Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 440 – CN

Night Mode

“Do you know? That Young Master Ji Mo had said some heroic words at that scene. He had appeared imposing and impressive when he had spoken, ‘It’s rare to find a close friend in this life; especially a young and beautiful female friend. And, it’s even rarer to fall in love with this close female friend! I — Ji Mo — have found my youth, my sweetheart, my soul-mate! I must fight to the very end for my love! That Gao Sheng is a fiend. But, I must rescue my princess from the hands of that fiend!”

That man had narrated this entire scene in an animated manner by changing the cadence of his voice. And, the way he had used the tone of admiration and reverence while narrating Ji Mo’s love declaration… left Chu Yang to collapse on the spot.

This man had a somewhat shrill and raucous voice. So, when he was imitating the various deviations in Ji Mo’s speech… Chu Yang had instead heard…‘It’s rare to find a close ‘chicken’ in this life; especially a young and beautiful female chicken’…

He couldn’t help but choke-up when he realized that he had misheard; moreover, it had taken him a while to realize it.

[What a colorful life this is ah.] Chu Yang was somewhat envious.

Chu Yang wasn’t surprised that Dong Wu Shang and Gu Du Xing had broken through to the King level. However, he was very surprised to find out that Luo Ke Di and Ji Mo had become King level experts as well.

However, he got no news about the three people he wanted to hear about the most — Mo Qing Wu, Meng Chao Ran, and Tan Tan!

The lanterns had already been lit by the time this entire ‘news gathering stunt’ ended. A huge influx of information had flooded Chu Yang’s brain. His brain was temporarily in such a state that it seemed as if it had been abruptly filled to the brim. In fact, his mind had gone blank for a moment. He couldn’t make-up his mind as to where to start from.

[No matter what I think of doing now… it seems somewhat rash. My brothers aren’t currently dependent on my assistance. Each of them has risen to fame, and is growing prosperous. I’m trying to forcefully promote them by using the resources of the Nine Tribulations Sword. But, that’s not good for their future. Moreover, these people might imperceptibly develop a psychological dependence as long as I am around. And, that’s very detrimental for their long-term growth!]

This dependent psychology had even affected Gu Du Xing. That aloof guy had discovered that he had grown dependent on Chu Yang on his own. So, he had resolutely returned to the Middle Three Heavens. Furthermore, he had made the choice to cast aside the conflicting notion of ‘debt of gratitude coupled with duty to avenge’ which he had held towards the Gu brothers. This had allowed his heart to remain solitary… like always.

As for Mo Qing Wu… [what kind of attitude does the Mo Clan has towards her? What are they planning to do? What are they thinking?] Chu Yang needed to investigate all of this.

Chu Yang knew that he would get eaten alive by those old foxes of the Mo Clan if he tried to act rashly. But, there would be a big purge after Mo Tian Ji took control of the Mo Clan. In fact, a paradigm shift would occur at that time. And, Chu Yang knew that he needed to be wary of these greedy and cunning people who were currently predominant in the Mo Clan until that time came.

After all, Mo Qing Wu was still a member of the Mo Clan. So, he must plan carefully with this point in mind.

[The Middle Three Heavens is in a chaotic mess. Where should I start from?]

Chu Yang was wining and dining whilst lost in thought. He was trying to find his way out of this tangled mess. He specially bought many dry beef rations after he was done with his meal. Then, he found an opportunity when no one was looking, and put the rations in the Nine Tribulations Space. He leisurely went downstairs after that, and walked out.

It was already dark outside. And, there was no lack of safe lodging places here. However, he unexpectedly didn’t wish to stay here.

He chose the mountain forest instead!

The spirit energy was at its peak in the mountain forest during the night time. Hence, this was the most suitable time and place for cultivation. On the contrary, it was obviously somewhat noisy inside the inn. Moreover, the atmosphere there was morbidly polluted with the four cardinal vices – wine, s*x, avarice, and temper…

Chu Yang didn’t want to waste his precious cultivation time.

He had just come out of the restaurant when he discovered that someone was tailing him. Chu Yang curled his lip and sneered. He swaggered away from the intersection, and confidently walked along the main road.

Rustle Rustle Rustle… suddenly, the sound of fluttering sleeves reverberated along with an eccentric voice, “Hey, you over there! God of Wealth! Where are you going? Please don’t go ha ha ha…”

Chu Yang halted his footsteps. He was then surrounded by 7 or 8 people in the blink of an eye. These people were led by the two individuals whom Chu Yang had driven out of the restaurant earlier in the day.

“Boy, you seem to have a lot of gold. You are quite extravagant ah.” A slim guy looked at Chu Yang with a sinister expression in his eyes, “You’ve dared to mess with us brothers. You seem like you’re quite eager to die!”

Chu Yang gave him a cold glance, “Cut the crap. What do you want? Say it at once. This Young Master’s time is precious. I don’t have time for your pointless chit-chat.”

The crowd separated at this time, and a big guy came out, “Young Master? Ha-ha, a Young Master dares to be so rude and unreasonable in front of my Black Devil Clan. Which Middle Three Heavens’ clan do you come from?”

Chu Yang’s pupils contracted as he slowly asked, “A King Level Expert?”

That big fellow coldly snorted. His imposing aura made him seem like insufferably arrogant person. He shouted, “What’s wrong? Are you scared? Boy, hand over your belongings. Then, grovel before me, and beg for mercy. I might leave your corpse intact if you do that!”

His body shook a little, and released a sharp and eerie aura that filled the air. His dense aura began to condense, and slowly formed a crown above his head.

“You’re planning to kill me, aren’t you?” Chu Yang asked in a modest manner.

“Why? Do you wish to live?” The King Level Expert of the Black Devil Clan was clearly at the Second Grade of King Level. So, he was obviously giving some ridiculing looks to the youngster who stood in front of him. The boy before him was already in his grasp as far as he was concerned. So, why not tease him a little and have some fun?

“That’s good.” Chu Yang smiled a little, “I was worrying… that there’s no reason to kill you guys.” He raised his head, “It takes a lot of time and effort for parents to raise their children. It’s not an easy task, you know. So, I first look for a valid reason every time I am about to kill someone! Congratulations to you guys… for giving me a reason to kill.”

The big guy looked at Chu Yang with calm eyes. However, a strong chill arose in his heart out of nowhere. He couldn’t help but have a feeling of regret for the first time ever, [this guy seems very uncanny. He doesn’t seem like some ordinary and easy target.]

[I should’ve investigated before messing with him.]

However, it was already too late for him to repent because Chu Yang had moved into action.

His hands moved, and unleashed a killer move!

“One Ray of Cold Light…” Chu Yang let out a long drawn-out chant as he unsheathed his sword with a loud ‘clang’. The look in his eyes instantly became sharper than the sword light, “…Pierces Ten Thousand Fathoms!”

A loud ‘bang’ was heard as the sword light spread around. It carried a fierce and murderous intention, and exploded like gorgeous firework in this dark and gloomy nighttime sky.

That swift and fierce aura specific to a swordsman suddenly filled the air!

That King Level Expert was shocked. His eyeballs nearly popped out as he exclaimed, “Sword King!”

He was frightened out of his wits. He drew his saber in defense as he rapidly stepped back. He knew this clearly that his opponent was a Sword King. His opponent was only a First Grade Sword King, but he knew that an ordinary Second Grade King Level Expert like himself didn’t stand a chance!

He was so overwhelmed with fear that he had even forgotten about his regret. And, only one word was revolving in his mind —‘Escape’!

The sword light flashed at once. And, that King Level Expert felt a cold sensation in his heart. A long sword appeared before him. It was as bright as snow. And, a look of panic spread on his face.

He raised his terrified head, and saw Chu Yang’s dull and apathetic face. It seemed as if nothing in this world could change his countenance.

“Your Excellency… I have something to say… please hear me out! Let’s settle this with a talk.” The big guy’s forehead was covered in beads of cold sweat. He spoke-up in a trembling voice as the viper-like long sword appeared in his sight.

‘Thud’ sounds echoed one after another at this time. Those seven people – who had been left dumbstruck on the spot by the sudden appearance of the sword light – collapsed one by one. Then, blood sprayed out of their throats with strong force.

Actually… their throats had been slashed by Chu Yang in just a flash! There was no scope for mercy whenever Chu Yang moved into action!

One sword caused the death of seven people. One man did it!

“You are a member of the Black Devil Clan, aren’t you?” Chu Yang asked solemnly in a cold voice. His voice seemed to contain supreme authority.

“Yes…” the big guy replied. His limbs had already gone limp from fear. He held a saber in his hand. However, he simply couldn’t bring himself to lift it. [The cultivation of this Sword King is so scary! I am a King Level Expert myself, but I have no strength to fight back. And, his long sword is pointed at my throat!]

“I see, what’s your name?” The look in Chu Yang’s eyes turned somewhat gentle.

“I am… I am Li Wende…” A glimmer of hope flashed in Li Wende’s eyes. [It seems… I won’t die for the time being?]

“Li Wende… such a fine name…! Second Grade King Level Expert… you are a courageous fellow, but you’re also a useless weakling.” Chu Yang nodded his head.

[Useless weakling…? Motherfu*ker, I am not a useless weakling ok? Cough, I just don’t want a big bloody hole in my throat…] Li Wende felt like crying.

[I had heard my subordinates say that there’s a fat sheep shooting dozens of gold ingots all over the place. Moreover, he had also clashed with two of my men. Hence, there was a fair reason to carry out a vendetta against him. I only wanted to make a small fortune on the side… I had never even imagined that we would end up provoking such a killer.]

[I swear on my mother ah! Seven people died at once right before my eyes… ]

“I am a benevolent person in reality. In fact, I am a very kind man!” Chu Yang exclaimed in a melancholic manner.

Li Wende nodded again-and-again like chicken that was pecking rice. However, he cussed angrily in his heart, [you killed seven people in one sword-strike, and you didn’t even blink once while you did it. And yet, you call yourself ‘benevolent’? If you are a kind man… then I am the kindest man in the entire world…]

“But… the people of your Black Devil Clan and I share a deep enmity!” Chu Yang sighed loudly.

“Deep enmity?” Li Wende went weak in the knees, “Young Master, may I ask who you are…”

“I suppose you still remember the Mo Clan, right?” Chu Yang smiled coldly, “Your clan has done things to Mo Clan in the past… you should be able to remember it easily.”

Li Wende’s complexion suddenly turned pallid, [so this person is from the Mo Clan?] A chill surged in his heart. [The Black Devil Clan has enemies everywhere. However, the Mo Clan is undoubtedly the most powerful enemy!]

A loud ‘clang’ sound suddenly erupted out of nowhere. Chu Yang shouted in a cold voice, “Who?” A sword light flashed, and slashed towards Li Wende immediately afterwards.

Li Wende went all-out at the risk of his life, and lifted his face upwards. The slash went scraping from his forehead to chin. Then, another loud ‘clang’ sounded, but Li Wende only felt a sharp stabbing pain in his chest. After that, he heard Chu Yang shout in an infuriated manner, “Wait! Where do you think you are going?”

The sword light went soaring away with a ‘whoosh’. The clanging sounds faded out as Chu Yang went far away from there…

“Many thanks to the ancestors for saving me boohoo…” Li Wende’s face had been badly mutilated. Yet, he was shedding tears of gratitude at this moment. [Someone interfered at this critical juncture, and took this guy away…]

[He would’ve silenced me if he hadn’t been led away…]

Li Wende broke out in a cold sweat. His face had been scraped by a sword. The cut was so deep that even the bone was visible. There were three sword wounds in his chest. The flesh had been left to whirl around in each wound. However, one thing was clear — these three sword wounds in his chest seemed as if the sword’s blows had been obstructed a little at the last moment. Therefore, the sword’s blows could only inflict such superfluous flesh wounds instead of piercing the heart…

[But… who saved me?]

[Forget it. I don’t want this anymore. I am getting out of here as fast as possible. I will first return to the clan, and recuperate for a few years. It’s too dangerous outside…]


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