Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 361 – CN

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The Command Horse Rider exerted his entire strength to nod in reply. He swallowed the last piece of the meat and a flattering look appeared on his face. He then earnestly said, “King Level Expert, this is the most delicious roasted meat I’ve eaten in my life! No… even considering every cuisine… this is the most delicious food I’ve eaten in my life!”

His voice sounded genuine. He obviously hadn’t spoken these words in flattery. These were his true feelings.

Then, he saw a strange smile appearing on the face of King Level Expert Jing as the man spoke, “I am very pleased if that’s so.”

And then that Command Horse Rider suddenly felt as if everything before his eyes had started to blur. He felt like visualizing a dream. His mind was in a daze. He had a warm sensation in his heart; as if he had returned home. He felt warm and extremely comfortable. He then slowly fell down with a satisfied smile spread across his face.

The bodies of those hundred experts softly fell down in the background. There was a comfortable smile on everyone’s face…

Chu Yang quietly watched as those people slowly fell to the ground. There was an ice-cold look in his eyes as he looked at the bodies that lay on the ground.

[Do I feel regret? Do I have sympathy for them? Not really.]

[The news about me has already spread. These very people would be the ones chasing after me if I had exceeded the time limit of this disguise! And they would’ve carried great hatred and animosity in their hearts. They would’ve wanted to kill me as soon as possible!]

“There’s no such thing as right and wrong in this world. It’s only a matter of perspective. It depends on which side one takes. It just-so happens that our positions were different… Your road was different than mine. You were my enemies, and I could choose either life or death,” Chu Yang’s hands had directed this scene in which the ground had been riddled with corpses. However, he insipidly said with the same icy-cold look in his eyes, “This is your way; but is my way as well. We were doomed to die when we chose to follow the way of the Jianghu. That’s our ultimate destination. Today it may be you. Perhaps tomorrow it will be me. So… I won’t say sorry.”

He went silent for a while. Then, he arrived at the side of that Command Horse Rider, and took out Jing Meng Hun’s Status Command Token from his bosom. He then stood still for a time equivalent to two breaths, and then turned around.

‘Slice’. Chu Yang cut open his own wrist. A strange fragrance of orchid exuded from his blood. He must’ve been inflicted by an unbearable pain since his flesh had been ripped-open. However, there was a look of tranquility in his eyes, and indifference on his face. He had managed to maintain his composure. He then carefully applied his blood on the bodies of the horses; one drop per horse. Then, he picked-up a long whip.

He strongly lashed his whip. A loud ‘lashing’ sound was heard as those 300 or so horses fled in different directions. They galloped-away at the fastest possible speed, and the orchid’s fragrance spread-out. Soon it got milder and milder…

Chu Yang’s complexion was cold and solemn. He pulled the extra warhorse that he had retained for himself. He jumped onto its back, and clamped his legs on either side. The loss of a large amount of blood had brought a sense of dizziness, but he tried to suppress it with his entire might. He then sped-away towards the north.

He left the corpses scattered on the ground behind him.

He didn’t look back, and rode away. The hoof-beats continued to sound like thunderclaps.

[The goal is pretty clear. I’m heading north! Diwu Qing Rou, come and stop me if you have the ability! I, Chu Yang, shall not take a detour because of you.]

[My time is running out.]

[Diwu Qing Rou might move into action if I were to take a detour for my escape. I’m afraid the war will break-out in Iron Cloud before I can make a return. And, Diwu Qing Rou will spare no effort in taking advantage of my absence… he’ll use every means possible to expand his victories.]

Chu Yang couldn’t afford to have such an aftermath.

He had been wounded so seriously that he could drop dead any moment. He was aware that this journey of 6000km would nothing but a narrow escape at best. Perhaps, he’d die anytime and anywhere in that deadly wilderness. However, he needed to choose the shortest route to his destination, and travel at the fastest possible speed.

Chu Yang knew that Diwu Qing Rou was aware of his plan.

Therefore, he knew that this long journey across mountains and rivers would decide his life and death since it was Diwu Qing Rou’s best opportunity to kill him.

However, he had no choice.

The sound of hoof-beats faded into the distance.

Jing Meng Hun’s black robe fluttered as he crazily shuttled back-and-forth the entire Continent Center Citadel’s sky. He knew that there would be serious consequences if King of Hell Chu managed to escape this time. However, he also knew that this was an extremely rare and golden opportunity, and could decide the victor of the upcoming war in advance. Therefore, he used his martial power to its utmost while carefully he searched every nook-and-corner of the city.

However, he hadn’t discovered anything so far.

King of Hell Chu had escaped from the Prime Minister’s Palace, and the search for him was like looking for a pearl in an ocean. There had been no movements or sound of activity ever since. 250,000 soldiers of the Golden Horse Riders Department had been mobilized in a ‘networked-investigation’ fashion to comb through the entire Continent Center. However, they had found nothing.

He had been unable to find his target after a long and thorough search. Hence, Jing Meng Hun eventually had to sorrowfully concede: [two hours have passed.]

Every flower-shop in the citadel had been destroyed. In fact, the orchids present in every household of the citadel had been destroyed. This was to ensure that there remained no fragrance of orchids in Continent Center Citadel.

As long as the fragrance of orchid was to appear — it would lead to King of Hell Chu!


The orchid’s fragrance never appeared.

Jing Meng Hun arrived at the North Gate after he had made a few laps of the citadel. He took a look and suddenly got furious, “What’s going on? Who opened the City Gate?”

A strange reaction appeared on the City Gate’s guard’s face when he saw Jing Meng Hun. He opened his mouth and eyes wide in utter shock. It seemed as if he had seen a ghost.

Jing Meng Hun angrily asked, “What’s the matter? Why are you looking at me like that?”

“King Level Expert… Jing… King Level Expert Jing, you you you… didn’t you go out of the city?” the guard stuttered as he looked at Jing Meng Hun and scratched his head in confusion.

[King Level Expert Jing went-out with his men in pursuit of King of Hell Chu. So how can he appear here all alone? Could this guy possible be a… spy?]

The guarding officer recalled the majestic scene of ‘King Level Expert Jing’ moving out with his men on horses. His overbearing grandeur that could swallow the rivers and mountains… His tyranny could dominate anyone. His roar had reeked of confidence… the more he thought — the more excited he became. Then, he looked at the man standing before him. There was a mixed expression of anger and worry on that man’s face. [Humph, why do you look so worried? Why do you look so angry? It’s because you are a spy!]

[You are worried because you have guilty conscience!]

The more he thought… the more this made sense. The more he thought, the more suspicious the man in front become to his eyes. The more he thought… the more he felt that this was his ‘big chance’. He suddenly became vigilant, and went two steps back. Then, he raised his hand and shouted, “Everyone! Be on your guard! Archers, prepare to shoot!”

‘Shua’ Sabers, swords and spears were drawn-out in great numbers. Hundreds of iron arrows were nocked on big bows in unison. The bowstrings were pulled back with a squeaky sound, and the shining arrows had been aimed at Jing Meng Hun.

Jing Meng Hun went wild with rage and roared, “What are you men doing? Is this a rebellion?”

The officer standing on the wall was overlooking from above. He gave a condescending look to Jing Meng Hun. The corners of his mouth revealed a trace of sneer as he said in a mocking tone, “Rebellion? He he… this counterfeit King Level Expert Jing is surely a madman… Capture him!”

The last few words had been spoken in a stern voice.

The officer’s eyes revealed a fanatical look. [This counterfeit King Level Expert Jing… is probably that King of Hell Chu! If the King of Hell were to be captured by me… wa ha ha, that would be a wonderful thing.]

[I’ll get promoted; I’ll make a fortune. I might even receive the status of a noble…] the officer’s body trembled with excitement as he thought of his future prospects. This high-tide of happiness nearly made him unconscious…

The arrows flew-out like the rain as soon as the order was issued. The gate started to close as the guarding officers rushed towards Jing Meng Hun in a big-arrow-like formation. A team of infantries under the command of a senior official, followed by a cavalry unit, dispersed in the vicinity and outflanked Jing Meng Hun.

The sound of the bugle horn resounded, and a large crowd of soldiers surrounded him; they were like turbulent ocean waves surging at him from every direction.

The infantry, cavalry and archers had formed the most effective battle formation to entrap Jing Meng Hun; that too in the shortest possible time.

The aggressiveness and efficiency of these elite soldiers of Great Zhao’s Army had been demonstrated in its entirety.

However, these elites had chosen the wrong target.

Jing Meng Hun was furious.

He had never thought that his search for King of Hell Chu would lead him into such a critical situation at the North Gate. Yet… he had unexpectedly encountered these circumstances.

But this was absurd.

There was a loud ‘whistling’ sound. His black robe flickered as he flew high-in-the-air. The barrage of arrows crashed into his body, but issued a ‘pop’ sound and bounced back. A Ninth-Grade King Level Expert’s skin was as tough as steel. It was impervious to such weapons.

He stretched-out his hands and used them to ‘grab and throw’ human bodies everywhere. He was utterly furious, but he knew that this was a misunderstanding; nothing else. But, it was a very critical misunderstanding.

Therefore, he held back and only tossed the people out of his way; without causing any casualties.

He seemed like a whirlwind as he pranced relentlessly to make his way forward through the barrage of swords and spears coming at him from every direction. And he kept dashing forward. His body flew-up and landed on the city wall with a loud ‘whistling’ sound. He then shot his palm at the battlement and used the reaction force to jump-up. He landed right in front of that officer. Then his pliers-like big hand advanced to grab the officer.

The officer was shocked. He was about to dodge but got caught by Jing Meng Hun.

Half of the quarter of an hour passed, and Jing Meng Hun had learned what had happened from that officer’s mouth; a mouth which had obviously become a mass of blood.

“I’m very angry!” Jing Meng Hun was furious. The burst of anger had caused his hair to stand. He roared angrily, and raised that guy. He then fiercely hurled him upside-down from the city wall.

‘Puff’ the officer’s body spattered before the city gate, and formed a bright pattern of blood.

Jing Meng Hun didn’t hesitate for a single second and blew a whistle. It was the unique contact signal of the Golden Horse Riders Department. Then, his body seemingly turned into mass of black smoke and swept-down from the city wall, and rushed out.

However, he didn’t notice that a person’s silhouette had already flashed while he was getting angry, and had vanished outside the city.

Jing Meng Hun rushed towards the north and followed along that trail of horse hooves. Meanwhile, he continued to whistle. The experts of Golden Horse Riders Department were gathering at the North Gate. Then, they were riding-out of the city at a lightning speed.

The men were roaring, and the horses were neighing. It was utterly chaotic, but surprisingly seemed very systematic. No one spoke a single word throughout this entire process.

Everyone was silent, and was doing everything in their power to rush in the north direction. They were obediently following after the sound of their commander’s whistle…


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