Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 461 – CN

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A real villain isn’t dreadful because each of his plans is a hidden conspiracy. In fact, most of their plots are overt. But, hypocrites are the most dreadful ones of all!

Jun Xi Zhu was also without choice in this regard. She also desired to get rich in a silent manner. [It might be very easy to hide the truth from Mo Qing Wu today. However, that great person would return someday. And, he would obviously possess incredible experience and wisdom. Wouldn’t he be able to see through my scheme? So, that would end-up being a self-defeating plan! Perhaps, this might even lead to the destruction of the Dark Bamboo!]

She had thought over this for a long time. And, she had finally decided to be frank thereafter.

“We’re an underworld force. Isn’t this the way the underworld forces operate?” Jun Xi Zhu spoke in a matter of fact way, “This is how I operate. Those hypocrites can go and cry in a corner.”

“Young Miss Mo, you have nowhere to go for the time being. How about you stay here with me?” Jun Xi Zhu asked with a smile.

“Actually… I have to go to the Cang Lan Battlefront,” Mo Qing Wu widened her big and round eyes.

“No problem. We are also going to the Cang Lan Battlefront!” Jun Xi Zhu chuckled, “Let’s travel together. No one will obstruct us. By the way, you’re going to the Cang Lan Battlefront to find Mo Tian Ji… aren’t you?”

“No!” Mo Qing Wu recalled the most helpless moment of her life. Her second brother had merely stood with his mouth shut, and his head lowered. He hadn’t even bothered to look at her; nor had he spoken to her. A pain suddenly arose in her heart, and her eyes turned red, “I’m not looking for him!”

“Oh?” Jun Xi Zhu was a bit startled, “Then… who are you looking for?”

“I’m looking for Elder Brother Gu Du Xing, Brother Ji Mo, Brother Luo Ke Di, Brother Dong Wu Shang, Brother Rui Bu Tong…” Mo Qing Wu counted them on her fingers… one by one.

“Uh…” Jun Xi Zhu hadn’t expected that this little girl would have such a wide circle of friends. [Four among these names are included in the list of newly-emerging top-ten young prodigies. And, the fifth one is the sole successor of the Stealing God and Thieving Ghost…]

“Who are they to you?”

“They are my Elder Brother Chu’s brothers!” Mo Qing Wu gave an affirmative reply, “I will find them. Then, I will wait for Elder Brother Chu’s arrival.”

“Elder Brother Chu?” Jun Xi Zhu’s brows wrinkled as she suddenly remembered the names ‘Chu Xiao Yang’ and ‘Chu Da Yang’. Mo Qing Wu had mentioned these two names a while ago. She suddenly thought of something, and asked, “This Elder Brother Chu of yours… is it Chu Yang? The famous King of Hell Chu… the man whose name shakes the Lower Three Heavens…?”

Mo Qing Wu blinked her eyes. Her intelligence and sharpness from her former days had already left her. She replied, “Yes! That’s my Elder Brother Chu Yang!” [Humph! You surely won’t dare to harm my Elder Brother Chu since I’m now an important figure in your eyes.]

“King of Hell Chu is going to come to the Middle Three Heavens…” Jun Xi Zhu’s complexion turned heavy as her eyes gently turned towards Jun Lu Lu. She contemplated for a good while before she asked, “Ah Lu, you and King of Hell Chu… have friendly relations, right? I’ve heard that this King of Hell Chu helped you in breaking through the barrier of the ‘Heavenly Zither Melody’. Isn’t that right?”

“Yes.” Jun Lu Lu had always been grateful to Chu Yang for that. So, she replied as soon as she heard the question, “King of Hell Chu a.k.a Chu Yang… is indeed the world’s rarest and most remarkable man when it comes to having both civil and military skills!”

A flash of pride exploded in Mo Qing Wu’s eyes! It seemed as if her small face had also begun to exude radiance at this moment! In fact, her delicate body had started to tremble because of an ‘excitement overload’.

[My Elder Brother Chu Yang!]

[Elder Brother Chu Yang!]

[He’s the world’s rarest and most remarkable man when it comes to having both civil and military skill! This is other people’s assessment of my Elder Brother Chu Yang!]

“Did Elder Brother Chu Yang teach you to play zither?” Mo Qing Wu curiously looked at Jun Lu Lu.

“Yes,” Jun Lu Lu replied with a smile, “It’s all thanks to him.”

Mo Qing Wu suddenly felt a suffocating sensation in her heart. She glared at Jun Lu Lu with an intensely hostile look in her eyes!

Mo Qing Wu didn’t know anything about love at her current age. She was basically clueless in this regard. But, she didn’t know why she felt this animosity in her heart. In fact, this was making her very uncomfortable.

“Humph!” She furiously turned her small face away.

“Oh my…” Jun Lu Lu pointed at her in an amazed manner and laughed, “This little girl… is jealous ha ha…”

Mo Qing Wu pouted. In fact, she seemed to be sulking!

Jun Lu Lu was deliberately teasing her. She continued further, and it seemed as if she was lost in fond recollection, “Also… Chu Yang looks so handsome! His voice is very pleasant to hear, and he also plays the zither so well… Little Wu, have you heard your Elder Brother Chu Yang play the zither?”

“Humph!” Mo Qing Wu grunted even more loudly. She felt extremely wronged, [I still haven’t heard it… boo hoo. Elder Brother played zither for this woman, but he didn’t play it for me… Boo hoo… I’m so sad.]

Chu Yang would’ve also felt wronged if he were here. In fact, he would’ve spouted a fountain of blood from his mouth…

[I don’t even know how to play the zither!]

[And, who’d listen even if I did play it…? This isn’t fair. I’m being accused very wrongly…]

“He he…” Jun Lu Lu giggled mischievously. She looked like a chick that had stolen food to eat.

“Alright, that’s enough. Little Wu, just make Chu Yang play the zither for yourself when you see him next.” Jun Xi Zhu stepped-in to mediate. She obviously felt that Chu Yang’s zither-playing skills should be good if he had given zither lessons to Jun Lu Lu. Shouldn’t playing zither to coax a little girl be a piece of cake for him?

She didn’t know that this suggestion of hers had entrapped King of Hell Chu in an awkward plight with no way out.

Mo Qing Wu’s eyes lit up.

“Well, Elder Sister… should we stop with our plan to extort the Mo Clan since things are this way…? Should we cancel the original plan?” Jun Lu Lu glanced at Mo Qing Wu and stopped laughing. Then, she turned towards Jun Xi Zhu and asked.

“Huh? That’s out of question!” Jun Xi Zhu flatly rejected the idea, and replied in a chilling voice, “We’ve always been an underworld force. And, we mustn’t lose our position as a force of the underworld!”

“Eh?” Jun Lu Lu blinked her eyes. She was completely perplexed. Mo Qing Wu blinked her eyes in confusion as well.

“But… wouldn’t we have to hand Little Wu over to them once we’ve received the ransom amount… And, they would force her to get married if she goes back,” Jun Lu Lu said somewhat anxiously.

“Sigh… Ah Lu, you’ve followed me for so many years… How can you be so unsure of our status?” Jun Xi Zhu helplessly frowned and said, “Who do you think I am? I am Jun Xi Zhu!”


“Do you think I will let the Mo Clan take away the hostage after we’ve taken money from them? How can things be that simple?” Jun Lu Lu gently embraced Xiao Wu in her bosom. And, she listened while her elder sister giggled mischievously, “Little Wu is like a treasure! How can I possibly hand her over to them? That’s just a pipe dream!”

“What?! You won’t return her… Are you planning to con 60 million out of them?” Jun Lu Lu was stunned, “Isn’t that wrong?”

“It’s because we are the underworld! What’s the underworld? This is the underworld!” Jun Xi Zhu replied in a profound manner.

Jun Lu Lu was obviously a little confused and disoriented upon hearing this, “Elder Sister, but aren’t you the one who often says that even thieves have principles…”

“Indeed, even thieves have principles. And, this is precisely my ‘principle’!” Jun Xi Zhu scowled at her, “My principle is to profit! Why? Go and ask around in the Middle Three Heavens… and tell everyone that I – Jun Xi Zhu – have said that this is my way. Who would dare to call it wrong?”

Jun Lu Lu had been rendered speechless by this reply. [It seems like Elder Sister is dead-set on conning-out 60 million from the Mo Clan…]

“This shall also be considered as taking a revenge for Little Wu. Humph! Those cruel bullies have mistreated Little Wu. How’s it fair to let-them-off without paying a price?” Jun Xi Zhu abruptly changed the topic, and declared her view with an extremely far-fetched reasoning to support it.

However, Mo Qing Wu’s eyes lit up. In fact, she even felt that Jun Xi Zhu was somewhat amiable.

Jun Lu Lu had been left stupefied.

“Talk about King of Hell Chu. Little Wu also seems quite interested to hear about him,” Jun Xi Zhu said with a smile. Mo Qing Wu’s eyes immediately lit-up as she thought to herself… [this big sister looks vicious, but she’s a good person in reality. She even knows what I wish to hear about…]

“King of Hell Chu?” Jun Lu Lu was momentarily stumped for words. Then, she recalled stuff about Chu Yang, rearranged her train of thoughts a little, and began to talk.

Jun Xi Zhu was listening calmly. Then, she suddenly interrupted and asked, “So, Chu Yang has five sworn brothers — Gu Du Xing, Luo Ke Di, Ji Mo, Dong Wu Shang, and Rui Bu Tong… isn’t it?”

“Yes,” Jun Lu Lu thought for a second, and gave her affirmation.

“Well… these people have risen to prominence of late. They certainly have a bright future ahead… But… haven’t you noticed that three among these brothers of Chu Yang’s are the Second Young Masters of the major clans. And, Rui Bu Tong is the sole disciple of Stealing God and Thieving Ghost. Those two men are considered freemen in the Middle Three Heavens. Moreover, Gu Du Xing used to be a lowly member of the Gu Clan when he had sworn brotherhood with Chu Yang, but he became the Young Clan Lord of the Gu Clan after the accidental deaths of Gu Clan’s two young masters…”

Jun Xi Zhu’s eyes shone brightly, “All these people have a similar story… but why?”

Jun Lu Lu was taken aback. She genuinely hadn’t thought of this point before.

“King of Hell Chu… it seems that he has no small ambitions. His ambitious… are very big…” Jun Xi Zhu spoke in a very heavy and cold tone.

However, this speculation was somewhat unfair to Chu Yang because these people had been roped-in by Gu Du Xing…

“That may not be the case. After all, King of Hell Chu’s strength is still very weak. His brothers may have become famous in recent times, but they would vanish into thin air overnight if we were to deliberately deal with them…” Jun Lu Lu pondered for a moment and replied with uncertainty.

“Not necessarily!” Jun Xi Zhu was also contemplating.

Jun Lu Lu fell silent. Mo Qing Wu was blinking her eyes. Her mouth still had an aftertaste of what Jun Lu Lu had just told about Chu Yang. [Elder Brother Chu Yang… King of Hell Chu used various thunderous means to establish the great rule of Iron Cloud. He even rushed to the Continent Center by himself. He singlehandedly brought about a change in the world…]

[Elder Brother Chu Yang is very powerful! Elder Brother Chu Yang is the most powerful!]

Mo Qing Wu’s eyes were sparkling. She felt infinitely content in her heart. It seemed like these world-shaking affairs surrounding Chu Yang had happened to her instead. They made her feel extremely glorious, extremely proud, and extremely honorable.

Jun Xi Zhu snorted, and sat cross-legged. Then, she closed her eyes to meditate. She was pondering in her heart… [Ah, two people are likely to benefit the most whenever that mysterious great expert comes. One is that King of Hell Chu who is about to come from the Lower Three Heavens. And, the other one is… undoubtedly going to be ‘me’ as long as I operate properly and manage to win over Little Wu.]

[But… how should I deal with that Chu Yang? As an opponent…? Or as an ally? This is the main issue.]

[That Chu Yang isn’t ordinary by any means.]

Jun Xi Zhu had quickly begun to make her calculations. [What will be the consequences if I kill Chu Yang? And, what will be the consequences if I maintain good relations with Chu Yang?]

The aura of her body would turn somewhat cold and murderous for a while. Then, it would become as warm and soft as the spring breeze for a while. In fact, the flavor of her aura was making numerous transformations within an instant…

Mo Qing Wu was also vividly making her own plans. [It seems like there’s no danger for the time being…]

[This Dark Bamboo Organization looks fearful and scary. But, it seems very kind to me. Moreover, she also seems to have a plan of her own. But, I don’t know whether I should ask her to help Elder Chu Yang or not?]

[After all, Elder Brother Chu Yang will be unfamiliar with the people and the place after he arrives in the Middle Three Heavens… but, he will have to bear lesser pressure if the Dark Bamboo is willing to help him…]

Mo Qing Wu was blinking her eyes as she thought about this stuff…


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