Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 404 – CN

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“This is my wife — not my brother,” the male shadow who had been laughing wildly all this while finally spoke up. His whole face convulsed because he had attempted to restrain his laughter for a long time.

“What the f*k! Why didn’t you tell me earlier that there’s a woman in our midst!” Chu Yang was stupefied at first. But then, he suddenly realized; [I’ve been treated unjustly. I’ve been beaten up and scolded for no reason. I’m innocent… I would’ve never told such a vulgar story with such passion if I had known that there’s a woman in our midst. I’m perfectly aware that it’s like asking for trouble…]

Then, Chu Yang looked at the ‘female shadow’. She was looking back at him with an evil intention in her eyes. Chu Yang shook his head. He seemed to be taking pleasure in another’s misfortune. [So, this is your wife? I thought she was your brother. She has a non-existent chest and flat buttocks… how disappointing and boring…]

They had arrived at the ‘Chun Yang Peak’ over the course of this conversation. Tie Bu Tian looked up at this mountain peak, and was suddenly reminded of the ‘backstory’ Chu Yang had narrated. He couldn’t help but harbor a surge of nausea. He uttered the vomiting sound a few times…

[This is so very disgusting!]

Tie Bu Tian frowned in a disgusted manner and spoke, “Minister Chu, you said something about pushing over this… peak. How do you plan to do that? Let’s discuss that instead.”

Tie Bu Tian had suddenly started to feel very disgusted to see this peak standing tall and erect on this mountain after he had heard that ‘backstory’. It had become an eyesore! [I wish I could push it down right now!]

[I originally thought that it would be a pity to destroy this big structure. But now… that feeling of ‘pity’ is nonexistent. How could I allow such a filthy, unsightly and blasphemous object to be majestically preserved for eternity?]

[It won’t do! I can’t let that happen!]

“I’m certainly considering this possibility.” Chu Yang wanted to cry but had no tears to shed. He rubbed his waist. Then, he gently pressed his fingers against his bruised face. He used his tongue to check for any loose teeth, and was relieved to find none. Then, he spoke, “Look over there. There’s slope there. And, you won’t find anything if you follow down this slope. There’s only a cliff that goes straight down.”

The male shadow observed carefully, and measured with the footsteps to confirm Chu Yang’s claim. Then, he nodded and said, “Well, indeed. If assuming in accordance with the human body —there has to be a steep concave pit at the end of one’s lower abdomen…”

“Do you wish to die?!” Two individuals simultaneously clenched their teeth and glared at him. He immediately realized that he had made an ‘indiscreet’ remark, and turned silent.

“That’s right. That’s the spot. Your vision is quite good, and your deduction is very accurate,” Chu Yang recklessly replied, but hastily turned his head when he saw four knife-life eyes glaring at him. Then, he continued, “You see… we can skid this mountain peak with the help of some tools if we hollow out this side and excavate from the other…”

“Hollow out?” It seemed as if the shadow had suddenly lost confidence in this plan. He said, “Didn’t you see? This mountain peak is a single chunk of stone. It’s very hard… and the quality of material it is made up of is far superior to an ordinary stone’s. Even a heavenly weapon won’t be able to support its weight… let alone push it over. Moreover, it’s so huge! It would be an understatement to say that it weighs several millions pounds. How much strength would it take to push it over?”

“We obviously won’t be pushing down the entire mountain peak… only the uppermost section.” Chu Yang confidently spoke, “Leave the task of hollowing-out to me. You’re only responsible for pushing the cut-out stones off the cliff. These stones should bring-about a lot of annihilation. But, their main purpose would to roll down and pave the way for the mountain peak…”

The two shadows looked at him with distrust.

Chu Yang smiled and said, “Now, the only concern is whether the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass can withstand such a big shock! What if this massive shock caused the collapse of the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass Border? It will become a self-defeating move, and it will completely ruin our chances of survival.”

“No need to worry about that.” Tie Bu Tian slightly smiled and spoke, “Minister Chu doesn’t know that this Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass has existed for thousands of years? Every nation that has ever been in control of this mountain pass has treated it as an important strategic location, and an impregnable natural stronghold!

“There was an incident in particular about 700-800 years ago. The nation that occupied this stronghold had come close to losing. However, they managed to win with great difficulty. The nation’s monarch had ordered that the entire wall of the Heaven Splitting Mountain pass must be cast with molten pig iron!

“It was later discovered that this method was very effective. Thereafter, the other enemy nations also began to reinforce their city walls with pig iron!” Tie Bu Tian spoke, “Iron Cloud gained control of it after the subversion of the previous country. There has never been an accident here ever since. It gets routine reinforcements and maintenance each year. And, this pig iron reinforcement is also the reason why Diwu Qing Rou hasn’t been able to penetrate our defenses for so many years!”

Tie Bu Tian continued with a smile, “Otherwise, wouldn’t it have been rather easy to break through the defenses of the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass if he were to send those powerful siege-type catapults?”

“I’m relieved if that’s the case,” Chu Yang replied. He secretly exclaimed in admiration; [Crap, so this wall is reinforced with pig iron… So what was I worried about in the first place?]

Then, he addressed Tie Bu Tian, “Your Majesty, you must move aside. You’re in the way…”

His first sentence made Tie Bu Tian have a ‘sweet’ thought in his heart, [this guy is rarely so considerate and thoughtful of others.] However, he suddenly felt like kicking Chu Yang after he heard the second sentence…

[What a disgraceful bastard he is!]

[Who are you calling a hindrance!?]

He bitterly turned and went to the side. He arrived on a wide and flat land. He then used the lapel of his jacket as a cushion, and sat down on it.

Chu Yang suddenly took a big stride forward, and leapt up. A sword appeared in his hand with a ‘clang’ sound. He abruptly stimulated his martial energy, and unleashed an awe-inspiring cold energy.

“Cold Ice Energy?” The two shadows were shocked. His desire to excavate the mountain with his sword was certainly inconceivable. However, his martial art was even more intriguing.

[Cold Ice Energy! Isn’t that the trademark martial art of the super clans of Upper Three Heavens?]

“No, this isn’t the Cold Ice Energy. It’s even more powerful than that… it’s the Seven Shades Cold Energy!” Chu Yang wagged his head. He looked rather pleased with himself as he added, “Pay attention. It’s starting…”


The long-sword pierced into the mountain peak with a ‘swoosh’. And then, the mountain peak’s hard stone was cut from left to right by the sword. It seemed as if the sword had cut through butter.

“Such a sharp sword!” The two shadows were gob-smacked!

They had seen many heavenly and divine weapons. But, they were seeing a weapon of this caliber for the first time. [It was able to cut such a hard stone… and that too without making any sound!]

[This is incredible!]

“No wonder you could come back alive from Great Zhao after getting chased for more than 5000 Km. So… it was actually because of this incredible heavenly weapon!” The Shadow sighed.

“Indeed.” Chu Yang laughed out loud. The long sword slashed three times in quick succession, and a ‘not-very-big’ chunk of stone was dug out. Then, Chu Yang conveniently threw the stone to one side. This stone was only half-a-foot in thickness. A small slit appeared at the base of the mountain with the removal of this stone.

The two shadows immediately realized that the plan had been kick-started once this slit appeared on this side of the mountain peak.

The next stone Chu Yang dug out was as big as a calf. It weighed several thousand kilograms, and had been separated from the mountain peak in its entirety.

The shadow lifted it with his hands. He then took a few steps forward, and threw it down the slope with a thundering sound!

And then, another stone followed…

Then another…

The rumbling sound of thunderclaps began to echo.

The distance between the summit and the slanting valley was far more than ‘just’ 10,000 feet… It was at least 30,000 to 40,000 feet. So, the people on the ground didn’t know what was happening at the top…

The loud rumbling sounds were heard by the three tiger generals of Great Zhao… as well as Wu Kuang Yun — who was within the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass. They hurriedly looked up towards the sky.

The three tiger generals got so worried that they were nearly came to tears. [It would be terrible if the weather worsened, and it began to rain heavily. So many soldiers and horses of Great Zhao are camped outside. They would be caught off-guard by a devastating flood of rain-water… especially because it would get boosted by the slanting terrain of this valley. The result would be terrible!]

However, Wu Kuang Yun was very excited. [Motherf*ker, it’s going to rain? I say… the more the merrier. It would be better to drown these bastards to death…]

Everyone ran out to check the weather. But, the sky was clear with a brilliant sun rising in the eastern sky. [The sky is blue, and there are no signs of rainy clouds. Is it really going to rain?]

However, the rumbling sound got louder and louder. No one knew what was going on. Moreover, the sound was endlessly echoing in the valley amidst the surrounding cliffs… bang… bang…

Soon, the entire valley started to tremble. The mountains had also started to tremble. The Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass was a bit far away, but it began to tremble nonetheless. This phenomenon had scared everyone.

“Is this an earthquake?” Wu Kuang Yun’s complexion changed; big-time. He tightly held on to the wall he was standing on. His facial expression had turned dark because of shock; [Fu*k ah. The Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass is done for if this is an earthquake…]

Suddenly, one of the officers standing in the crowd of Great Zhao’s army yelled out. His eyes literally popped-out of his eye-sockets. His trembling finger was pointed at the diagonally opposite cliff. He screamed in a scared voice, “Fu*k… this is bad! This is bad guys… ah ah ah ah ah…”

The later part of his speech came out in the form of whispers… and was basically gibberish. And, the rumbling sound had gotten really very close by this time. The source of the sound had nearly approached the ground, and was soon going to enter the slanting valley. The soldiers turned their heads upwards — only to see the stunning spectacle of a huge square-shaped stone falling towards them. It seemed as if this massive stone had come straight from the sky. It was producing a thunderous sound. And, it seemed as if it was going to destroy everything with its massive momentum. It had literally rolled down from the sky. Then, it finally smashed down…

The impact spread dust everywhere. This dust blocked everyone’s vision. Then, countless big square-shaped stones came tumbling down from above, and smashed down with incredible momentum. The impulse shook the ground. The soldiers who were lined up within the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass fell down one after another!

This wasn’t very surprising when one considered the momentum of these massive stones…

“Dodge!” the army officers shouted this word. But, they were greeted by a bloody scene…

[Dodge? Where to? There’s nowhere to take cover…]

The massive boulders fell from above, and smashed right into the crowd of soldiers. And then, these boulders rolled around violently. They crushed and killed everyone in their vicinity. Sparks flew and glittered in the valley. The heart-wrenching screams echoed in the valley. This had given birth to a sea of blood…


These big stones were falling from a height of 8000 meters; at least. What kind of impulse would they generate when they’d hit the ground? How much force would that be?

No one could calculate the exact figure! As the saying goes — even a finger-sized stone can smash one’s head and crack-it-open when it is dropped from a few kilometers of height. However, these stones were the size of a camel…


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