Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 454 – CN

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Chu Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He threw himself onto the ground, and fiercely pounded the ground with his hands, “My mother… my father… you may be gone… but it’s still suffocating me to death… And, what’s with this thing of calling ‘Big Brother’?”

Young Master Chu was stuck in a chaotic loop of crying, laughing, and shouting to no end. He vented out his frustration for a while. Then, he eventually got exhausted. He got up, and looked at the surrounding scenery. He surprisingly felt strange, and unpleasant. In fact, he felt as if his heart was empty a split-second later.

He felt as if something was missing. However, he also felt as if he had obtained something. In short, his mood had become awfully odd!

He continued to sit there for a long time with his hands supporting his chin. He seemed in a daze. His mental state was a chaos. It seemed as if thousands of things were wandering around in his mind at the same time. But, there was no definite thought present therein…

“You are finally complete.” The Sword Spirit heaved a deep sigh in his thought, “Congratulations, the Great Lord of the Nine Tribulations Sword. Your inner demon has completely disappeared! Only some obsessions remain now…”

“I am complete?” Chu Yang reacted involuntarily in bewilderment.

“Yes. Being abandoned by your parents had always been your inner demon… You’ve never said it… but, this deep resentment has always been in your heart. You may have not noticed it, but you always got jealous each time you saw others with their parents! So basically… you were jealous of everyone!” Sword Spirit mercilessly continued, “This is also the reason why you didn’t accept Wu Qian Qian…”

“No one could’ve removed this resentment from your heart… except your parents! And, this inner demon of yours would’ve burned you to ashes if you had maintained this resentment by the time you had entered the Saint level!” Sword Spirit continued to speak in a delightful tone, “But, even I didn’t expect that the inner demon in your heart would get eliminated so early.”

“I see. Sword Spirit, tell me… was it right to not acknowledge my parents now?” Chu Yang had been troubled in his heart this entire time. [My parents have been suffering for my sake for the last 18 years! My mother has been suffering with chest pains over the past 18 years. Even 10,000 Nine Tribulations Pills can’t possibly heal that…]

Chu Yang felt sad when he thought about the misery of his parents’ life during the last 18 years.

[I am far more fortunate than my parents in this regard. And, that’s because I at least had a teacher even though I was an orphan! Moreover, I was always full of hate about this matter!]

[Being full of hate is undoubtedly far better than being full of desperation and hope… especially the one that’s driven by love.]

[My loving mother’s heart must’ve been constantly torn to shred because of experiencing these desperations and hopes for 18 years straight. Her heart must’ve and bled all the time… how can an ordinary person endure that kind of pain?]

“Right! This is absolutely right!” Sword Spirit spoke-up in a certain manner, “Don’t feel psychologically pressured because you feel like an un-filial child for not acknowledging your parents. In fact, returning to your birth clan and recognizing your ancestors would be the biggest un-filial piety on your part!”

“Filial piety… un-filial piety…” Chu Yang murmured with a vacant look in his eyes.

“You are the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword! You are the only one in the entire Nine Heavens. This means that you can’t throw away this responsibility. You may not wish to bear this responsibility, but fate will push you to it.” Sword Spirit spoke slowly, “You don’t have the ability to protect your clan at the moment. Let’s presume that you return to your birth clan and recognize your ancestors. You then eat, and peacefully wait for your death. But, someone will inevitably look up the origin of the Eldest Young Master Chu even if you don’t get involved in anything.

“At that time… everything about you will be dug out… including about you being a disciple of Beyond the Heavens Sect. And, the fact that you were originally an orphan who later took the form of King of Hell Chu, and then jumped from Martial Master Level to Sword King Level within one-and-a-half year…

“At that time, the nine ruling clans would be searching for the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master, and you will end up being the top suspect!” Sword Spirit continued, “They may not be able to determine that you are Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master. But, consider the decisive temperament of the nine super clans… they would rather kill ten thousands innocents, but they won’t miss this particular target! That’s because the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master is too big a threat to their influence… Therefore, they won’t mind destroying the so-called innocent Chu Clan.”

Sword Spirit gently continued with a sigh, “You haven’t been in touch with the nine super clans. So, you still don’t know how dreadful and huge your opponent is. I only ask you this — Diwu Qing Rou was only a person sent by one of the nine super clans… namely the Zhuge Clan. Was he not hard to deal with?”

“He was very hard to deal with!” Chu Yang nodded in acknowledgement. His mood got serious immediately-after. [Diwu Qing Rou was incredibly hard to deal with. Saying that he was just ‘hard to deal with’ is a blatant understatement.]

“So… find the fourth fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword as soon as possible.” Sword Spirit said, “You promote your strength quickly, but only after you’ve found the fourth fragment… After that, you must shield your true strength… and take each and every step very cautiously.”

Chu Yang pondered for a while. He then spoke slowly, “I want to know… what will happen if I go back to my birth clan and recognize my ancestors… and then live my life peacefully until I die… if I give up on my responsibility as the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword — what will happen in that case?”

“You can’t give up. Because… the consequences of doing that will be… the nine super clans will destroy the Chu Clan, and massacre all your clan members. That would force you set forth on the vengeful path of the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master. These are the two available roads. You must choose one,” Sword Spirit sneered and replied.

Chu Yang was stunned for a long while. Then, he fiercely spat his spittle and spoke, “Fu*k it! I will hand over the Nine Tribulations Sword if worse comes to worst! Can’t I even quit being the Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword?”

“You say that you wish to hand it over. Then, why don’t you do it at once?” Sword Spirit snorted in a ridiculing manner, “What are you waiting for? Do it if you really want to! The Chu Clan still won’t survive though. You ought to be the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword! Otherwise, your only option is to die again…”

Chu Yang was absolutely horrified at first. Then, he hung his head dejectedly, “Forget about it then. I won’t recognize my ancestors for now…”

“The key is strength…” Sword Spirit gracefully said, “You can recognize them if you have the strength. But, you hold back if you don’t have the strength… And, you will have to hold back for the time being, oh Great Sword Lord!”

Chu Yang was unable to restrain his anger. He glared at Sword Spirit and said, “I would beat the sh*t out of you if I weren’t holding back…!”

“You would beat the shit out of me… but only if you can, right?” Sword Spirit chuckled twice. He was quite distressed because Chu Yang had given away so many treasures today. How could he not take advantage of this situation to hit a person who was already down… and that too even more maliciously?

Chu Yang coldly snorted. He patted his buttocks, and stood up. Suddenly, he was in a good mood for some reason.

He paid no attention to the Sword Spirit after that, and moved forwards in big strides. In fact, he nearly floated all the way. He seemed light as a feather, and drifted away using clouds as his mount. He continued to speed to forward while singing at the top of his voice. The song was ‘The Road of Jiang Hu’!

“On this road, there’s no fear of mountains of blades and oceans of fire;

On this road, Jiang Hu has nine chances of death and one chance of life;

On this road, we laugh at all under the heavens,

On this road, go straight to the Nine Heavens without turning back.

On this road, don’t mind the heavens, but fight it;

On this road, let life escape fate!

On this road, I will hold Qing Wu’s hand and laugh at life,

On this road, I will certainly overturn the Nine Heavens!”

Chu Yang scraped past the earth like a gust of wind, and he sung loudly the entire way. He finally saw a jungle up ahead. He got excited, and proceeded inward… singing loudly on his journey…

Suddenly, someone cussed in a broken gong-like voice, “Ahwooh… Dog Aunt! Who’s this stupid cu*t that’s howling? Motherfu*ker… has disturbed Second Master Ji’s mood to take a dump. This man is courting death…”

Chu Yang was startled at first. Then, a profound and smiling expression appeared on his face. And then, he suddenly flew into a rage…

“Ahwooh… Dog Aunt! Motherfu*ker… this Second Master Ji is already depressed over the fight to snatch the wife… and here comes a punching bag… just in time…” a strange shout was heard. Then, a thin guy rushed out from the woods. He was pulling his pants with one hand, and was holding his waistband with the other. He was walking proudly with his noise pointing towards the sky. His golden saber was dragging against the ground, and had made a long trail in the middle of the road. He suddenly barked loudly, “Ahwooh… who’s that su*ker?!”

Chu Yang grunted as he slowly walked over. He put on a fake smile on his face as he said, “Oh ho, isn’t that Second Master Ji? Second Young Master Ji, you are surely tyrannical…”

“Ahwooh… Of course! It’s only natural! Second Master Ji has always been famous in the Middle Three Heavens… uh… eh?!” Ji Mo spoke disdainfully with his nose still pointed towards the sky. But, he suddenly felt something was off. He felt that this voice seemed a little familiar. He quickly opened his eyes, lowered his head to look straight ahead, and suddenly let out a scream. His feet abruptly convulsed, and jumped up from the ground. It seemed as if he had received an electric shock or something, “What the! Fu*k my mother… Why are you here?!”

“It is precisely me, why?” Chu Yang crossed his arms and sneered eerily, “Could it be that Second Master Ji has come out to investigate why I have disturbed his mood of taking a dump?”

“Oh sh*t, damn it ah…” Ji Mo’s face turned red as a melon. A myriad of juices squeezed out of his nose and eyes. He rolled his eyes. Then, he immediately wore a flattering smile on his face, and trot over with jolting buttocks…

He nodded his head and bowed. Then, he said in a flattering manner, “Oh my fu*king god… I am still thinking who can sing in such a nice and pleasant voice. It was like the voice of an angel…! A voice that’s seldom heard in the mortal world! Ah… I’m enchanted. I am truly and madly intoxicated…”

He rocked his from side to side… as if he was truly in an enchanted state. Then, he continued to flatter, “I was so shocked that I hurriedly come out to meet with this almighty being… my mind was totally blown away…!”

Ji Mo put on an expression that made it seem as if he was shocked to the extreme. His expression made it seem as if he admired Chu Yang to the extreme… it also conveyed that he had messed up to the extreme, “I was truly baffled at moment ago. Wow, it’s actually my Big Brother! My Dear Big Brother… Oh… Big Brother Chu! Your little brother really admires you. I admire you so much that I prostrate myself in admiration. My admiration for you is endless like an everlasting river…”

Then, he immediately pretended to look unhappy and continued, “But, Big Brother is too much… how can you be mysterious to such an extent? I would never have been lucky enough in my whole life to hear such a beautiful and elegant voice if I hadn’t fortunately heard you singing! Your voice is filled with vigor, and it also has a heroic feel to it…”

He then approached him rubbing his hands, and continued enthusiastically, “Big Brother… oh… I missed you so much that I thought I would die. My Dead Big Brother…” Chu Yang suddenly got goose bumps all over his body. That creepy feeling then crawled under his skin, and left him to tremble. He soon had a nauseating feeling. The muscles in his thigh convulsed as a result. He couldn’t help but lift his leg to kick maliciously…

It took time to describe, but it happened very quickly. Second Master Ji had already turned around and stuck out his buttocks with a look of flattery on his face, “Big Brother, you must cool your temper… kick here… I have wiped my ass just a moment ago… it’s very clean… he he…”

Chu Yang smiled wryly at first. Then, he put down his foot down, “Forget it, I forgive you! Motherfu*ker, this is so disgusting!”

Ji Mo cheered up. He threw himself at Chu Yang, and clung to his neck as he spoke cheerfully, “Wa ha ha ha… Big Brother, you finally came! And, that to at such a crucial time…! I am fighting to win over my wife at this critical juncture… this is indeed a timely assistance… Dog Aunt…”


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