Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 386 – CN

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The Sword Spirit slowly spoke, “This situation is unique to the Nine Heavens Continent! People used to call it ‘Nine Heavens’ Nine jade’ thousands of years ago. Later, they thought it sounded somewhat awkward. So, they reversed the sequence and started to call it ‘Nine Jades of the Nine Heavens, understood?” [1]

“So that’s how it is,” Chu Yang replied thoughtfully. Then, he suddenly had a thought, [Nine Heavens Continent, Nine Tribulations Sword, Nine Jade Nine Heavens… is it possible these three have some connection?]

“You’ve guessed it right. In fact, the ‘Nine Jades of the Nine Heavens’ were found in abundance in the Nine Heavens Continent at one time. They were compatible with the Nine Tribulations Sword. So, the Nine Tribulations Sword would make use of these nine types of spirit jade materials. Therefore, there’s indeed a connection between the Nine Jades of the Nine Heavens and the Nine Tribulations Sword. But since then, none of the ‘Nine Tribulations Sword Master’ has ever been able to gather all Nine Great Herbal Medicines. Even I don’t know what would happen if all of them were to be collected in one place…”

Sword Spirit said in a low and deep voice, “Do you understand now?”

“I understand… whoa, what’s that thing over there; it’s moving!” Chu Yang exclaimed. His eyes widened in shock as he stared at the bottom of the pit that he had dug.

There was a milky-white substance at the bottom of the pit; it was flowing like water. Yet, it was very viscous. It emitted sparkling and translucent rays of light; as if countless twinkling stars were hidden within it. It was the size of a palm. But, it seemed weightless. It was squirming slowly at present. It seemed as if it was waking up from a long dream. One moment it would assume a linear shape… another moment it became circular… and then the very next moment… a polygon…

It also emitted bursts of a wonderful aromatic-mist along with its squirming motion. The temperature of this underground location was cold enough to freeze a living person. But, the temperature sharply fell further! The stones on the side froze with a ‘creaking’ sound in the blink of an eye. It seemed as if they would crack any time owing to such acute freezing…

“Hurry up! Grab it and put it inside!” the Sword Spirit shouted with a sense of urgency in his tone.

Chu Yang hastily did as instructed. He gave a mental command, and that bizarre and tiny lump entered the Nine Tribulations Space with a ‘swoosh’ sound.

“Is this the Mysterious Ice Jade Paste?” Chu Yang curiously peeked within the space of his consciousness and observed that bizarre lump.

“That’s correct!” The Sword Spirit breathed a sigh of relief, and said somewhat excitedly, “It has never taken birth in 90,000 years. Nor has anyone found any Mysterious Ice Jade Paste until now!”

Chu Yang uttered ‘oh’ in surprise.

The Sword Spirit was clearly very excited. It took a deep breath, and spoke in a trembling voice, “This was indeed a good decision. We got such an amazing item ah!”

“Good stuff is good stuff… you ah ah ah what are you doing… ” Chu Yang asked apprehensively, “I don’t know what you’re doing… but I think I have a rough idea…”

“What do you know huh? This stuff is beneficial for me, my mind and my soul!” The Sword Spirit spoke excitedly, “Only a tiny amount of it has gone inside the Nine Tribulations Space, but I can feel my spirits rise.”

Chu Yang grunted.

He had seen that the Mysterious Ice Jade Paste had split into three pieces just as it entered the Nine Tribulations Space. Two pieces were small, and one was quite large. The Sword Spirit cherished this item very much. So, he had moved the largest piece to the Vitality Spring. The spring emitted one bubble as the largest piece vanished without a trace.

“Let’s make the Sword Point consume this small piece. And, you’ll consume the smallest one.” The Sword Spirit said cheerfully, “After that, I’ll extract it from your meridians, and change it into pure medicinal efficacy! We’re very fortunate to find it in this time of need! Ha ha, we don’t have to worry about the lack of efficacy anymore…”

Chu Yang flipped. He rolled his eyes, [I’ll consume it… and then you’ll extract it again…]

[Motherf*ker! Why do I suddenly feel unimportant? It’s as if you’re treating my body as a goddamn transit station?]

The Sword Point was very excited. It was pouncing up and down. It was issuing soft squeaking sound. The second piece of the Mysterious Ice Jade Paste was the size of a fingernail… but, it was relatively larger than the smallest piece. Yet, it vanished without a trace.

The Sword Point started to jump-about with joy; then, it started to scuttle here-and-there in excitement.

Chu Yang finally understood what the words – ‘let’s make the Sword Point consume’ meant. The extracted medicinal efficacy would always come back to Chu Yang every time the Sword Point consumed an elixir. However, this was the first time that the medicinal efficacy was gone forever… never to return.

He realized this while he waited to receive the medicinal efficacies. This had made Minister Chu a little sad… However, the appearance of three objects on the hilt of the Nine Tribulations Sword within his Dantian came as a comfort to him. These objects were the size of soy-beans.

The Nine Tribulations Pills had taken shape! Moreover… three pills at once!

He had waited a long time. Chu Yang picked-up the smallest piece in his hand. He curiously looked at it for a moment, and then put it inside his mouth. [It’s too small; it’s the size of a corn grain at most…]

“You fool. The second piece was a little bigger, but you would’ve exploded into pieces if I had extracted the medicinal efficacies from it! You think this is Diwu Qing Rou’s good-for-nothing Mysterious Jade Ginseng? This is a 90,000 years old Mysterious Ice Jade Paste. Diwu Qing Rou’s is only 6000 years old; at most! Moreover, that’s merely a deceptive number…”

The Sword Spirit relentlessly lashed-out at the greedy delusions of the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Master.

Chu Yang was about to speak when he felt a stream of ice-cold air surging within his body. His mouth was immediately filled with a strong fragrance. This made his soul jubilant. He felt as if each and every hair on his body had broken into a dance…

Then, an abundant amount of vigorous power fiercely emerged from his Dantian, dashed upwards within his body, and spread throughout his meridians. It instantly destroyed the rotten parts within his meridians, and cleaned them all at once. After that, this power started to grow, and eventually dashed upwards to the back of his brain. Then, it dashed downwards like a turbulent waterfall, and made its way to the soles of his feet. Afterwards, it again rushed upwards, and passed into his Dantian. It emerged from his Dantian with a might of medicinal efficacies, and surged upwards…

This circulation took place three times. Chu Yang felt as if his entire body was bloating like a balloon. He felt as if his body would explode soon.

“Crap, why aren’t you helping me?!” Minister Chu was unbearably frightened. [How could a corn-grain-sized piece of Mysterious Ice Jade Paste have such formidable power?]

“Now you know how potent it is? And, you were complaining that it was too little? Well, even a little bit of it can explode you!” the Sword Spirit muttered sadistically. Then, it began to extract the residual medicinal efficacies from his meridians.

Suddenly, a shadow emerged from Chu Yang’s heart, and took the shape of a palm. After that, it suddenly left his body. It went up in the air, and transformed into a pure white orchid. It stayed there for a moment. Then, it turned into a sort of pure energy, and abruptly dissipated in the air.

Suddenly, a loud ‘rumbling’ sound was heard, and an orchid fragrance filled the entire stone chamber.

“Diwu Qing Rou’s ‘destroying soul and breaking heart palm technique’ has been uprooted!” It was a strange sight. But, Chu Yang would’ve understood it on his own even if the Sword Spirit hadn’t said these words.

However, he started to realize the ferocity and potency of the ‘destroying soul and breaking heart palm technique’! [I’m afraid my bones would’ve turned to ashes if it weren’t for the Sword Spirit, right?]

He couldn’t help but sweat profusely at the thought of this. He thought of the risk he had taken that evening. He felt traumatized as he recalled that incident. [He knows such an incredible martial art… I’m sure Diwu Qing Rou knows other world-shaking techniques as well…]

[The Sword Spirit of Nine Tribulations Sword drove-it-out such a long time ago… but it still left these levels of traces behind. So, saying I had only ‘almost’ recovered back then… wasn’t wrong…]

[No wonder it is called ‘Orchid heart chasing soul — the fragrance that floats for 500km’. But, why would it stop at 500km? Such a palm technique should be capable of following a man for a lifetime!]

The Sword Spirit was absorbing the medicinal efficacies. But, he suddenly came to a halt, and the pores on Chu Yang’s skin erupted.

A stinky substance — in the form of a straight and silky hair — was spurted-out from every pore on his body.

Chu Yang experienced immense pain as a result, and it came without any warning. His vision suddenly grew dark, and he nearly fainted as a result. He clenched his teeth. His face contorted as he released cold air from his mouth with hissing sounds.

Then, the Sword Spirit resumed absorbing the residual medicinal efficacies from his meridians as he asked, “Are you feeling ok?”

“You think I am fine…? Damn… I somehow feel fine…” Chu Yang was about to hurl a curse-word, but then realized that his body didn’t hurt. Moreover, his body felt extremely fit and invigorated…

“All impurities have been expelled from your body.” The Sword Spirit snorted and continued, “Now, your body has become what every man in the Nine Heavens yearns for… rejoice! You have an ‘Innate body’ (1)!”

“‘Innate body’? Holy crap!” Chu Yang was pleasantly surprised.

“Are you satisfied now? If not for the Mysterious Ice Jade Paste… inhabiting such a purified body would’ve only been possible after you had become a Ninth Grade Sword Emperor. Even so, it wouldn’t necessarily be this pure…” Sword Spirit explained.

“Cool! That’s really awesome!” Chu Yang looked at his own body with satisfaction — only to find himself stark naked. He hadn’t realized that his clothes had been turned to ashes.

There were broken pieces of ice flakes under his feet.

“You needn’t wonder; those are your clothes. They had long frozen, and broke into pieces.” Sword Spirit explained.

“En… ” Chu Yang was somewhat speechless. Then, he shrugged and spoke with a laugh, “How is it? Big, right?”

“What’s big?” Sword Spirit was somewhat puzzled.

“I am talking about this,” Minister Chu shook the ‘thing’ between his legs. He swung his geni*als to-and-fro. (2)

“Ugh…” Sword Sprit was speechless, and his face turned black.

Chu Yang noticed the wrinkles on his body. He ran his fingers to feel his skin, and countless scars on his body turned to powder and fell down. He examined his thigh and realized that the fierce wound that had gone deep into his bone had also healed.

His ‘new’ body was practically comparable to an infant’s at birth; smooth and fair.

“You’ve grown taller too,” Sword Spirit reminded him.

“I know, I know.” Chu Yang was overjoyed as he looked at his arms and legs; practically drooling at the sight, “They’re so delicate…”

“Delicate? My fart.” Sword Spirit ruthlessly took a jab, “Wait till you go out. You’ll only need one fight, and your body will change into a damaged sack of blood and bones!”

“Hey, I was thinking… my martial power must’ve increased since I’ve consumed this outstanding heavenly treasure, right?” Chu Yang was immeasurably complacent, “What’s my current level?”

“It’s very good. You’re a peak level Ninth Grade Revered Sword Artist!” Sword Spirit said, “By the time you go out… you ought to have broken through to the King Level.”

“Eh… so few?” Chu Yang smacked his lips. He seemed somewhat dissatisfied.

“Outstanding heavenly treasure… isn’t for the purpose of increasing martial power!” The Sword Spirit said angrily, “You rose by two grades in such a short time. Moreover, you have an innate body now! All the scars on your body have been dispelled, and the ‘destroying soul and breaking heart palm technique’ was also successfully expelled. How can you still be so wistful? Don’t tell me you thought you could become a Supreme level Sword artist in a single step? I tell you, it won’t happen even if you gather all of the nine great herbal medicines!”

Chu Yang realized that he had received plenty of benefits already. So, he let out a forced laugh, “I was just saying, you know…” Then, he thought of something and angrily said, “Why are you being so mean?”

The Sword Spirit turned silent. He turned his head away, and continued to absorb medicinal efficacies. He didn’t pay any attention to his ‘thing’…

Translator’s Thoughts
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Nine Jade: The nine great herbal medicines possess jade properties. They are made of spirit jades. However, they can be found in any form (this is explained in the previous chapter). Hence, they are alternately known as ‘Nine Jade’.

Innate: The raw for this term is ‘Xiantian’. It’s a common term that appears in various novels. It has multiple translations. Its literal translation is ‘First Heaven’. Meaning that someone who is Xiantian is closer to ‘heaven’. They are also closer to dao and attaining immortality.

It’s cold and he is naked.


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