Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 391 – CN

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Suddenly, one of the snakes arched its body. It flung its head backwards, and leapt forward. Its tongue flew out with a ‘swoosh’ sound. It covered a distance of 140 to 150 feet in an instant, and coiled itself around a Martial Great Master. It then moved its head to-and-fro – as if observing its prey. The expert in its coils was extremely scared; he was screaming loudly. His feet rose from the ground as he was hoisted in the air by the snake.

Then, he fell into the snake’s mouth and got swallowed.

The other snake also flung its head backwards, and leapt-up ferociously. But, it had picked the wrong target. It was going towards Jing Meng Hun.

Jing Meng Hun bellowed as he leapt upwards, and pulled-out his shining long sword. Then, he slashed the sword with his entire strength.

There was a ‘swoosh’ sound. A fishy stench was issued as the dark-green blood got scattered everywhere. A part of the snake’s long tongue had been chopped down by Jing Meng Hun’s long sword. The snake’s severed tongue fell to the ground, and started to twist and tumble like a living creature. It got covered in dust in a blink of an eye.

The snake had suffered a severe blow. It opened its mouth and started to issue hisses of severe pain. Its huge body writhed back-and-forth in pain.

Suddenly, the other snake issued a strange hissing sound from its mouth. It opened its big mouth, and spurted-out a pink smoke into the other snake’s mouth. Surprisingly, the bleeding from that snake’s mouth stopped, and it ceased to writhe on the ground. It seemed to be a little sluggish. However, it had recovered significantly.

“This isn’t a snake. This is an ancient spirit beast – the lust dragon!” Jing Meng Hun exclaimed as he saw the pink smoke. He identified the two monsters as he observed the strange healing method and the silver horns on their heads. He immediately covered his nose, and dodged out of the pink smoke’s way at a lightning speed. He shouted, “Hurry up, move back. You mustn’t inhale the pink smoke at any cost.”

No one dared to ignore this warning. The experts quickly retreated by several hundred feet.

“King Level Expert, what’s a lust dragon?” a Command Horse Rider asked.

“A lust dragon isn’t an ordinary beast. It’s a rather strange creature.” Jing Meng Hun looked at it excitedly. He was relieved to realize that it was a lust dragon.

“The lust dragons appear scary. But, they aren’t difficult to deal with since they don’t have any special powers to attack with. They have no means to attack their prey except for swallowing and twisting. Moreover, they aren’t very fast. Their defences are intimidating because the scales on their bodies are harder than iron. But, pay attention to their weaknesses. One of its weak spots is located at the neck — right below the head. There’s a white spot there; it’s the size of a bowl. If that’s damaged… they’ll die. There’s a similar spot below the horn on their heads; that’s also fatal.

“An ordinary snake has only one vital spot; it’s seven-inches long. But, a lust dragon has two vital spots.” Jing Meng Hun spoke hurriedly, “We can kill these two lust dragons as long as we’re careful. We can also make a lot of money out of them. After a lust dragon dies… its skin starts to rots. It isn’t valuable. But, their blood and the poison sac within their bodies are extremely valuable. Moreover, they have a lust sac, an inner core and a crystal stone. The lust dragon’s eyes are a kind of rare pearl, and its blood has many uses in medicine. It can be said that its entire body is a treasure.”

Jing Meng Hun’s eyes shone as he spoke. It seemed as if he had already bagged the pair.

“That… that pink smoke… what is it?” one of the experts asked.

“These lust dragons are the world’s most obscene creatures. The pink smoke is a secretion from the lust sac within its body. It has a very strong aphrodisiac-like effect. It leaves a person helpless even if a small quantity of the poison enters one’s body.”

Jing Meng Hun warned them, “Everyone, pay attention. The lust dragon’s obscene poison works like this – if you can’t find a female to copulate with within five hours after inhaling the smoke… then your entire body will fester… and you’ll die. There’s no other medicine for this condition besides copulation. Brothers, this is a desolated place. There are no villages ahead… and no inns behind. It’s difficult to find a girl here. So, don’t inhale the smoke at any cost…”

Everyone gasped and held their breaths. This was extremely overbearing.

“In fact, its blood can be used to make an aphrodisiac. It can also cure… the embarrassing illnesses of men. Well… if it doesn’t rise or isn’t hard enough — just a mouthful of its blood will have the desired effect.” Jing Meng Hun didn’t wish to say it very clearly, but he said it anyway. The eyes of several men lit-up as they heard this. Their faces turned red. Jing Meng Hun realized that probably… some of these men had the ’embarrassing’ illnesses.

“Moreover, even if there’s no problem… it’ll become even more powerful and mighty after taking this medicine. ‘It’ can become at least twice or thrice more powerful. Just think about it… two huge snakes… how much blood would they have?” Jing Meng Hun spoke in an enchanting manner.

Everyone’s eyes lit-up.

Men who had no hopes for themselves… wouldn’t they wish to obtain these overwhelming powers?

“Its inner core, lust sac, crystal stone, poison sack… ” Jing Meng Hun said, “… they all do the same thing but the effectiveness is different… Cough… cough… even its pearl eyes… when soaked in wine for an hour… that cup of wine will turn into a super-concentrated aphrodisiac…”

Everyone had a strange look in their eyes. [It seems like these two snakes… in fact these lust dragons… are entirely made-up of aphrodisiacs. These are two aphrodisiac storehouses. Apart from that… they don’t have any other use.]

“You must be thinking if they have any other use? This is the biggest use.” Jing Meng Hun said furiously, “In comparison to the growth of one’s martial power… this kind of thing is more important to a man. It can be said that if you were to arrive in the Upper Three Heavens… then you’ll be in great demand as long as you have one… even if you’re physically weak. Think about it brothers. There are so many people in the Nine Heavens Continent. But on an average… one in hundred individuals possesses this kind of condition. This is similar to getting our hands on a mountain of gold…”

Jing Meng Hun looked at the people around him. No one knew the hidden meaning behind his smile. “For example, we are more than three-thousand men. There should be about seventy to eighty people among us who have such…”

Several men started to cast playful glances at their companions. Their eyes appeared to have an implied meaning which was… ahem… too mysterious to inquire about…

Several men’s ears turned red. They cursed in their hearts angrily… [Even if you’re a King Level Expert… there are things that you just can’t say. How can you casually talk about this f*cking matter?]

“Brothers, you must know that these two dragons will leave if we go away. But King of Hell Chu may pass from here in our absence. Then, all our efforts would certainly go to waste. So, let’s make some money first… and then wait for King of Hell Chu in the original spot. Then, we would’ve made another great accomplishment… and it’ll be a quick one.”

Jing Meng Hun waved his arms, “It’s settled then… Get ready to slaughter these lust dragons!”

“Hell… yeah… waah…”

Suddenly, the two lust dragons rushed over with a hissing noise. These two beasts didn’t seem to have eaten their fill. They had already swallowed five men. But, they were aware that these strange creatures called ‘humans’ were extremely easy to deal with. One of them had lost half of its tongue, but… it was a small injury. It would be restored in a few days.

Therefore, the two lust dragons scuttled towards them in a dominating manner.

They had never thought that these strange creatures – looking like a flock of sheep – would unleash an intensive attack on them.

Their bodies – made-up entirely of aphrodisiacs – faced several attacks in succession. They scurried about to dodge past the attacks. But, their efforts went in vain as the attacks continued to come from all sides. The lust dragons turned out to be far inferior to the experts even though they were quite agile.

They managed to swallow seven or eight people with great difficulty. Finally, one of the lust dragons received a fatal blow. Jing Meng Hun revolved his long sword with his king-level strength, and jabbed it into the white spot on its lower jaw.

The king-level power exploded in the vital spot of the lust dragon. Suddenly, a fountain of blood erupted and started to flow out of its wound.

The lust dragon let-out loud ‘hissing’ shrieks. It straightened its body upright in pain. It rose to more than a hundred feet, and came crashing down with a loud ‘bang’. Then, it started to roll about. It uprooted the burning trees wherever it went. The mountain rocks were randomly sent flying in all directions. It could be said that ‘rocks pierced the clouds just like the raging storm beats against the shore’.

The other lust dragon had lost interest in eating the people. It was solely preoccupied with moving up and down while guarding its own vital spots from being attacked; it was severely injured. But, its two vital spots were already drenched in blood…

Suddenly, the lust dragon that was on the verge of dying made a U-turn. It opened its mouth and started to issue ‘hissing’ sounds. Then, it started to tumble from side-to-side in order to escape. The other lust dragon also started to issue ‘hissing’ noises. The two beasts were trying to escape…

They escaped like the rushing wind.

Jing Meng Hun and the others had finally managed to nearly kill one of them with great difficulty. They were about to achieve the results. How could they have given-up? They moved quickly to pursue the beasts. They must take it down now – when it was at its weakest.

The injured lust dragon hissed angrily. It turned around to spurt a big mass of pink smoke. Jing Meng Hun and the other experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department held their breaths, and dodged back.

[You call that running]. Considering the speed of the two lust dragons… Jing Meng Hun was confident that they would fall into his pocket.

[You can’t run away.]

The lust dragons turned around, and rushed away with a whizzing sound.

There was a patch of mountain-forest in front of them. It was burning with a strange cracking sound. The sounds of the ‘whistling’ flames and the ‘whooshing’ wind had covered the noises of their battle.

The lust dragons went straight into the blazing fire without any hesitation.

They were extremely afraid of fire. But, it was unlikely that they would die immediately-after they entered it. Moreover, they would be free from danger as long as they passed through the fire. Right now, they feared the strange small creatures more than the fire…

Minister Chu’s black figure came flying out as soon as the two lust dragons went into the fire. He forced open his way through the flames, and came out like a flash of lightning. He bumped straight into the incoming lust dragons. The three pair of eyes looked at each other.

The two lust dragons stared blankly at each other with their watermelon-sized eyes. They were baffled to see this strange creature emerge from the fire. Their brains went numb. They would’ve gasped in admiration if they could speak, [*** ah… doesn’t this odd creature fear fire?]

[The creature that has come out from the fire looks the same as the ones that are chasing us. Moreover, this one looks even more powerful…]

The two lust dragons didn’t get much time to think. They went flying towards Minister Chu who had appeared before them in a flash. It seemed as if he was going to crash into them. They felt desperate and helpless. So, they sprayed out a dense pink smoke at him for the lack of a better option.


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