Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 373 – CN

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The army began to withdraw; this withdrawal had taken place because of the deterrence caused by the archers. The archers put away their bows and arrows once the army had fully retreated. Then, they spurred their unwilling steeds and left.

“This has happened because of our fault. We must make sure that this war doesn’t become a big problem for the Prime Minister,” Jing Meng Hun sighed. He was extremely angry because of King of Hell Chu’s escape. He ordered with clenched teeth, “Chase!

“Divide yourselves into twenty groups of thirty members each. Each group will take along a spirit mastiff and begin the pursuit into the forest. Use the secret signal of the Golden Horse Riders Department to keep in touch with each other. Search around the clock; catch King of Hell Chu. He had sustained some serious injuries. He must be exhausted since he was besieged and chased down by the army. We mustn’t fail again.”

Jing Meng Hun and others entered the jungle cautiously.

A distant howling of a wolf was heard…

Jing Meng Hun’s eyes lit up. Everyone looked at each other. [What if after going through so much difficulty… King of Hell Chu doesn’t have anything to eat and he happens to bump into a wild wolf? What if he wants to kill the wolf to eat its meat?]

[En… this is a possibility.]

Jing Meng Hun muttered to himself. He then waved his hand and said, “Two squads will go and take a look… Be careful of the wolf packs.” Sixty people split-up into two squads and dashed away with a ‘whooshing’ sound.

It was hard to tell how far Chu Yang had penetrated into the jungle.

The forest was lusher when Chu Yang had entered it. He would jump onto a tree and then halt for a while. He needed to rest in order to recover. Moreover, he needed to keep an eye on the situation and make good use of his agility. There would be no hope of his survival if he were to run blindly in panic.

This mountain-forest was different from the previous one. That forest had many weeds; there weren’t many lush trees. There weren’t many pine and cypress trees either. However, the pine and cypress trees occupied nearly half of this forest’s area. In fact, the other kinds were hardly visible…

Therefore, it was necessary to extract the juices from pine and cypress trees as their pungent smell would hide the orchid fragrance that emanated from his body.

This was difficult to bear…

But, Chu Yang had no other choice.

One could use green camouflage to hide in the previous forest. However, one needed to use a black or dark-green camouflage in this primitive mountain-forest.

Chu Yang tidied himself up; he felt that his physical strength had recovered quite a lot. He took out some dry rations to eat from the Nine Tribulations Space. He drank a bellyful of water after he had filled his stomach with the rations. Then, he continued his flight from danger.

He calculated the distance – Great Zhao was around 1000-2000 kilometres from here.

He had only walked for a few kilometres when a pair of lantern-like glowing eyes appeared in front of him from the midst of the lush green vegetation. Chu Yang became tense as he saw them. But then, he was overjoyed.

A wolf!

[If there’s a wolf in a mountain-forest like this … then there has to be wolf packs as well.]

The wild wolf was as tall as a calf. Its black body was healthy and vigorous. It was surprised when he saw a stranger. Then, it assumed an attacking posture; it didn’t seem to be afraid.

Chu Yang noticed a row of shrivelled nipples as he glanced at the wolf’s abdomen; it was a female wolf.

Chu Yang became even more confident. [A female wolf… that’s even better.]

The she-wolf howled and pounced at him like lightning. They collided with each other. Chu Yang pounded a fierce punch on the she-wolf’s stomach. It was sent flying several feet. It let out a painful cry as it bumped into a big tree.

Even the Sword Spirit couldn’t understand what Chu Yang was trying to do.

[This is a terrible situation – you’re running for your life and there is a shortage of time. Moreover, you could’ve easily dodged this wolf with your agility. Why are you provoking it? Don’t you have anything better to do in your idle time, huh?]

However, Chu Yang continued to punch the she-wolf; no matter where and how it tried to escape. Chu Yang continued to pound his heavy punches on the most vulnerable part of its body; where the pain was most difficult for it to bear.

Finally, the she-wolf couldn’t endure the pain any longer; it couldn’t dodge his punches either. It issued a high-pitch howl as its mouth fell to the ground…

Chu Yang smiled as he moved sideways and broke the wolf’s hind leg. Its howls grew more desperate after it was struck by such an unbearable pain…

Chu Yang raised his head upwards as the wolf’s howls rose in intensity. He then let out a blood-curdling scream; it seemed as if he was in so much pain that he wished that he were dead… “Ah… Ah… ”

The Sword Spirit trembled, [You aren’t even wounded you old fool! So why are you screaming so miserably? In fact, you wouldn’t have screamed so ridiculously even if it had bitten you… right? The injuries you suffered earlier were far more serious and painful… but I didn’t even hear you groan…]

However, Chu Yang continued to scream miserably; so much so that his screams suppressed the wolf’s howls…

His body shot-out like a meteor as he screamed. He then moved around in the surrounding area. He grabbed many hares and pheasants. Then, he tossed them into the air. After that, he unsheathed the Nine Tribulations Sword and unleashed a burst of light-balls into the sky. The captured animals got dismembered into pieces as these light balls exploded. Chu Yang stroked his sleeves and scattered the parts of the animal carcasses within a radius of a hundred feet.

The she-wolf lifted its head and screamed more miserably since it had gotten stimulated by inhaling the strong smell of blood…

Chu Yang turned a deaf ear to its cries. He tore a strip of cloth from the front of his jacket and tied the wolf’s body to a tree. Then, he took out a barrel of juice that he had extracted from a pine tree. He raised the barrel and poured the juice over his body. After that, he climbed-up a big tree and jumped from one branch to another until he gradually vanished into the distance…

The wolf’s howls continued to be heard in the distance. ‘Rustle’ ‘Rustle’ A number of wolves came leaping from all directions. The entire forest soon seemed to be crawling with undulating waves of wolf packs…

The unity of the wolf-race was being revealed in its entirely.

Chu Yang had travelled far in the opposite direction before the wolves had arrived. Moreover, he had gone to a higher altitude. So, there was no need to be scared since he was far away from danger…

A pleasantly surprised cry sounded from afar, “King of Hell Chu is over there… ”

The Sword Spirit finally understood Chu Yang’s intentions and smiled bitterly, “You’re insane.”

Chu Yang laughed loudly as he continued to advance forward…

This forest seemed as if it hadn’t been left unexplored for thousands of years. How many great wolves would reside in this primitive forest?

Chu Yang didn’t know the answer; he didn’t intend to seek it either. However, he was sure that Jing Meng Hun and his men would arrive at that scene soon; and they’d well count the number of wolves…

The two squads of the Golden Horse Riders Department that totalled to sixty people had heard the wolf’s howls. They had come to further examine the situation. Suddenly, they had heard the miserable screams of King of Hell Chu coming from afar. Everyone had got excited and rushed in the direction of the sound…

However, their hair had stood on their ends as they approached the place. The howling sounds had started to echo from all directions; their intensity could easily make a person’s head explode.

Rustle Rustle Rustle…

“This is bad! It’s a wolf pack!” One among them was quite perceptive. He shouted as soon as he understood the scenario. Everyone’s heads turned numb as they realized this. They quietly tiptoed their way forward and took a look.

[My heavens… my earth… my God… Wolves! So many wolves! There are so many wolves that we can’t even count them…]

[Boo hoo…]

A timid young guy sat down on the ground and nearly started to cry, [Mommy, how did I end up in the wolves’ lair?]

They saw gigantic wolves surging towards them like waves from all directions. The figures of greenish-black furred-wolves flickered in the forest. Numerous wolf packs had assembled within in a timeframe of one or two breaths. Moreover, an endless number of wolves were still rushing-over from distant places…

The first wolves to arrive had issued a long and loud howl after they had caught a sniff of the blood…

“Hurry! Let’s withdraw quickly!” a Revered Martial Artist reminded everyone as his complexion turned deathly pale and his legs began to tremble.

The cultivation of people in these squads wasn’t weak. Each one of them could deal with dozens… or even more than a hundred wolves without a problem… However, there were no odds of success for them inside this jungle since it was a residence to multiple packs of wolves…

Several thousand wolves had gathered before their eyes. In addition, more and more of them were endlessly rushing-over from distant places with each passing second.

The sixty people began to retreat. But, it was too late…

It needn’t be mentioned what kind of smell the bodies of sixty people would release when they gather in a primitive forest. Moreover, wolves are famous for their impeccable sense of smell. Therefore, the smell of these strangers in an almost-untouched and primitive forest couldn’t possibly be any more obvious…

Their smell was like a lighthouse that was spreading its rays in a dark abyss.

The squads had brought two spirit mastiffs with them. These mastiffs became frightened and started to wail once they were confronted by so many wolves. Their wails further gave away the location of the two squads.

Who would’ve thought that these outstanding people who had arrived to capture King of Hell Chu would end-up becoming the targets of these wolves?

Several pairs of green and lustrous eyes turned towards them. Then, loud howls were heard. After that, hundreds of shadows leapt-up in the sky and rushed towards them.

“Aowooo… ” One mustn’t misunderstand this genuine wolf-howl.

The wolves pounced upon these people like mighty waves.

The frightened screams, the sound of unsheathing weapons… and the sound of curses – resounded in unison.

This added to the wolves’ frenzy…

More wolves came-over and crowded the place…

The howls of the wolves could be heard from the other direction as well. This was followed by noises of fierce fighting, screams, miserable cries for help, whimpers of the wolves and the blood-curdling screams of the people…

This meant that the other squads were also being attacked by the wolves.

Jing Meng Hun’s rage-filled scream was heard; even a Ninth Grade King Level Expert couldn’t avoid being discovered by the wolves. The smell of blood had diffused in the forest. This made the wolves even more intense. Moreover, countless wolves still rushed-over like wind from all parts of the forest to participate in the battle.

[It’s necessary to annihilate these repulsive humans in order to clean our territory; these humans have barged into it. This is our realm.]

Wooo Wooo…

“King of Hell Chu! You despicable and vile fellow! You malicious bastard! You… “Jing Meng Hun cut-down the wolves as he rushed through them at a lightning speed. He was so angry that he felt that his abdomen was about to burst open; he felt everything turning dark before his eyes. In fact, he nearly succumbed to angina because of his rage.

[This bastard has attracted tens of thousands of wolves in order to escape.] Jing Meng Hun had gathered the experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department with painstaking efforts. Now, he looked-on as these experts got submerged into the crowd of wolves. He felt like vomiting blood as he saw his men fighting a desperate battle of life and death with wild beasts.

[I didn’t gather these people to kill wolves…]

“King of Hell Chu, you will die a dog’s death!” Jing Meng Hun cursed; he was so furious that he started to feel dizzy and light-headed. He had been caught up in an arduous and deadly war with the wolves…

He must go after the enemy… But, that would mean leaving these men on their own to confront tens of thousands of hungry wolves… They would all die!

How could this not distress Jing Meng Hun?


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