Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 462 – CN

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The carriage was travelling forward at full speed; the wind was blowing and whistling outside.

There were three women in the carriage. And, they were all lost in their own thoughts.

“Reporting to Minister Jun, the three sealed letters have been sent out to the Mo Clan,” a voice sounded from outside.

Jun Xi Zhu nodded indifferently, and replied with an ‘ok’.

A long while passed. Jun Xi Zhu opened her eyes and said, “Ah Lu, transmit this order to Young Master Yu – Let him tweak the compensation for loss-rate in the underground gambling house a little. The compensation rate shall be 1-5 for those who bet on the victory of Ji Mo’s side.”

“What?” Jun Lu Lu was stunned, “So high?”

“Yes.” Jun Xi Zhu gently nodded. She thought for a moment and said, “Find a method to bring people’s attention to this change in the underground gambling after the compensation rate is adjusted. And, let Young Master Yu resign from the post of the gambling banker. Then, let those four spendthrift fools Ao Xie Yun, Ou Du Xiao, Mo Tian Yun and Xie Dan Qiong act as chief bankers.”

She again thought for a while and said, “Allow him continue to bet on the side of Ji Mo’s victory after he has resigned. In short, the higher the odds… the better!”

Jun Lu Lu scratched her head, and got even more confused.

“The chances of the victory of Ji Mo and his men aren’t high to begin with. And, you’re putting even more pressure on them. This is even worse than tidying them up openly. The gambling bankers would make a huge profit if they got defeated. So, why are you willing to hand over such a huge profit, Elder Sister?”

Jun Lu Lu was at a loss. This was the centralized grand gambling, and it involved all influential clans of the Middle Three Heavens! So, the profits were going to be unimaginable. However, Jun Xi Zhu was unexpectedly going to abandon it?

“Why hand over such huge profits?” Jun Xi Zhu snorted and replied, “Because I can? Why are you so sure that Ji Mo and the others will be defeated?”

“Is there any suspense to it?” Jun Lu Lu’s forehead had started to sweat a little, “Gao Sheng’s side has genuine first successors of the great clans! But, Ji Mo’s side is basically a group of second young masters. Also, these people are named in the list of top-ten young and emerging prodigies. So, the victors and losers are practically obvious at a glance!”

“Ha ha…” Jun Xi Zhu laughed insipidly and spoke, “Also, assemble 500 million silver taels. And, bet them entirely on Ji Mo’s win on the closing day of the gambling houses!”

Jun Lu Lu nearly fell-off her chair.

“Elder Sister, have you gone insane?” Jun Lu Lu called out in alarm.

“I know what I am doing,” Jun Lu Lu smiled a little. She then said, “This is Dark Bamboo’s grand gift to the brothers of King of Hell Chu! I wish to see whether they are able to receive it or not…”

Jun Xi Zhu suddenly made a firm decision. [I must make good friends with King of Hell Chu at any cost!]

However, there was a necessary perquisite for Jun Xi Zhu to do so… [Ji Mo and the others will have to win! It would be a case of ‘a dead loss’ if I pay such a big price and Ji Mo and the others still lose. It would be a bad deal. Moreover, I would also suffer major financial losses. Not to mention that this would turn me into their enemy.]

[A grand gift!] Jun Lu Lu was shocked to the point that she was unable to speak. [From where has my elder sister brought such strong confidence?]

[She withdrew her gambling house banker. And, now she wants to bet 500 million silver taels. And, she’s also betting on the side that has a lesser chance of winning… this is doubly counterproductive. It’s equivalent to throwing away a lot of money!]

[I know that my elder sister has always been courageous, but her courage has gone off the charts this time.]

Jun Xi Zhu shook her head when she saw her younger sister in doubt. She then spoke in a consoling manner, “Relax. Ji Mo… is going to win!”

Jun Lu Lu was suddenly taken aback.

“Elder Sister… Ah Lu, where are we going?” Mo Qing Wu tilted her head and asked. Her sharp ears had gone erect after she had heard Ji Mo’s name.

“We are going to the place where you wish to go.” Jun Lu Lu smiled gently, “All your brothers are present there.”

“Ah,” Mo Qing Wu’s face lit up with excitement.

“But Little Wu… you must be clear about one thing before you go. Mo Clan’s important people will be present over there. And, your brothers… can’t protect you,” Jun Xi Zhu frowned.

“They can’t protect me?” Mo Qing Wu had set her heart on finding them so that they could assist her to escape. But, she had never thought of this point. So, she got somewhat frustrated once she heard what had been said.

“Yes, they can’t protect you.” Jun Lu Lu also sighed, “After all, you are the Mo Clan’s daughter. You are an important person of the Mo Clan. It’s a principle of righteousness. In fact, they will be guilty of a taboo if they refuse to hand you over. Besides, they are merely the second young masters. Thus, they hold no real power in their respective clans. So, their clans won’t forgive them for offending a huge force like the Mo Clan!”

Mo Qing Wu’s complexion suddenly turned pale.

These few sentences were absolutely true!

Mo Qing Wu had believed, [my brothers would do anything to protect me as long as I can get there. However, my brothers won’t be able to resist the pressure if my clan showed up. That would be too much if it’s coupled with the pressure of various other major clans…]

[I would implicate hem instead if that happens…]

“Stay here with me!” Jun Xi Zhu solemnly said, “All the respected clans of the Middle Three Heavens can come and look for my important guest, but I can shoo them away with these words — beat it!”

Mo Qing Wu hesitated.

Jun Xi Zhu had offered this with a certain sense of purpose involved, but what she had said wasn’t wrong! [I am afraid that my elder brothers won’t be able to protect me once the news leaks out. So, the only one who can keep me safe is…]

“I wish for you to stay here. We are all women here. I can teach you some things. I can also help you gain experience of the Jianghu. Moreover, I can also block all the trials and hardships for you. I can keep you safe and sound until… your Elder Brother Chu Yang arrives!” Jun Xi Zhu solemnly offered.

She had firmly decided to help Mo Qing Wu since the moment she had heard that Mo Qing Wu had been forced to get married by her clan. This had nothing to do with her personal interests…

In fact, even the speculation about the revival of her Three Yin Meridians came later…

“I want to think about it.” Mo Qing Wu wrinkled her brows. She seemed somewhat undecided.

Jun Xi Zhu smiled, and no longer spoke. She knew that such problems and choices would seem rather esoteric when placed in front of such a little girl. However, Jun Xi Zhu believed that Mo Qing Wu was capable of comprehending them.

[It must’ve been her plan to decide which course to follow on the journey. Otherwise, it is impossible for a girl who of 11 to be able to flee for 2000 Km alone. This takes courage. But, it also needs wisdom!]

[This seemingly delicate girl has been steeled-well by her clan. She has been toughened deep down to the marrow of her bones!] Jun Xi Zhu appreciated this point very much. She also wanted to find out, [To what extent would this adorable little girl grow once she receives my teachings?]

[Perhaps she’ll grow even stronger than me?]

A noise came from the front. The troops seemed to have slowed down.

“Minister Jun, the people of the Huang Clan are journeying ahead, but they are somewhat slow. I have sent some people to make them get out of the way,” a respectful voice reported from outside.

“I see. Massacre them if they don’t clear the way within the count of three breaths!” Jun Xi Zhu didn’t even bat an eye. She then indifferently spoke, “Who dares to block my way in the Middle Three Heavens? Do you even have to come and ask me about such things? Song Chang Wu, have you sold your brain or what?!”

“Yes. Yes! This subordinate will go handle this matter at once!”

The voice went far away rapidly. Then, the same voice fiercely sounded from afar, “The people of Huang Clan — pay attention. You all shall be killed without amnesty if you don’t clear the road within the count of three breaths! One ~~ Two ~~”

Someone shouted in a sharp and frightened voice, “Ah… how can you people be so unreasonable…”

The first voice laughed fiendishly in reply, “We are the reason! Motherfu*ker, you wish to reason with the people of Dark Bamboo… this is the first time I’ve run into such a cu*t! Three! Are you moving or not?”

A sudden burst of commotion resounded as those people rushed sideways towards the ditch. Dark Bamboo’s troops went full speed ahead once again. In fact, they howled like a crazy dragon as they passed by.

Mo Qing Wu couldn’t help but open the front curtain of the carriage to peek out. She saw that there were precipices on both sides of the road. And, those people of the Huang Clan were standing at the edge of the cliffs on both sides with a look of anger and humiliation on their faces. The heels of their feet were even protruding outside the edge of the cliff. They were standing straight with the muscles in entire body taut tightly… for the fear that they would fall off.

The cavalry troops of Dark Bamboo flamboyantly swept past in front of their faces. In fact, their robes fluttered in the wind and slapped against the faces of those people. But, the cavalry men laughed wildly without giving any fu*ks about it!

Several pitiful screams sounded. It seemed like several people had been struck off their feet, and had fallen off the cliff.

However, no one dared to shout curses; nor did they dare to rebel…

Mo Qing Wu pulled down the curtain, and heaved a sigh.

Jun Xi Zhu was sitting in a meditation with her eyes closed. She opened her eyes, looked at Mo Qing Wu, and softly said, “You saw that? No need to sigh over it. This is Jianghu! And, the status of this Elder Sister is what most people of Jianghu struggle their whole lives to achieve!”

She somewhat wearily rubbed her brows and continued, “Everyone wants strength, and everyone wants to become a powerhouse!”

“The powerhouse need not be sympathetic in this world. The weak aren’t worthy of sympathy.” Jun Xi Zhu spoke slowly, “Therefore, the word ‘sympathy’ is practically worthless in this world! Either you let him bully you to the extreme… or you bully him to make him serve you out of sheer fear.”

“That’s so cruel…” Mo Qing Wu sighed gently. A look of contemplation flashed in her bright and beautiful eyes.

“The ancients have said that the womanly compassion makes it difficult to accomplish any major feats! They have said this about us women!” Jun Xi Zhu coldly said, “But I – Jun Xi Zhu – refuse to accept this verdict! Why do the women give such impression to people? Womanly compassion…? It’s ridiculous! Could it be that we women are naturally built to be belittled?

“This is a disgraceful view of women! This is a world of men. The meaningless ‘benevolence’, and the so-called ‘righteous benevolence’… these terms have been birthed by men! The so-called ‘etiquettes and morality’ have been birthed by men as well! So, why must the women bear this bad reputation?” Jun Xi Zhu further added in a cold voice, “I shall let these so-called ‘men’ witness that even women can make the world tremble!”

“So, I – Jun Xi Zhu – use my woman’s body and rule the Middle Three Heaven with an iron fist. I have forced them into submission with the deterrence of my underworld gang in the Middle Three Heavens! Even the so-called outstanding warlords bow their heads to profess allegiance when Dark Bamboo orders!” a cold light flashed in Jun Xi Zhu’s eyes as she said, “I make these stinky men witness that this is the true power of the so-called ‘weak women’. And, they have no choice but to bend their knees and kneel before us!”

“Woman, man…” Mo Qing Wu sudden began to tremble with excitement. It must be said that this speech of Jun Xi Zhu’s was truly powerful enough to incite the power of women! It was overwhelming and blood boiling!

“This…” Mo Qing Wu’s chest was burning with anger. She wanted to say, [I would also like to do so!]

However, she suddenly got discouraged when she was thinking of giving an answer. She rolled her eyes, and said, “About this… I want to ask my Elder Brother Chu Yang…”

Jun Xi Zhu was stupefied.

Jun Xi Zhu had seen a genuinely determined look in the glittering big eyes of Mo Qing Wu right before she had said ‘I want to ask my Elder Brother Chu Yang’.

Jun Xi Zhu suddenly choked. Then, she coughed repeatedly. In fact, she had been nearly stirred to spew-out a mouthful of blood by these few words. This little girl had been impassioned to the extent that the change in her facial expression was visible. She was visibly burning with anger and her blood had bubbled-up to the brim in that very moment. However, the entirety of that burning passion had unexpectedly disappeared the very next moment… along with these worthless words.


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