Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 460 – CN

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“Little girl, you aren’t deceiving me, are you?!” Jun Xi Zhu narrowed her eyes and looked at Mo Qing Wu. She suddenly had a sense of fear in her heart as she looked at the pitiful appearance of this little girl…

[This little girl isn’t ordinary…]

What kind of importance did spiritual power hold? The spiritual power was the base of everything for a powerhouse!

However, a great powerhouse who was even above the Supreme Level had wasted his own spiritual power in order to leave a glimmer of hope for this little girl. This in-itself was thought-provoking.

Jun Lu Lu was dumbfounded. Even Jun Xi Zhu was overwhelmed in her heart!

“You think about it carefully. Has no one else treated you?” Jun Xi Zhu stared into Mo Qing Wu’s eyes.

Mo Qing Wu blankly shook her head with an innocent look in her limpid eyes.

Jun Xi Zhu got overpowered by this limpid look in her eyes, and leaned back in her embroidered couch. She rubbed her eyebrows, and thought aloud, “Anyway… it’s the work of such a powerhouse. So, she wouldn’t remember this if he didn’t wish for her to know. Even her attempts to remember it would be pointless. We’ve hit the dead-end…”

“Elder Sister, I have thought of a possibility.” Jun Lu Lu’s coughing had finally stopped. She gasped for breath, knitted her eyebrows, and thought deeply. Then, her eyes suddenly lit up.

“What possibility?” Jun Xi Zhu asked in a sinking tone.

“I suspect… that this unparalleled and extraordinary person must’ve been passing-by at the time Little Sister Mo had sustained injuries. And, he must’ve come to her aid!” Jun Lu Lu made an analysis and said, “But, this extraordinary person must’ve discovered that her Three Yin Meridians had been destroyed. So, even he must’ve been rendered powerless… So… in order to save his face…”

“I see. He didn’t reveal himself because it would’ve brought him a bad name…” Jun Xi Zhu knitted her brows and pondered. This simple explanation had clarified every doubt in one go, “Similarly, the issue of losing face and the unwillingness to admit defeat must’ve compelled this extraordinary person to leave his spiritual power behind. And, he himself must’ve gone to the ends of the earth to find the solution… In that case… he will come back to help her in order to treat her Three Yin Meridians once he finds a solution, right?”

“I also think so.” Jun Lu Lu nodded to give her affirmation.

“Well… I think it’s a logical explanation.” Jun Xi Zhu looked at Mo Qing Wu and suddenly asked, “Miss Mo, you don’t wish to return to your clan. Is it possible that you don’t agree to your clan’s decision to marry you off?”

Mo Qing Wu tightly pursed her lips. A look of hatred flashed in her eyes.

“Do you hate them?” An even more profound look appeared on Jun Xi Zhu’s face.

“I…” Mo Qing Wu suddenly remembered the heartlessness of her father, her mother’s helplessness, her own persecution at the hands of her eldest brother, the great elder’s cold attitude towards her… and the piercing pain of her having her treasured saber being snatched away… And, she couldn’t stop herself from bursting into tears. ‘Hate’— she was unable to say this word out loud, but the look in her eyes had explained everything.

“Tell me everything…” Jun Xi Zhu’s countenance turned gentle. Jun Lu Lu got even more affectionate. She embraced Mo Qing Wu in her arms, and whispered words of comfort.

Mo Qing Wu’s eyes turned red. She couldn’t help but sob. She felt the good intentions of Jun Lu Lu. However, she had been overwhelmed by the pent-up grievances of her heart. She barely managed to stop herself from hyperventilating, and unburdened herself off these strong emotions. She stammered as she told them everything.

The more Jun Xi Zhu heard… the more her complexion turned strange. Afterwards, she held her belly, and began to roll about…

“Ha ha ha ha…” Jun Xi Zhu looked at Mo Qing Wu from top to bottom. It seemed as if she was sizing her up. It appeared as if she had found an exceptional treasure. She eventually couldn’t bear it anymore and suddenly burst into loud laughter.

“Elder Sister, why are you laughing?” Jun Lu Lu was puzzled. But, her words were those of rebuke. She had listened to the tale, and loads of sympathy had welled-up in her heart. Even Mo Qing Wu was shedding tears. However, Jun Lu Lu hadn’t thought that her elder sister would suddenly burst into laughter… as if she was having a great time or something.

[This little sister is so pitiful. You just listened to her bitter and cruel experiences… yet, you’re laughing out loud? Don’t you have any compassion?]

Mo Qing Wu’s cheeks bulged up as she angrily glared at Jun Xi Zhu.

“Ha ha… I’m not laughing at you… I’m laughing because… Ha ha ha, I can’t help it…” Jun Xi Zhu laughed for a good while before she finally came to a stop.

Jun Lu Lu and Mo Qing Wu had been watching her as if they were looking at a freak this entire time.

“I’m laughing because… this time… the Mo Clan has knocked against the wall called ‘regret’! Ha ha, Mo Wu Xin… that old tortoise thinks he’s the cleverest man alive. He spends his days making plans. But, he can go and shove his plans up his own! That Mo Xing Chen carries an even shrewder look on his face. It seems as if he is self-conscious of his unparalleled wisdom, and that no one in the Middle Three Heavens is worthy of looking him in the eye…”

Jun Xi Zhu was laughing and rocking back and forth. She had laughed so hard for the first time in a long time. And, this wasn’t for show either. The fact was that this matter was far too hilarious, “… those two fu*kers obviously wouldn’t have thought that their ‘well-calculated’ plan would lead the Mo Clan away from the opportunity to rush up to the Upper Three Heavens! They’ve forced away the number one treasure of the entire Nine Heavens!”

Jun Lu Lu thought for a while. Then, she also giggled up.

Jun Xi Zhu’s words had indeed made sense!

An incredible person had left his spiritual power behind … this obviously wasn’t for show! He didn’t wish to admit defeat in the face of such an incurable condition. And, he obviously couldn’t explain his purpose of leaving his precious spiritual power behind!

So, there ought to be only one purpose. And, that was — he had taken a fancy to Mo Qing Wu! Or, perhaps he had taken a fancy to Mo Qing Wu’s innate ability!

Therefore, he would inevitably come back! And, it would be a perfect ending as long as he’d come back.

The Mo Clan would’ve gained a fortune upon the return of that great person if they had continued to dote on Mo Qing Wu! After all, he would’ve rewarded great benefits to the clan for carrying off its bloodline. He would’ve done so out of respect for the clan. And, considering a person of such high skill… even something that had leaked-out from the seam of his finger would’ve been enough for the Mo Clan to cherish forever…

Moreover, one must take this person’s old affection and the tender love for his little disciple into consideration… It would’ve been very easy to manipulate this highly skilled and outstanding individual!

A person whose strength had surpassed a Supreme Level Expert could wantonly roam-about in the Upper Three Heavens. In fact, he could merely raise his hand, and be declared invincible thereafter. He would need a few words, and the Mo Clan could become one of the super clans of the Upper Three Heavens!

The Mo Clan could’ve become an equal of the nine super clans of the Upper Three Heavens because of Mo Qing Wu! Moreover, Mo Qing Wu’s cultivation journey would’ve been problem-free and less time consuming with the help of such an incredible teacher!

And, the Mo Clan would’ve established itself as a jumbo clan in the entire Nine Heavens as a result! In fact, they would’ve become a force which no one would dare to mess with!

And, the root cause of all of this would’ve been one person alone — Mo Qing Wu!

Mo Qing Wu was genuinely worthy of being considered as the number one treasure in the entire Nine Heavens from this point of view! Jun Xi Zhu had made no exaggeration as far as this statement was concerned!

However, the Mo Clan had ruthlessly offended this piece of treasure even though it had originally belonged to them! They didn’t give her the least bit of comfort after the destruction of her Three Yin Meridians. Moreover, they even tormented her when she was already suffering. In fact, they even snatched her treasured saber…

Jun Xi Zhu was fully convinced that Mo Qing Wu’s saber was the best heavenly weapon in the entire Nine Heavens! [How could it be a poor weapon when such a mysterious and great powerhouse had gifted it to her? That saber was clearly meant as an indication from that mysterious and great powerhouse to the Mo Clan — you will get many more rewards as long as you take good care of Qing Wu!]

[This is a very obvious thing! Why else would anyone give a little girl such a universally shocking precious saber?]

[It’s such a pity that those people of the Mo Clan didn’t even detect the existence of this spiritual power in her. Moreover, they didn’t even bother to take such an obvious hint. They got blinded by greed on top of that, and snatched her precious saber…]

[These old motherfu*kers are trying to commit suicide. It’s like they are impatient to die, and are deliberately asking for trouble…]

[And, to make things even worse… they forced this eleven-year-old Mo Qing Wu to get married…]

[The Mo Clan could possess a hundred lives, but even that wouldn’t save them from getting eradicated if that great powerhouse found out about this!]

It must be said that Jun Xin Zhu’s speculation was completely opposite of what had come to happen! The so-called ‘unrivaled great powerhouse’ in her speculation was non-existent in reality! The spiritual power left behind in Mo Qing Wu’s body belonged to the Sword Spirit. He was the one who had left behind a trace of his power to preserve her Three Yin Meridians’ natural endowment. Mo Qing Wu didn’t know about this. Even Chu Yang didn’t know of this!

This was Sword Spirit’s doing in its entirety. It was an attempt on his part to protect the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword from harboring the same regret in this life again. Especially… because Mo Qing Wu was the person Chu Yang held dearest in his heart. In fact, this Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword had even taken rebirth for Mo Qing Wu!

How could the Sword Spirit ignore this fact?

However, Jun Xi Zhu’s speculation was correct from a certain perspective! Because… Chu Yang was the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master! Would Chu Yang treat his wife’s clan unfairly if they had treated her well?

The Mo Clan would’ve surely gained acknowledgement… and a place for itself in the Upper Three Heavens at the time of the transformation of the Nine Heavens! However, the current state of affairs was different. Chu Yang wouldn’t exterminate the Mo Clan in order to give face to Mo Qing Wu. But, giving rewards to the Mo Clan was simply out of question.

In fact, even the extermination of more than half of the Mo Clan would be ‘barely enough’ to vent Chu Yang’s anger if his disposition was taken into account…

Therefore, it wouldn’t be false to say that Jun Xi Zhu had accidentally hit the bull’s eye!

“I am thinking… what kind of faces would Mo Wu Xin and Mo Xing Chen make if they found out about this matter?” Jun Xi Zhu laughed wildly, “Mo Wu Xin would die on the spot from an excess of anger! The look on Mo Xing Chen’s face would also be incredible… It’s such a pity that I won’t be around to see their expressions!”

She laughed for a moment. Then, she touched her chin as she looked at Mo Qing Wu. She then spoke with a gentle smile, “Such a treasure has fallen right into my lap from the skies above. How can I let it go…? In fact, the very thought of letting her go is unthinkable!”

These words had sounded like a scheme. Moreover, they should never have been spoken in front of Mo Qing Wu. However, Jun Xi Zhu didn’t seem to have the slightest scruples. Therefore, she had declared her view in a straightforward manner.

Even Jun Lu Lu had been startled by this point…

“This little girl may look very pitiful. But, the fact is – she’s very clever. You think that she wouldn’t have guessed it if I hadn’t said it openly? We would’ve appeared insidious if I hadn’t said it… It would be better to be honest from the get go. So what if I plan to profiteer from an association with somebody? This is a fair and honest affair. Why must I do it stealthily?” Jun Xi Zhu chuckled mischievously. She then looked at Mo Qing Wu, “Young Miss Mo, what do you say? Am I right?”

Mo Qing Wu was enthralled when she heard this. It was an unexpected occurrence. She couldn’t help but nod her head as she replied, “Right!”

However, Jun Xi Zhu had burst into laughter right after she had finished talking. In fact, she hadn’t even waited to hear Mo Qing Wu’s answer.

Mo Qing Wu had indeed thought that way in her heart. Jun Xi Zhu had made the analysis in front of her. And, Mo Qing Wu was an extremely intelligent girl. So, how could she not understand the gravity of the situation? In fact, she would’ve felt very uncomfortable if Jun Xi Zhu hadn’t spoken that out aloud. But, Mo Qing Wu felt a lot more relaxed since Jun Xi Zhu had declared her views in such a straightforward manner.


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