Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 471 – CN

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Chapter 471: Terrible Rumors

“This is a true fact. Gentlemen, you can use any method to verify it. Or, you can check ancient records if you like.” Chu Yang said solemnly, “I don’t have anything to do with this matter because I can break it! So, whether you believe it or not is not of much concern to me. But, for you people… ha ha ha…”

An impatient man asked, “How did you break it?”

Chu Yang amusingly looked at that man and said, “This is something… that’s related to my principal cultivation technique.”

“Uh…” that man felt embarrassed.

“Anyway, thanks little brother for exposing this sky-shaking secret! Moreover, you exposed the true colors of this sinister Meng Clan. This isn’t a trivial matter. We must go back and report this to our clans,” the old man in blue clothes greeted with serious expression on his face. Then, he leapt up, and left.

Everyone else cupped their fist in the other hand as well. They too had serious expression on their faces as they left.

“I suppose that Meng Luo is going to be in big trouble this time.” Luo Ke Di put on a smile. He spoke with a schadenfreude look on his face, “Damn! This bastard keeps looking for girls from small and medium-sized clans for marriage. He seeks to marry these young girls under fifteen years of age, and makes them his concubines. Many clans marry off their daughters to him in order to make good relations with the Meng Clan. In fact, there should be more than thirty daughters of middle and small clans among his concubines… The strength of the Meng Clan is so tremendous. But, I suppose these clans will be the first ones put Meng Luo in order once this matter is exposed… ha ha ha… that would be so satisfying. Motherfu*ker, this is making me so happy… Ahwooh~~~”

“Yes. These families have never taken their daughters seriously. But, the Meng Clan would be subjected to sanctions once this matter would spread, and all the big clans would join hands to suppress it. After all, the existence of such an evil technique is an extremely dangerous thing for the top experts of every big clan. They may not do it to give vent to their anger about their daughters, but these clans will definitely draw a dividing line between themselves and the Meng Clan in order to avoid any future calamities. And, this matter about their daughters would become a reasonable justification for doing that…”

Ji Mo was also from a big clan. How could he not understand this point?

However, Dong Wu Shang was pondering about another matter. He took a look at the people who were walking away. Then, he asked, “There is something that I don’t understand.”

Chu Yang smiled, “I understand what you don’t understand.”

Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di got confused. This exchange was very awkward-sounding.

“You are wondering how the overbearing Meng Luo and his mighty Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique got defeated so easily by me, right?” Chu Yang said with a smile, “In fact, I had deliberately slowed down the speed when I was stabbing him with my sword. I had done that in order to let you see and understand things clearly.”

“Yes, this is exactly what I don’t understand.” Dong Wu Shang said, “Anyway, Meng Luo mustn’t have been defeated so quickly, ah.”

“Well… there are two very important reasons.” Chu Yang extended his two fingers, “Number one, the Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique is an evil technique that Meng Luo uses to create an illusory sensation of infinite pleasantness and joy in one’s mind! But, this relaxed state of joy has a fatal weak-point. That is… blood!”

“Blood…” Dong Wu Shang silently thought in his mind. And, it seemed as if he had realized something.

“But, blood won’t work alone. It must in the form of blood fog,” Chu Yang explained, “Furthermore, it is necessary that the Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique is displayed to a certain level if one wants to defeat the enemy. And, one should use the blood fog to break the technique only once that has happe


“I see…” Dong Wu Shang nodded. Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di also nodded one after another.

“The second point is to seize the right timing. Meng Luo’s strength won’t suffer any damage if he launches the Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique and it gets broken by the blood fog immediately-after. So, he can still use other techniques to fight you in that case.” Chu Yang slowly explained, “So, wait until he divides himself into more than twenty phantom clones. Then, he won’t have much of his spiritual power left. In fact, his entire spiritual power would be nearly exhausted by then!”

“Therefore, you would be able to defeat him if you attack at that time!” Chu Yang concluded in a soft voice.

“So, that’s how it is. Apparently, this evil technique is somewhat mediocre, ah!” Luo Ke Di said in a mocking tone, “I will defeat this bastard in one strike if I face him on the next occasion.”

“You think you understand everything, huh?” Chu Yang glared at him, “You may have understood… but, can you resist it when the time comes? Such a powerful spiritual attack is something even a Ninth Grade King Level expert can’t guard against. What chance do you stand?”

Dong Wu Shang became shocked. He said, “Yes, that is the problem.”

“This problem has a key.” Chu Yang said, “My cultivation method is special. So, I’m not affected by his spiritual attack. But, you people are different. Therefore, you have to pay with something… for example pain.”


“Correct.” Chu Yang explained, “You would have to hide some needle or any pointed object in your hand before you come to face Meng Luo. Then, just stealthily prick yourself as soon as you start to feel the spring illusion after he uses his Vivid Spring Dream Divine Technique. It is necessary that you prick yourself in order to break the illusion,” Chu Yang continued in a serious tone, “Remember, you must tighten your grip to prick yourself. This is the key point. The blood will flow, and it would make you feel some pain. And, that will keep you clear-headed. Then, you must wait for the enemy’s attack to reach a certain extent. After that, you can defeat the enemy in one fell swoop! Remember, you would be screwed if you were to get enchanted by this technique! You must remember this by all means!”

Luo Ke Di and the other two nodded with solemn faces.

Suddenly, someone asked in a puzzled manner, “What did you call me out for?”

The four of them raised their heads in amazement. They saw that Young Master Ji Zhu was laid down against a rock. He was in a daze. He opened his drowsy eyes, and looked at Chu Yang. He then spoke in a resentful tone, “What is it that I must do by all means? What is so important? Disturbing a man’s dream is very immoral! Don’t you know that?”

Chu Yang became flabbergasted.

All four of them suddenly recalled Chu Yang’s last words — [Remember! You must remember this by all means! That word has strangely sounded very similar to the pronunciation of his name…]

Luo Ke Di issued a “puff” sound, and started to laugh in a wild manner as he slowly lowered himself flat on his back. Ji Mo’s whole body twitched. It seemed as if his body was shaking because of laughter. However, the fact was that his face had turned black from embarrassment. He felt humiliated, depressed, and ridiculed when he saw his elder brother. He wanted to go up to him so that he could beat him up!

However, it was a rare sight to see Dong Wu Shang laughing so heartily.

Chu Yang’s face twitched, “I say that you two brothers have got your names based on your personalities, right? These can get mixed up at times… but suits you well.”

Ji Zhu replied in a matter of fact way, “I will have to go and ask my dad about that. That lazy guy’s naming sense is very lame.”

Everyone laughed out loud.

[This kind of a son is very rare to come by.]

Chu Yang nodded. He thought, [No wonder these two brothers are so lazy. So that’s how it is. So, there was a determining factor behind it, ah…]

That Little Storm leopard had been pitifully hiding in Chu Yang’s sleeves ever since Meng Luo had thrown it. Its little body was continuously shivering. It would occasionally raise its head to look at Chu Yang, and would softly issue woo-woo sound. Its black and white eyes looked lovely, but pitifully sad…

[This man looks more ferocious than that other man, woo woo…]

“Don’t you want this? Take it.” Chu Yang handed over the Storm Leopard to Luo Ke Di. Luo Ke Di beamed with joy as he received it. He held it as if it were a precious thing, and started to comb its hair. He spoke with a kind face, “Good boy. Do as I say and I will give you meat to eat.”

The little leopard curled up shivering, and looked at him. Then, it stuck out its tongue and licked his hand. Luo Ke Di felt very happy. So, he held the little leopard in his bosom. Suddenly, he cried out and his complexion turned pale.

Everyone quickly looked to see what had happened. They saw that the little leopard had opened its mouth, and was sucking that small dot on Luo Ke Di’s chest. The Second Young Master Luo had been caught off-guard… and was being sucked… on that vital point… he had become limp and numb as a result. He was obviously very startled. In fact, he felt as if his head would explode.

“Fu*k me! Second Young Master Luo is breast-feeding!” Ji Mo cried out. This remark made everyone burst into laughter, “Crap! You even have this ability!”

“You have this ability?!” Luo Ke Di flushed with anger. He wanted to move the mouth of the little leopard away. But, the leopard was sucking very firmly… and wasn’t letting go. It issued pitiful woo woo sound, and it seemed as if it was pleading… Second Young Master felt rather helpless at this…

Dong Wu Shang brought some food. He boiled it in water to make thin porridge, and gave it to the little leopard as food. This temporarily prevented the embarrassment of the Second Young Master Luo.

Everyone was laughing out loud. Only Luo Ke Di frowned. He scratched his head as he looked towards that little leopard. He touched his ears and scratched his cheek since he didn’t know what to do. [I thought that I would snatch this since it is a treasure. But, I didn’t expect that it would turn out to be such a big trouble.]

[[This little leopard wants to suck breasts. But, where do I bring that stuff from?]

[How is this fair?]

Luo Ke Di immediately thought of returning this little leopard to Chu Yang. But, Chu Yang firmly refused… [Are you kidding? What would I do with this little leopard? Pet it? Be its nanny?] In fact, Chu Yang would sell it off if it fell into his hands…

Seventh Grade spirit beast cub! Everyone thought that it was rare… but, Chu Yang had never given it any importance. In fact, he was currently immersed in some other ideas, [If I can have a ninth grade spirit beast… or even higher…]

Everyone joined their forces, and climbed up the mountain. But, they saw that the road was already abuzz. They looked at all the people who seemed to be whispering and discussing about something.

“Hey, have you heard? That Young Master Meng – Meng Luo is an obscene criminal in reality? He has raped five-thousand-eight-hundred-and-eighty-eight girls!” A man smiled in exultation.

Everyone became flabbergasted as they heard this sentence. Luo Ke Di spurted out a mouthful of saliva with a ‘puff’. He was feeding the little leopard. So, it got sprayed on the body of the little leopard. And, the little leopard looked at him with an aggrieved expression in its eyes…

“Yes! Yes! I heard that Meng Luo likes to eat the heart of young girls… Also, he eats them uncooked…” Another man added oil to the fire.

“He’s indeed a beast, ah! I heard that the entire Meng Clan practices this evil technique… it’s so cruel! They are all very good at Gathering Yin to Supplement the Yang method…” one man spoke-up in a spooky manner.

Another man added in a pensive manner, “No wonder, ah! Most men of the Meng Clan march majestically to the brothels. I saw it earlier…”

“Really…? They are bulls! Tsk tsk, they all go together? Could it be that they also compete on their endurance ability apart from practicing their martial art?”

“Maybe, they all shout out the worker’s chant as they go together. He he…” a man laughed obscenely.

“This is nothing… Young Master Meng Luo forcibly took a girl form the brothel the last time. He endlessly quarreled with another man. In fact, a fight was about to break out between the two parties. However, he saw the face of the other person, and realized that it was his own father… I see… it was all because of the ‘Gathering Yin to Supplement the Yang’…” a man spoke-up while he pretending to be earnest.

“Crap! What happened after that?! Who won afterwards? Did the father win… or the son?” Another gossiper’s eyes shone.

“Maybe, the son and the father won together…” another gossiper added.

“This is like going to war with your own relatives. The father and son would be going to battle against each other… ah…” everyone sighed as they lamented.


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