Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 426 – CN

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Chu Yang calmly asked, “But, how could you have been so sure that Tie Long Cheng would fall into your trap?”

“Tie Long Cheng is the continent’s number one ‘famous general’. But, I’ve suppressed him for ten or more years! He would win if I wanted him to win. And, he would lose if I wanted him to lose!” Diwu Qing Rou said with a smile, “Would you not be aggrieved if you were in his shoes? And, would you not want revenge?”

“I would.” Chu Yang replied in the affirmative. [Anyone would feel aggrieved after going through something like that. In fact, it brings an even more deeply-rooted shame for a man who’s been considered a genius commander and a famous general of his generation!]

“Therefore, it can be said that there’s a devil in Tie Long Cheng’s mind. And, he’s desperately looking for a chance to defeat me – Diwu Qing Rou – fair and square. However, he knows this very well that taking revenge on me is as difficult a task as ascending to the heavens is! So, I figured that he would be willing to take a heaven-sent opportunity more than anyone else… once I would create this said-opportunity for him. However, he would also hesitate more than anyone else. That’s because he would be afraid of it being a trap since he knows how fierce I am.

“But, he would only need someone to affirm his ‘pursuit plan’ at this juncture! In fact, he would just need one affirmation — that’s all.” Diwu Qing Rou said, “And, he would be able to turn his own hesitation into determination as long as he receives this ‘affirmation’!”

Diwu Qing Rou smiled and raised three fingers, “And, there are three people by his side who can play the role of this someone I spoke of – the person whom he’d need this affirmation from!”

Wu Qian Qian and Chu Yang held their breath.

“All of Iron Cloud’s generals – who have followed Tie Long Cheng for all these years – have also been suppressed by me! So, as long as there’s one person who gives their affirmation — they will swarm around to give their support… This is their psychology! They have been thirsting for revenge. And, this is the meritorious service they have been eager to render. They have longing to defeat Diwu Qing Rou — a man who has spread an unpleasantness in their hearts for so long …

“However, I knew that Tie Long Cheng would most certainly desire to take your opinion because of your special status… even if he was sure about his pursuit plan. Therefore, Tie Long Cheng sent you a message after he had analyzed my intention of retreat. But, you are the only person who can be called an ‘outsider’ on this battlefield. In fact, you are the only ‘bystander’ here to be precise. And, as the saying goes — the spectator sees more of the game. Therefore, I firmly believed that you’d see through my plan…

“So, I came-in after the messenger delivered Tie Long Cheng’s letter to you!” Diwu Qing Rou smiled, “My motive to arrive here was to keep you engaged for two hours… And on the other side… Tie Long Cheng must’ve continued to wait for your message while being urged by everyone to act. So, he must’ve eventually assumed that you’ve consented in a tacit manner. Moreover, he must’ve been rather impatient to start the pursuit because there was no time to lose. As they say — time never comes back once it’s gone…

“Therefore, the mobilization of army was only inevitable!” Diwu Qing Rou insipidly continued, “This isn’t just tailor-made for Tie Long Cheng’s revenge on me, but it is also the best opportunity for Iron Cloud to dominate the world! So, he would surely desire to seize it. In fact, he would never miss it. He would rather take a risk… but he wouldn’t miss it.

“And, that’s how my plan became so simple!”

Diwu Qing Rou stood up leisurely, “Minister Chu, what you must prepare for… is the Golden Horse Riders Department. Of course, I believe that you’ve already made preparations! Jing Meng Hun is no more than a clumsy clown in your eyes.”

Then, he put on the mask. And, his seemingly weightless and slim body drifted out, “Minister Chu, I owe you one. And, I will surely return the favor if I have the good fortune to meet you in the Upper Three Heavens!

“I am saying goodbye at this point, but our noble connection shall last forever. I have a feeling that you and I will meet again!” Diwu Qing Rou said these last words, and then drifted away into the distance like the wind…

“Chu Yang, what should we do?” Wu Qian Qian asked anxiously.

Chu Yang was silent. His body floated out, and he went next to the flagpole. He then floated up to its top. He saw that the distant mountains were already on fire. And, the flames were soaring to the sky!

He quietly came down, and slowly said, “8 million soldiers have been thrown into the battlefield. So, we can only wait and see how things unfold…”

He paused, and then spoke further, “Order the army to go 25 Km forward! Tell them that they have to be prepared at all times to meet a contingency after they hear my order!”


“Wu Kuang Yun!”


“Use the selected elite soldiers, all troops of Bu Tian Pavilions, and the experts of Beyond the Heavens Sect to form an army! But, keep the 300,000 troops separate! And, tell them to expect my order at any time!”


The war had finally broken out. This was the moment Wu Kuang Yun had been waiting for. So, this warm-blooded general was simply unable to control his excitement. And, he immediately had the bugle played as soon as he heard Chu Yang’s order, and the 300,000 troops marched forward with a bang.

And, the collision between Bu Tian Pavilions and the Golden Horse Riders Department was about to begin!

Suddenly, the sounds of a series of mega explosions were heard from the distant mountains… the flames shot up to the sky. And, nearly half of the sky shone red…

Chu Yang’s heart got heavy. After all, this was a matter of the lives of 8 million people. However, the heaviness in his heart started to subside as his warhorses advanced forward; step by step.

He became callous and tranquil; without any emotional ripples or surges…

[This is a catastrophe, and it has already begun. So… to bemoan the state of the universe, and pity the fate of mankind will only make me uncomfortable!]

[I must accept this, and then… overcome it!]

The three-hundred-thousand troops were shot towards the place where the flames were soaring to the sky like a sharp arrow!

Tie Long Cheng had immediately called the generals to discuss the matter after he had sent the letter to King of Hell Chu. But, the generals unanimously decided to attack almost immediately! The face of every individual was flushed with anger and excitement. And, they were brimming with fighting intention.

They had been oppressed by Diwu Qing Rou for so long. And, they had finally arrived at the turning point. So, how could they allow such a heaven-sent opportunity to slip-by?

Tie Bu Tian was distraught with anxiety. And, her mind was being troubled by another matter. So, she didn’t think much, and quickly sent a reply — Imperial Uncle may take charge! And, I will follow soon after; with my army!

Tie Bu Tian’s affirmative reply made Tie Long Cheng heave a long sigh of relief. The fighting intention in his heart began to burn even more splendidly! However, King of Hell Chu’s reply didn’t come for some reason.

Time passed… little by little. And, the enemy had also retreated a little. Yet… there was still no message from King of Hell Chu.

“Supreme Commander! We can’t wait any longer! Or… this opportunity will be lost!” the generals requested in unison.

“Maybe Minister Chu is already ready. Else, he would’ve already spoken his rejection,” a staff officer spoke-up.

Tie Long Cheng angrily raised his brows at first. But then, he finally made a firm resolve and brandished his hand, “Mobilize the troops, and chase! Defeat Diwu Qing Rou!”

Earthquake-shattering cheers resounded. A bone-chilling fighting intention exploded in the night-sky with a loud bang!

Rapid and urgent bugle sounds resounded in a continuous. The vanguard teams of cavalry troops vigorously rushed out like angry dragons from various military camps. And then, they suddenly dashed into the darkness that lay ahead of them!

The uninterrupted rumbling sounds of the hoof-beats sounded like thunderclaps as they burst into the darkness. They were followed by a tide of over a one million troops!

Then, the rumbling sounds of tremors were heard along with a burst of hoof beats; Tie Bu Tian’s troops had also started to rush out. They followed behind Tie Long Cheng’s troops. And, they too were rushing towards Great Zhao’s barracks to attack it.

Millions of people were set into action at the same time. And, their majestic might and grandeur was truly earthshaking!

Tie Long Cheng’s army broke through Great Zhao’s barracks almost without facing any obstructions. And then, they looked around for a while… but only to find that a major portion of the army units had already disappeared without a trace. The only ones that were left behind were a few wounded enemy soldiers who hadn’t been able to withdraw…

Therefore, Iron Cloud Army had comprehensively occupied Great Zhao barrack by the time Tie Long Cheng arrived.

“Reporting to Supreme Commander! There’s no one left in the barracks,” a cavalry soldier – who was among the first ones to burst into the barracks – came over to report. However, the barracks hadn’t been completely empty in the beginning. But, the wounded soldiers had been chopped like vegetables on Tie Long Cheng’s orders!

“Nobody?” Could it be that we arrived a bit late? Tie Long Cheng frowned, “Quickly scout the area!”

“Reporting to Supreme Commander! Great Zhao Army has retreated towards the mountain! Furthermore, the enemy troops who didn’t get enough time to cross the mountains are in a difficult situation. So, they are trying to hurry on to escape,” the mounted scout reported.

“Chase!” Tie Long Cheng made a prompt decision.

A large brigade of cavalry soldiers dashed towards the mountain like a surging tide.

Tie Long Cheng’s cavalry troops dashed out of the Great Zhao barrack, and continued to pursue ahead. The rear part of Tie Long Cheng’s army entered the Great Zhao barrack, and Tie Bu Tian’s vanguard troops arrived outside the barracks…

At this time…

The bugle sounds suddenly sounded from the hilltop and echoed everywhere. This was followed by a loud bang. And, a large number of Great Zhao’s cavalry troops rushed down from the summit at a very high speed. They then readied their bows and arrows after they had rushed down halfway, and aimed towards the sky!


Hundreds of thousands of arrows were shot as the verbal command was issued. Everyone heard loud whooshing sounds, and felt a pain in their ears that was caused by the strong vibrations in their eardrums. Then, a dense rain of arrows appeared in the sky… and literally dyed it black!

“Ambush?” Tie Long Cheng sneered. He was pursuing the enemy. So, how could he not have expected to run into an ambush?

He issued an order. And, the Iron Cloud Army immediately calmed down after a short period of panic. And then, each soldier started to look for cover behind the mountain wall. The formation model also changed to defense.

“Diwu Qing Rou, I was already prepared for this move of yours,” Tie Long Cheng laughed heartily.

“Kill!” the battle cries – which could shake the heaven – echoed everywhere as countless men and horses of Great Zhao rushed down from the summit.

Tie Long Cheng’s complexion suddenly changed. An incredibly brilliant light flashed in his eyes, “Decisive battle?”

He had already expected that Diwu Qing Rou might have prepared an ambush, but he hadn’t expected that Diwu Qing Rou would abandon his military supplies to start a decisive battle!

One could look at the Great Zhao troops that were swarming-in, and clearly tell that the entire army had been mobilized!

It took time to describe the scene, but the vanguard cavalry troops of the two armies had already clashed by now! The battle cries shouting ‘kill’ resounded everywhere soon after. Everyone drew out their weapons. And, the dark sky was illuminated by the brilliant sword lights!

They put on a sinister expression, and began to bellow loudly. The horse crashed against each other, and burst into each other’s formation! The two vanguard cavalries crazily advanced into the opposite formation — not knowing whether it were their enemies or friends who were falling from their horses… one after another… and getting trampled into meat and mud!

However, nobody cared about that because everyone had only one conviction in their heart — [I must kill the enemy! I must break into the enemy’s formation and keep chiseling forward! And then, I must turn around and come back killing the entire way!]


Hundreds of thousands of people were blowing-off steam at the same time. Even the sky was outright scared. A gleam of light appeared on the horizon at this moment!

The neighing sound of the warhorses, the screams of people, the war cries as well as the sound of clashes — these had made a cluster of sounds. The vanguard cavalry troops of Iron Cloud had already rushed to the abdomen of Great Zhao’s cavalry. Similarly, the Great Zhao’s vanguard had slaughtered their way to the center of Iron Cloud’s cavalry!

It could be said that there was no strategy left on the battlefield by now — just kill kill kill! And, the so-called ‘martial art skills’ were practically useless in such a battle…! People’s heads were being constantly shot-up into the sky. Their chopped-off limbs were also flying everywhere. The warhorses were dropping unceasingly. And, dozens of people were dying with each passing second!

Everyone had gone berserk! This was one crazy war!


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