Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 444 – CN

Night Mode

“All of them are Emperor Level Experts?” Chu Yang quivered as he looked at those eight people in block clothes. He felt a cold sensation in the back of his head as he thought, [Crap! When did Emperor Level Expert begin to gather together in the Middle Three Heavens?]

A loud whistling sound was heard as those eight people moved to either side, and made way in the middle. Then, a masked man in black clothes came floating in the wind from there. His feet didn’t seem to touch the ground as he leisurely came out of that group of 8 people, and stood at the front with his hands crossed behind his back. Then, he confidently took a few steps forwards. He casually stroked his sleeves. This action issued a metal clanging sound. He smiled mildly and asked, “Brother Chu, do you recognize me?”

His voice was rather elegant; like a spring gently flowing down the mountain.

Chu Yang saw him, and the corners of his mouth twitched, [this guy is acting like an ultimate pretentious prick! Every action and movement of his’ seems artificial. But, it seems he has already reached great heights in martial arts!]

[You have your face covered with a mask, and you still ask such a question —‘Do you recognize me?’]

Chu Yang genuinely felt like saying… [You Motherfu*ker! First remove your mask. Then, he will recognize you!]

A serious look appeared on Chu Fei Ling’s face. He sighed and said, “Brother Ye, right?”

The masked man in black burst into a cold laughter, “Ha ha ha ha, Brother Chu is worthy of his name. He he he he, I expected you to be rather shocked by this development…”

Chu Fei Ling took a deep breath. A mysterious light flickered in his eyes as he said, “Indeed… I am shocked. Very shocked…!” His complexion turned serious as he looked at that black masked man and said, “Brother Ye, your clan has great power and influence. It rules over the nine heavens. It controls the Upper Three Heavens. It’s unquestionably the strongest clan in the world! I have always revered your clan, and I’ve never been disrespectful. But, why has Brother Ye come here this day?”

‘Brother Ye’ merely chuckled and replied, “Brother Chu doesn’t even know why I’ve come here?”

Chu Fei Ling sighed and said, “I genuinely don’t know what I did to make an enemy out of the Ye Clan! Brother Ye, why did you bother to come here in such chaotic times? Why bother to come here to make things difficult for me?”

Chu Yang was watching from the sidelines. He had a cold feeling in his heart, [so, these nine masked men in black clothes are from the number one clan of the Upper Three Heavens – the Ye Clan?] He thought of this, and couldn’t help but recall that hidden sorrow he had always seen in the calm and tranquil eyes of Meng Chao Ran. And, a name shockingly surfaced in his mind — Ye Chu Chen! 

[Don’t tell me that these people are from the Ye Clan… like Ye Chu Chen?]

“This man is a Sixth Grade Emperor Level Expert!” Sword Spirit’s voice sounded in Chu Yang’s mind, “The other eight are Third Grade Emperor Level Experts! They’ve come together to form the ‘Serene Night Nine Masters Array Formation’ of the Ye Clan! This array formation is incredibly powerful, and very difficult to deal with!”

“Serene Night Nine Masters Array…?” Chu Yang frowned and asked, “Is it really that difficult to deal with?”

“It’s a powerful array formation that was taught to the Ye Clan by the previous Master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!” Sword Spirit replied in a serious manner, “Nine First Grade Emperor Level Experts can together form a deadly array formation, and this formation can trap… and even kill a Monarch Level Expert! And, you ask if it’s difficult to deal with?”

“Fu*k!” Chu Yang suddenly had a toothache from all the clenching, [doesn’t this mean that we are in big trouble?]

The black-clothed masked man —‘Brother Ye’— laughed wildly. His voice sounded like that of an owl, “You don’t wish to be enemies with my Ye Clan? Ha ha ha… who do you think you are? Do you think you deserve to be an enemy… of my Ye Clan?”

Chu Fei Ling sighed. The calm look returned to his face. He gently loosened the scabbard on his waist, and put his right hand on the sword’s hilt as he solemnly spoke, “Does Brother Ye intend to clash with me by putting our lives on the line?”

“Ha ha ha… Brother Chu, you are completely mistaken about one thing!” Brother Ye put on a strange smile as he replied.

“What’s that?”

“You see, I don’t need to put my life on the line to clash with you! You will die without a doubt!” Brother Ye laughed wildly.

Chu Fei Ling was silent for a long while. He then replied, “I’m afraid you won’t be able to achieve that at your current level, Ye Ran Mo!”

The black-clothed man — Ye Ran Mo — spoke with a smile, “Correct. Our strengths are almost at the same level. However, I have my 8 brothers with me. And, we will gang up on you… do you still think that you have any hope of survival?”

Chu Fei Ling smiled insipidly, “There’s still a little hope. But, you will have to attack me to find out. However, I have a small request!”

“What request?”

Chu Fei Ling pointed his finger at Chu Yang and spoke, “There may be some misgivings between you and me. But, this boy is innocent. You let him go. We can then have a fight to the death!”

Chu Yang’s body shook a little. He could feel a genuine sense of concern and care in these words. Even his heart was greatly moved by this.

“Ha-ha, I would certainly let him go if he were an ordinary boy. However, now…” Ye Ran Mo smiled and continued in a sinister tone, “He has been together with Brother Chu for quite some time. I don’t know… but it’s possible that you may have given him something. And, in case I overlook something vital… that could become a big problem for me later.”

His shrugged his shoulders, and said in an artificial sounding regretful tone, “Brother Chu, please forgive me, but I must get rid of the source of any future trouble.”

Chu Fei Ling got furious and shouted, “Ye Ran Mo! Your Ye Clan meddling with my clan’s affairs is already an outrage! And, now you wish to kill an innocent person. Will you disregard the ten-thousand years of prestige of your Ye Clan?”

“Innocent? Ha ha… he’s not innocent if he’s with you!” Ye Ran Mo coldly snorted and waved his hand. The eight men separated, and formed a big circle!

Ye Ran Mo laughed out loud, and took a step back. The auras of these nine people suddenly merged, and formed an impregnable screen. It seemed as if this screen had been made with their souls! Chu Yang and Chu Fei Ling were in the middle of this encirclement…

Chu Fei Ling heaved a deep sigh. He was extremely angry in his heart!

[I never thought that Second Brother would seek help from the Ye Clan to deal with me!]

He also had a feeling of deep regret in his heart, [why would I bring this youngster here if I had known that the enemy would be waiting for me in the Raging Fire Mountain Range? It looks like this young expert with boundless prospects is going to suffer because of me. An innocent bystander will lose his life because of me!] 

“Little brother, forgive me for getting you into this mess!” Chu Fei Ling spoke-up. He was visibly feeling guilty. He then suddenly raised his eyes and whispered, “The fight will start soon. You just wait, and don’t move. You use all your strength to dash out as soon as I create an opening.”

His voice was low and deep, “Don’t look back after you get out of the encirclement, and get away from here at the fastest speed. I’ll keep them pinned down so that they don’t catch you!”

Chu Yang turned around, flashed him a faint smile, and said, “I’ll keep that in mind.”

Chu Fei Ling nodded his head in a gratified manner.

A sandstorm arose right at that time!

Those nine people suddenly began to circle round and round. Chu Fei Ling and Chu Yang rapidly rushed up. The nine figures then transformed into nine sets of cold breezes in a flash! Loud whooshing sounds reverberated, and the entire sky seemed as if it had turned black!

The power of the nine Emperor Level Experts formed a barrier in the sky over the battlefield!

They had blocked the escape route of these two!

Then, a tornado of energy slowly began to move closer toward the center.

A lightning suddenly appeared out of nowhere; it was as bright as snow. It was actually a saber light, but it had seemed like a bolt of white silk!

Chu Fei Ling shouted loudly, and slashed down his long sword. The clanging sounds were heard multiple times in a flash. Chu Fei Ling’s sword and that saber light had collided god knows how many times in the blink of an eye!

A loud sound of someone’s stuffy snorting transmitted outwards from the strong winds.

A bunch of lightening-strike-like saber lights simultaneously went towards those two to strike them down immediately-after! The self-satisfied laughter of Ye Ran Mo resounded in the midst of this intensive offensive, “Brother Chu, I have always admired you! But, the time has come to take your head”

Chu Fei Ling’s body had turned into blue smoke. He was unceasingly maneuvering around Chu Yang, and was blocking all the attacks!

He did hear the comment that was made on him, but didn’t reply. He was focused entirely on blocking the attacks.

The sound of the attacks grew more and more shrill, and resounded through the world. The attacks unleashed by those nine people were getting more and more concentrated, and crazy!

Chu Yang was actually unable to see any person figure. He couldn’t even see Chu Fei Ling’s figure. He could only see black smoke lingering around him; as if he was in hell. However, there was a bluish-green screen by his side, and that put his mind at ease. It was protecting him at all times by blockings the attacks that came his way.

Chu Yang suddenly had a strange feeling of certainty in his heart, [The sky may fall, but nothing will happen to me as long as this blue shade is by my side!]

Chu Yang finally realized the true extent of the might of genuine Emperor Level Experts! He couldn’t even see their attacks in a clear manner. How many moves could he deal with if he were to face them on his own…?

“This is the power of the array formation!” Sword Spirit said slowly, “However, this guy has nearly been compelled to reveal his true strength!”

“Oh?” Chu Yang closed his eyes, and sensed with his divine sense.

“Brother Chu’s cultivation is truly amazing! But, how many attacks can you block with that sword of yours? For how long will your defense last?” Ye Ran Mo laughed wildly as he spoke in his usual sinister voice. The saber lights grew more and more intensive thereafter.

Even the collision sounds grew more intense, and started to issue continually!

Suddenly, a loud explosive sound was heard. Chu Fei Ling let out a loud shout. The sword light turned into a cold star, and went towards those lightning-like saber lights.

“Let’s see who’s better!” the nine people spoke out loud in unison. A loud bang was heard, and the scene suddenly became silent!

Chu Fei Ling’s black clothes were fluttering in the wind. He stood still on the spot. The bodies of those nine people also got revealed. They were standing along the big circle. There was a bright look in everyone’s eyes as they watched Chu Fei Ling.

Only a section of the sword remained in Chu Fei Ling’s hands. It was riddled with scars, and was chipped all over. It looked like saw-tooth at this time! His sword had been broken!

“Brother Chu, you are a Fifth Grade Emperor Level Expert. I didn’t expect you to withstand the first wave of attacks! This was beyond my expectations!” Ye Ran Mo spoke with a bewildered smile on his face.

“A lot of things are beyond your expectations.” Chu Fei Ling stood motionless in the encirclement as he said, “Ye Ran Mo, you will soon find out that there are many more unexpected things that you are completely oblivious about!”

Meanwhile, Chu Yang was rather joyful in his heart, [Fifth Grade Emperor? It seems that this Ye Ran Mo guy thinks that his Brother Chu is just a Fifth Grade Emperor Level Expert! He doesn’t know his target’s true strength… ]

[This is getting interesting ah.]

Chu Yang was also wondering, [what can I do to help? My cultivation isn’t enough to be a part of this level of battle! The strength of this black-clothed mysterious man is incredible. And, his real strength is beyond the enemy’s expectations. But, the Serene Night Nine Masters array isn’t to be taken lightly. He will be exhausted to death in this trap with the passage of time!] 

Chu Yang’s eyes were glittery. He was lost in deep thought.

“Oh, is that so? But, it’s such a pity… Brother Chu. Your sword has broken!” Ye Ran Mo chuckled and said, “Could it be that Brother Chu still wishes to resist like a stubborn fool who’s been cornered?”

“The sword broke, but the person still hasn’t!” Chu Fei Ling replied solemnly, “And, this person may break at some point. But, you will be the one to break first, Ye Ran Mo!”


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