Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 474 – CN

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Chapter 474: King of Hell Chu Participates in Gambling

There had already been chaos on Mt. Dingjun because this competition. So, the matter of the Meng Clan spread as fast as a gust of wind!

At last, Meng Luo made a prompt decision, and rushed down the mountain with the experts of his clan. He returned to his clan that very night, and started to prepare for the countermeasures to deal with this mess. He had been gritting his teeth in anger along the whole journey, and had cursed without showing any signs of stopping!

“Chu Yang! Ji Mo! Luo Ke Di! Dong Wu Shang! You’re good. You all have done it! I will remember you all!” Meng Luo clenched his teeth, “You guys have ruined a big event of my life. I won’t rest until I kill you all!”

He thought about Luo Ke Di and Chu Yang in particular. These two were like big villains to him. One of them was an unreasonable robber. And, the other one was sinister…

On Mt. Dingjun…

The gambling house was becoming increasingly bustling and lively.

The beating sounds of gongs and drums would echo for a while. And then, they would echo again after a moment!

“Attention! Attention! Young Master Gao – Gao Sheng — has arrived. Young Master Gao’s cultivation has reached to the peak of the Second Grade King level. And, he is accompanied by ten King Level experts of the Gao Clan.”

“Attention! Attention! Young Master Li Xiong Tu of the Li Clan has arrived! Young Master Li Xiong Tu is now the primary successor of the Li Clan! He has come to represent the Li clan, and is in full support of Young Master Gao Sheng!”

“Attention! Attention! Young Master Tu Qian Hao of the Tu Clan has also arrived. Young Master Tu is at the peak of Second Grade King Level. His chances of winning in this battle are very high. In addition, Young Master Tu has revealed that he would make a high-ranking King Level expert of the Tu clan participate in this battle…”

“Attention! Attention…”

Chu Yang didn’t know where to begin with. And, he saw that more and more gamblers came to participate along with the sounds of beating of gongs and drums. There was a huge crowd. He couldn’t help but become flabbergasted.

“Is this gambling? I give up… it’s like the entire population of a country is gambling!” Chu Yang was startled when he saw that many Ninth Grade King level experts were also waving their silver notes to participate.

“This is normal.” Dong Wu Shang remained calm and replied, “Let’s just say that we struggle through our whole lives in the Middle Three Heavens. But, for what…? First — for authority; Second — for strength; And, Third — for influence. But, you must have some financial resources to have these!

“We all are always ready with our belts buckled-up to go out and look for rare drug ingredients, or do some business, or risk our lives to kill spirit beasts. But, our superficial knowledge doesn’t allow us to use the fur and the inner core of spirit beasts. So, we exchange them for money. We do it to support our everyday requirements and our daily expenses. Or else, we go and rob others. And, that money is usually stained with blood, and earned by putting our lives in danger.

“But, gambling is different. You only need to use your head and gamble, and you may earn several thousand… or maybe ten-thousand taels. But, you can change ten-thousand taels into twenty-thousand taels without using even a bit of your strength if you have a good luck! And, you can even turn it into forty thousand taels. You tell… isn’t it safer? Isn’t it quicker?”

Dong Wu Shang sighed, “Therefore, the people of the Middle Three Heavens are very fond of gambling. Moreover, the people of four major clans are the bankers in the gambling house in this instance. So, there is no chance of mishaps; it’s absolutely safe! So, how can one not take advantage of the opportunity and try one’s luck?”

Chu Yang snorted and said, “But, what if one has bad luck?”

“You might as well go out and continue to t

ry your best to earn money if you have a bad luck. Keep earning until you die. It doesn’t matter if the worse comes to worst,” Dong Wu Shang casually replied, “This is the type of environment here. The so-called ‘fairness and truth’ don’t exist in the Middle Three Heavens. The so-called ‘mercy and forgiveness’ is even more nonsensical. As for what is ‘justice and evil’… it is just an illusion here.”

“Tu Qian Hao and Li Xiong Tu have also come to bet,” Dong Wu Shang glanced over to the gambling party, and spoke in disdain, “These two are absolutely disgraceful! I will fight against Tu Qian Hao this time. Big Brother, you tell… how would it be if I slaughter Tu Qian Huo?”

Chu yang jumped in surprise, “Slaughter?”

[He is one of the twelve influential figures of the upcoming future. And, Dong Wu Shang wants to slaughter him?]

“Tu Qian Hao has showed up for Gu Du Xing! But, Second Brother Gu Du Xing got injured some time ago… It didn’t have much impact on his strength, but his chances of winning are quite low in front of Tu Qian Hao. This is also the reason that the chances of Ji Mo’s victory are so low.”

Dong Wu Shang continued with a cold expression in his eyes, “It clearly shows that Tu Qian Hao wants to take advantage of other’s difficulties! He wants to take advantage of Second Brother Gu’s injuries, and wants to defeat him in one fell swoop. He wants to do this so that he can establish his supremacy! But, he’s dreaming. I – Dong Wu Shang — have despised such men for my entire life. Therefore, I want to exchange opponents with Second Brother Gu and slaughter this opportunistic bastard with my saber!”

“Du Xing is injured?” Chu Yang frowned and looked pensive as he said.

“Moreover, this competition is among two juniors of the participating clans. For instance, Ji Mo and Ji Zhu from Ji Clan… My clan has me and my elder brother, and the Luo Clan has Luo Ke Wu and Luo Ke Di. This is a competition between the juniors of aristocratic clans. But, Tu Qian Hao has unexpectedly brought along a senior King Level expert of his clan… this is such a wretched act!” Dong Wu Shang clenched his teeth.

“What would be the consequences if you kill Tu Qian Hao?” Chu Yang pondered and asked.

“The people of the Tu Clan wouldn’t leave the matter at that,” Dong Wu Shang’s expression became cold, “They would continue to pursue for revenge to no end.”

“What if the Tu clan also gets exterminated?” Chu Yang tilted his head and thought for a while. He then said, “This looks like a good way to get rid of the Tu Clan!”

Dong Wu Shang became shocked. And, he opened his mouth wide.

He had only said that he wanted to slaughter Tu Qian Hao, but he hadn’t thought that his Big Brother would unexpectedly suggest eliminating the entire Tu clan! The Tu Clan wasn’t inferior to a big clan like the Dong Clan!

[Elder Brother is crazier than me. He is too crazy…]

“I presume Li Xiong Tu should be easier to deal with than Tu Qian Hao,” Chu Yang said indifferently.

“But, Li Xiong Tu is a brave man. He wants to deal with me. He has so much free time on his hands!” Dong Wu Shang snorted. He then continued in disdain: “Second Brother Gao may be injured, but he can handle Li Xiong Tu very easily! Moreover, this man is a stupid martial artist. So, there would be no danger to Second Brother Gu’s life even if gets defeated or gets injured in their match.”

At this moment, a few men came over in a group, “Ha ha, I was just tell the others that you are nowhere to be seen. So, you were hiding here the entire time.”

Dong Wu Shang maintained the calm look on his face as he slanted his eyes and stood up. And, he replied in a vague manner, “So, it’s the big bosses. Why are the four of you not collecting money but looking for me instead?”

These were the four bankers of the gambling house — Ao Xie Yun, Mo Tian Yun, Ou Du Xiao, and Xie Dan Qiong.

The four of them had smiles across their faces. Only Mo Tian Wu had a somewhat gloomy color on his face. He had already received the letter from Dark Bamboo. So, he felt extremely sullen in his heart.

20 million taels wasn’t a small amount. Mo Tian Yun could produce this ransom amount, but he would still suffer a major financial setback. And, it would inevitably become difficult to escape from financial issues thereafter. But, the news about it would spread out if he didn’t produce the ransom amount. And, people would say that he didn’t rescue his younger sister. And, that would be a big blow to his reputation.

Therefore, he had already handed over 20 million taels. And, his heart was aching endlessly because of it. How could he possibly be happy?

“We have assembled here to have some fun; that’s all.” Ao Xie Yun smiled elegantly. He looked at Chu Yang, “This is…?” He had seen Chu Yang several times, but Chu Yang had changed his appearance at those times.

“I’m Chu Yang,” Chu Yang smiled, “This must be Young Master Xie — the man whose name shakes the entire Middle Three Heavens, am I right?”

Ao Xie Yun laughed heartily, “Don’t speak like that. It makes me feel like I’m an evil person or a treacherous villain when you say it like that. Besides… King of Hell Chu – the man who flipped the entire Lower Three Heavens upside down with his power is praising me… I would have my life shortened.”

Chu Yang faintly smiled, “Young Master Xie is very well-informed. In addition, his vision is also very keen. That’s quite admirable.”

He had only heard ‘Chu Yang’. But, these two words were enough for him to figure that this Chu Yang was the King of Hell Chu in reality. He wouldn’t have dared to speak this sentence if he didn’t have a strong vision since he might have made a fool out of himself. And, Ao Xie Yun would’ve become the butt of everyone’s joke if that had come to happen.

Ao Xie Yun replied with a smile, “Is that so? My vision is pretty good… but I don’t know how strong Elder Brother Chu’s vision is?” he jokingly looked towards Chu Yang and said, “These three on my side are very famous people.”

The meaning was very simple. [Can you recognize the identity of each by merely looking at them?]

Chu Yang smiled and said, “This one is a graceful, and handsome man. In addition, he is kind of free-spirited, quick-witted, spotless, and pure. He is presumably Young Master Xie – Xie Dan Qiong or Jasper Flower? This one is calm and confident. He looks graceful. I presume he is Brother Mo – Mo Tian Yun? And, this one in black clothes… his complexion is grave and stern. So, he must be the well-known ‘poisonous spirit’ of the Middle Three Heavens – Brother Ou – Ou Du Xiao, right?”

Chu Yang had spoken insipidly. However, he had unknowingly squinted when he had spoken about Mo Tian Yun. He felt a kind of irresistible desire to get rid of this guy! Suddenly, a mysterious light flashed in his eyes, and a good idea popped up in his mind…

“Elder Brother Chu has a very sharp vision!” Ao Xie Yun clapped while laughing. Mo Tian Yun and the other two men also exposed some expression of shock. They hadn’t anticipated that this King of Hell Chu would tell the names of the three people right.

Chu Yang restrained his smile and thought, [Nonsense! I have met you people before! So, it would have been strange if I couldn’t tell your names!]

“The four of you are going to make a lot of money, ah! This gambling joint is so big. You all are definitely going to make a huge profit regardless of who loses or wins.” Chu Yang smiled since his idea was to shove these four bankers towards the topic of gambling.

“This is also a helpless risk, ah.” Ao Xie Yun smiled wryly. Then, he pointed his head towards Dong Wu Shang, “Elder Brother Wu Shang will easily win from Ji Mo’s side. This has already been taken into account. And, the Wolf Sword King also has a sixty percent chance of winning. Ji Mo’s chance is somewhat inferior in the competition between Ji Mo and Gao Sheng. But, the battle would be very thrilling nonetheless. However, no predictions could be done on Dong Wu Lei’s fight. Also, a person like Ji Zhu is hard to see through. Luo Ke Wu should make the team lose a point. But, this gang would still be undefeated if an overall calculation is done. The key factor would be Brother Gu Du Xing because he is injured. In addition, I have heard that the injury is quite serious. Therefore, everyone’s betting their precious money on the basis of this factor.

“But, the problem is… the gambling house needs both the sides to be evenly matched in strength. The current situation is that there is too much betting on Gao Sheng’s victory. The rate of compensation on Gao Sheng’s win has been adjusted to seven to one, but more and more people are still betting on his win. The compensation of betting on Ji Mo’s victory is one to six at the moment. But, this still isn’t enough… I’m afraid the gambling house won’t earn any money if strong funds wouldn’t be poured into it.”

Ao Xie Yun sighed.

“You can rest assured about this. Brother Ao, I have known Ji Mo for a long time. In any case, I must do something to strengthen Ji Mo’s strong impression. Moreover, there’s a compensation rate of one to six on his victory. So, I would certainly like to bet some money too.” Chu Yang spoke with a radiant smile.

“Thanks a lot, Brother Chu,” Ao Xie Yun also smiled. Meanwhile, Mo Tian Yun and the others thought… [How much can you bet on your own, huh? Wouldn’t it be like a drop of water in a bucket? It won’t do any good!]

Ou Du Xiao spoke-up in a hoarse voice, “How much does Brother Chu wish to bet?”


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