Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 46

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On the main road, there was a slowly moving horse drawn carriage. In the front and back, there were eight icy-faced riders protecting it. The carriage’s driver was an older gentlemen with peppered hair. With whip in hand, his eyes looked ahead with an indifferent expression. With each crack of the whip, the horses neighed and the carriage move forward leaving a trail of dust behind.

Inside the carriage was an old man who was frowning as if he was thinking about something.

This old man was praised as the world’s top divine doctor of the time – Du Shi Qing. This time, he was going from Great Zhao Nation into Iron Cloud Nation!

“Senior Du, in this trip to Iron Cloud Nation, you have only a single mission. It is to use all of your saintly skills to help the emperor of Iron Cloud nation live a little bit longer. You must not let him die too early!”

These words were solemnly said to him by Prime Minister Diwu Qing Rou, himself.

Du Shi Qing already clearly understood why the emperor of Iron Cloud had to live a little longer. Currently, Iron Cloud was managed by the prince, but the prince was not the emperor. There were some things he still cannot legitimately carry out. (TLN: the phrase was ‘if the name is not right, the words won’t ring true’ or something like that)

As long as the emperor stretches out his last dying breath, Iron Cloud Nation would never be fortified! Even if Tie Bu Tian was overflowed with talent, he would not dare kill his dad and usurp the throne of Iron Cloud. Therefore he would not be able to change the current state of Iron Cloud.

If Tie Shi Cheng can live for another month then Great Zhao Nation would have another month to prepare! It would be best if the old emperor kept his dying breath until everything was ready! When war breaks out, the prince of Iron Cloud Nation would not have full power and all the weaknesses would be left exposed.

However, this task was extremely difficult!

And only Du Shi Qing would know how difficult it was.

Du Shi Qing smiled sadly and then sighed. Years ago when Tie Shi Cheng was still a young man, he went into the battlefield against Great Zhao Nation. At the time, Diwu Qing Rou was only a cabinet member with the responsibility of watching over the military. Yet he has the guts to use gold and silver to hire the best archer to kill Tie Shi Cheng.

In the chaos of the battlefield, Tie Shi Cheng was shot by an arrow! Even worse, that arrow was covered in an extremely strong poison!

Tie Shi Cheng was blocked by one of his guards. The arrow pierced through the guard’s chest and went into Tie Shi Cheng’s body so it potency was weakened. Even so, this poison almost took Tie Shi Cheng’s life.

It was Diwu Qing Rou who once again used money to buy Du Shi Qing’s service for the nation. This service was healing Tie Shi Cheng’s wound. In his whole life, Du Shi Qing finally did the one unethical thing: healing Tie Shi Cheng’s wound, but secretly poisoning him with something of a more chronic nature, one without a cure.

As poison slowly ate away Tie Shi Cheng’s body, Great Zhao also gradually ate away Iron Cloud Nation all these years.

Make him sick, but don’t let him die. Even though, Iron Cloud could have been taken over, but he did not do it! These past years, Diwu Qing Rou used the conflict with Iron Cloud to repeatedly achieve merits for himself. He never ceased to increase his reputation. He never ceased to gain more power. Even within the military, Diwu Qing Rou’s achievements shined brightest. And now, he was below only one and ruled over all.

He always achieved merits in battle with Iron Cloud Nation but he kept Iron Cloud alive with just enough force to fight back! Diwu Qing Rou had turned Iron Cloud into a gold mine for his meritorious achievements. It was not until now that he had started his plan to completely take over Iron Cloud nation because he was at the peak of power! With Diwu Qing Rou’s current influence, even the emperor of Great Zhao cannot do anything to him.

Diwu Qing Rou was one of those people that used tactics and plots to the point of perfection!

At this point, Tie Shi Cheng’s body was beyond saving. The only thing that could be done now was to stretch out his dying breath. If it was not for the extremely talented prince, then Iron Cloud would easily become part of Great Zhao nation!

“I was the key that started this, and now I am the person to end it!”

Du Shi Qing sighed sadly!

The road ahead was long…


Chu Yang stood alone on the mountain. Using the thick forest to cover his body, he quietly watched the riders from a distance.

He rubbed his palms gently. Between them was a piece of paper with the following words, “Iron Cloud hired the world’s top divine doctor, Du Shi Qing, to come to Iron Cloud Citadel. Nine days from now, they will pass by Evil Tiger Ridge!”

The paper turned shreds and disintegrated in thin air!

Without a pause, he shot through the trees and flew down the mountain.

This was a strategy he has planned ahead! Du Shi Qing was a major key in it!

If he wanted to go into Iron Cloud to invert fate, he cannot simply just do so. After arriving there, he has to become valuable to others. More importantly, they would have to trust him. With this trust, he would be able grasp control!

How to achieve all these things in a short period of time? At the slowest, I will have to do in two years’ time what a normal person would do in a lifetime!

Chu Yang’s mission cannot be considered easy! But he cannot turn around!

Du Shi Qing was Chu Yang’s first move!

“Whoa, whoa…”

The horses neighed and came to a stop. Before the carriage was a youth dressed in black. His handsome face was calm with a mix of excitement. His burning gaze was directed at the carriage.

“Who are you?!” The eight guards stopped their horses simultaneously. Three swords and five sabers also came out of their sheaths at the same time.

“Is the person in the carriage the world’s top doctor, the one people called Compassionate Saint Du Shi Qing, elder Du?”

The black outfitted youth’s eyes were full of excitement as well as gratitude and reverence as he tried to look inside the carriage. It was as if he did not pay any attention to the glistening swords and sabers that were surrounding him!

“Who are you?” The leader asked as he looked at the youth with a gaze as sharp as that of a falcon, remaining ever vigilante! At the same time, the other guards pointed their weapons in the direction of the youth as they quietly spread out in four directions around the carriage.

“Is it?” The youth took a step forward, showing great urgency!

“That is none of your business. Back off now!” The leader said coldly. He did not think that this youth has any malicious intents, but this trip was extremely important, he could not be too careful.

“If it is indeed Senior Du, please come out and meet me!” The youth did not concede.

“Foolish!” There sabers, white as snow, slashed toward him.

The youth in black acted as if he was momentarily surprised, and then he suddenly showed signs of anger. His body quickly swerved left and right to avoid the sabers. The sabers were everywhere but he continued to move safely between them. All of a sudden, his hands became like claws and went forward.

One of the sabers fell to the ground. The leader felt his wrist go numb. With his saber almost fallen to the ground as well, he could not help but be surprised. He dismounted and yelled, “Into formation against the enemy!”

The other seven guards dismounted at once and went into battle formation. The weapons seemed as if they have awoken.

“Wait a minute!” Du Shi Qing yelled from inside the carriage. Immediately after, he calmly said, “Young master, I am Du Shi Qing. Why do you wish to see me?”

When he was done talking, he lifted the curtain and revealed himself.

“Senior Du, be careful! This person is of unknown origin and has unclear intentions.” Two guards immediately raised their swords and covered the front of the carriage. They were ready for combat.

“Sure enough, it is divine doctor Du!” The black-outfitted youth’s face flushed with excitement. Without heeding the swords and sabers in front him, he slowly walked forward with his eyes focused on Du Shi Qing.

After two steps, this youth came into contact with the leader’s saber. The latter had no intention of pulling back and continued to press his saber forward.

The youth felt the tingling pain of the saber’s stab, and looked down. He smiled in embarrassment and suddenly bowed down in front of Du Shi Qing.

His strange action surprised everyone.

“Senior Du, do you remember when you went by here eight years ago? There was war between the two countries at the time and all was in chaos. You benevolently saved a mountain couple. Do you remember?

“Ah…” Du Shi Qing frowned as he try to think. In his life, he has saved millions. How could he remember everyone? However, he clearly remembered that he really did come by here eight years ago.



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