Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 475 – CN

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Chapter 475: I’ll Make You go Bankrupt!

“Ahm ahm… I don’t have much money. I’m just a poor man. This is all I can come up with for the bet,” Chu Yang touched his nose. Then, he took out a large stack of golden notes from his bosom and said, “Just these, okay? This should be enough to have some fun. The ancients have said some wise words. Betting small is quite joyful. You’d be cheerful if you win, and you’d still be happy if you lose!”

Ou Du Xiao received the stack of notes, and began to count one by one in order to calculate the total value. His complexion became increasingly surprised as he proceeded. Afterwards, he did the mental arithmetic until he had counted the last note. And, he suddenly cried out in surprise, “Three-million golden taels?!”

The shock dawned upon him as he shouted this number. And, he stood there with a blank expression on his face.

One golden tael was equivalent to one-hundred silver taels. So, 3 million golden taels were equal to 300 million silver taels! It was hard to imagine that Chu Yang was daring enough to place a bet of 300 million silvers!

The compensation rate was ‘one is to six’ at the moment! Therefore, the four bankers would have to compensate a sum of 1.8 billion if Ji Mo were to win!

Chu Yang had robbed this money from the Great Zhao Palace. Anyway, the silver and the golden notes were interchangeable in this world. So, Chu Yang had taken them out to gamble.

[300 million?!] Ao Xie Yun and the others turned pale in shock. They immediately gathered around Ou Du Xiao, and looked at the golden notes. After that, they looked towards Chu Yang with a look of astonishment.

Chu Yang spoke with a modest smile, “Eh, it is just a small bet to have some fun. It’s just to make some pocket money.”

The four Young Masters looked at King of Hell Chu as if they were looking at some monster, [Just a small bet to have some fun? It’s just to earn some pocket money? Damn it! So, pocket money is given out in counts of ‘hundred-millions’ in your clan?]

Ao Xie Yun shook his head, and replied with a forced smile, “Just a small bet… Brother Chu, your way of handling business is indeed… but, Brother Chu, you may be an outsider but we aren’t. You may not know that Ji Mo’s chances of losing this battle are a bit on the higher side. So, a little consideration would be better before you bet.”

A light flashed in Chu Yang’s eyes. He thought, [This Young Master Xie is a man who behaves with integrity. His words are pretty decent.] Chu Yang replied, “No need. I believe in Ji Mo. He will definitely win. He he, even if he doesn’t win… it is just three-million in gold. It’s a very small amount. It’s nothing. It’s no big deal,” he looked towards Mo Tian Yun with a somewhat strange smile on his face as he spoke.

Mo Tian Yun was already in a bad mood. Chu Yang had taken out so many golden notes, and all four bankers were going to make a good profit if Chu Yang were to lose. However, Mo Tian Yun heard what Chu Yang had just spoken and had also seen that Chu Yang was looking at him with a scornful expression on his face. So, he couldn’t help but feel angry in his heart. He secretly thought, [Fu*k! Have I ever done something wrong to you? You are so polite to other people, but why are you looking at me like that? Do you have some grudge against me?]

Mo Tian Yun had guessed it right. Chu Yang did hold grudge against him. In fact, he had deep-rooted hatred towards him!

Mo Tian Yun became furious. He curled his lips and said, “Just a small bet… but, I wonder if Brother Chu would like to place a bigger bet! And, how big would it be if he does?”

Chu Yang smiled. The expressions in his eyes flickered. He thought, [I saw it coming. This Mo Tian Yun is very greedy as expected.] He squinted and looked towards Mo Tian Yun. Then, he spoke in a tit-for-tat manner, “Could it be that Brother Mo is saying this… because he wants have a ‘big bet’ with me?”

Mo Tian Yun had only attempted to mock Ch

u Yang. But, Chu Yang had turned the mockery into a challenge.

A deadlock was formed in-between them in these short exchanges!

Mo Tian Yun gently smiled. Then, he gently said, “Brother Chu Yang, we four brothers will surely play along with you if you wish to bet.” A fierce and cold light flashed in his eyes. He thought, [how much money do you have? Take it all out. And, I will make you to lose the entirety of it! You won’t be able to recover from such a loss until you die!]

Chu Yang looked towards Ao Xie Yun and spoke, “Brother Ao and the other two brothers… What do you guys say?”

Ao Xie Yun smiled and said, “Brother Chu, one must always act according to one’s own capacity. One needn’t feel forced to do it.”

Xie Dan Qiong smiled, “Brother Chu Yang, you should make a decision on your own.”

Ou Du Xiao took a deep breath and said, “This will be a very big amount.”

It was quite obvious. The three of them weren’t ready to offend Chu Yang even though they had victory in their hands.

Chu Yang smiled. But, he felt a little disappointed in his heart, [I shouldn’t drag these three people into this mess…]

Therefore, he profoundly looked towards Mo Tian Yun and said, “Brother Mo, it seems that the other brothers don’t want to bet.”

Mo Tian Yun snorted and replied, “This being the case, does Brother Chu dare to gamble with me?”

The expression in Chu Yang’s eyes looked very dangerous as he squinted. He said, “How?” Ao Xie Yun was sensitive enough to feel that there was something wrong between Chu Yang and Mo Tian Yun. So, he couldn’t help but glance suspiciously at the two men.

“I bet on Gao Sheng, and you bet on Ji Mo. One-to-one. Let’s gamble! The compensation would be one-is-to-one. How much do you have? I will put forth the same amount!” Mo Tian Yun replied in a relaxed manner.

Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao exposed displeased expression on their faces. [Mo Tian Yun, you want to eat all the food alone? These are bad table-manners.]

“Alright!” Chu Yang again fished out a big pile of gold notes. This pile was much bigger and thicker than the one that he had taken out before. He slightly smiled and said, “I don’t have much right now. This is all that I have. Its ten-million golden taels! Brother Mo, put forth if you have that much money. Let’s gamble!”

The faces of the three men – Ao Xie Yun, Xie Dan Qiong, and Ou Du Xiao – twitched at the same time.

[10 million golden taels! 1 billion silver taels!]

[This money would become Mo Tian Yun’s if he is be able to bet this much money and Ji Mo were to lose!]

[And, Mo Tian Yun would obviously go bankrupt if Ji Mo wins…]

Chu Yang hadn’t taken out all the money before… because this amount was very big. And, the compensation was one is to six. Ao Xie Yun and the others were sure of the outcome too. But, they probably wouldn’t have accepted if he had taken out all this money before. Instead, it would have brought the situation to deadlock. However, the compensation was one-to-one, and it only involved Mo Tian Yun. So, the other three men were somewhat jealous, but they were also taking joy in other’s misfortune. So, it wasn’t a problem anymore.

Mo Tian Yun displayed a happy expression on his face. He was also rich, but his wealth couldn’t be compared with the national treasury of Great Zhao at the time when it used to be the most flourishing and powerful nation!

He gasped for a few moments. He stared at the golden notes worth 10 million golden taels, and exposed a greedy look on his face.

[I would be able to recruit at least one-hundred King Level experts and three-thousand senior revered martial artists to work for me if I win this money. In addition, I would be able to have all kind of armors, weapons, and cavalry at my service. It would make me tremendously powerful!]

[But, I don’t have that much money at the moment!]

[I don’t even have one-tenth of it!] He had put most of his share into gambling. So, he could only put forward a maximum of 80 million silver taels at present. He had kept this money to be prepared as follow-up means to deal with any contingencies during gambling.

Mo Tian Yun thought for a long time. Then, he suddenly turned around, and resolutely looked towards Ao Xie Yun. He said, “Brother Ao, I want you to lend me some money.”

Ao Xie Yun frowned!

[You fu*king wanted to trample us and keep everything to yourself a little while ago. And now, you have the nerve to turn around and borrow money? Fu*k! Do you feel no shame?]

Xie Dan Qiong and Ou Du Xiao wrinkled their brows as well. [This Mo Tian Yun… is ready to do anything for this one billion. He’s so shameless…]

Ao Xie Yun stared at Mo Tian Yun and replied, “Brother Mo… don’t you think that it would be too impetuous if I lend you money under such circumstances? What would our gambling house do if I lend you money? Moreover, wouldn’t I end up being a foe of Brother Chu in light of this?”

Mo Tian Yun became tensed. However, Chu Yang spoke-up before Mo Tian Yun could say anything, “Ha ha… you want to borrow money? Very good! I don’t care if I lose these ten-million golds as long as you’re borrowing money! Because it is so shameful of you! Ha ha ha… borrow money? Ha ha, borrow money?”

Chu Yang’s demeanor was very arrogant. This made Ao Xie Yun and the others frown!

Mo Tian Yun’s face turned red. He said, “So what if you have a little more of this filthy money? You’re just a wealthy landlord that has come from the Lower Three Heavens. Do you think that you would come to the Middle Three Heavens with a lot of money and would get to act like a boss?”

Chu Yang coldly snorted and replied, “You’re right. It’s just a little filthy money. But, you couldn’t even come up with this ‘little filthy money’. So, why are you being cocky in front of me?”

Mo Tian Yun snorted. His face turned rose-red in anger. He said loudly, “Brother Ao, my clan has a gold mine and I mortgage it to you as security in exchange for a loan of 500 million taels! Brother Ou and Brother Xie, my clan has two iron ore mines. I provide one to each of you as security in exchange for a loan of 200 million taels each! Here is the contract. Those mines would be yours if I lose. And, I will give two-hundred million to Brother Ao, and one-hundred million silver taels to each of Brother Ou and Brother Xie as interest if I win these one billion silver taels. What do you say!?”

Mo Tian Yun knew that these three might not agree to lend him money even if he would provide his family property as security of the loan. But, he knew that they would do it for some naked profits. For instance… they would do it for the share that he had offered them from 1 billion!

So, he made a prompt decision, and made a commitment.

“Alright!” the three of them agreed at the same time.

They were going to make a huge profit regardless of the outcome. The worth of the Mo Clan’s gold mine and the two iron ore mines was far more than what Mo Tian Yun had asked for. Mo Tian Yun was taking a huge risk even though he was sure of the outcome!

He handed over three contract papers to Ao Xie Yun and the others. Then, Mo Tian Yun razed all over his own body for money. He borrowed a sum of nine-hundred million from them. He also put forth the 80 million that he had with him. And, he took out two purple crystals, three precious stones, and twelve jade pendants from his pockets. All of this was enough to be rounded up to 1 billion silver taels!

However, Mo Tian Yun would literally go bankrupt if he were to lose all of this!

He was also taking a one-stroke risk! And, he was sure that he would win! Because… Gu Du Xing was injured. And, he knew it so clearly because he was the one who had commanded some experts to ambush him!

[Gu Du Xing is seriously injured! He might not be able to gain his agility even if he had the next half a year’s time. And, he has to fight a battle soon. This is going to be an easy win!]

Mo Tian Yun was absolutely sure of the outcome. So, why wouldn’t he dare to bet?

Chu Yang looked at the things that had been placed before him. An expression of cruelty flashed through his eyes as he smiled. Then, he tenderly said, “Shall we gamble then?”

Mo Tian Yun snorted. He stared at Chu Yang like a hungry wolf. Then, he coldly replied, “No. We don’t! Aren’t we just joking around here?”

Chu Yang burst into laughter. He threw that stack of notes worth ten-million golden taels on the ground… as if he was throwing trash. And, he spoke, “Who will notarize this?”

Everyone looked at each other in dismay, but no one dared to speak.

Ao Xie Yun and other bankers were already supporting Mo Tian Yun. So, it was natural that they would be considered biased. Therefore, they couldn’t be the notary. Dong Wu Shang was already on Chu Yang’s side. So, it was even more impossible for him to be the notary. The bet had already been set, but they couldn’t find anyone who could be the notary.

A mischievous laughter was heard at this moment, and a man leisurely said, “How about this Young Master be the notary if you guys are still looking for one?”

Everyone saw the silhouette of a tall man in black clothes before their eyes even before the voice got a chance to fade away. This silhouette quietly landed down on the ground. He was wearing a proud smile on his face. He stood in the middle of the field with his arms crossed. In fact, he had stepped on that stack of notes… as if he was stepping on trash. After that, he disdainfully looked at everyone with a grin.

He stood in front of five great Young Masters of the Middle Three Heavens. But, he still stood there arrogantly and majestically! It seemed as if they were nothing in his eyes!

Young Master Yu!

Unexpectedly, this person turned out to be a very frightening personality of the Middle Three Heavens!


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