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Minister Chu opened his eyes wide, and looked at them in an innocent manner. He felt extremely wronged. [You were the ones who made me say that… alright? I said it to joke around… and have some fun. Why did you all get mad?]

[The color of the sky is very hard to predict… ah.]

[No wonder they say that accompanying a King is as dangerous as accompanying a tiger. This saying is absolutely true.]

“He genuinely deserves this sort of a treatment,” The two shadows looked at him fiercely. Then, they went along with the Emperor without showing any mercy or sympathy towards him. Chu Yang was being treated miserably and despised upon – like one would treat a heartless scoundrel who had abandoned a girl after having thoughtless s*x with her.

Chu Yang stared at the backs of the three people. He couldn’t take it anymore; he cried out in a depressed tone, “What did I do wrong? Why are you treating me like this? This is unfair. I’m being wrongly accused… this is really insane. How did I end-up offending all of you at once?”

The three people had their own reasons to ignore him. But, they felt delighted as they heard his depressed cries.

“Well… it’s here.” Chu Yang pointed ahead. The three people had been ignoring him ever since he had revealed his expert tip on ‘how to bring Wu Kuang Yun under control’. So, he had remained gloomy throughout the way. He continued to rack his brains, [I’m sure that none of the words I said could’ve offended anyone. Then, why did these three people get angry? What… what’s going on?]

[It seems that talking too much leads to some mistakes.]

They finally reached the location, and felt relaxed. But, getting a cold shoulder never feels good; especially when one’s having a fun discussion, and the next moment something comes out of one’s mouth that annoys someone… and then one is left scratching one’s head – wondering where one went wrong…

“What’s here?” Tie Bu Tian asked.

“You’ll find a little slope after you get down from here. You can’t see it from here… but the slope goes three-thousand feet down. It’s very steep. It’s impossible to come-up from below. But, there’s no hindrance while going down from above.” Chu Yang spoke, “Of course, people can’t get down from here.”

“What’s the point of coming here… if people can’t get down from here?” Tie Bu Tian titled his head, and looked at him. He hadn’t missed any chance to ridicule Chu Yang since that talk.

“But, other things can go down… for example, a stone.” Chu Yang smiled mischievously and continued, “I remember that the slope slants down into the slanting valley… and the slanting valley is jam-packed with Great Zhao’s army… haha… this is so amusing.”

Tie Bu Tian’s countenance changed; he became terrified. A sharp look appeared in his eyes as he said, “You mean…”

Chu Yang smiled and said, “What I mean is quite simple. Since Great Zhao’s army is crowded in this narrow slanting valley… we may as well turn it into a bloody valley… We can also interrupt their supplies to a certain extent…”

A glint of ‘cruelty’ was visible in Chu Yang’s smile. Even the two shadows shivered as they looked at his expressions.

Tie Bu Tian pondered for a moment and said, “You’re right… But, you want to achieve that by relying on only our strength. I think… you’re overestimating our capabilities.” He lowered his head to think for a moment. He then said, “We can’t cause a lot of damage even if we roll tree-logs or stones down from here… The most we can do is cause some disturbance… it won’t be very useful.”

“That’s why I’ve brought you to the right terrain… ah… or else why do you think I would be leading you back-and-forth?” Chu Yang was surprised by Tie Bu Tian’s stupidity. [Did this guy stop using his brain?]

Chu Yang didn’t know that most women possessed this characteristic – as long as a woman can rely on the man by her side… she’ll let the man deal with any problem that occurs. She would never consider the fact that there are some problems that she can easily handle herself…

“Just explain your plan,” Tie Bu Tian was also aware of her abnormal behavior. So, she coughed twice to disguise her embarrassment.

“Look over there… at that mountain,” Chu Yang said enthusiastically as he pointed towards a tall mountain in the front. Its peak was hidden in the clouds.

The three people were shocked as they looked at it.

They saw a towering mountain peak a few thousand feet away from where they stood. It was a lofty peak; it looked like a giant arm that was protruding into the sky. It was hard to tell its actual height since most of it was hidden in the clouds.

It had a smooth surface; it wasn’t covered with weeds or plants. It looked like a towering lump of stone that stood erect between Heaven and earth.

“See? This mountain peak is appropriate for the task. We only need to push it over… Then, it’ll go rumbling downwards. Considering its shape and size… it’ll dash down all the way… and fall at the center of the slanting valley. I’m sure that its massive momentum will keep on rolling it for a few miles… And, about one-hundred-thousand soldiers of Great Zhao stationed within these miles will be turned into meat sauce…”

The way Chu Yang talked about such an important matter was really incredible. Moreover, there was an imposing style to it. However, the other three people didn’t find this matter very casual. So, they were stunned. They looked at him as if he was a monster…

“Push it over?” Tie Bu Tian looked at the ‘delighted prehistoric creature’ called Chu Yang. He continued to look at Chu Yang for a while. He then said, “Minister Chu, I have to say that your plan is brilliant. In fact, this mountain peak will cause more than one-hundred-thousand casualties if we manage to push it down from here… But, the issue is how to push it over?

“I’m not talking about the weight. I’m talking about the size of this mountain peak. It’s several hundred feet tall… and we can’t even see its peak. It’s very thick too. I’m assuming that it has more than a hundred feet of perimeter. The four of us can’t even shake it with our combined strengths; let alone push it. That’s impossible.”

Chu Yang laughed and said, “I didn’t say that we must push it down all of a sudden. This kind of thing takes time; we must take one step at a time. We must strike when the iron is hot. You see… you must take your time… and entice her slowly. And, at the right time… when she’s showing the least resistance… Ahem… then you take it and slam it inside with a bam. Boom… Bang… Boom… there… it’s done. Mission accomplished!

Chu Yang’s words left the two women to blush. [No matter what comes of out of this bastard’s mouth… it makes him look like those perverts who molest young girls…]

[How did an important plan related to eradicating the enemies turn into such a vulgar talk?]

The two shadows shook their heads as they looked at the mountain peak. [I’m afraid that even a Martial Monarch can’t move such a mountain peak; forget about pushing it over…]

[Perhaps… only a legendary Martial Saint or a Supreme Martial Artist can achieve such a feat.]

[Of course… a Supreme Martial Artist would be able to flatten this mountain peak with just a flick of his hands. Then, there won’t be any need of going one step at a time… But, would such a character even need to push-over this mountain peak to deal with such a petty human army? He-alone would be enough to kill them all…]

[However, this feat can’t be achieved with the combined power of the three King level experts present here…]

“I have an idea…” Chu Yang stated in a confident manner, “… but it will need a significant amount of time. It can’t be done in a short time…”

Tie Bu Tian curled-up his lips and said, “There’s no need to push it at all if you wish to wait until next year…”

“How can that be?” Chu Yang said in an angry tone, “It’ll require only two days of time. In fact, not even two days…” He beckoned with his hand and spoke, “Come with me if you want to achieve this great victory… ”

Then, he started to walk towards the mountain peak.

The other three people were helpless; they had to follow after him. They couldn’t help but think of his idea as a joke.

The more they thought about it… the more they felt that Chu Yang’s idea was completely unreasonable… and totally unfeasible. However, it was very strange to see that the entire mountain was made-up of rocks that had constituted to form a big stone. This big stone weighed millions of kilograms…

The big stone was cylindrical in shape; it had been standing upright at the top of the hill since a long time. It was rather incredible. It could be regarded as a massive natural structure that stood tall between Heaven and earth…

“I don’t know the name of this mountain… but I know the name of this mountain’s peak. It’s called the Chun Yang Peak. Its name is very famous in the nearby areas… This Chun Yang Peak is composed of only one stone. There is a backstory that explains its origins.” Chu Yang spoke in a deep voice as he walked, “Do you wish to know?”

“What backstory?” the three of them asked in unison. They had seen this place for the first time, and didn’t know anything about it.

“This backstory… haha… is really difficult to tell. Fortunately, there’s no woman present here. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have been able to tell it.” Minister Chu revealed a vulgar smile. His eyebrow went up and down. He winked as if trying to hint the three men that – ‘you know… only men can understand this kind of stuff’. The three people smiled at him.

He was oblivious that the sentence that he had just spoken – ‘fortunately, there’s no woman present here’ – was truly ridiculous. Two out of the three people present before him were women…

The three people were in a good mood, and were having fun. They felt powerless as they thought that this guy goes crazy from time-to-time.

“What’s the backstory?” a shadow asked.

“Look at this mountain from bottom-to-top. Focus on the two oval-shaped bases that support it from the bottom. Hmm… though it’s very big… it doesn’t seem that vivid… but it doesn’t matter… the key point it at the top.”

Minister Chu chuckled, and tried to inspire the spirits of the three people; it seemed as if he was showing them a newly discovered continent. He said, “You see… there’s a mushroom head at the top. Now, follow along the thick stem that runs all the way down to the two circular shapes… do you understand now? Hehe…” Chu Yang grinned; he seemed overjoyed.

Tie Bu Tian and the others looked at him with a doubtful expression on their faces.

“You people don’t have the slightest imagination…” Chu Yang heaved a deep sigh and spoke, “Can’t you see… if you shrink it hundreds-of-thousands of times… what will it look like?”

Chu Yang looked extremely excited. He laughed twice in an obscene manner. Then, he spoke… as if to guide them patiently, “Think about it… we all have something… haha… that looks like this… Take a good look at it, and think carefully… Doesn’t it look like…? Doesn’t it look like….?”

The three people shook their heads; they seemed to be at a loss. However, only two of them were truly oblivious. The third one was trying his best to suppress his laughter; so much so, that he felt that his lungs would explode… [I can’t laugh… I can’t even smile. I’ll be in trouble if I do. The misfortune of Minister Chu will get shifted to my head…]

However, it wasn’t easy to keep a straight face in the current situation. It was extremely uncomfortable to suppress his laughter. He couldn’t let any strange expression appear on his face. In fact, he had to use his powers of Nine Grade King level to control his facial muscles…

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Chun Yang Peak: ‘Chun’ means pure or simple. Yang means sun; it’s also the ‘male principle’ in Daoism.


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