfectly straight posture with an unchanging look on his face. Then, he spat out the throwing-knife with a ‘pfff’ sound. The throwing-knife flew out, and issued a white light with a ‘swoosh’ sound. And, the knife unexpectedly got inserted into a rock… until only the handle was visible.

“This knife is drenched in a brother’s blood. So, I throw it away!” Young Master Yu solemnly said, “Also, I shall act as your sparring partner when you and your brothers would be breaking through to the Saint Level. And, I will help you break through the bottleneck. That shall act as compensation for my actions. But, you can still exterminate the entire Dark Bamboo if you are dissatisfied with me.”

[Saint Level? Doesn’t it mean that Young Master Yu admits that he’s a Saint Level Expert?!]

No one in the Middle Three Heavens knew the true strength of Young Master Yu. Everyone knew that he was extremely powerful. But, no one could’ve guess that this frightful character of the Middle Three Heavens was a Saint Level Expert in reality!

It could be said that the temptation of this offer was quite huge…

However, Dong Wu Shang didn’t listen to any of what Young Master Yu had said. He furiously said, “Nonsense! Do you think that my brother’s blood is so worthless? Who cares about the Saint Level? Even a single drop of my brother’s blood is worth more than this offer of yours!”

“Wu Shang!” Chu Yang shouted loudly, and stopped Dong Wu Shang. Young Master Yu’s intentions were true even though the method was too cruel. He had even given them this compensation. And, this had moved Chu Yang’s heart to some extent. [Having a super-expert like Young Master Yu as our sparring partner…? My brothers’ strength will progress by leaps and bounds!]

He lowered his head, and thought for a while. Then, he turned towards Young Master Yu, “Brother Yu, what if I hadn’t blocked the attack?”

“Hadn’t blocked?” Young Master Yu coldly snorted, “I deliberately gave you the chance to protect your brother and block the knife when I threw it. You bragged so much about your brothers in front me. So, it was only fair that the both of you would’ve become corpses if you hadn’t saved your brother!”

He coldly laughed, “Nobody is allowed to deceive me in the face!”

Young Master Yu heaved a deep sigh and said, “I regretted my actions immediately after I shot the knife!” He glanced at Chu Yang solemnly. It seemed to be an explanation of some sort. And, his reply seemed to be the apology. But, it also seemed to be loaded with envy, and various other emotions… In short, he was conflicted in his heart. He then slowly said in a deep and low voice, “I’ve never… had such brothers in my life…”

He further added, “Its fine that you hate me! And, I don’t mind if you blame me…” His body floated away and disappeared without a trace. Only a sigh came from the sky, “…I envy you so very much…”

He had already disappeared before Chu Yang could vent the anger that had filled in his chest…

Chu Yang couldn’t help but curse out loud, “Fu*k!” Then, he stretched out his hand wherein an incomplete Nine Tribulation Pills appeared, and he popped it. These knife-wounds were indeed very serious. Even his fingers had almost been cut off. No other medicine could heal these wounds as quickly as the Nine Tribulation Pill could…

Chu Yang felt very angry in his heart when he thought about this inexplicable sneak-attack. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry! No wonder this Young Master Yu was considered to be a dangerous and threatening man in the Middle Three Heavens. This man was evil. He was moody and unreasonable. He was extremely whimsical!

Dong Wu Shang gnashed his teeth. And, his eyes turned blood-shot. He wasn’t ready to give up in his heart. In fact, his restless appearance made it seem as if he was going to go back and look for Young Master Yu, and put his life on the line to settle the scores…

Chu Yang sighed and spoke-up, “Wu Shang, watch your temper… you must control it. You may put your life on the line when the time demands it. But, you’d just be wasting your life for nothing if you put your life in danger when it’s not need. You must remember this.”

Dong Wu Shang trembled as if someone had poured cold water on his head. He suddenly regained his sensibility and replied, “Yes, Big Brother!” He then supported Chu Yang with his hands, and walked away carefully.

He walked for a little while. But then, he suddenly turned around and shouted loudly, “Young Master Yu! I can’t defeat you at this time. So, I’m going away! But, I’ll come back to make you payback the debt for this knife!”

Dong Wu Shang said this, and waited for a while. He snorted when he saw that Young Master Yu didn’t respond. Then, he went away with Chu Yang.

In the Bamboo cabin…

Young Master Yu looked at the wounds on his arms with complicated expression on his face. He sighed with guilt. Then, he looked at the back-profile of the two figures walking side by side. Young Master Yu suddenly felt a warm feeling in his heart. It seemed that these two figures had made him think… [These two men genuinely fear nothing when they are at each other’s side!]

[They don’t even fear death!]

A deep feeling of envy emerged in Young Master Yu’s heart. He lowered his head and sighed. He slightly activated his martial power, and stared at his wounds. His eyes suddenly emitted two dazzling white lights. And, the white lights illuminated the bloody wounds. Suddenly, those terrible wounds began to heal-up very quickly… almost at a speed which could be seen with naked eyes…

Young Master Yu had never felt so honest in his entire life. He had regretted the moment when he had shot that knife at Dong Wu Shang. He would’ve ended up killing the both of them if Chu Yang hadn’t blocked the attack! But, Chu Yang had managed to block it subconsciously…

Young Master Yu had felt incredibly shocked in his heart at that moment. And, he had recalled Chu Yang’s speech…

“I would help my brother if he wants to climb up a mountain of blades. In fact, I would be willing help him across even I had to allow him to step on me.

“None of us would be alive if any one of us sworn brothers needs to die!

“In fact, that dying brother would discover that his brothers have already died before his turn comes!

“Because, I don’t fear death as long as I have my brothers by my side! I fear nothing!”

Young Master Yu had recalled this speech at that moment, and he had also recalled those two firm and determined faces. There had been sincere pride on those faces. Young Master Yu had suddenly felt very lonely in his heart. And, he had felt his heart heating up. And, that’s why he had blurted out a promise that he would ‘be their sparring partner to help them break through to the Saint Level’.

Any Saint Level Expert would never agree to be the ‘sparring partner’ of other people. Let alone someone like Young Master Yu… who was well-known for being moody, stubborn, arrogant, and cruel to others.

However, Young Master Yu didn’t have any regrets at this moment! Because… he felt that it was worth it!


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