Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 446 – CN

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Ye Ran Mo put on an uncanny smile and said, “Brother Chu, don’t waste your time and effort. You think that little King Level Expert can escape the pursuit of an Emperor Level Expert? Brother Chu, I’ve never seen you so panicked in all these years… don’t tell that this kid is someone very important to you?”

Chu Fei Ling thundered, “Shut your trap!”

However, he had some mixed feelings in his heart, [how many years? How many years have passed since my anger has erupted like this? I remember the last time I was this furious… it was when my son had gone missing…]

He thought of this, and couldn’t help but have a burst of intense pain in his heart.

[I won’t be able to see my son even if he comes back looking for me if I end up dying here.]

“Ha ha ha… Brother Chu, I heard you lost your son. Don’t tell it’s this kid… ha ha ha… I must say that he looks a lot like you. Brothers, who could’ve thought that we would come to assassinate Boss Chu, and also get to kill his only son…? He will now die without an heir…” Ye Ran Mo laughed wildly.

“Ha ha ha…” the other seven people also burst into laughter.

“Nonsense! I don’t have any connection with that little brother!” Chu Fei Ling replied furiously, “Ye Ran Mo, don’t treat the innocent unjustly!”

“There’s no relation?” Ye Ran Mo wore a naughty smile and asserted, “If he’s innocent… if he’s not your son… then what’s making you so anxious?”

Chu Fei ling furiously snorted, and the saber light suddenly flashed. The forest-green saber beams started to strike in a continuous manner. Ye Ran Mo lifted his saber to parry the attacks. The two sabers clashed with a loud boom. And, the sparks splattered everywhere!

Ye Ran Mo’s body suddenly dodged in a flash. A surprised look appeared on his face. He could feel that Chu Fei Ling’s cultivation was far above his own!

He hadn’t yet recovered from the shock when a saber hacked towards him. Ye Ran Mo again used his saber to block the attack, and drew back one step. However, the third saber strike had already arrived before him! Chu Fei Ling’s complexion looked dark green under the shine of the saber light. His face was densely covered with killing intention! He was giving-off a very strong murderous aura!

The hatred for Ye Ran Mo in Chu Fei Ling’s heart was simply immeasurable at this moment! [I must chop this sly bastard with my saber; no matter what!]

Ye Ran Mo withstood nine saber attacks in succession. His complexion had turned deathly pale. He shouted loudly, “Let’s fight together!” He needn’t say that since the other seven people had already pitched-in. They then started to launch attacks one after another. A loud shout sounded from a distant place at this time!

It was Chu Yang’s voice.

“Wa ha ha… already caught up!” Ye Ran Mo exclaimed with a sinister smile. Blood had started to drip from the corners of his mouth.

Chu Fei Ling was burning with impatience. He slashed his saber a thousand times in a row, and the unleashed saber light then clustered together to form a ‘saber light screen’. Then, an odd humming sound was heard. The man and his saber had turned into a radiant beam of light that could destroy the hardest of defenses. This beam of light then rushed forward to collide with the tight encirclement. A black-clothed man screamed, and his tall and burly body was sent spinning out in the sky. This man’s body spilled-out rings of blood with each spin.

However, Chu Fei Ling paid the price for this maneuver as well. He let out a painful groan as he got slashed in the back with a saber, and blood gushed out!

However, it seemed as if Chu Fei Ling hadn’t felt anything. The man and saber united with a loud sound. Then, he shouted loudly, and madly dashed towards the distant location from where Chu Yang’s shout had come!

“Chase!” Ye Ran Mo bellowed in a resolute manner, “I would rather die, but I will ensure this Chu Fei Ling doesn’t escape from here! He will sooner or later become a trusted aide of our Ye Clan if we allowed him to go back! I would be in big trouble if that happens!”

He had spoken these words, and not without reason. Chu Fei Ling was 20 years younger than him. So, he had previously thought that Chu Fei Ling should at most be as strong as he was. Moreover, the message he had obtained from the Chu Clan only relayed that Chu Fei Ling was a Fifth Grade Martial Emperor!

However, he had now found out that the hearsay and reality were poles apart!

[Chu Fei Ling is significantly stronger than me! He should at least be a Seventh-Eight Grade Saber Emperor.]

[To think that Chu Fei Ling has been hiding his real strength for so many years… a person with such a strong willpower is extremely frightening!]

[Wouldn’t I get in big trouble if I allowed such a person to live and grow…? Especially if he becomes a trusted aide of my clan…? Especially when I have turned him into a mortal enemy today…?]

Ye Ran Mo thought of this, and cussed in his heart, [Chu Fei Long… ah Chu Fei Long! How dare you trick me, you motherfu*ker! You had mentioned the whereabouts of your brother and the other intelligence in that message that you had provided… but you had mentioned that your elder brother is only a Fifth Grade Martial Emperor!]

[Fifth Grade Martial Emperor my a*s! I trusted your information. Even so, I personally brought 8 Third Grade Saber Emperors along with me on this assassination mission… just to be on the safe side! However, I hadn’t anticipated that your elder brother would turn out to be a scary Saber Emperor of Eight-Ninth Grade ah!]

[You’ve tricked me to death you know! This ‘Fifth Grade Martial Emperor’ brother of yours has struck my chest. The unbearable pain is killing me. Motherfu*ker, my internal organs have been injured as well… and it’s all because of you!]

Ye Ran Mo was left to pray in his heart, [Old Ninth! My dear Old Ninth! You must hurry and get rid of that little bastard as quickly as possible. Then, rush back here so that we can kill this Chu Fei Ling together! Otherwise, I would be in big trouble…]

….. …..

Chu Yang had let out a loud shout shortly after he had sensed turbulence in the air behind him. He looked back, and saw a black-clothed man catching up like the wind itself. He was approaching at an incredibly high speed.

“Holy crap!” Chu Yang cried out, and then turned to escape. In fact, he scurried all over the place as he did that.

The black-clothed Old Ninth looked at Chu Yang running away in panic, and a cruel smile spread on his face… as if he was a cat chasing a mouse. He accelerated and pounced forward violently to get closer and closer. It could be assumed that this was a very easy task for him!

However, something unexpected happened when he was only 50 feet behind Chu Yang. Chu Yang – who was fleeing in panic – suddenly turned around, and looked at the black-clothed Old Ninth. A smiling expression appeared in his eyes as he looked at this lone pursuer — a man who seemed weak, and whose body was still recovering. In fact, it was almost as if he had come up with a bizarre plot…

“Little bastard! You think you can escape?” Old Ninth burst into loud laughter. He shook his head, and seemed quite pleased with himself.

“Are you going to kill me?” Chu Yang seemed as if he had lost his head out of fear. He was falling back step by step. In fact, he tripped over a stone, and nearly fell down. He jumped in haste to gain his balance, and then looked at Old Ninth. He pretended to be calm and composed. However, an alarmed look was still flashing in his eyes.

“How can I not kill you? You little bastard, you are the reason why I got injured. I won’t feel satisfied if I don’t kill you…!” The black-clothed Old Ninth calmly crossed his hands behind his back with the style of a true expert. However, he was controlling his breathing to recover his vitality in reality.

That fight with Chu Fei Ling a while ago was very dangerous! He had only made a small mistake, and his belly had been cut open. In fact, the wound on his belly was still bleeding.

[The Boss gave me the opportunity to harmonize my breathing and recover. How can I let it go to waste?]

[Besides, this little guy is too vulnerable. I had thought that it would be quite difficult to catch him. I didn’t expect that I’d catch him so soon. He’s just a rookie!]

[Dealing with a rookie like him is a child’s play for me. It’s as easy as lifting a finger! It isn’t necessary to make a big fuss over such a minor matter.]

“Please don’t kill me, ok?” Chu Yang pleaded in a delicate and pitiful voice, “I will give you that thing if you promise that you won’t kill me…”

“Right! What’s that thing? Take it out quickly!” the black-clothed Old Ninth got excited as he growled in a low voice. [Chu Fei Ling must’ve given this kid an elixir. That can perhaps treat my wound. Damn, I’m so lucky ah!]

“That thing… That thing…” Chu Yang traced the left side of his body… then the right side. An anxious look appeared on his face, “Where is it… Where is it? Where did it go…”

“Are you kidding me?” the black-clothed Old Ninth took a step forward and thundered loudly.

“I…” Chu Yang grew even more anxious, “I wouldn’t dare to trick you…”

“Then why haven’t you taken it out yet?” The black-clothed Old Ninth snorted.

“Found it!” Chu Yang let out a cry of joy.

“Where is it?”

“Here!” Chu Yang extended his right hand with a flattering look on his face. He seemed to be clutching something in the hollow of his palm. However, he seemed unwilling to part with it.

“Give it!” The black-clothed Old Ninth reached out to grab it.

“Here, take your grandmother!” Chu Yang suddenly shouted loudly!

The black-clothed Old Ninth was taken aback when he suddenly got cussed at. He was about to fly into a rage, but saw that there was nothing in Chu Yang’s palm. However, this empty palm suddenly shone brightly, and a long sword appeared in it. Bone-chilling cold sword energy gushed forth like a raging dragon, and madly surged towards the black-clothed Old Ninth.

The black-clothed Old Ninth wouldn’t have expected that a King Level small fry would dare to start a fight with a Third Grade Emperor Level Expert like himself… So, he had held out his hand with a self-satisfied look on his face. However, he had been caught off-guard because the sword light had already arrived very close to his body!

The black-clothed Old Ninth roared in anger. The upper part of his body leaned back as he flew backwards to withdraw. He only felt a cold sensation in his chest. A ‘Shua’ sound was heard as the sword slashed fiercely in front of his chest. The sword didn’t pierce his chest because he had drawn back quickly. Instead, it entered his body a bit lower from the chest; it bore its way into his abdomen, and opened a large hole there!

His pink intestines began to spill out from the deepest parts of his wound…

[This sword is far more deadly than Chu Fei Ling’s saber!]

There was hatred and anger in the eyes of black-clothed Old Ninth. He then looked at Chu Yang in disbelief. [That weapon in his right hand… what kind of a heavenly weapon is it? To think that even a lowly King Level Expert nearly killed an Emperor Level Expert like myself with it…!]

He felt a burst of uncontrollable rage inside!

[This is disgraceful! I am ashamed!]

[I have been tricked by a trivial King Level Expert… This is the biggest joke in the entire Nine Heavens.]

However, he couldn’t get enough time to get angry since he saw that this kid wasn’t done yet, and was giving him an ice-cold look. Then, the kid united with the sword, and transformed into a spectacular dragon. He then rushed straight towards him!

He softy recited in a low and deep voice at the same time — “What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world?!”

His voice wasn’t loud. But, it entered the deepest part of Old Ninth’s heart, and fiercely wedged itself there!

Black-clothed Old Ninth’s heart shook frantically! [What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world? What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world? Is this not… Is this not… the sword move mentioned in the legends…]

This thought shook him to his core, and he lost his ability to respond! [This sword move has existed only in the legends, and it’s actually going to come upon… myself?]

[In other words, this sword is…]

The sword light had arrived near his body. He got frightened. His eyes opened wide in alarm. He covered his belly with one hand to stop his intestines from falling out. And, he brandished his saber with his other hand to parry the incoming sword attack. He simultaneously fell back with everything he had!

However, Chu Yang’s sword move ‘what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’ had a range of a total of 500 feet at his current level! In other words, this sword attack had the power to destroy any defense within a range of 500 feet!

And, such a move had been unleashed from only 30 feet away. So, falling back wasn’t going to save him from this attack.

The long sword collided with the great saber. Old Ninth was already in a seriously injured state. How could he possibly resist the sharpest sword in the entire world – The Nine Tribulations Sword?

A loud ‘clang’ sound echoed!

The great saber in Old Ninth’s hand had snapped into two. And, his saber-wielding right hand got swallowed by Chu Yang’s sword light amidst his screams! His flesh and blood flew in all directions. The intense sword light crushed his entire arm in a gradual manner — starting from his palm. His flesh and blood departed his arm… until only the bone was left. Then, the bone got crushed… inch by inch!


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