Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 456 – CN

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Young Master Gao Sheng of the Gao Clan had always been dissatisfied with his proposed marriage. In fact, he hadn’t even hesitated to revolt against his clan for this reason. He had fled to the Lower Three Heavens to hang out with Diwu Qing Rou because he didn’t wish to accept that he had such a fiancée…

Therefore, Gao Sheng should’ve felt relieved after finding out that Ji Mo had taken a fancy to Huyan Aobo. More so since this attraction was mutual! This should’ve removed a heavy burden from his heart at the very least.

However, this assumption would be grossly mistaken!

[I can’t accept my own fiancée… and that’s one thing since it’s something I don’t wish to do. However, allowing someone other guy to snatch my wife… is something I can’t allow even if I die!]

Moreover, this marriage also involved the issue of alliance between the Huyan clan and the Gao Clan. And, this alliance obviously wouldn’t exist if Huyan Aobo married Ji Mo. Then, the Huyan Clan would wish to be allied with the Ji Clan instead.

Moreover, Gao Clan and Ji Clan had never seen eye to eye to make matters worse… Wouldn’t this become the reason behind the creation of two formidable enemies?

Also, Young Master Gao couldn’t afford to lose face. There was a rumor buzzing around in the entire Middle Three Heavens at the moment… [Wow! Holy cow! This is awesome! The Second Master Ji – Ji Mo – is going to snatch Gao Sheng’s wife… she’s Young Miss Aobo of the Huyan Clan…]

What sort of a fu*king rumor was this? Things hadn’t even begun to take shape between these two. She was merely his fiancée; that’s all. However, all hell broke loose upon Young Master Gao when this rumor spread around…

[This won’t bring extraordinary shame and humiliation to me alone… but also to my clan! And, that’s intolerable!]

Young Master Gao got furious!

Then, he issued a declaration: [She’s my fiancée in name… even if I don’t want her! Ji Mo, why are you poking your nose where it doesn’t belong? You and your Ji Clan are trying to humiliate me. How can I possibly ‘take things lying down’? I must clarify the fact before the world heroes that I wish a face-to-face apology! In addition, I also want the Ji Clan to compensate for the loss of my honor and moral integrity…]

Ji Mo obviously didn’t agree. And, the two sides found themselves in a deadlock. However… one mustn’t forget that there were many spectators to this show!

And, the spectators were mostly wishing to stir up trouble. Therefore, a buzz spread everywhere, and incited everyone. It said that these two men were going to fight a decisive battle…

Then, an extremely crucial character appeared at the most crucial moment! This turned to be the figure that reversed the entire situation. Moreover, it was also a person who wanted for the entire world to be in chaos. Moreover, this character was undisciplined and ‘out of control’ by his very nature — Luo Ke Di!

This Second Young Master Luo openly stood-up in support of Ji Mo. He got drunk in a restaurant on a certain day, and announced loudly — [What! This Gao Sheng doesn’t know how to appreciate someone’s kindness! Ji Mo has taken a fancy to your wife… that’s to give you face! But, this still isn’t enough for that unforgiving cu*t! He needs to be spanked! I shall be the first one to slap him if he dares to make such impractical demands! In any case, Ji Mo will sincerely pursue his love with the utmost dedication, and I have decided to give him my complete support. In fact, I won’t hesitate to beat the crap out of that jerk Gao Sheng if I have to…]

Luo Ke Di’s proclamation detonated across the entire land!

Luo Ke Di had recently made his fame as the ‘Wolf Sword King’. Moreover, he had also been included among the top ten experts of the younger generation. Luo Clan’s influence had also increased in accordance to it. His remark had made one thing very clear — the Luo Clan was supporting the Ji Clan!

Gao Clan’s anger obviously exploded because of this. In fact, even the people of the Luo Clan got so angry that their visions darkened. [Isn’t this the fu*king decision of the clan! The clan hasn’t even discussed on this matter to reach a resolution, and Second Young Master Luo has taken the decision on his own… as if he represents the entire clan!]

The Young Master Meng Luo of the Meng Clan came forward in support of Gao Sheng immediately-after. However, that was followed by the strong emergence of Dong Clan’s Dong Wu Shang. He brandished his black saber to indicate his standpoint to the world — [I support Ji Mo!]

Li Clans’ Li Xiong Tu had always burned with jealousy, and had always desired to take revenge on Dong Wu Shang. So, he also joined-in when he heard that Gao Sheng’s wife was going to be snatched… especially since that extremely arrogant and hot-headed Dong Wu Shang was among the snatchers.

Thereupon, six influential clans had gotten involved in this!

Gu Du Xing made an unexpected appearance at this key moment. He emerged like a dark horse, and coldly announced to the world, “Who dares to go against my brother’s quest to get his wife? Gao Sheng’s wife is going to be snatched because he isn’t matured enough. Why would you people wish to follow that guy?”

The Middle Three Heavens had flared up!

Gu Du Xing had emerged as the representative of this young generation, but he had a rival named Tu Qian Hao. His old rival Tu Qian Hao obviously didn’t hesitate to join Gao Clan, Li Clan etcetera’s camp. His motive could be distinctly put in a few words… [I have come to deal with Gu Du Xing!]

Now, Middle Three Heavens was left to boil through and through.

The eight big clans reached an agreement on a certain day… the two sides would assemble atop the Dingjun Mountain in Cang Lan Battlefront as per this agreement, and would decide ‘whom the beauty belongs to’ thereupon! A total of eight battles would decide the outcome. The eight clans would each send two people to have a fight with the opposite side. And, the final battle would take place between Ji Mo and Gao Sheng!

This drama had initially been about two Young Masters of aristocratic clans rivaling each other for the affection of a woman. However, it had unexpectedly engulfed the entire Middle Three Heavens…

Because –

Because of Young Master Ao Xie Yun, Young Master Xie Dan Qiong, Young Master Ou Du Xiao, and Young Master Mo Tian Yun… These four people were unwilling to be left out. They also joined-in. Anyway, there was nothing significant happening in the Middle Three Heavens. Three Stars Divine clans had also drawn back for the time being, and there were no signs of the emergence of any significant disturbance in the foreseeable future. So, how could these young masters be willing to remain silent?

These four young masters remained neutral, but they worked as one to arrange a big gambling joint — bet on Ji Mo and Gao Sheng. Who will win and who will lose! Make a choice if you’re interested, and place the bet. It doesn’t matter how much you bet. All amounts are accepted here!

And, the people of Dark Bamboo had also taken advantage of this opportunity to establish an underground betting house. Young Master Yu had personally assumed command like a great hero looking disdainfully on this world…

Thereupon, the Middle Three Heaven began to boil even more thoroughly!

The day of battle was still half-a-month away at present…

The world heroes would surely gather on the Dingjun Mountain at the appointed time. And, that would surely be a lively gathering! The clan of assassins – the Black Devil Clan – had also started to dispatch their assassins since many assassination targets would appear over there. So, they might make lots of money…

Ji Mo and his elder brother had already set out to go there, and had arrived near the Raging Fire Mountain Range on the second day itself. But, Ji Mo had an urgent need to answer the ‘call of nature’. So, he found a patch of woods, and went in to finish the job. And, he ran into Chu Yang when he came out…

Ji Mo spoke until here, and his explanation came to an end.

Chu Yang’s entire body twitched after he had heard all of it. In fact, his belly was full of cramps. [So, it was all true?]

“How many of you have agreed to meet there?” Chu Yang had a warm feeling in his heart. He hadn’t anticipated that several of his brothers would be involved in this farce.

“Everyone is walking towards the Dingjun Mountain. It has been agreed that we’ll meet at the foot of the Dingjun Mountain. However, it is certain that we’ll come across several people on the way… and, those people can be friends or enemies.” Ji Mo laughed heartily in a carefree manner.

“I see. Is there any news about Rui Bu Tong?” Chu Yang asked.

“I heard that the Ninth Grade Spirit Beasts have appeared in the Ice and Snow Wilderness located in the extreme north. Many King Level and Emperor Level experts of the Middle Three Heavens have been killed by the Ninth Grade Spirit Beasts. These Ninth Grade Spirit Beasts have become the biggest threat ever since the Three Stars Divine Clans have made their temporary retreat… Stealing God and Thieving Ghost, and the other high-level experts have rushed there. In fact, we have gathered troops under the pretext of this duel. But, we will also rush there after it’s over.”

Ji Mo spoke with a dreamy look in his eyes, “Big Brother, a Ninth Grade Spirit Beast – if caught – will make an excellent mount, right…? It will be very eye-catching.”

“Yeah! It will be eye-catching indeed. It will just turn its head, and swallow you whole. Not even the dregs of your body will remain afterwards!” Chu Yang nodded, and replied. Meanwhile, he thought about the 12 influential figures of this generation of Middle Three Heavens… [Black Devil, Dark Bamboo, Lone Traveler, Poison Spirit, Heavenly Secret, Li Xiong Tu, Black Saber, Qian Hao, Young Master Xie, Meng Luo, Jade Flower, Tian Bu Ru…]

[Nine of them are already involved in this event at present. The only remaining three mysterious characters are… the Black Devil Clan’s young representative – Young Black Devil, the leader of Dark Bamboo – Jun Xi Zhu, and the one placed at the bottom of this list – Tian Bu Ru.]

[It’s indeed a grand gathering.]

They chatted as they moved ahead, and eventually caught up with the Ji Clan’s troops. After that, Chu Yang found out that there was a carriage in this procession! And, it was being pulled steadily forward by eight horses…

“My elder brother’s inside it… Cough Cough, my elder brother doesn’t wish to walk…” Ji Mo shamefully introduced his brother.

A lazy sounding voice came from the carriage at this moment, “Second Master Ji, are you back from your ‘s*it break’?”

“Elder Brother, I brought back a VIP with me!” Ji Mo’s face turned black as he replied.

A rustling sound transmitted from inside the carriage. This was followed by the curtains being raised…

Ji Mo vigorously jumped to the side at a lightning speed…

However, Chu Yang didn’t know what was coming. He was still waiting for Ji Mo to initiate the introduction. However, a thick ‘foot stink’ suddenly blew over, and choked him once the curtains were raised. It stirred-up his stomach in an instant, and he nearly threw up. His face had already distorted from disgust…

Meanwhile, Ji Mo’s schadenfreude laugh sounded from the side.

Two incredibly stinky bare-feet stretched out first. And then, Eldest Young Master Ji Zhu appeared outside the carriage. His hair looked like chicken’s nest. His half-open lapel was revealing a bunch of black chest-hair. His pants were rolled up, and were revealing his two furry legs. He had gotten off the carriage in this manner…

“This is…” Ji Zhu looked at Chu Yang with blinking eyes. He couldn’t see properly. So, he reached out with his hand, and broke-off the eye-crusts from the corners of his eyes…

“This is my Big Brother!” Ji Mo jumped over from the side, and waved his hand to issue commands, “You all, step aside, step aside, don’t block the wind… let the stink blow away from here…”

“Myself Chu Yang.” Chu Yang reluctantly revealed a smile.

“Hello… Hello… Oh my…” Ji Zhu gripped Chu Yang’s hands warmly, and shook them repeatedly, “So, this is the famous Big Brother Chu… nice to meet you…”

Chu Yang was dumbstruck. He felt something greasy and sticky in his palm…

Ji Mo was dumbfounded as he looked at his elder brother, “Elder Brother, what do I always tell you… not to be too friendly, right?”

“I don’t see why not?” Ji Zhu replied in a dismissive manner, “You are bound to become famous in the future since you’ve already become their Big Brother!”

Chu Yang remained silent, and merely bowed his head.

Ji Zhu quickly slipped back into his carriage after he had exchanged conventional greetings. The wind was strong outside. So, he must take good care of his skin… the curtains closed with a ‘snap’ sound. Chu Yang still hadn’t turned around. He could still smell the lingering stink. He looked all around, but couldn’t spot the direction from which this stink was coming. Then, he raised his hand and sniffed it. After that, he turned around and retched. His two hands were full of foot stink…

“That’s my elder brother’s habit…” Ji Mo said shamefully, “He likes to pick his feet…”

Chu Yang retched for a while… then, he raised his leg, and kicked that bastard to one side. Then, he hurriedly took out a water sack, and scrubbed his hands with all his might. He looked bitterly at that carriage and thought, [This elder brother of Ji Mo’s… is a very talented person! Ah… fu*k fu*k fu*k…!]

…. ….

Mo Clan’s backyard.

Mo Qing Wu was in her room. She hid several gold leaves in her pocket. She raised her small head to ponder. Then, she untied the bowknot from her hair, and placed it next to her bosom. She again pondered for a moment. Then, she took-off her red dress, and put on a black dress…

“Scabbard… you wait here at home ok… I will come back to pick you up when I have free time…” Mo Qing Wu pasted her small face on the tattered scabbard. Her crystal-clear teardrops rolled down…


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