Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 401 – CN

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The enemies didn’t retreat after they heard Wu Kuang Yun’s announcement. In fact, the three generals became even more vigilant, and began to launch more intensive attacks.

Long Ao spurred his horse to move forward, and began to rain curses on Wu Kuang Yun in a loud voice, “Get lost, you mother*ker! Do you think that you have any credibility? Your grandfather has already f*king turned into a pile of ashes… and you still have the guts to swear on his name. Shame on you… you sly cheater… You think the same as your foolish, sinister and vulgar Wu family…”

Wu Kuang Yun got furious and cursed back, “I’m your Father. Your Father’s grandfather is your Great-grandfather. How dare you curse your Great-grandfather… you disobedient, un-filial bastard. You’re a wicked person… without any redemption. You’re being disrespectful to your deceased ancestors! This is utterly disgraceful and heresy. Long Ao… you son of a b*tch, you offal, you are a bastard son born of a wh*re.” The persuasion attempt had turned into a comical scene of two armies hurling abuses at each other.

Wu Kuang Yun and Long Ao weren’t satisfied with hurling abuses at each other. Therefore, both of them gathered their subordinates, and lined them up to form squads for chanting abuses in unison. Wu Kuang Yun refused to be outdone. So, he went one step further and divided his soldiers into several groups. These groups were to take turns to continue this battle of abuses. He even stripped down to his waist, and joined his men in chanting abuses.

That atmosphere along with the shouts was a world-shaking phenomenon.

Their curses darkened the sky; a sense of gloominess was spread over the earth. Even the sun and the moon had lost their brightness. These soldiers were bold and straightforward. Moreover, each one of them was skilled at cursing. So, they continued to curse all sorts of vulgar abuses in various dialects from all over the country…

There were a total of one million people including the soldiers atop the wall and the ones stationed below. And, all of them were hurling abuses at each other! All possible references to each other’s female relatives – tracing all the way up to seventeen or eighteen previous generations had been mentioned…

Chu Yang, Tie Bu Tian and the two shadows had taken a detour, and had arrived there by that time.

Tie Bu Tian and the shadows didn’t know that there were other routes leading to the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass. So, they had followed Minister Chu, and had found a narrow and winding road. Moreover, Minister Chu had found a rare wild ginseng and a hundreds of years old Red Spirit Mushroom from the sides of this secret road. He had also collected a pile of stuff like Solomon’s Seal Plant and Fleece flower on the way…

The experienced and knowledgeable shadows were dumbfounded by his ability.

[How’s he finding these items?]

[While walking around… Chu Yang often utters an expression of surprise – ‘hmm’. Then, he starts sniffing around… and squats down to inspect a patch of grass… only to find a precious herbal medicine. Each herb he finds can be regarded as a high-quality item…]

[This skill goes in defiance of the natural order. Even a poor person – without any aptitude – can enhance his cultivation with this ability…] the two shadows thought.

The road was extremely narrow and twisted – like a sheep’s intestines. The narrowest section of the road was so narrow that even a slim person could barely squeeze through it by pushing himself sideways. There were several such narrow sections. Fortunately, none of the four individuals were fat. So, they were able to pass through these sections.

Minister Chu noticed that the other people didn’t face any difficulty in passing through such sections. However, the lean and thin Tie Bu Tian would get his chest stuck in narrow spots several times…

Minister Chu was puzzled by this, [His chest seems average. It’s rather flat… to be precise. His chest muscles aren’t even developed. Why does his chest keep getting stuck? This is really strange…]

The mountain road was getting more and more difficult to tread-on. It was hard to tell how old this road was. In fact, it could no longer be called a road as it was densely covered with thorny bushes. They reached a certain point after they had climbed less than halfway to the peak; it was impossible to move forward from there.

It would’ve been impossible for these people to move ahead if they had low cultivations.

Tie Bu Tian’s physical strength gradually started to cause problems. So, a shadow had to carry him. Chu Yang felt sorry for the shadow. After all, this shadow was a skinny old man, and could get tired easily. However, Chu Yang was young and full of strength and vigor. Moreover, he was a king level expert now. So, he proposed to lend his back.

He hadn’t thought that his proposition would receive a strong opposition from the two shadows and Tie Bu Tian.

Their reaction was so intense that it startled Chu Yang. He was at a loss, and had no choice but to let the old man continue to carry Tie Bu Tian on his back. He complained in his heart, [What the hell! Are you afraid that I’ll throw the Emperor from the cliff and into the abyss?]

He became depressed.

But, he also felt strange, [Tie Bu Tian doesn’t mind being carried on the back of the shadow. But, why won’t he allow anyone other than the shadows to carry him? Doesn’t he know that I proposed to carry him… only because I look at him as a brother? Yet, he bluntly rejected my offer…]

Tie Bu Tian was helpless. The transforming effect of her jade ornament could deceive only people’s vision, but not their sense of touch. Chu Yang would’ve certainly detected the difference if he were to carry her on his back…

But, she didn’t mind being carried by the shadows… because they were a married couple even though she called the two of them ‘Uncles’.

They finally arrived at the summit of the mountain after they had crossed several cliffs. A bone-chilling wind was blowing at the summit. It was issuing a howling sound. The four people were forced to use their martial powers to be able to stand steadily. It was extremely cold at the summit even though it was mid-summer.

“Cross this mountain-peak… and get down from that side. Then, you’ll arrive at the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass. But, you’ll have to get down from this seven-to-eight-hundred feet high concave cliff if you wish to enter the Heaven Splitting Mountain Pass… You can’t afford to fall from here.” Chu Yang pointed his finger at a cliff and spoke, “The slanting valley is right below this protruding cliff.”

Tie Bu Tian nodded thoughtfully.

“Your Majesty doesn’t need to worry. We’ve taken an extremely secret route to arrive here. Someone can’t climb-up this road unless they have a cultivation of Revered Martial Artist or higher… It’s even more implausible to bring an army.”

Tie Bu Tian replied with a faint smile, “I’m not worried about that. I heard you say that the slanting valley is beneath this. But, the slanting valley must be jam-packed with Great Zhao’s army since Wu Kuang Yun must be guarding the mountain pass right now. How can we destroy them? Shouldn’t we have a way to do that… since we are currently at an advantage?”

“Maybe… this isn’t the lucky chance?” The shadow on the side said, “You must know that there must be a suitable terrain to pull that off…”

“You didn’t even look around. How do you know that this isn’t our lucky chance?” Tie Bu Tian frowned and spoke, “Besides… we’ve arrived here with much difficulty. My heart wouldn’t allow me to get down from here without doing anything.”


Tie Bu Tian didn’t pay any attention, but Chu Yang had appeared to be thinking hard with wrinkled eyebrows ever since he had spoken this sentence. He then spoke, “Such being the case… I know a way. Come with me.”

Then, he followed the same route that they had taken to arrive here, and started to descend. The other three people didn’t know what he was trying to do. However, they followed after him.

They vaguely heard the vigorous shouts coming from below. The mountain was indeed extremely tall, but three of these four people were king level experts. So, they possessed superhuman hearing abilities. How could they not hear those shouts?

“Awesome!” Chu Yang spoke in a heartfelt manner, “Just look at the way Wu Kuang Yun is hurling abuses. It’s such a marvelous achievement! Such an occurrence can be considered as ‘unprecedented’ in any war.”

Tie Bu Tian almost bent over and giggled. He then said, “It seems that Great General Wu is extremely anxious.”

“How can he not be anxious? He left you – the Emperor behind… and ran back to safety; even if it was by your command. In case something happens to you… he’ll most likely jump into the Nine Heavens’ Milky Way and commit suicide. This guy’s mind is being tormented by a hundred claws right now. He must be going through an unspeakable amount of bitter suffering…”

Chu Yang smiled mischievously and said, “I guess General Wu must be feeling extremely satisfied in his heart right now.”

Tie Bu Tian couldn’t help but laugh. He said, “Yes! When you see him… ask him how satisfied he really felt…” Suddenly, Tie Bu Tian’s face turned red for some reason…

“No need to ask… I already know what he’ll say…” Chu Yang curled his lips and replied.

“What will he say?” Tie Bu Tian asked curiously.

“Once he sees that you’ve come back safely… And, when you aren’t around… if I go and ask him how he felt… and how satisfied he was…” Chu Yang replied, “… he’ll puff-up his chest and say this…”

“What?” Tie Bu Tian asked.

Chu Yang imitated Wu Kuang Yun’s coarse and thick voice, clutched his chest, swung his buttocks and said, “… Ahwooh… I feel so good… I really feel so good… ah… ah… ah… ahwooh…”

Chu Yang had perfectly imitated Wu Kuang Yun’s posture and body movements. He had spoken in a sentimental tone. That made it seem as if he was deeply indulged in a fantasy, and was embarrassed enough to blush from ear-to-ear…

Tie Bu Tian staggered and almost went rolling down from the mountain top. He kicked Chu Yang in the butt. His face flushed with anger as he said, “Nonsense! He won’t say such things…”

The two shadows also staggered and nearly fell on their heads. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. They steadied themselves, and looked at Minister Chu. They continued to stare at him for a long time. They didn’t understand the meaning of what he had just said…

“But… I must say that you mimicked his voice very well.” Tie Bu Tian calmed down, and said with a smile, “I can tell from hearing you… that you possess a very good memory… don’t you?”

“Yes… ah. My memory is rather good.” Chu Yang shook his head and said with a sigh, “He was once captured by me… and held captive for ten days during his assassination attempt on Du Shi Qing. He shouted curses at me for several days. His voice was extremely annoying. But, when he took it too far and provoked me… I told him something. Then, he immediately became obedient…”

“Eh? What did you tell him?” Tie Bu Tian became curious. After all, Wu Kuang Yun was the kind of guy who could even clamor in front of Tie Long Cheng. So, what exactly was said to him that made him obedient in spite of the fact that he shared a hostile position with Chu Yang…?

“I told him that… I’ll feed aphrodisiacs to all the warhorses if you dare to curse at me again… and then, I will strip-off your clothes… and make you assume a sexy pose in the shed of those warhorses…” Chu Yang squinted and said happily.

“You…” Tie Bu Tian had an intuition. That resulted into a burst of rage. These words nearly stimulated him to jump off the cliff.

Not for Wu Kuang Yun… but for himself.

[Feed aphrodisiac… and then assume a sexy pose…]

[Doesn’t it sound like the same thing that happened to me that night… when Chu Yang was unconscious after an aphrodisiac overdose?]

[Why did he tell me this? Was he conscious at that time?]

Suddenly, Tie Bu Tian blushed.

He couldn’t restrain his anger. He asked furiously, “What do you mean?!”

The two shadows looked at each other in dismay, [Don’t tell me that this minister…]

“Eh?” Minister Chu was shocked. He looked at Tie Bu Tian innocently, and scratched his head. He then said, “What?”

“Humph!” Tie Bu Tian realized that it was a misunderstanding. [The way this guy was caught off-guard just now… the baffled expression on his face explains it all. He isn’t pretending. It means that he genuinely threatened Wu Kuang Yun.] However, the thought of it left Tie Bu Tian in a rage. He clasped his hands behind his back; he had an icy look on his face. Then, he started to walk while he fumed with anger.


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