Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 379 – CN

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Chu Yang had arrived at a critical juncture. It was the final moment.

Around fifty experts of Golden Horse Riders Department had arrived there. They moved towards Chu Yang, and surrounded him from all directions.

Chu Yang’s eyes were closed; he was waiting for the Sword Spirit to heal the last traces of his injuries.

Just a little bit more…

A little bit more…

A little bit more…


Jing Meng Hun fell into the valley like a shooting star. He had circled three times over the valley before finding Chu Yang hidden under some palm trees. He revealed a cruel smile as he saw him.

[King of Hell Chu!]

[Finally… I’ve found you.]

Chasing Chu Yang had been hectic for everyone. Even Jing Meng Hun was awfully tired. But, he was confident that Chu Yang would be completely exhausted.

However, he was shocked to see Chu Yang doing just fine since he was well aware of the injuries that Chu Yang had sustained.

[Firstly, Chu Yang was struck by Diwu Qing Rou’s ‘Destroying soul and breaking heart palm technique’. Then, he fled for five-hundred kilometres and faced an army of ten-thousand elite soldiers…. where he sustained three serious arrow wounds and several sword wounds. Moreover, his internal organs must’ve been destroyed.]

[I myself led my men to fight multiple battles with him during the next four-thousand kilometres that he covered. This had added a minimum of ninety new scars to his body – each one of them being quite serious.]

[Even a Ninth Grade King Level Expert would’ve been died if he had sustained such serious injuries…]

[But… this King of Hell Chu is playing around, and isn’t ready to die. But it seems that he couldn’t bear the exhaustion anymore. So, he had arrived here and had started to heal himself…]

Jing Meng Hun couldn’t help but shout-out loud as he recalled the entire journey – “Miraculous!”

[It doesn’t matter if it was miraculous… King of Hell Chu is about to die. Finally… he has fallen into my hands. He owes piles of blood-debt in exchange for countless things that he has done so far… It’s time for him to pay the price – with his life!]

Jing Meng Hun looked extremely ferocious as he laughed. ‘Shua…’ He flew high-up in the sky, and landed in front of Chu Yang. Then, he stretched-out his hand to grab him…

Suddenly, Chu Yang opened his eyes; his twinkling gaze was fixed on Jing Meng Hun’s hand.

Meanwhile, the Sword Spirit accomplished its task – Chu Yang’s internal organs had been completely healed.

The power of Jade Snow Spirit Ginseng had the good fortune of the Heaven and earth.

Jing Meng Hun was startled. Was this a trap set-up by the enemy? However, he gnashed his teeth, and tried to grab Chu Yang. He had figured it out in a short moment.

Chu Yang wouldn’t dare to set-up a trap under such circumstances; he wouldn’t do it at the cost of putting himself at the risk of getting caught…

The only possibility was that Chu Yang was bluffing.

[I’m a wise man of the Jiang Hu. Did you really think that you could bluff me into retreating out of fear? What a joke!]

He was about to touch Chu Yang’s body when a strong wind blew in his face, and made his hair flutter above his forehead.

Chu Yang looked at Jing Meng Hun’s palm in a cold manner. Suddenly, he brought his right hand near his chest, and shot his palm outwards. His palm moved forward to tackle Jing Meng Hun’s palm.

Jing Meng Hun felt overjoyed as he added a little strength to his palm attack. He thought, [You may be a gifted genius, and may know a little bit of martial arts… but you’re far inferior to me. Moreover, you’re exhausted. How can you be my match?]

[Now, you’ve rose your palm against mine; you’ve brought a death sentence upon yourself.]

It happened very quickly. There was a loud explosion as the two palms collided with each other.

The loud sound of explosion reverberated throughout the forest.

Chu Yang threw-up blood from his mouth as he somersaulted and flipped-over backwards. The internal organs that had just been restored were shaken. He felt an extreme pain throughout his body. However, he showed tolerance; he turned around and fled to a treetop…

But, it wasn’t Chu Yang who was the most injured… It was Jing Meng Hun!

Jing Meng Hun had never imagined that he would face such an unexpected tragedy under such circumstances.

Jing Meng Hun had been displaying an image of strength and vigor before the two palms had collided. However, the outcome of the collision was far from reassuring for him. Surprisingly, the palm of his enemy had turned into a sharp fragment of a long sword.

It had pierced into his palm in the same way as a hot knife cuts through butter; he was left in extreme shock and acute pain. He had immediately pulled back his hand. His body was fuming, and his right hand was drenched in blood.

Chu Yang’s sword had stabbed into his palm through his arm bone. It had pierced all the way up to his elbow before he could finally withdraw his hand.

Half of his arm bone had got shattered into pieces with a loud crackling sound. Suddenly, Jing Meng Hun came to his senses, and issued a loud and painful scream.


His entire body broke-out in a cold sweat. He was clutching his right hand with his other hand. He was in so much pain that he wanted to die.

He felt as if he had seen an illusion. How could his enemy’s right hand turn into a long sword? Moreover, he was at the pinnacle of the Ninth Grade King Level. Therefore, his body was supposed to be impervious to swords and spears.

[It might’ve been able to injure me if it was a legendary heavenly weapon… But, it also depends on the level of its wielder. Considering Chu Yang’s martial power status… he shouldn’t have been able to injure me even if he was wielding a heavenly weapon.]

[But the reality is so bizarre… Chu Yang had himself got injured while wounding me.]

Jing Meng Hun retreated a few hundred feet as he felt that there was no vitality in the lower part of his arm.

His arm was dead; it no longer had any connection with his body.

Jing Meng Hun was so aggrieved that he wanted to die. However, he was also puzzled.

He was a proficient medical expert. Therefore, he knew that his arm could be joined back to his body by a skilled doctor even if it was chopped-off. He might not be able to use it with the same ease and strength, but at least he wouldn’t become handicapped.

But how could a stab wound from the opponent’s sword deprive his arm of its vitality?

“Grab him! Capture him! Pin him down! Wa ya ya ya….” Jing Meng Hun issued several commands in succession. He held his hand as he stomped and hopped about. He had a sinister look on his face. The blood in his heart had turned cold. His hair was dishevelled, and his usual elegant demeanour was gone.

The experts of Golden Horse Riders Department were petrified as they saw this crazy version of King Level Expert. How could… such an accident occur from out of the blue?

They woke up from their petrified state as they heard Jing Meng Hun’s frantic yelling. Then, they bellowed loudly and proceeded to chase after Chu Yang.

They had carefully planned the whole situation beforehand – they would attack from all directions if King Level Expert were to make a slip. After all, they hadn’t been able to find the exact location of Chu Yang’s hideout before Jing Meng Hun’s arrival.

However, everyone was full of admiration for the King Level Expert when he had found King of Hell Chu, [The King Level Expert is worthy of his title. He’s an extraordinary person. This was a child’s play for him.]

[He’s so skilled that he can hang a thermos bottle on his buttocks]

They had started to sing praises for the King Level Expert as they had realized that King of Hell Chu was soon going to be captured. However, the situation had changed completely; the target that was in their grasp… had escaped.

Everyone felt as if they were in a dream as they heard the King Level Expert screaming in pain. This thought was too incredible to believe…

Chu Yang’s blood and qi were surging in his chest. He was in a lot of pain. He had used the Nine Tribulations Sword to catch Jing Meng Hun off-guard. It had done a serious damage to Jing Meng Hun; it had forced him to pull back a major part of the power in his palm attack. However, a considerable part of his power still remained in his palm attack; Chu Yang to face that attack’s remaining might.

Blood was dripping from the corner of Chu Yang’s mouth. His body was hanging in air; he almost fell down. He had fled for more than three-hundred feet when he was intercepted by the experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department. They had come rushing from all directions; their sleeves fluttered in the wind with an incessant rustling sound.

Chu Yang frowned. His long sword flashed as he pulled it out. Bang! Bang! Bang! The three fragments of the Nine Tribulations Sword – the Sword Point, the Sword Edge and the Sword Spine took their positions in the sword with three low sounds.

Suddenly, a great murderous spirit started to flourish within Chu Yang.

He spun his body in the air. He roared violently as he landed on the ground, “One ray of cold light… pierces ten thousand fathoms!”

His sword rushed-up into the night sky with a loud bang, and bloomed like fireworks. Then, ten-thousand rays of sword light and sword energy rushed out of it.

The experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department had been fighting with Chu Yang for a long time. Therefore, they knew that this move was difficult to deal with. So, they started to dodge it one after another.

“What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!” Suddenly, Chu Yang’s sword transformed into a resplendent ball. It was then shot towards the area where most of the experts were gathered.

The experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department understood that something was off once the second move was issued.

The experts noticed that Chu Yang’s fighting style had grown more proficient since the time they had been engaged in battles with him. However, the number of injuries on his body had risen since that time. Therefore, his attacks should’ve become weaker, and his might should’ve reduced with the passage of time.

However, the might of these two moves proved that his martial power had increased greatly.

[Can it be that King of Hell Chu has been restored to his peak condition?]

[If that’s the case… then no one can match him apart from King Level Expert Jing.]

“Dripping Blood! Use Dripping Blood Military Tactics!” Jing Meng Hun shouted from afar.

Suddenly, someone advanced towards Chu Yang with a determined look on his face. He pounced at Chu Yang with his sword. This is a known fact that when no one takes the lead… the others don’t understand what to do. But when one person moves into action… a hundred people follow in his footsteps.

Meanwhile, Jing Meng Hun let out a wild cry as his sword slashed through his elbow, and chopped-off his lower right arm. The lower part of his arm fell to the ground. Surprisingly, very little blood flowed-out from his wound.

“King of Hell Chu! You used a vicious martial technique…” Jing Meng Hun’s body trembled with anger. He had chopped-off half of his arm, and hadn’t felt any pain. This proved that the lower half of his arm was already devoid of life.

Jing Meng Hun covered his arm in order to stop the bleeding. Then, he let out a shout and rushed towards Chu Yang with bloodshot eyes.

Chu Yang was still mid-air. Several experts were sent flying in all directions as he unleashed a move on them. Blood started to gush-out from the chests, shoulders, and thighs of three-to-four experts.

Chu Yang snorted. His face was as cold as ice. He sprang-up in air as he saw figures of experts rushing over from all directions. Then, he raised his long sword and roared like a dragon, “A sharp will buried deep will not change!”

His sword quivered as he shouted, “The one who gathers winds and clouds becomes the Emperor!”

He brandished his long sword as he dashed forward. Then, he invoked the last four moves of the Nine Tribulations Sword – ‘A sword’s edge famous for all eternity’, ‘Wind and cloud move unhindered from east to west’, ‘The sun and moon thunder at my will’ and ‘Chopping mountains and breaking peaks under the blood-red sky’. He had unleashed all the moves at the same time.

He then shouted, “Don’t restrain the blade when beheading the entire world!”

Innumerable sword energies gathered in the air. They looked like the sun as they exploded violently. The deadly and cold sword energy permeated within the radius of hundred feet in the forest area.

“Dodge quickly!” Jing Meng Hun had just arrived at the scene. He shouted as he saw this.

Everyone dodged.

Chu Yang started to laugh heartily. He transformed into a sword light along with his sword. Then, he flew high up into the sky while covering four-hundred feet in one go. After that, he drifted far into the mountain-forest. His savage laughter brimming with murderous intention could be heard from afar, “Jing Meng Hun! I’ll stay alive… and will keep toying with you… till your death! Believe it or not!”


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