Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 459 – CN

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“Jun Xi Zhu!” Mo Qing Wu was so startled that she nearly jumped up. She couldn’t help but widen her small mouth. She had been left dumbstruck!

[This woman is Jun Xi Zhu?!]

One couldn’t blame Mo Qing Wu Do for being so surprised. This was mainly because this name was far too famous in the Middle Three Heavens!

The one at the helm of the Dark Bamboo!

The chief force of the underworld of Middle Three Heavens!

Jun Xi Zhu!

This name’s meaning exuded an elegant atmosphere; as if it were the name of a hermit. However, it was the symbol of terror in the Middle Three Heavens!

The Mo Clan was wealthy and very powerful. But, it had always maintained a respectful distance from the Dark Bamboo, and had always minded its own business. In fact, the Mo Clan would always cower back whenever there was any clash of interests.

It never dared to provoke the Dark Bamboo!

There was a rumor. There used to be a big gang named ‘The Wan Le League’; the name had literally meant ‘The Ruined League’. Its chief was surnamed Wan, and was called ‘Wan Le Dan’. However, the abrupt rise of Jun Xi Zhu to a towering position had led to the utter destruction of the Wan Le League! And, the ‘Wan Le League’ had literally turned into ‘The Ruined League’…

The entire strength of the Wan Le League roughly amounted to tens of thousands of people at one point in time. However, they had been uprooted, destroyed, and systematically obliterated within 6 month by the Dark Bamboo! It is said that this massacre had shook the entire Middle Three Heavens! 

However… it’s even more surprising that Jun Xi Zhu hadn’t personally moved into action! The top expert under the command of Jun Xi Zhu had gone into action in that instance — Young Master Yu! Young Master Yu had taken care of this matter by himself; whether it came to planning the mission, or leading the troops!

Young Master Yu was a mysterious character. In fact, he wasn’t necessarily second to Jun Xi Zhu!

There was another rumor regarding this matter. It was said that Young Master Yu had single-handedly raided the headquarters of Wan Le Dan, and had chopped an Emperor Level expert like him into pieces. He had then killed nearly 30 King Level Experts. Then, he eventually got bored of killing people. So, he reduced the entire headquarters of Wan Le Dan to rubbles… while there were still people in there. Then, he had walked out of there in a leisurely manner… as if nothing had happened.

He had ordered an all-out attack after he had walked out of the headquarters. The Wan Le League was without a leader at that point of time, and had lost rather easily at the end! The Dark Bamboo had gained the status of the ‘undisputed overlord’ of underworld after that war!

Mo Qing Wu had heard the distinguished name of Jun Xi Zhu dozens of times. So, she was familiar with this mysterious and formidable person’s identity.

However, she felt that this woman was ‘far more magnificent’ in-person now that she had come to meet her!

[This woman… is truly amazing!]

Mo Qing Wu was sealed-up in a carriage on such a hot day. However, she surprising felt a faint trace of chill since she was seated next to Jun Xi Zhu… even though the Jun Xi Zhu hadn’t used her martial powers…

“Young Miss Mo, I have caused inconvenience to you.” Jun Xi Zhu looked coldly at Mo Qing Wu, and gently shook her head, “I’m not very fond of children who lie.”

“But I…” Mo Qing Wu suddenly recalled that the opposite party was talking about kidnapping her for ransom. So, she couldn’t help but plead, “But, I don’t wish to return to my clan…”

“It’s not something that I can decide upon. Your father and your elder brother have the final say in this matter!” Jun Xi Zhu gently leaned back, and indifferently replied, “I’m demanding 20 million taels from each. That makes it a total of 40 million taels. So, they will have to spend this sum of money if they want you to return. But, you will stay with me in all safety if they don’t.”

Then, she inadvertently asked, “But, you are the eldest daughter of the Mo Clan. So, why don’t you wish to go back?”

“Boo hoo…” It seemed as if Mo Qing Wu had been struck by the mention of some painful affair. Big and clear pearls-like tears began to roll down, “I don’t wish to go back, boo hoo. They will force me to get married if I go back… because the clan needs an ally… but, I don’t wish to get married…”

Mo Qing Wu burst out crying. She seemed to be broken-hearted.

“Get married?!” Jun Xi Zhu was obviously a bit startled. Jun Lu Lu was seated on the opposite. She also widened her eyes in astonishment. [Get married?] She looked at this little girl whose small body hadn’t even started to mature. [Such a little girl… the clan wants to marry her off to rope in an ally?!]

A trace of sympathy surfaced in the beautiful eyes of Jun Lu Lu. She extended her hands, and embraced Mo Qing Wu in her arms to comfort her, “Don’t cry. Don’t cry…”

Jun Xi Zhu’s complexion turned from white to blue. A trace of anguish appeared in her eyes. In fact, it seemed as if she had been touched by some painful memories from the past. Her complexion turned pale as she pounded her palm on the small table that was placed in front of her. Then, she began to rain curses, “*** Mo Xing Chen! He has gone as far as to force his own 11-year-old daughter to get married! He doesn’t have the least bit of humanity! *** Mo Clan! They are a bunch of trashes! “

A loud ‘bang’ sound was heard, and a palm-shaped cavity appeared in the small table. In fact, this palm-shape force went straight down, and made a palm-shaped hole in the carriage compartment’s floor.

The carriage was moving forward as a rapid pace, and one could see the ground moving in a backward direction from the newly formed cavity in the carriage’s floor.

Jun Lu Lu didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. She rolled her eyes as she looked at her elder sister. Her elder sister had revealed her true temperament in this moment by cussing out loud… and that too like a man…

Jun Xi Zhu’s face had turned ice-cold. Her chest was rising and falling. The matter that Mo Qing Wu’ had just mentioned had clearly made Jun Xi Zhu furious.

The Mo Clan only wanted her to get engaged in reality. And, that was totally different from getting married. However, how could Mo Qing Wu know this now? But, the Mo Clan had become worse than trash in Jun Xi Zhu’s eyes…

[Forcing a little girl who isn’t even 11-years-old to marry… what does it mean? It is needless to say that this is inhuman! Moreover, this is the biological daughter of the Mo Clan’s Lord Mo Xing Chen. The father is forcing his own eleven years old daughter to get married for the family’s benefit?]

[He’s a bastard of the highest level!]

“Elder sister, you do something…” Jun Lu Lu’s heart was flooding with compassion. She could feel Mo Qing Wu’s fragile body tremble in her embrace. So, her desire to protect this little girl had grown even more passionate.

“Humph!” That raging wave of anger receded within Jun Xi Zhu’s eyes. She insipidly replied, “I will also add Mo Tian Yun into the original plan of action! I will make Mo Xing Chen, Mo Tian Ji, and Mo Tian Yun spend 20 million taels each! I will tell them that I won’t be accepting ransom from one person alone. I need all three of them to pay! And, I will kill the hostage if even one fails to deliver the sum!”

“Eh?” Jun Lu Lu was shocked.

“Have her wash her face. I want to see it.” Jun Xi Zhu’s eyes focused on her, “Wash it off properly. What sort of makeup has turned a little doll into something like this?”

Mo Qing Wu washed her face and came back. The trace of a stunned look flashed in Jun Xin Zhu’s eyes, “She’s a very beautiful girl… ha-ha. Hm?” then, she suddenly noticed Mo Qing Wu’s eyebrows while she was speaking that sentence, and was taken aback.

“Young Miss Mo, come over here. Let me have a look at you.” Jun Xi Zhu beckoned her.

“Ok…” Mo Qing Wu replied in a timid manner. Then, she obediently walked over. She was young, and had been nabbed. But, she still had a distinct feeling in her heart… [these two women won’t hurt me…]

“Ah…” Jun Xi Zhu examined her face, and nodded with satisfaction. Then, she again felt somewhat strange, “It’s strange. The peaks of the eyebrows are gathering into a cloudy shape. No doubt about it… this is a Three Yin Body. There must be ‘Three Yin Meridians’ in her body. Are those people of the Mo Clan blind or something? Are they all fu*king dotards? They actually wish to marry off an eleven year old genius who possesses the Three Yin Meridians? I just can’t fathom what those fu*kers are thinking…”

“My Three Yin Meridians have already been damaged…” Mo Qing Wu timidly replied.

“Damaged? Nonsense!” Jun Xi Zhu was taken aback by this. And, she immediately chided her loudly.

“It’s genuinely destroyed… see here…” Mo Qing Wu extended her hand, and pointed at the spot, “I had been slashed here with a saber by a person of the Black Devil Clan. My Three Yin Meridians were destroyed as a result…”

“What? But, why are the peaks of your eyebrows gathering into a cloudy shape if your Three Yin Meridians have been destroyed?” Jun Xi Zhu pulled her over, and grabbed her wrist. She activated her martial power to inspect, and couldn’t help but nod her head in agreement, “The Three Yin Meridians have genuinely been destroyed… no wonder the Mo Clan has given up on you… but … why is it so strange?”

She withdrew her hand, and knitted her brows. She had immersed herself in deep thought, “This shouldn’t happen. The Three Yin Meridians have been destroyed. So, the cloudy shape of her eyebrows’ peaks ought to have dissipated as well. This must happen without exception! But, why hasn’t hers dissipated yet!?”

She grabbed Mo Qing Wu’s hand to examine it once again after she had deliberated upon the matter to some extent… And, she felt it very carefully and slowly this time. A long time passed. Then, she suddenly withdrew her hand at a lightning speed, and moved backwards. She sucked in a mouthful of cold air, “Has someone treated you?”

“Yes…” Mo Qing Wu naively blinked her eyes.


“Elder Brother Chu… said that the man was called Du Shi Qing…” Mo Qing Wu nearly said ‘Chu Yang’.

“Du Shi Qing?” Jun Xi Zhu rolled her eyes, “He hasn’t done it. But, who did?”

“He hasn’t…” Mo Qing Wu was also astonished. But, she merely blinked her eyes. [He really hasn’t…]

“Something is wrong…” Jun Xi Zhu frowned as she pondered.

“Elder Sister, what’s wrong?” Jun Lu Lu smiled and asked.

“Someone has put an unusual power in her damaged Three Yin Meridians. And, because of this strange power… the Three Yin Meridians are still intact in spite of being damaged. This will certainly make her feel a lot more pain, but there will be an immediate restoration of her peerless talent and aptitude once she gets cured!”

She knitted her brows in bewilderment, “Her Three Yin Meridians would’ve remained destroyed forever if it weren’t for this mysterious power! But, the existence of this power has clearly retained a glimmer of hope for a recovery… even though this ‘hope’ is rather slim…”

“So there’s hope?” Jun Lu Lu was puzzled.

“It’s equivalent to ‘no hope’… Anyway, my knowledge and experience fails to think of a possible means. The nine great wonderful medicines could be piled-up for her treatment, but it would still be useless…” Jun Xi Zhu twisted her brows, “But then… why would that person keep such a glimmer of hope? A great powerhouse like him ought to know that this is absolutely hopeless…”

“A great powerhouse?!” Jun Lu Lu was so startled that she almost jumped. This was the first time that she had heard these two words from her elder sister’s mouth. Jun Xi Zhu would prefer death to humiliation. She had never acknowledged anyone as a ‘great powerhouse’ in the Middle Three Heavens. However, she had said these two words with a willing heart at this juncture.

“Yes. A great powerhouse!” Jun Xi Zhu solemnly explained, “The person who has left behind a glimmer of hope for her has used his spiritual power to do this! This is fundamentally different from the world’s elemental energy. Moreover, talking about the extent of the spiritual power of this great powerhouse…” Jun Xi Zhu took a deep breath, and further continued, “I could cultivate for a thousand years, but I would still fall short of this entity!”

[Cultivate for a thousand years, but still fall short!] Jun Lu Lu was shocked. She knew what level her sister was currently at. However, she had gone as far as to say that ‘I could cultivate for a thousand years, but I would still fall short of this entity’!

Therefore, one could very-well imagine the might of the ‘great powerhouse’ who had left behind a glimmer of hope for Mo Qing Wu!

“Supreme?!” only this word had remained in Jun Lu Lu’s heart.

“Not necessarily! It isn’t necessarily a Supreme Expert!” Jun Xi Zhu solemnly replied. Then, a doubtful and uncertain look flashed in her eyes. She then spoke one word at a time, “This kind of… spiritual power… perhaps… even a Supreme Expert… can’t… have!”

“Poof… cough cough cough cough.” Jun Lu Lu nervously choked on her own saliva when she heard this, and began to cough severely as a result…

Even a Supreme Expert can’t…

These words were… simply inconceivable!


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