Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 449 – CN

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Meanwhile, those four people were trying to tie down Chu Fei Ling with their own life! 

They would all name the same person if they were to be asked whom they hated the most – Chu Yang!

[Too detestable!]

[This despicable villain! This shameless guy! He not only killed our brothers, but he also deceived us. Moreover, he provoked us to the extent that it made us explode with rage and humiliation!]

[We will kill him for sure… even if we die doing it!]

[We won’t hesitate to kill him… no matter the cost we have to pay for it!]

This was the common wish of these five people. In fact, they felt that even their deaths at the hands of Chu Fei Ling would be worth it if they could first kill this little bastard!

The saber light came whizzing.

“You can’t block it!” Sword Spirit saw the momentum of incoming attack, and spoke in a heavy tone, “Either withdraw, or switch with me!”

Chu Yang snorted. His stance changed, and he flew backwards. A look of appreciation appeared in the eyes of the Sword Spirit. [He won’t rely on others as long as there’s a glimmer of hope! This is the mentality of a powerhouse!]

Chu Yang wouldn’t rely on the Sword Spirit as long as it wasn’t a certain-death scenario. He would only rely on himself! One can progress the most during a desperate situation… a situation when there appears a ‘life or death crisis’!

He wouldn’t progress an inch if he were to rely on the Sword Spirit during every dangerous situation! And, his journey on the road to become a future powerhouse would be greatly affected in case he was to develop even a slight ‘dependence habit’ in his nature!

Chu Yang’s body drifted backwards like a swift cloud. He was using the ‘Fleeting Snow Cloud Movement Technique’ of the Beyond the Heavens Sect at the moment. And, he was displaying it at its pinnacle!

The black-robed Old Second roared like the thunder. He clenched his teeth, and wished to blow him to pieces in his heart. He swore, [I won’t use my saber to hack him up once I catch up with him. Instead, I will pound into this guy, and blow him to smithereens. And then, I shall eat his flesh!]

The blood-curdling screams were coming nonstop from behind. This was proof that his brothers were facing a ruthless slaughter at the hands of Chu Fei Ling! The black-robed Old Second controlled himself with great difficulty, and didn’t look back. His mission was to kill the boy who stood before his eyes!



[Little brother is in danger!]

Chu Fei Ling got impatient, and let out a loud shout. Golden rays of light erupted from his body. The unleashed saber lights billowed around; layer upon layer. It seemed as if the clouds on the horizon had suddenly encountered a hurricane!

The waves of saber light were billowing and surging without rest or stop!

This was Chu Fei Ling’s supreme skill. And, he had kept it hidden for a long time. This killer saber move was known as ‘Into the Sea of Reincarnation’! It was a unique skill, and had been created by Chu Fei Ling. It was to be used as a final blow!

Even the Sword Spirit exclaimed in admiration when he saw this move!

The tumbling sea of saber light engulfed the bruised bodies of the four experts. Their screams sounded endlessly. Their bodies got drenched with blood, and ultimately got chopped into flesh lumps in midair!

The saber light surged up, and formed a dazzling snow-white line. It was so bright that it camouflaged the sunlight. It then went lasing towards Old Second like a shooting star; Old Second was wildly charging in Chu Yang’s direction at this moment!

The black-robed Old Second repeatedly roared in sorrow. He could feel the deadly pressure behind him, and he knew that his brothers had already been killed or severely wounded. However, that little bastard was slippery like a loach fish. He had only been a bit away from him on several occasions, but this cunning guy wouldn’t stay at one place; he had continually leapt around.

He let out a wild roar, and arrows of blood suddenly flew out from the pores of his body. He had used a secret technique at this juncture. This technique stimulated his own vitality, and doubled his strength in the blink of an eye. His great saber gathered-up strong winds, and formed a huge saber-like flower. And then, he launched this attack – which had an attack radius of 300 feet – towards Chu Yang!

This was also his final attack!

Chu Yang coldly snorted. He couldn’t evade this attack even if he wanted to. The long sword in his hand automatically readied itself with a ‘clang’. It was necessary to launch the Nine Tribulation Sword move as soon as possible. Being reckless would be unforgivable this time around…

Suddenly, a saber light came flying crazily with a loud whistling sound, and inserted itself between the two. A man’s figure dressed in black clothes appeared in front of Chu Yang along with the saber. He firmly stationed himself before Chu Yang like a mainstay, and blocked the incoming raging waves of energy from reaching Chu Yang!

Chu Yang suddenly felt a burst of inexplicable warmth in his heart. He felt as if this tall and straight figure in front of him would protect him no matter what… that this man would prevent any hardships from coming his way…

However, Chu Fei Ling hadn’t relaxed yet. He unleashed the entirety of his strength in order to face Old Second, while Old Second was about to crash into him with a doubly-powered saber light. He shouted, and his great saber transformed into a bluish-green barrier to protect himself and Chu Yang. After that, he flicked his wrist, and unleashed the killer saber move once again — Into the Sea of Reincarnation!

A blood-curdling scream sounded!

The black-robed Old Second was shoved upwards into the sky by the saber energy. Then, his body disintegrated in midair. It turned into bits and pieces of flesh, and blood spread everywhere!

Puff Puff Puff… several of these sounds reverberated. Chu Fei Ling’s body shook, but he still stood firm. Blood gushed out of his shoulders, chest, and thighs! This nasty last attack had managed to land some injuries onto his body…

He could’ve calmly dealt with the enemy if he hadn’t been burdened to save Chu Yang. After all, he could always have dealt with these seven people one-at-a-time, and could’ve beaten them without receiving one scratch on his body.

However, he was unable to control his own outbreak when he saw that Chu Yang was in danger!

He had no regrets!

The smell of blood slowly started to grow weaker. Chu Fei Ling turned around. He had already retracted that awe-inspiring and deadly aura into his body. He looked at Chu Yang with a kind smile, “Little brother, are you okay?”

“I… fine.” Chu Yang felt a burst of emotions in his heart, and could barely speak-up as a result. He himself found his response rather strange, [why am I feeling so emotional today?]

“You got injured?” Chu Yang looked at the terrible wounds on Chu Fei Ling’s body, and suddenly felt a sharp pain in his heart.

“No worries. These small injuries are no big deal.” Chu Fei Ling put the saber back into the sheath that was tied to his waistband. Then, he wore a plain smile on his face.

Then, he took out a medicine from his bosom. He was about to use it when he turned towards Chu Yang and spoke with a smile, “I always carry a medicine with me.”

Chu Yang dryly smiled back. Then, he suddenly had an idea and said, “Take my medicine.” He then took out an incomplete version of the Nine Tribulations Pill, and handed it over.

Chu Fei Ling gawked for a moment. He looked at Chu Yang; the youngster presently had a sincere look on his face. He couldn’t help but wear a candid smile as he replied, “Very well! I will use little brother’s medicine!”

A strong fragrance assaulted his nostrils as soon as he received the pill. He felt as if his mind had sobered up with just a sniff of this herbal fragrance. He also felt that it had aroused his spirit.

He was incredibly shocked by this. [This medicine is definitely not an ordinary one ah!]

[What’s the origin of this mysterious little brother? He’s capable of killing a Saber Emperor in spite of being on the Sword King Level. Moreover, he’s carrying such a mysterious medicine. It seems as if he has seized the fortune of the world itself.]

[This drug is a priceless treasure!]

Chu Fei Ling clutched the pill in his hand, and remembered his wife in his heart. [My dear wife has been rebuking herself since we lost our son 18 years ago. And, she has been depressed ever since. In fact, she has developed the problem of heartache over time. This medicine… using it to treat my flesh wounds would be a waste. It would be better to take it back for her, right?] 

Chu Fei Ling wore a somewhat embarrassed smile as he took the medicine and said, “Little brother, my injury is a mere flesh wound. I can apply a little external medicine that’s used to treat incised wounds, and that should be enough. However, I have some other use for your medicine… ha-ha… it’s kind of embarrassing to say this… but my poor wife has an old problem of heartache. I wish to give this medicine to her… ha-ha…”

Chu Fei Ling was very embarrassed. [The boy gave you a medicine with good intentions to help you heal. But, you wish to save it up and take it back to your wife?]

He found his own actions quite shameless as he thought along these lines…

“What’s wrong in that?” Chu Yang waved his hand, “Do you want me to give you another one?” Chu Yang generously took out one more pill, and gave it to him.

“This… this is very generous…” Chu Fei Ling stared in a stupefied manner. Very generous…? This was a wondrous healing medicine, ok? This was no sugar candy which he could pull out on a whim.

Chu Yang waved his hand, and replied as if this was no big deal, “That’s only two medicine pills, okay? Don’t worry… I have enough for myself.”

To be honest… it wasn’t a big deal for him. He had two kinds of nine great herbal medicines in his possession. So, he could make as many incomplete versions of the Nine Tribulations Pills as he wanted.

“Thank you very much.” Chu Fei Ling earnestly expressed his gratitude. [A medicine of this grade is something even the super clans of the Upper Three Heavens may have never seen in their lives. What if it’s the drug I am looking for?]

Chu Fei Ling thought of this, and couldn’t bring himself to eat it. He carefully put the pills in his pocket. Then, he applied his own medicine on his wound. [I don’t wish to eat it. My old father is injured and sick in bed… his body would need nourishment at some point of time.] However, he couldn’t say this because the opposite party had already given him two pills. That was equivalent to two huge favors! In fact, Chu Fei Ling would’ve been too embarrassment to accept another one even if Chu Yang was willing to give…

[Moreover, he’s the one who saved me today. This is equivalent to me owing my life to him for saving my life…]

Chu Yang had been rendered speechless. [This person is really something… I gave you two pills, and you didn’t even eat one?]

Chu Fei Ling smiled in an awkward manner. He was feeling very embarrassed. His old handsome face had also turned somewhat red. [Cough Cough, my conduct may have been a little strange of late… ]

[However, I think that this waste of time was totally worth it… The Ye Clan’s assassins are dead. So, I have nothing to fear in the Middle Three Heavens. And, these injuries… will quickly get restored anyway…]

Chu Fei Ling tidied-up himself, and got ready. His wounds had been bandaged-up. He then gazed at Chu Yang with a stupefied expression on his face. The youngster didn’t seem to mind getting dirty in the visceral fluids and blood of the nine Emperor Level experts. He was rummaging through the bits and pieces of their flesh. He was in-line with the ‘waste nothing’ policy. It needed to be mentioned that these were the remains of Emperor Level Experts. And, such experts were bound to have treasures on their bodies. He obviously found more than a dozen chunks of purple jade…

Chu Yang was somewhat satisfied by this. He had found many elixirs… So, it could be said that the losses had been reimbursed big-time. After all, the Emperor Level Expert wouldn’t possibly keep ordinary elixirs on their bodies.

The two talented individuals proceeded with their journey… and the topic of their conversation on the road couldn’t be more obvious…

“Um… Big… Brother Chu, there ought be some important matter that has brought you to the Middle Three Heavens, right? Otherwise, so many people wouldn’t have been driven to chase and assassinate you. I wonder what that matter is…” Chu Yang called him ‘Big Brother Chu’ by mistake. Then, he suddenly felt very awkward in his heart, and scolded himself, [Motherfu*ker, why are you calling him Big Brother Chu? Why can’t you say Uncle Chu? Fu*k!]

“It’s a small matter.” Chu Fei Ling’s countenance turned serious. He heaved a deep sigh and replied, “My father is injured. I need to find an elixir. Then, I can go back… wait!” He had spoken until here when he suddenly patted his own forehead, and realized something. He abruptly broke into laughter and said, “I’m such a muddle-head. We have been together for so long. And, I’ve even received favors from little brother time and again. But, I completely forgot to ask one question… Little brother, what’s your name?”

“Ha-ha…” Chu Yang’s thought about many things at a lightning speed. Then, he finally replied with a smile, “What a coincidence… we are of the same clan. I’m also surnamed Chu. My name is Chu Yang!”

“You are also surnamed Chu…” Chu Fei Ling was startled.


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