Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 393 – CN

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More than ten enemies had lost their lives to his sword’s last blow. Then, the Nine Tribulations Sword had started to swallow their life force. Therefore, his body didn’t feel tired.

Chu Yang roared. The hostility from his previous life had been aroused from the depths of his soul. In short, he now harbored a mad desire to massacre. He needed to kill to satisfy his bloodlust!

He moved from left to right within the crowd like a mad tiger. The Nine Tribulations Sword broke the weapons with a ‘snapping’ sound wherever it went.

The Nine Tribulations Sword Point glittered with an astonishingly bright light. The Sword Edge had turned crimson. The Sword Spine’s entire body appeared like a demon who had bared its fangs to expose a grim smile. The blood wouldn’t stick to it even after the slaughter had taken place. They were callous and devoid of any feelings… they were indifferently reaping lives; just like an executioner.

The crazy massacre had stirred-up the murderous nature of the three fragments of Nine Tribulations Sword!

These three fragments had existed as sections of a heavenly weapon since ancient times. They were precisely designed for the purpose of slaughter. That was the purpose of their existence. In other words, their significance was to come together as one in order to make the Nine Tribulations Sword a weapon of massacre!

Now, they had officially returned to their old ways.

The murderous aura got stronger and stronger. It got denser and denser.

Jing Meng Hun looked stunned as he saw Chu Yang’s figure dashing-about; left to right. His heart was in a state of shock.

[This King of Hell Chu is very scary. His injuries have healed in the middle of such a cruel chase. The entirety of his strength also seems to have been restored. In fact, it seems like he has even made a breakthrough!]

[Furthermore, it’s not limited to this alone! The most dreadful matter isn’t that King of Hell Chu has made a breakthrough… rather he seems like a completely different person from the King of Hell I saw the last time!]

[King of Hell Chu would always fight back in our previous encounters. But, he’d flee when he was unable to!]

[However, he looks completely changed this time. King of Hell Chu is amidst besiege. But, he’s attacking and killing crazily. He doesn’t seem to care whether he suffers a knife or a sword injury. It seems like all he can think about is… slaughter!]

[As if… his goal is to slaughter people at any cost!]

Jing Meng Hun was alarmed. He sneered in his heart, [Your martial power has soared-up to the sky, but do you really think that you can kill three thousand experts on your own?]

He jumped-up and joined the fighting circle.

Over hundred corpses had already fallen within a radius of 300-400 feet around Chu Yang in just a quarter of an hour. Most of them had their bodies crushed by the Nine Tribulations Sword.

The pressure on Chu Yang became exceptionally great after Jing Meng Hun joined in. But, he did his best to carry on. He continued to struggle in desperation, and continued to dash outward.

Luckily, he was able to hold on since he had already fallen into a frenzied state. Yet, he still remembered his real intention, [I have to escape!]

[I have to rush out!]

Chu Yang and Jing Meng Hun’s swords clashed with a loud ‘bang’. Jing Meng Hun held the sword in his left hand since he had been recently handicapped. But, he couldn’t display his full strength with his left hand. However, the strength of a peak Ninth Grade King Level Expert was no joke. His martial power was much higher than Chu Yang’s.

The difference in the strengths of the two men couldn’t be measured.

Suddenly, Chu Yang’s body shuddered and recoiled. His mouth and nose had started spurting-out blood. Two ‘slamming’ sounds were heard as he staggered. Two Revered Martial artists of the Golden Horse Riders Department had taken the opportunity to sneak behind him. So, he had gotten struck twice by their palms. A sharp and cold pain shot up in Chu Yang’s leg. A sword had obliquely cut his right leg. It had slashed a long and deep wound, and blood had started to spew-out of it.

Chu Yang yelled out with a sudden surge of fury. His sword trembled as it issued a ‘hissing’ sound. Suddenly, it moved in a semicircular motion, and the 12 moves of the three fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword were issued at once!

There wasn’t the slightest pause in-between the moves!

There was no stopping him. Then, he rapidly issued his four self-made sword moves…

A volcano of sword energy erupted within a range of 300 feet around Chu Yang. Countless sword lights were unleashed in the form of strands and streamers. They spread out in abundance… and fiercely poured down as torrents…

They spread in all directions with their formidable power… as if to conquer everything.

It appeared as if countless devils had emerged in the vast sky. It seemed as if they were blinking their flaring eyes. This scene was very extremely scary. The murderous aura appeared to be soaring to the heavens.

Then, there was the loud noise of an explosion.

Everyone wanted to take advantage of the situation since Chu Yang was injured. Several hundred people had surrounded him with an intense ‘rumbling’ sound. Everyone’s sword had come down at him in unison. But, who could’ve thought that Chu Yang’s entire body would unleash an outburst of sword energy all of a sudden…

Countless people had to bear the brunt of this attack. The ones who were nearer… didn’t even get a chance to scream; nor did they get enough time to reveal the expression of panic on their faces. Their bodies were torn to pieces by the sword energy.

The attack had killed nearly two hundred people at once!

Jing Meng Hun’s facial muscles twitched uncontrollably as he looked at the remains of their chopped-up limbs and body parts. The corner of his eye was also twitched.

[What kind of sword-play is this?]

[It’s impossible to display this level of power… even for a Ninth Grade King Level Expert like me! Fortunately, I didn’t move forward just then. Otherwise, I would’ve certainly sustained injuries… that is… if the attack hadn’t killed me on the spot!]

Everyone had gone silent.

King of Hell Chu stood amidst a mess of flesh and blood. His clothes were completely drenched in blood. His body swayed a little, but he still stood proudly. His eyes were as ice-cold as before. He still looked cruel, and still carried the same murderous aura as earlier.

His sword was in his right hand; it flickered with cold brightness. Numerous thick blood-droplets dripped from King of Hell Chu’s body, and onto the sword’s blade. The blood then trickled down his sword, but left the sword’s blade spotless and untainted. It still glittered brightly with an icy luminesce.

The remaining people stared at King of Hell Chu in a daze as his bloodstained figure emerged from the place which had been littered with mangled and mutilated remains. Their eyes twitched as their hearts filled with dread.

Their enemy had sustained serious injuries. He was also swaying somewhat. It was clear that he would not live for long. But… still… no one dared to try and deal with this cornered beast.

Another 100-200 people would lose their lives in case such an explosion occurred again. No one wanted to be among those 100-200 people.

The sound of the approaching army was getting closer and closer in the background. The entire mountain forest seemed to shiver under the oppression of the iron hooves of the horses. Even the surrounding flames had gone into hiding… as if they were terrified of the domineering presence of stampeding horses…

[The Iron Cloud’s reinforcements will be arriving soon! Perhaps, in the next quarter of an hour…!]

“Dripping blood military tactics!” Jing Meng Hun screamed madly.

Everyone secretly curled their lips. [King Level Master Jing has used these four words ‘dripping blood military tactics’ 7-8 times today. But, he hasn’t rushed forth to use these tactics himself.]

Nearly six hundred people had died since Jing Meng Hun had first urged them to use ‘dripping blood military tactics’. Six-hundred of the three-thousand men were already down… This was an extremely terrifying number!

Jing Meng Hun ferociously threw himself forward after he gave the order. He was aware that he must take the lead this time. After all, a frightening number of causalities had occurred by now. Not to mention that the Iron Cloud’s reinforcements were very close. Perhaps this attack was going to be their last chance…

Everyone rushed forth once again. This was the final attack!

Chu Yang was already exhausted. His vision had turned somewhat fuzzy. But, the blood within his body was still burning as fervently as before. He flew upwards, and it seemed as if his soul was on fire…

Chu Yang had already dashed-out about 700 feet since the moment he had rushed-out from within the sea of fire and had fallen into the encirclement of these three thousand people.

This was an unimaginable distance. Even Jing Meng Hun knew that it was impossible for him to achieve such a feat if he were in Chu Yang’s place.

However, Chu Yang was completely exhausted. He had been rendered powerless by that sudden explosion from his sword. He would’ve probably reserved some of his power for later use if he had released this sword attack at an earlier time. However, he was in some strange state of mind at this time. In fact, his condition was such that he himself didn’t know why this had happened. He was unaware as to why he had used up the entirety of his power in a single sword attack…

Jing Meng Hun grinned more and more fiendishly as he saw the swords and sabers getting closer and closer to Chu Yang. However, Chu Yang suddenly faced upwards and roared. And, the Nine Tribulations Sword Point suddenly summoned back the ice-cold energy!

Chu Yang’s meridians instantly brimmed with a cold energy… as if surging with a desire to burst-out of him!

It was the Seven Shades Cold energy!

Chu Yang’s terror-striking appearance had been reawakened. He readily brandished his sword, and a bizarre white-colored cold energy was suddenly scattered outwards. Everything frosted wherever this cold energy traversed to. This chill had dominated the entire environment.

Jing Meng Hun and his experts found their bodies frozen-stiff!

The horses were rapidly rushing-over from far away. The horses went around a curve, and finally appeared at the scene. Then, a loud shout resounded. In fact, it nearly sounded like a thunderclap, “Stop!” the voice was sharp, a bit frightened and somewhat anxious. It sounded somewhat feminine as well.

Two shadows quickly jumped from their horses, and rushed forward like a flash of lightning. It looked as if they were flying in the air. They covered hundreds of feet with just one leap. And, they got even closer with another jump. It was fantastical to see these two shadows float in the air…

Jing Meng Hun had used the entirety of his martial power in the final attack. The countless experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department also launched their frenzied attacks in one final bombardment.

Chu Yang was at the center of these attacks. He shouted, and no longer held-back his strength. He transported the entirety of his power to his sword, and the 12 moves of the Nine Tribulations Sword erupted at one!

The storm rose once again!

However, it unleashed the kind of chill that could freeze everything in a radius of 500km this time. The effect of this attack was completely different than the previous one. Countless screams echoed in unison. Many experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department lost their lives to this attack. Their corpses had been frozen stiff. They had basically turned into chunks of frozen meat, and were still flying-about in the air.

Close to three hundred men had been killed by this explosion. The surroundings looked similar to the Asura hell. It was indeed an appalling scene of destruction.

Jing Meng Hun screamed in a hoarse voice. The sword attack had hit his shoulder, thighs and chest. He had been drenched in blood. He quickly moved back, and flew-up into the sky as he bellowed, “That’s enough; withdraw!”

He hadn’t expected that he would receive such injuries in such an intensive besiege. Escape was the only option they had at this time. The two shadows that were rushing from the other side were clearly Tie Bu Tian’s royal bodyguards. He would lose his life on the spot if he were to get surrounded by those two…

Chu Yang groaned miserably. He had been the focus of this final desperate attack in which the enemy had completely gone all out. Chu Yang had received a kick from Jing Meng Hun after he had faced a barrage of swords and sabers. He felt his five internal organs crack when his body was flung high into the sky by the kick. Then, he came falling down. He had lost consciousness the moment he had been sent flying…

The two shadows arrived at a lightning speed, and made it just in time to catch the falling Chu Yang in their arms.

Then, Tie Bu Tian’s anger-filled voice reverberated in the vicinity, “Kill-off these scoundrels!”


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