Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 428 – CN

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The war’s situation had become even more chaotic!

Yu Han’s army rushed into the battlefield, and was immediately enchanted by the narcotic smoke. These people were already lost in grief and indignation. So, this suddenly made them go berserk…

It seemed as if millions of people had lost their sanity in this war. They were wantonly charging forward, and violently killing in an indiscriminate manner!

Tie Bu Tian had also rushed into the battlefield. He was followed by the shadows, and his army. They soon discovered that something fishy was going on. The narcotic smokes were rising from every direction. And, the two shadows suddenly felt that this was far from good. They then went all-out at the risk of their lives to rescue Tie Bu Tian, and brought him out of there.

The dense smoke was floating about. So, the by-standing soldiers started to lose their sanity as well, and rushed into the battlefield one after another. However, Tie Bu Tian and the two shadows managed to come out unscathed.

Something on Tie Bu Tian’s chest would flash in a hazy manner every time the dense smoke would drift over. This object would then burst into radiance. Then, this radiance would shroud her entire body to protect her; the same happened with the shadows as well. All three of them were astonished in the beginning. But, they later discovered that this effect was caused by the Mysterious Yang Jade Chu Yang had given them.

[This piece of Mysterious Yang Jade unexpectedly has such a function as well…]

Everything went back to normal once they had withdrawn from the battlefield. However, the bloody atmosphere of the battlefield had made Tie Bu Tian sick. His face had turned ashen. And, he felt like throwing up. He retreated several, and returned to normal only after he had moved far away.

The shadows saw a rather strange look of worry in Tie Bu Tian’s eyes…

Only a few ten-thousand men had remained on Tie Bu Tian’s side to protect him. And, the battlefield wasn’t far away. So, the horses wouldn’t take long to rush here from the battlefield. Tie Bu Tian – the most important person on Iron Cloud’s side – was here. In fact, he was within the reach of millions of Great Zhao’s soldiers. Yet surprisingly, not even one individual was looking this way.

Tie Bu Tian composed himself. Then, he focused his attention on the battlefield. He looked at the surrounding terrain, and suddenly realized something. Then, a look of deep concern emerged on his face… as if he couldn’t endure it, “I see… so Diwu Qing Rou has unified his barracks with that tall mountain in the back. And, the mountain is acting as a dragon’s spine. He has arranged the Great Array of Seven Killings! This Diwu Qing Rou is very vicious!”

“Great Array of Seven Killings?” The shadow was puzzled.

“Great Array Seven Killings – as the name suggests – is the most violent and murderous array formation. And, it requires the power of people’s lives to operate. The higher the number of people who die… the mightier this array formation becomes. Moreover, people have completely lost their desire to draw back since Diwu Qing Rou has prepared so many bewitching drugs inside… So, everyone will be annihilated…”

Tie Bu Tian explained this at first. Then, his complexion suddenly changed, “Shadow, immediately rush into the array, and bring Imperial Uncle back! The soldiers – who are able to withdraw – make them withdraw. This array has become a living hell. So, those who stay inside it will only lose their life!”

The shadow complied, and jumped into the sky. He then turned into a streamer of light, and burst into the battle formation.

Tie Bu Tian looked-on in a worried manner. Then, he heaved a deep sigh, “The lives of 8 million people ah… Diwu Qing Rou, what are you trying to do? Why have you made such a messed-up decision?”

Tie Bu Tian was obviously unaware that Diwu Qing Rou was no longer here. He had already left. The green-robed man who had deterred the entire of Lower Three heavens had drifted into the distance…

A long while passed. Then, the shadow dashed out from the formation like a bolt of lightning. He was carrying a person on his back. This person’s entire body was bathed in blood. This person was none other than Tie Long Cheng. The most decisive and famous general of this generation was currently in a coma-like state.

“What happened?” Tie Bu Tian asked in an utterly shocked tone.

“I knocked him unconscious…” The shadow put on a dry smile, “He had also lost his sanity…”

“That’s fine,” Tie Bu Tian took to deep breath. Then, his gaze turned to another direction, “Why haven’t the troops of Minister Chu arrived yet?”

“Minister Chu is extremely intelligent and farsighted. I think he must’ve anticipated this situation. So, he must’ve withheld his troops. I think the most elite soldiers of Iron Cloud at present… are the 300,000 soldiers that remain with Minister Chu…”

The shadow replied with a sigh.

A look of pride and comfort flashed through Tie Bu Tian’s eyes as he solemnly spoke-up, “It’s always reassuring when Minister Chu handles things.”

The shadow glanced from the side, and saw a different kind of emotion in Tie Bu Tian’s eyes.

The sound of hoof-beats was heard at this time. A squad of cavalry soldiers rushed-over like a whirlwind. The leader of the squad shouted to announce, “We have come here under Minister Chu’s command. May I know if His Majesty is safe?”

“His Majesty is safe! How’s the situation on Minister Chu’s side?” the shadow loudly responded.

“The Minister is engaged in a confrontation with the Golden Horse Riders Department. The Minister has said that he will deal with the Golden Horse Rider Department. So, we will come out victorious as long as His Majesty is safe and sound!” the squad leader replied loudly.

“Understood. Tell Minister Chu to take care!” Tie Bu Tian loudly said.

“Yes! The subordinate will remember.” The squad of riders suddenly turned their horses around. They changed directions, and dashed back in the direction they had come from.

“Minister Chu is a very smart and resolute person,” a shadow spoke-up in a profound manner.

Tie Bu Tian’s eyes exposed a trace of happiness. He realized in his heart, [Chu Yang must’ve known the situation here. That’s why he’s concerned about my safety.]

[Chu Yang is right. Everyone is inside the Great Array of Seven Killings. Some of them might manage to survive in the end, but there won’t be many. So, Iron Cloud will win as long as I am alive!]

[That’s because I will still have soldiers in my hands — the three-hundred-thousand soldiers under the command of Chu Yang! However, Diwu Qing Rou would’ve invested the entirety of his manpower.]

Chu Yang had arranged the ‘Iron Barrel’ battle formation to confront the Golden Horse Riders Department. But, Chu Yang would never start the decisive battle until he had received the news of Tie Bu Tian’s safety.

And, this had made Jing Meng Hun unbearably aggrieved.

“King of Hell Chu!” Jing Meng Hun roared loudly, “Come and fight me to the death!”

However, Chu Yang simply ignored him.

The riders eventually came back, and brought back the news Chu Yang had been longing to hear, “His Majesty is safe!”

Chu Yang immediately felt relieved!

[Tie Bu Tian is safe. So, the only remaining task is to eliminate the Golden Horse Riders Department! I believe the enemy won’t have any strength left as long as that’s done.]

“Are all preparations in order?” Chu Yang asked.

“Yes!” Wu Kuang Yun excitedly replied. His face was flushed in its entirety. He could finally go on rampage on the battlefield. He had merely been looking at the battlefield this entire time, but he had been dying to fight.

“I’m not asking you!” Chu Yang looked at Chen Yu Tong and the others.

“All preparations are in order!”

Cheng Zi Ang replied loudly.

“What about me?” Wu Kuang Yun gawked as he asked in an anxious manner.

“You take the army, and go to lend His Majesty a hand. You’re needed there more. Leave the Golden Horse Riders Department to me,” Chu Yang said. The trace of a complicated emotion had flashed in his eyes at the moment he had spoken the two words ‘His Majesty’…

Chu Yang naturally had to make a well-calculated plan in order to deal with the Golden Horse Riders Department. However, in order to do so… he had to figure out some things which he hadn’t known before.

His plan was to poison the enemy! But, he would somehow have to get the poison inside their bodies first. So, he had studied the nearby terrain with special attention, and had finally set the goal – a small lake that was located 175 Km away.

Chu Yang’s idea was to turn the entire lake poisonous. Then, he would lead the Golden Horse Riders Department there. This would be a big blow to Jing Meng Hun’s military power. And then, he would use more and more such tricks on the way. His motive was to defeat Jing Meng Hun — regardless of how it was done!

As for the head-on battle… Chu Yang hadn’t thought about it yet…

Chu Yang and his men were merely baits in this plan.

Tie Long Cheng’s heart was full of resentment towards Diwu Qing Rou. So, he wanted to defeat Diwu Qing Rou at all costs. But, Jing Meng Hun also felt the same way about King of Hell Chu!

In fact, this was an irreconcilable enmity! Therefore, Jing Meng Hun would try to kill Chu Yang regardless of anything!

Therefore, Diwu Qing Rou had especially asked Jing Meng Hun to deal with Chu Yang. The mission he had given to Jing Meng Hun was — Kill King of Hell Chu, and eradicate his existence from this world! You don’t need to manage any other matter. You just lead the Golden Horse Riders Department, and kill King of Hell Chu!

Jing Meng Hun was very happy to receive this order!

Meanwhile, Chu Yang was thinking of something…

Chu Yang obviously thought of using the poison of the Poisonous Flood Dragon when it came to the prospect of picking his toxic-weapon. However, the Sword Spirit resolutely stopped him from using it. That’s because the water would probably remain poisonous for countless years if it were to be used. So, an indeterminable number of people would die as a result.

Moreover, many of Jing Meng King’s subordinates had been killed by the poison of the Poisonous Flood Dragon. So, there was a chance that they might be prepared this time around.

Therefore, the Sword Spirit recommended another poison to Chu Yang, “You can use the Lust Dragon’s poison. That will be far more easier-to-use than the poison of the Poisonous Flood Dragon…”

“The Lust Dragon?” Chu Yang was at a loss. So, he asked, “What’s a Lust Dragon?”

These words left the Sword Spirit to open his eyes wide in a stare, “You don’t know? You’ve been poisoned by the Lust Poison of Lust Dragon once, and you’re saying that you don’t know? How did you counter the poison back then?”

“I was poisoned by Lust Poison?” Chu Yang was even more at a loss.

“It happened in the final phase of your escape. Don’t you remember running into two giant snakes when you had come across Jing Meng Hun? One of those snakes had abruptly blown pink mist at you, remember?” Sword Spirit helplessly recounted and thought, [what’s wrong with this guy? How can he possibly forget that?]

Chu Yang suddenly recalled it, and replied, “Oh yes. That indeed happened.”

“That was a Lust Dragon!” the Sword Spirit pointed out. He then explained the characteristics of a Lust Dragon. The more he explained… the bigger Chu Yang’s mouth opened. And, he was completely dumbstruck by the end of it.

“You mean to say that… I was poisoned back then?” Chu Yang asked in a daze.

“Yes!” the Sword Spirit gave an affirmative reply.

“And, you are saying that… copulation between a man and a woman is the only way… and, there’s no other method to stop this poison? And, the victim’s body will fester-up if that doesn’t happen in time, and he will die soon after?” Chu Yang asked in a stammering manner.

“Correct!” the Sword Spirit gave an affirmative reply again.

“But then… why didn’t I die?” Chu Yang asked with a lifeless look in his eyes. Cold sweat had started to emerge on his forehead.

“How would I know? I had also lost consciousness at that time,” the Sword Spirit replied in discontented manner.

“Is there really no other way?” Chu Yang felt like crying, [doesn’t this mean that my pure, chaste, and spotless body is… no longer chaste? Cough cough cough… but the question is… who popped my cherry?]

“I wouldn’t have been able to eliminate the lust poison even if I were awake back then. I could’ve at most suppressed it for some time. But, it would still need to be resolved via copulation in the end…” the Sword Spirit helplessly said.

Chu Yang sat down. A ghastly pale look had emerged on his face.

The Sword Spirit reminded him, “So, there must’ve been a woman who joined with you in a yin-and-yang harmony…”

Chu Yang covered his face, “Of course, but… who was that?”

He recalled that there were only two people with Tie Bu Tian at that time — the two shadows… [eh, don’t tell me it’s that shadow?] He thought of the female shadow’s stodgy face, and couldn’t help but shiver a little. Then, he immediately concluded, [But, I would’ve noticed something in her behavior if it had really been like that…]

[Moreover, her husband was also present there… So, that makes it even more impossible!]

[But then… the woman who did it with me… who is she?]


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