Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 417 – CN

Night Mode
Chu Yang’s laughter surged forth as if to shock the wind and thunder. And, it reverberated endlessly between the heaven and earth. King of Hell Chu’s haughty stance had left a deep impression in the hearts of the soldiers of the two armies.

The sky trembled. The mountains shook and moved! Every soldier held his breath! It seemed as if this figure – who had his face upwards as he shouted towards the sky – was similar to a scary and divine sword that could cut the sky or earth into two halves!

[So crazy! So wild! This King of Hell Chu is amazing!]

Diwu Qing Rou chuckled as he shook his head.

[This guy made a fool of me before everyone.]

[He so proudly declared to the whole world that he can be domineering to the utmost! But, I could not. And this way, he has managed to create an illusion in front of the two armies — that I am the one who fell into a disadvantageous situation in this argument.]

[This guy…! He doesn’t miss any chance to get one up on me.]

Diwu Qing Rou slowly returned to the formation as he thought of this.

He was thinking about Chu Yang’s words on the way. He couldn’t help but force a smile as he shook his head, [this King of Hell Chu… His words seem meaningless on the surface…]

[But, each one of his words was directed at my mind’s guard! Perhaps, this would’ve affected me if I didn’t have such a firm mind.]

[But… did it really not affect me?]

Diwu Qing Rou’s complexion sank.

Millions of troops stood motionless. They silently watched as those two split up, and went their own ways. King of Hell Chu appeared insufferably arrogant as he rode back to the barracks. Diwu Qing Rou also went back.

The day passed in this way.

The night fell, and darkness spread over the world.

In the Iron Cloud military camp… the stars twinkled in the sky as the patrol teams were patrolled here and there. The army was in a state of high alert, and ready for battle.

Tie Long Cheng and Tie Bu Tian were sitting across each other in the commander’s tent.

“King of Hell Chu was far more overbearing today than he was in the past.” Tie Long Cheng sipped tea and spoke in a praising manner, “He even intimidated Diwu Qing Rou. And, that too before thousands of gawking eyes. He made a fool out of Diwu Qing Rou, and even rendered him speechless! This has thoroughly boosted the morale of our troops!”

Tie Bu Tian smiled and responded in agreement, “Yes ah.” He thought that this was to be expected because the current King of Hell Chu was the real King of Hell Chu.

“However, Diwu Qing Rou suffered a verbal loss, and didn’t even have a comeback… This must’ve affected the morale of Great Zhao. Diwu Qing Rou must redeem his reputation with victory. So tonight, Great Zhao might make a surprise attack on our barracks.” Tie Long Cheng had spent almost half his life fighting against Diwu Qing Rou. So, it could be said that they understood each other very well.

“But… it is difficult to guess what kind of steps he will take and what sort of strategy he will employ if he launches a surprise attack on our barracks…” Tie Bu Tian frowned and said.

“We can only stick to an unchanging strategy at present in order to deal with the changing events.” Tie Long Cheng took a long breath and said.

Inside Bu Tian Pavilion’s big camp… King of Hell Chu looked like the real King of Hell in his black robe and sinister mask. He was seated in the uppermost and largest round-backed wooden armchair. His sharps eyes were glaring at the subordinates seated below.

A bone-chilling ‘yin’ cold mist was lingering in abundance inside the tent.

Cheng Zi Ang and Chen Yu Tong were sitting upright with expressionless faces. Though, they were nervous and perturbed in their hearts, [what’s all this about? Why call us for a meeting so suddenly? The Minister seemed to be in a gentle mood only a while ago. So, how come his aura has turned so oppressive? This oppressive atmosphere is very uncomfortable. It’s getting difficult to sit still…]

They stole a glance, and saw Wu Qian Qian. She was seated next to Chu Yang, and had an ice-cold expression on her face. They couldn’t help but curse in their hearts, [when did this witch arrive? How come we didn’t discover her earlier?]

Some people had recently joined the Bu Tian Pavilion. So, they were seeing the real King of hell Chu for the first time. They were so frightened after facing his dark and sinister aura that they almost sh*t their pants.

“The two chiefs shall now report about all the things that have recently happened.” Chu Yang was gently tapping the tabletop with his fingers. The sound generated from that was similar to the sound of King of Hell’s drums used to manipulate souls.

The two men cursed in the secrecy of their hearts, [don’t you already know?]

However, who could dare to speak even half-a-word of criticism under these circumstances? They had no other choice but to report those matters to Chu Yang.

Chu Yang listened to their reports in silence. He indifferently said once they were done, “In other words, everybody has been very busy these days, right? So, their strengths didn’t increase… but not because they didn’t work hard… but because they were too busy, correct? Isn’t this what the report says?”

Cheng Zi Ang’s and Chen Yu Tong’s complexions collapsed at the same time.

Minister Chu hadn’t urged them to deal with any matter. So, they had thought that they could slack off, and wouldn’t get punished for it later on. However, they hadn’t expected to be confronted like this today.

“This place has tens of millions of ghosts. And, these ghosts howl day and night.” Chu Yang indifferently said, “I believe that many of you will join the ranks of those howling ghosts as soon as the war starts. Know that this will be the consequence of only relying on your strength — and not your hard work.”

Minister Chu heavily snorted. Everyone remained quiet out of fear.

“Go and make preparations to deal with the Golden Horse Riders Department,” Chu Yang solemnly commanded as he waved his hand.

Cheng Zi Ang and the others hastily rushed out; they were drenched in sweat. They felt that the power and influence of Minister Chu was getting more and more heavy.

Now, Chu Yang and Wu Qian Qian were the only ones left in the tent.

“The strength of these people must be pushed forward every day.” Chu Yang whispered, “People are inherently lazy. They rely on conscious indulgence of practice to enhance their strength. But, that’s not feasible for these people. So, it is necessary to tailor a goal for them from time to time. And then, we must make them treat it as a mission that must be completely. This will help in enhancing the overall strength of the Bu Tian Pavilion.”

“Yes,” Wu Qian Qian replied.

“What’s your current level…” Chu Yang looked at Wu Qian Qian and asked.

“Martial Master… Third Grade,” Wu Qian Qian replied. She seemed somewhat ashamed. Little did she know that her progress speed was enough to leave several people stupefied…

“Pretty good,” Chu Yang complemented. It was indeed pretty good. Beyond the Heavens Sect’s martial art was good at providing sure and steady growth, but it was impossible to expect a rapid growth from it. Wu Qian Qian’s current speed had already gone far beyond Chu Yang’s expectation.

Wu Qian Qian bit her lips and spoke, “Chu Yang, I want strength… I want to enhance my level quickly… can you help me?” She somewhat hesitated, but continued anyway, “I know that you have several martial practice methods…”

[I want to promote myself quickly; the sooner the better. I don’t wish to overtake you, but… I wish to live long-enough to bear witness to your legends… when you rush into the Middle Three Heavens or Upper Three Heavens… that’s enough for me.]

Chu Yang pondered for a moment, “Alright. I will find one for you.” Chu Yang wasn’t surprised by the fact that Wu Qian Qian wanted to enhance her strength. In fact, it would give her the means to defend herself at the very least.

Then, Chu Yang knitted his brows, and started to ponder. In the end, he asked the Sword Spirit in his consciousness, “Is there any suitable practice method for a woman? Its might should be higher, and the practice should be quicker…”

The Sword Spirit was sitting cross-legged between Mysterious Yang Jade and Mysterious Jade Crystal. He had already restored the entirety of his spiritual vitality with the power of these two materials. Moreover, his spiritual power had also forged ahead vigorously. He puckered his eyebrow after he heard Chu Yang’s question, and spoke, “Practice method for a woman?”

“Yes, and it shouldn’t be an ordinary or slow one either…” Chu Yang categorically placed the requirements.

“There’s only one.” Sword Spirit said, “Fortunately, my strength has increased a lot, and I’m able to remember a lot of thing; else, I wouldn’t have been able to answer to your sudden question.”

“What is it?”

“How about ‘Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin’?” Sword Spirit replied with a complacent expression on his face… as if he had offered a valuable piece of advice.

“Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin?” Chu Yang was clearly shocked, “Isn’t that a devil technique?”

“Nonsense!” Sword Spirit replied angrily, “This is the most orthodox martial art. But, some people had tampered with it. They had gone against the flow of meridians, and had turned it into a devilish martial art. They then used it to absorb the mysterious yin power of young girls. But, I have the complete and intact mnemonic chants of the secret Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin practice method!”

“I see.” Chu Yang touched his nose. [I’m obviously an ignorant and inexperienced fellow in front of this several-thousand-years-old monster.]

The Sword Spirit closed his eyes. Three old books appeared out of nowhere soon after, and fell down with a ‘thud’.

“Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin Divine Art”

“Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin Step”

“Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin Sword”

Chu Yang looked at those three secret books in his consciousness, and couldn’t help but be speechless. He suddenly had a feeling, [this Sword Spirit is a martial art treasure-house…!]

“I’ll remind you that Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin Divine Art can be practiced faster if used in coordination with the Seven Yin Cold Energy or Mysterious Jade Crystal!” Sword Spirit mentioned the Mysterious Jade Crystal with strong sense of reluctance on his tone.

“Understood.” Chu Yang smiled mischievously.

“If that’s the case… then you don’t need to practice the martial arts of Beyond the Heavens Sect. I will teach you another one,” Chu Yang spoke as he thought in his heart, [the Nine Revolutions Mysterious Yin had once caused a huge bloodshed on the Nine Heavens Continent thousands of years ago. The common people have come to regard it as one of the most evil martial arts ever since. I shouldn’t tell Wu Qian Qian its real name. It would avoid causing a lot of trouble for her.]

“What?” Wu Qian Qian was excited.

“It’s called ‘Ice Jade Divine Art’.” Chu Yang rolled his eyes and continued, “Now, I will teach you the mnemonics. You must remember them firmly. But, you must ensure that you don’t make any notes… This is the continent’s top martial art. You would be in big trouble if someone were to find out about it.”

“Ok.” Wu Qian Qian nodded diligently. Her eyes lit up. [It’s the top martial arts of the continent? That’s great! That way I will be able to shorten the distance between us, and then get closer to you.]

One person taught, while the other one learnt. Wu Qian Qian was extremely smart. So, it didn’t take her long to learn the entire set of mnemonics by heart.

Chu Yang was thinking of giving her some Mysterious Jade Crystal, “Sword Spirit, how many mysterious jade crystals will be sufficient?”

“How many, you ask?” Sword Spirit rolled his eyes, “You just need a small piece to be carried on one’s body or to wear as an accessory. Why would you need many?”

“Ok. Then, I’m taking a small piece.” Chu Yang looked at the gigantic array formation. The Sword Spirit was sitting cross-legged inside it. It was made up of Mysterious Yang Jade and Mysterious Jade Crystal. He asked, “I wonder if this array formation will also work on me?”

“Of course, it will be useful for you!” Sword Spirit snorted, “This is the Yin and Yang array formation. It can gather the purest spirit energy.”

“Why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Chu Yang asked angrily.

“I haven’t yet recovered…” Sword Spirit felt to be in the wrong. So, he replied, “Besides, you would’ve already taken out many of these rare items if I hadn’t setup this array formation. I wouldn’t allow that to happen even if you wanted to die…”

“Just a small one?” Chu Yang asked.

“A small one… well, that may be possible.” Sword Spirit felt helpless. He had no choice but to grab a finger-sized Mysterious Yang Jade as well as a Mysterious Jade Crystal. He kneaded the two pieces, and turned them into a strange-looking ornament. He had actually made a tiny array diagram with these materials. He rolled his eyes and said, “I know that you want to give this as a parting gift to your close female friend. Here, take it.”

Chu Yang was overjoyed.


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