Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 455 – CN

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“Let go…” Chu Yang wasn’t happy. So, he suddenly threw him to one side and asked, “What’s the matter?”

“He he…” Ji Mo released his hands from clinging around his neck. But, he then held Chu Yang’s arm in an affectionate manner. His face was filled with excitement. He obviously hadn’t recovered from the pleasant surprise of meeting Chu Yang after a long period of separation. He giggled for a while before he finally managed to recover…

“Big Brother, when did you come?”

“I’ve arrived recently… not more than four or five days ago.” Chu Yang glared at him. He felt creepy over his entire body. So, he tried to pull his arm away. [This guy is holding too tight. I can’t even pull my arm away.]

Ji Mo was still holding his arm. He led Chu Yang to walk steadily, and excitedly. His held his head high the entire way, and continued to giggle the entire way.

“You still haven’t said…” Chu Yang used the entirety of his effort, and struggled to break free. And, he eventually managed to pull his arm away. [Motherfu*ker, my skin has turned red from his grip.] “What’s this ‘snatching the wife’ thing? I heard you wish to snatch Gao Sheng’s wife? Is that true…?”

“Yes. It’s true!” It seemed as if Ji Mo had suddenly been awakened from a dream. He recalled that incident, and then jumped to the front of Chu Yang with a ‘swoosh’. He stood in a bow-legged manner, and then raised his hands and let out a strange cry, “Ahwooh… Dog Aunt! Big Brother, I’ve found my youthful spring! Waa…”

Chu Yang was left speechless. [This guy is beyond saving at this point. I can’t bear see him like this. He looks like a ‘monkey in heat’…]

“Found your youthful spring…?” Chu Yang recalled the burly, tall, and strong appearance of the valiant Huyan Aobo. And then, he looked at this skinny guy Ji Mo… Ji Mo looked like a scurrying chicken. Chu Yang compared the two in his mind, and couldn’t help but feel dizzy. He even found it hard to swallow his saliva, “That Young Miss… Huyan?”

“Right!” Ji Mo excitedly clapped his hands, and they issued a loud ‘clap’ sound. He seemed radiant with delight. Even his eyes showed that he longed for something, “Big Brother, remember that you once said that when you see your beloved girl… your heartbeats will go faster… you will even find the cold wind intoxicating… the sunshine will look brighter and beautiful… the world will become more colorful, and the flowers give more fragrance… I experienced the same things…”

Ji Mo was full of a poet’s bearing as he gasped happily, “I met her, and I finally understood that true love actually exists in this world! Love! What a sacred word it is! Ah…! My love! Ah…! My youthful spring! Ah…!”

Chu Yang had been driven beyond the limits of forbearance. He kicked that guy on his butt, and sent him flying above the clouds, “Get lost! You are making me sick!”

Ji Mo screamed as he went flying into the sky. Then, he fell flat on his face on the ground. However, he quickly got up with his saliva smeared over his face. He rushed back and complained, “Big brother! You can’t get rid of my persistent pursuit of love! That’s inhumane!”

Chu Yang looked up to the sky, and heaved a deep sigh…

“I shall persevere even if you use violence to obstruct me, and I shall still struggle for my love till the end!” Ji Mo clenched his fist, and made a solemn vow.

“Well…” Chu Yang shook his head helplessly… “That Young Miss Huyan….. what about her appearance?”

Ji Mo’s eyes suddenly lit up when he heard the words ‘Young Miss Huyan’. He began to drool as he literally roared out, “Beautiful! Very beautiful!”

In fact, his body shook vigorously with each word he spoke!

Chu Yang once again recalled her in his mind… Then, he lowered his head, and helplessly asked, “Beautiful… in what way?”

“Beautiful in every way! Just beautiful!” Ji Mo opened his eyes wide. He was breathing deeply. His two eyes narrowed as a look of fascination appeared on his face. This clearly showed that he was lost in recollection, and was yearning for that Young Miss Huyan…

“Big Brother… you don’t know…” Ji Mo narrowed his eyes as described in a dream-like tone while making gestures with his hands. He opened-up his ten fingers, made two big bowl shapes with them, and covered his chest with them, “Huge here…”

Then, he slid his hands down from his chest. His hands slowly went to his hips with a supple and graceful movement. He wriggled his waist like a snake as he wiggled from side to side, and gently caressed and fondled his buttocks, “… big and round here…”

Chu Yang looked at him with disgust. [It’s really unbelievable that this guy is making such gestures. I would’ve thrown up if it weren’t for my excellent mental strength…]

Ji Mo was still in that enchanted state, “Moreover… I feel safe when I am with her…”

Chu Yang shook his head helplessly. He retched once. Then, he turned around and walked away.

“Big Brother… Big Brother Chu… Why are you going away?” Ji Mo quickly jumped in front of him to block his path… He bitterly looked at him, “This reaction of yours is hurting my heart… a heart that’s deeply immersed in love…”

Chu Yang closed his eyes… He seemed very much at a loss as he replied, “Second Master Ji… You may not know, but I was hurt by you today…. When you first cried out loud about your love and spring…”

“I have changed!” Ji Mo resolutely raised his hand, “Changing me any further is out of the question…”

Chu Yang sighed, and walked forward. He tried to dig deeper and said, “What the hell happened? Tell me. And, you better not provoke me again, you cu*t. Be careful, or I will unite with the other brothers, and set you straight!”

“Please don’t… please don’t…” Ji Mo suddenly panicked, and followed after him. In fact, he continuously begged for mercy, “I haven’t seen you for quite a long time. So, I obviously got excited when I saw you today… And just look at me! You look at me, Big Brother! I’m at the King Level! King Level ah…” He said this, and then curled up his arms and bulged his muscles. He beamed with joy as he shot a series of coquettish glances at Chu Yang.

Chu Yang was completely helpless… [Motherfuc*er… why did I have to become sworn brothers with such a guy…? I have never met such an unvirtuous guy…]

“Explain in a decent manner!” Chu Yang was driven beyond the limits of forbearance. So, he shouted violently!

“Eh… it happened like this…” Ji Mo complied as instructed, and began to tell about his love affair.

It turned out that the Eldest Young Master Ji Zhu had fought several battles ever since Ji Mo and Ji Zhu had led their troops to the Cang Lan Battlefront. And, he had managed to occupy an advantageous position as a result. After that, he had set up the barracks, and had committed himself entirely to the sickness called ‘laziness’.

Ji Mo would see his elder brother picking his feet every day, getting drunk, and sleeping the entire time. He would get drunk even after he’d wake up. Ji Mo was totally helpless. Ji Mo was also lazy in his own merit, but he was still marginally more diligent than his elder brother… Moreover, he couldn’t stand to spend every day with his disgusting elder brother.

Therefore, he had volunteered for military service, and had intended to move out for hunting spirit beasts for the convenience of honing his martial arts.

Ji Zhu had shouted at that time, and had spoken in a drunken state… [then, you get lost at once…]

Thus, Ji Mo ‘got lost’ right away.

Second Master Ji went out alone. In fact, he made a big name in the Cang Lan Battlefront. However… he ran into the ‘Fair Sex Corps’ of Huyan Aobo’s right before he was about to hunt a sixth grade spirit beast. 

And, both sides fought endlessly to compete over the sixth grade spirit beast.

Second Master Ji got surrounded, and was attacked by hundreds of beautiful women. He lost in the end, and got captured… Ji Mo seemed quite embarrassed after he had explained until here. He then raised his face to look at Chu Yang with an ashamed smile, “Big Brother, I brought you shame. I was actually captured by a group of women. But, those women were very strong. Motherfu*ker, each of them was as tough as a man…”

“Fu*k! Keep talking!” Chu Yang’s face turned black as he twisted his brows and shouted.

“Yes, yes.” Ji Mo complied. He wiped his sweat, and then continued to talk.

The Second Master Ji got captured, and Huyan Aobo realized that this extremely lazy and naughty fellow wasn’t pleasant to the eye at all. So, she decided to teach him a lesson. Anyways, she hadn’t planned to release him from the start.

However, Second Master Ji was heroic and unbending. He continued to cuss day and night; nonstop. And, the females of the Huyan Clan had been deeply troubled by this…

Huyan Aobo looked tall and sturdy, and seemed just like a man. But, it didn’t matter what the others said about her. She was still an unmarried virgin girl, and the eldest daughter of a big clan. She was the real deal…

Therefore, her anger erupted. She burst into the place where Ji Mo was being kept hostage, and ruthlessly put him in order. However, the more Second Master Ji got hit… the more enthusiastically he cussed and roared. His entire body was covered with bruises and cuts, but his mouth hardly stopped…

Young Miss Huyan got tired of beating him up, and was left to gasp for breath. The Second Master Ji suddenly begged for mercy at this time, and put forward a condition… [I am thirsty. I won’t cuss as long as you give me enough water to drink…]

Chu Yang heard till here and smiled. [I wouldn’t give him water if it were me…]

However, Huyan Aobo felt that this guy was the Second Young Master of the mighty Ji Clan… and yet, he was feeling apologetic. She saw that Ji Mo had the tendency of admitting defeat, and she decided to give him a helping hand… So, she gave him some water to drink…

However, she hadn’t thought that Ji Mo would unexpectedly make good use of the throat that he had moistened just now, and would start to cuss even more intensely right after…

Huyan Aobo had always been proud of her wisdom and competence. She was always used it to rival those of men. But, this guy had tricked her well. She flew into a rage out of humiliation, and tortured him even more… literally to the point of death. However, Second Master Ji’s stance was as follows… [it doesn’t matter what you do to me. I will keep abusing you as long as you don’t cut off my tongue!]

[And, I will beat you up if you let me go!]

However, Huyan Aobo couldn’t dare to kill Ji Mo since he was the Second Young Master of Ji clan. So, she merely had fun beating him up to her heart’s content… However, the more she hit him… the more fiercely he cussed…

And, the two of them eventually got exhausted!

However, Huyan Aobo still didn’t let him go, but she had come to admire his toughness and unyielding attitude very much by now. [The so-called ‘pampered sons of wealthy clans’ have been pampered since childhood. But, how many of them are as tough as Ji Mo? I’ve been engaged to Gao Sheng since childhood. But, even my own fiancé didn’t dare to take responsibility, and escaped…]

These two were already tired and muddleheaded by then. So, they no longer cussed or hit each other. And then, Huyan Aobo began to tend to Ji Mo’s wounds…

Ji Mo nearly fainted from happiness. The opposite party had beaten him up for cussing, and didn’t seem to care much about him until a while ago. But, she was being good to him now… He enjoyed this treatment very much. He remained there for several days… under the kindness of this ‘beautiful’ woman… Then, that inexplicable incident finally occurred one day…

The Second Master Ji was enjoying the service of ‘Great Beauty’ Huyan that day, and couldn’t help but speak in a pleased manner, “It feels good. I will feel blessed if I get to marry you in the future. Not only will I get a beautiful companion, but I will also have a sense of security.”

He hadn’t expected that Young Miss Huyan would give this reply to his complement for some inexplicable reason, “Do you wish to have this blessing?” After that, Ji Mo had replied, “I earnestly wish for it…”

These two were startled by this. They then gave it a thought together, [Crap! This thing… is possible ah!]

Afterwards, Young Miss Huyan told him everything about her engagement with Gao Sheng. Second Master Ji heard her story, and waved his hand bravely as he said, “Fu*k that guy. Don’t you worry! I’ll deal with him! You just wait to be my wife now…”


Second Master Ji made a public appeal… and caused a mess. Furthermore, it was going to create a bigger mess…


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