Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 410 – CN

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Chu Yang was excited! [It seems that I’ll be reaching it soon. Sword Spirit said that it’s located 90 feet below. But, I have already started to notice changes. And, that too after I have covered a distance of only 60 feet… does that mean that it is some kind of a badass treasure?]

Chu Yang once again threw out a big stone. It was caught by the two shadows, who stood at the cave’s mouth. They clearly felt something wrong about this stone. The bottom part of this big stone was very soft. In fact, it was so soft that their finger could poke inside it without applying any force. Moreover, it was giving off a strange heat.

Moreover, the bottom of this stone had an inch-thick coating; this coating was dark-red in color. It was this dark-red layer that was giving off that strange heat.

The shadows noted that they felt a sense of comfort throughout their body after they came in contact with this heat.

Chu Yang was about to dig further when the space in his consciousness suddenly began to shake. The Sword Spirit suddenly appeared, and hastily cautioned, “Be careful from hereon. Collect everything present within the surrounding radius of 30 feet, and put them inside the Nine Tribulations Space!”

“Eh?” Chu Yang asked doubtfully.

“Don’t ‘eh’ me; do as I say!” Sword spirit was usually sluggish. But right now, he was very excited for some reason. He sighed and spoke in a trembling voice, “I have to admit that you are very lucky, kid! This is insane. I am speechless!”

“I’m lucky?” Chu Yang knitted his brows and asked.

“You are more than just lucky…” Sword Spirit was silent for a moment. He then spoke, “You used to be powerless in the beginning. Then, you found the Sword Point, and you also managed to obtain a part of the Seven Shades Cold Energy along with it. These two things were enough to prevent you from getting injured in most situations. Afterwards, you used your powers of Martial Master to obtain the Vitality Spring Water when you obtained the second fragment of Nine Tribulations Sword! In fact, you obtained the entire spring. You should know that the Vitality Spring was supposed to dry up after the second fragment was removed from it. However, we actually managed to take it whole, and somehow placed it inside the Nine Tribulations Space. It has now become an ever-existing treasure trove for you.

“Then, you even luckily found a small Spirit Jade Ginseng while pursuing the enemy. And, the medicinal efficacy of that ginseng was so subtly stolen by the Nine Tribulations Sword Point.”

Chu Yang said, “Spirit Jade Ginseng?”

“Yes. I understand that Diwu Qing Rou’s Spirit Jade Ginseng is only a small ginseng. It is 3000 years old, and isn’t qualified to become a real spirit jade ginseng at such a young age. However, don’t forget that it is still counted among the genuine ‘nine great herbal medicines’ in the world!

“It’s just like… a newly born tiger cub can be easily put in order even by a rabbit, but no one can deny that it is a tiger, got it?” Sword Spirit gave this simple explanation very thoroughly and in detail.

“Understood,” Chu Yang replied.

“However, the medicinal efficacy of that ‘very’ little Spirit Jade Ginseng was later combined with other medicines to form the Nine Tribulations Pill’s prototype. And, the very creation of this prototype stimulated the Nine Tribulations Sword to seek more and more of such elixirs! This is just like opening one’s spiritual wisdom. Do you understand what I am saying?

“In other words, the Nine Tribulations Sword wouldn’t have rapidly discovered these precious treasures if you hadn’t obtained those items in the beginning. And, you would’ve most-likely missed the nine great herbal medicines even if they were present in your vicinity in that case. However, things are entirely different now, and they are certainly in your favor…

“Then, you found the Mysterious Jade Ice Paste! Moreover, it’s a fully matured Mysterious Jade Ice Paste!” Sword Spirit exclaimed in admiration, “It is 90,000 years old. It is simply… priceless! On top of that, it is one of the nine great herbal medicines.

“Your good luck comes in quick succession. I was in deep sleep until now, and I was using the Mysterious Jade Ice Paste’s cold energy to nourish my soul. But, the mysterious yang energy suddenly came inside your body and caught my attention when you came close to this place. The Yin and Yang elements joined together, and I suddenly woke up… only to find that you have found another treasure!

“What in the world is this treasure?” Chu Yang rudely interrupted the Sword Spirit since it was jabbering on-and-on. He was unable to tolerate the suspense any longer. He thought, [didn’t you say that you are tired and need rest to recuperate? How come you appeared so suddenly, and started to chirp like a bird, huh?]

“The material present in the surrounding radius of thirty feet… as well as well thirty feet down from here – all of it is Mysterious Yang Jade! It is Mysterious Yang Jade, you fool.” Sword Spirit said excitedly.

“What is the use of Mysterious Yang Jade?” Chu Yang asked.

“First you first dig it out. Then, I’ll tell you,” Sword Spirit replied impatiently.

Chu Yang snorted and brandished the Nine Tribulations Sword to delimit a big circle. He didn’t even get enough time to put out his hand to grab the jade since the impatient Sword Spirit had already transferred that big chunk of mysterious yang jade into the Nine Tribulations Space. Then, Chu Yang saw the mysterious yang jade change shape inside the Nine Tribulations Space; it transformed into a circular lump under the Sword Spirit’s control.

And then, the Sword Spirit sat down cross-legged in the middle of that weird circular lump.

Chu Yang continued to mine out the mysterious yang jade, and the Sword Spirit continued to receive the chunks of jade into the Nine Tribulations Space in kind. It merged them all into that weird round lump, and the lump continued to grow bigger and bigger.

Eventually, the last piece of mysterious yang jade was received into the Nine Tribulations Space. Chu Yang used his intention to take out three pieces of the mysterious yang jade.

Sword Spirit immediately got agitated, and quickly shifted them back into the Nine Tribulations Space. He then asked, “What are you doing?” He looked like a mother-hen who was trying to protect her chicks. He had basically gone all-out against Chu Yang.

“What happened?” Chu Yang was somewhat speechless. He pointed at the big and round heap of mysterious yang jade inside the Nine Tribulations space and said, “You have so much of it, yet you can’t spare three pieces for those who helped us. What’s the meaning of this? Besides, I only took out a few pieces. Why you are being so stingy…?”

“Even a drop is out of the question!” Sword Spirit tightly locked down the Nine Tribulations Space. He then looked fiercely at Chu Yang, “Who told them to help? Couldn’t we have done it ourselves? Your argument is truly laughable!”

Chu Yang felt a headache when he realized that the Sword Spirit had usurped control of the Nine Tribulations Space. He couldn’t take anything out as a result. So, he felt quite helpless, “Just this time…”

“This time?” Sword Spirit looked at him suspiciously.

“Only once…” Chu Yang nodded again and again.

“Sigh… it’s such a pity. This… this mysterious yang jade is an authentic treasure. It’s priceless.” Sword Spirit was stubbornly staring at the three pieces of mysterious yang jade that lay before his eyes. He then put away two of them. He took the smallest piece, and broke it into palm-sized pieces. Then, he took one palm-sized piece, and further broke it into three tiny pieces. Afterwards, he threw these three tiny pieces out of the Nine Tribulations Space, “Take these away!”

Chu Yang almost fainted!

[I have never met a stingy guy like him. He’s way too stingy. I highly doubt that I’ve seen someone stingier than him!]

[You have a big mountain of this treasure, but you’re not even willing to give three palm-sized pieces to the others? How can someone be that stingy?]

However, the Sword Spirit’s stance didn’t change. He had put on a resolute and stubborn appearance. It seemed as if he wouldn’t back down from his decision no matter what, “Do you want them or not? If you want these tiny pieces… then I will take these back too.”

Chu Yang smiled bitterly, “You are ruthless!”

“Now, why don’t you get back to work?” Sword Spirit roared, “The stuff lying under the Mysterious Yang Jade is actually the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence! It’s of the same rank as the Mysterious Ice Jade Paste! It’s one of the nine great herbal medicines. What are you waiting for? Bring it inside.”

“What… what…?” Chu Yang was startled. In fact, he nearly stuttered. He was already more than satisfied and overjoyed to have obtained so much mysterious yang jade. He wasn’t prepared for such a pleasant surprise.

He quickly turned to have a look, but didn’t see the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence. Instead, he saw a smooth item lying on the ground. This item was issuing a pink luster. Chu Yang bent over, and gently picked it up with his sword. That small object suddenly became smaller as soon as it left the ground; most of it had melted in the air. However, there remained a small lump of pink stuff on the ground. And, it was wriggling gently. Its appearance was very similar to that of the mysterious ice jade essence. It was exuding a burning hot temperature, but Chu Yang noticed that it wasn’t hot despite of this.

[It seems like this is the Mysterious Yang Jade Essence.]

Chu Yang moved this small lump of Mysterious Yang Jade Essence into the Nine Tribulations Space. The Sword Spirit also let out a cry of surprise. He immediately placed it into the Vitality Spring Water. Then, he finally heaved a sigh of relief, and happily said, “Awesome! Now we can have Yin and Yang coordination in the Nine Tribulations Space. I don’t need to worry about that anymore. Moreover, my spiritual strength will also grow rapidly… thanks to the coordination of Yin and Yang. I will be able to assist you more that way; and faster too…”

“Eh? Yin and Yang coordination?” Chu Yang suddenly remembered that backstory he had earlier narrated. He then spoke with amazement, “Is the story of that ‘nine lives bachelor’ true?”

“What ‘nine lives bachelor’?” Sword Spirit looked at him and asked in a perplexed manner, “What the hell are you talking about? I am sure that it’s some hideous bullshit, isn’t it?”

Chu Yang forced a smile, and quickly narrated the ‘backstory’ once again. Then, he asked, “Don’t tell me it’s true?”

“Are you for real…?” Sword Spirit was speechless as he looked at Chu Yang, “Mysterious Yang Jade Essence is always found in harsh conditions. For example, it was found here under this peak that has stood erect under the blue sky for ages. This peak’s body has been fully exposed to the sun for ten thousand years, and that’s how it gathered so much ‘pure yang’ energy from the heaven. Hence the name… ‘Chun Yang’ Peak! The next important condition is the Nine Dragons Terrain! Got it? The nine dragon veins intersect under this mountain. So, it’s not surprising that such a heavenly treasure has slowly formed over ten thousand years!”

“So that’s how it is.” Chu Yang thought of that backstory and chuckled twice.

Then, he suddenly thought of something, “Doesn’t that mean that another heavenly treasure will be formed here? After all, we haven’t destroyed its Nine Dragon Terrain…”

“But of course. You will just need to wait for ten thousand years to obtain it.” Sword Spirit grinned and spoke, “It needs to stay exposed to the sun for ten thousand years. In other words, a treasure like this needs ten thousand years to take shape. Wanna wait?”

“Wait?” Chu Yang smile wryly. [Motherf*ker, I don’t even know where I’ll be lying buried after ten thousand years? Even my descendants won’t be able to find my corpse… And, you are asking me to wait…?]

Chu Yang soon jumped out from the hole.

It was pitch-dark in the pit. Therefore, the others hadn’t been able to see what he was up to. But, the three of them were glad when he jumped out of the pit.

“You came out? Are you all right?” Tie Bu Tian asked.

“I’m all right,” Chu Yang replied.

“Excellent. Let’s go then.” Tie Bu Tian spoke that, and turned around to leave. The two shadows gave a warm smile, and followed after Tie Bu Tian.

They didn’t ask what Chu Yang had found. That’s because asking this question would’ve only put Chu Yang in awkward situation. This treasure was Chu Yang’s. So, why would they needlessly create trouble?

“You guys won’t ask what treasure I found?” Chu Yang asked in a puzzled manner.

“It’s yours to begin with. Regardless of what you got — it’s yours.” The shadow patted Chu Yang’s shoulder, and spoke with a genial smile on his face, “So, we didn’t ask.”

“Wait.” Chu Yang was somewhat moved by this. He sighed and said, “I found a piece of jade inside. I have divided it into four parts.” Saying this, he recalled how big of a miser Sword Spirit had been. He suddenly felt embarrassed in his heart.

However, neither did he know, and nor did he understand the true value of the Mysterious Yang Jade. If he had given-out the three chunks he had originally planned to give… the two shadows would probably have died on the spot from a stroke…


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