Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 453 – CN

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Chapter 453: Your Son is Definitely Handsome, Confident and Das

The meridians throughout his body suddenly opened wide. Wave after wave of tyrannical but warm spirit energy crazily burst into his body through the pores. It seemed as if a giant magnet had formed within his body, and it was constantly attracting the spirit energy in the surroundings to gather inside his body. Moreover, the impurities in his body were violently expelled out in this moment…

Chu Fei Ling turned pale with fright. He hastily calmed his breath, and sat down cross-legged in a Daoist meditative posture. He began to strive to digest this sudden influx of great fortune. Meanwhile, he was conflicted in his heart. He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. [This little brother is very impatient. He directly stuffed something into my mouth.]

However, he also knew that this was purely an act of kindness on Chu Yang’s part. [I would have probably declined his offer if he had taken it out to give it to me. I wouldn’t have accepted such a precious gift!]

[This is an… unheard of… and the most precious treasure in the world!]

The spirit energy and medicinal efficacy surged together like a raging sea, and madly rushed towards the bottleneck of the Monarch Level.

Chu Fei Ling had tried to break this bottleneck of Monarch Level many times in the past, but he had failed. However, he suddenly felt that the impregnable bottleneck of Monarch Level had surprisingly loosened up. He didn’t get enough time to be pleasantly surprised because the raging waves dashed against the bottleneck with incredible force, and opened it wide!

Afterwards, the spirit energy rushed unhindered and unimpeded throughout the meridians like a jubilant tide that was breaking through the embankment.


[Did I just make a breakthrough? I have always yearned for this breakthrough… even in my dreams… but it came so suddenly… and I wasn’t even prepared for it?]

Chu Fei Ling opened his eyes wide. The spirit energy had started to become more and more turbulent after the breakthrough. It was surging more and more, and was becoming far more energetic than before. It flowed within his meridians at a lightning speed, and made 99 laps before it finally charged into the bottleneck of Second Grade Monarch Level!


Chu Fei Ling’s old and handsome face had turned deep red with excitement! [Isn’t this surprise simply too big?]

Even the bottleneck of the Second Grade Monarch Level couldn’t withstand the impact of that violently surging spirit energy. And, it fell apart! However, the spirit energy continued to circulate within the meridians after that as well. Meanwhile, the medicinal efficacy was crazily surging within the Dantian to form a new force…

Chu Fei Ling had been rendered speechless by the shock!

Third Grade…

Fourth Grade!

His cultivation rushed straight to the pinnacle of Fourth Grade before it came to a stop. His Dantian returned to its normal state soon after… and, it suddenly seemed as if nothing had happened…

Chu Fei Ling spat out a mouthful of impure energy, and got up. He took two steps, and shook his arms. A burst of energy gushed out from his body, and turned the layer of impurities on his body into dust. He then gave a slight jerk, and the powdered impurities fell to the ground.

Breakthrough was over! Moreover, Chu Fei Ling obviously sensed that the pill he ate this time not only made him break through, but also made him understand the meaning of several points of great dao principles. What was even stranger was… [my mental state has been promoted by an entire level!]

[It has been promoted an entire level!]

[That is to say that my original mental state used to be that of Ninth Grade Saber Emperor. However, it is that of a Ninth Grade Monarch Expert at the moment!]

[What does this mean?]

Chu Fei Ling was so excited his entire body started to tremble. [This mea

ns that… I only need to accumulate martial power. Then, I can smoothly move up to the Ninth Grade Saber Monarch level! Moreover, I won’t encounter any bottlenecks in the process!]

He turned his head to look at Chu Yang. His eyes were brimming with emotions. He suddenly bowed, raised his clasped hands, and spoke-up with the utmost sincerity, “Brother, I can’t explain what a big favor you have bestowed upon me! This Elder Brother is really… unable to put in words how grateful he feels…”

Tears glittered in Chu Fei Ling’s eyes as he said this.

[Indeed, no words can express what a great favor and act of kindness this actually is. Mere words can’t convey the great importance of this friendship ah!]

Chu Yang was shocked to watch his dad stick his butt out and bow in front of himself. His mind had been blown away by this. He quickly dodged aside and spoke in an incoherent manner, “This… what is this? What are you doing?”

Chu Fei Ling straightened up, and patted Chu Yang’s shoulder. He took a deep breath, and tried his best to suppress the emotions in his heart. Then, he spoke in a heavy tone, “You are such a nice brother!”

Chu Yang grinned with embarrassment.

“Yeah. Oh, by the way… that pill you ate just now… isn’t the gift I wanted to give.” Chu Yang reached out with his hand, and pulled out a saber and a sword from his black robe, “These… I give these to you…”

The saber was slender. It had a sharp blade that was exuding cold light. He placed them on the ground, and it went halfway into the ground. One must know that this ground was extremely hard. It had been hardened by the raging fire that had continued to burn here for millions of years! Moreover, the saber was reflecting thousands of rays of cold light under the sunlight!

The sword was tender-looking, comparatively smaller, and gracefully shaped. It was similarly inserted in the ground, and was obviously tailored for a woman.

“How can I take these…! Absolutely not!” Chu Fei Ling waved his hand again and again. In fact, he was blushing hard in anger, “I will leave if you go on like this! I won’t have the face to stay…”

He had been moved to the extreme. [This righteous little brother is too nice! But… this much enthusiasm is a bit too much, right? It looks like he’s emptying his family belongings without giving it a thought. One would rather die, but wouldn’t toss away these world-class treasures…]

[He shouldn’t be this generous even if we are sworn brothers… right?]

Chu Fei Ling also wanted to take out something as a return gift. But, he saw each of the gifts taken out by Chu Yang… and, he had a sad reminder that anything he’d take out would be shoddy and too embarrassing to show… regardless of what he’d take out…

He was too ashamed!

“Both of these aren’t for you. What are you getting anxious for?” Chu Yang rolled his eyes and said, “This saber is for you… As for the sword… the sword is for… it’s for… it’s for… for…”

He continued to utter ‘it’s for’ for a long time, but couldn’t bring himself to say that “it’s for elder sister-in-law”.

He wanted to say…”It is for my mother…” but, he was even more afraid to say that.

“It’s for… the lady…” Chu Yang’s forehead was sweating profusely.

“What? You even want to gift her something…” Chu Fei Ling gasped in admiration, “Brother, you are too thoughtful,” he spoke this, and his complexion became firm, “In that case, I can’t accept this… even more now!”

“Why? You are looking down on me?!” Chu Yang bluntly spoke-up in a rough manner, “Either you accept these or… you accept you don’t recognize me as your… don’t recognize me as your…”

Minister Chu felt like slapping his own mouth a few times. [Damn it! It’s getting too difficult to speak today! I used to have a tongue like a reed back in those days when I was a minister. No one could stand up to me when it came to a duel of words! Today, I’m unable to even speak a complete line…]

“Very well.” Chu Fei Ling was emotionally moved as he sighed. [Anyway, I’m a louse who is already under so much debt. Having a few more debts won’t kill me…]

“That’s great… Also, I don’t know whether this sword will be to the liking of… you know… what to say… yes, the lady,” Chu Yang had clearly developed the problem of stuttering.

“Why are you calling her ‘lady’!” Chu Fei Ling rebuked him, “That’s your sister-in-law!”

“Eh… uh uh…” Minister Chu was sweating profusely. He repeatedly wiped-off his sweat. His small face had already turned green…

“Brother, are you feeling hot?” Chu Fei Ling asked. He seemed concerned.

“Uh… yes, yes, it’s too hot… the weather is too hot … ha ha ha too hot…” Chu Yang was in a distress…

“Yeah. My job here is already done. I should go back now.” Chu Fei Ling looked at Chu Yang. He seemed reluctant to leave. However, his heart was set on speeding back home. After all, his old father lay sick in bed. How could he not be worried?

Besides, he couldn’t even stand in front of this little brother at the moment. Chu Fei Ling clearly felt himself to be a bit shorter in stature. [I just accepted so many gifts from him… but, I didn’t even ask about his problems…]

[It’s very strange and mysterious that I am carrying back a big pile of heavenly armaments and world-class treasure which usually aren’t even found in the Upper Three Heavens. However, I unexpectedly came across them in the Middle Three Heavens…]

” Wait a minute!” Chu Yang hastily called out to stop him. [My filial piety towards my aging mother… you didn’t take it away. Take it with you. Why are you in such a hurry?]

“Is there still something that matters?” Chu Fei Ling looked at him and asked. He was flabbergasted.

“This.” Chu Yang took out a small vial from his bosom. It was made of purple jade. There was a pill inside it. And, that pill was spinning round and round, “This is an elixir customized for the treatment of chest pains… you take it back with you. It can eliminate the illness from the root. Moreover, it can also increase the cultivation… just like the one you ate… Cough Cough, I wanted to give you a few, but I don’t have many more left with me…”

Chu Fei Ling was startled. [Another one?!]

[But this one… is actually required… After all, it is related to the health of my wife. I must accept it no matter what! But, this medicine is so precious…]

“Please tell… Madam, that… there’s no need to worry. Tell her to be relaxed in her heart. You will eventually find your son. Maybe her son is also a young hero with brilliant and outstanding bearing… cough…” Chu Yang spoke shamelessly, “Let me say that the younger generations will do just fine on their own… This might as well be a part of ups and down in his life. The key point is – the one who endures his way through these hardships becomes the top dog… I can’t say for sure when… but maybe her son will return home himself…”

“I hope so…” Chu Fei Ling heaved a deep sigh. He then said, “If only that ‘puppy’ of ours… can be half as good as you brother… Ah, I and my wife will have no regrets in our life if he can be even a fraction of what you are…”

[‘Puppy’?] Minister Chu’s mouth twitched.

“Uh, of course he will have boundless future prospects… And, I’m sure that he’s handsome, confident, and dashing. He’s a promising young talent with grace and class. Girls go crazy about him when they see him…” Young Master Chu’s face turned red as he continued to boast in a fluent manner.

Young Master Chu was constantly hypnotizing himself while was saying these words. [I am Tan Tan, I am Tan Tan…]

“Thank you very much for your auspicious words brother!” Chu Fei Ling carefully put the purple jade vial in his bosom. He held the saber in one hand, and the sword in the other. The Mysterious Yang Jade Core and two incomplete Nine Tribulations Pills were also safely kept in his bosom. So, he was fully prepared to return home from this rewarding journey…

“Wait a moment…” Chu Yang seemed wistful, “You must remember to keep these things a secret. Don’t tell anyone…”

“I know, ha ha…” Chu Fei Ling put on a clever smile, “Wouldn’t I put my brother in trouble if I told someone about this? Don’t worry. This will stay between you and me. No one will know… expect the heaven.”

“That’s great then. That’s great.” Chu Yang was relieved.

“Brother, I must go back now.” Chu Fei Ling firmly clutched Chu Yang’s hand, and shook it forcefully, “You must visit the Chu residence whenever you come to the Upper Three Heavens… do not forget. You must come and visit your elder brother…”

“Definitely, definitely!” Chu Yang nodded again and again. Hearing the terms ‘brother, elder brother’ had nearly given Chu Yang a cancer.

“One more thing… this medicine… it can shield your energy core. So, the others can’t make out your cultivation…”

Chu Fei Ling would take one step forward. Then, he’d turn his head three times to look back. He was clearly reluctant to leave. However, he finally disappeared.

Young Master Chu’s entire body suddenly collapsed, and landed butt-first on the ground…


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