Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 351

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 351

Everyone’s gaze turned towards Xie Dan Feng… However, she herself was very confused. She waved her hands and said, “Don’t look at me; I don’t know what happened.”

Xie Dan Qiong nodded as he looked at his younger sister… there was a complex look in his eyes; as if he was thinking about something. [That ugly guy turned out to be a great man.]

[Even Three Stars Divine Clan seemed to be showing due respect to him. This isn’t something an average person can achieve.]

Xie Dan Qiong could feel that he might have made a mistake — a big mistake!

However, Xie Dan Qiong didn’t regret his decision. [Dan Feng is my little sister. I don’t plan to use her marriage as a tool to gain something. I must find a good-looking husband for her. I’m her elder brother; we share the same blood. I cannot watch her marry an ugly monster… can I?]

Luo Ke Wu and Luo Ke Di nodded as they gazed into the distance… Luo Ke Di snorted as he spoke in a cynical tone, “You look down on someone… and that person saves your clansmen… humph, you’ve lost face today ah.”

Xie Dan Qiong’s face reddened.

“You were saved… lucky bastard…” Luo Ke Di grunted and said, “Let’s go!”

The Luo clan retreated like a whirlwind. These two brothers had a lingering fear in their hearts after this incident. Therefore, they immediately headed back to the direction where the large armed forces were stationed.

Xie Dan Qiong also issued an order, and led the Xie Clan’s people to retreat. He would die, but he wouldn’t come to this place again.

However, Xie Dan Feng… remained there for a long time. She was muttering to herself, [that old liar! He said he would give me a gift. But he just patted me on my shoulder and left! Where’s the gift?]

She went back and took a bath, but still didn’t see anything…

[I have made several bets with that ‘scoundrel’ Tan Tan, and I’ve suffered great losses. I’m completely broke now. I was hoping to make-up for those losses when this old bastard said something nice… and then he walked away?]

[This is too infuriating!]

There were frequent encounters with Three Stars Divine Clan and the spirit beasts after that incident… the fierceness and brutality of the battles could be imagined. Even King level experts could perish in such battles… yet Xie Dan Feng ran amuck groups of spirit beasts despite the cultivation of Martial Great Master — not a single beast was able to touch her.

Xie Dan Feng seemed like some giant persona in the eyes of those spirit beasts… They would try to hide from her as soon as they saw her. If that didn’t work… they would wag their tails and run away…

There was this one incident — various major clans had discovered a ‘Fiery Sea Snow Lotus’ herb. It was a precious medicinal herb. However, it was guarded by three spirit beasts of the seventh level. Moreover, there were many spirit beasts under their command… those towering beasts were in confrontation with three major clans… and these clans had no means to deal with those beasts.

But then, Xie Dan Feng dashed-in like an arrow. The outcome was quite shocking since the three spirit beasts of seventh level suddenly fell asleep for some reason. However, the fact was that… those three big beasts had closed their eyes, and had pretended to be asleep when they saw ‘Xie Dan Feng’…!

Therefore, Xie Dan Feng thought that she was in no danger of being attacked, and dug-out the ‘Fiery Sea Snow Lotus’ which those three beasts had encircled. In fact… the ‘Big Sister’ Xie even clutched the tail of a nearby spirit beast. This ferocious seventh level spirit beast was then yanked upwards. Its body was turned half-a-circle in midair, and was then sent flying by her… very conveniently at that…

Yet, that spirit beast had remained motionless, and had continued to pretend being asleep…

The onlookers from major clans opened their eyes wide in confusion. They were completely dumbstruck by this.

The ‘Fiery Sea Snow Lotus’ vanished… Xie Dan Feng went her way. Then, the three seventh level spirit beasts finally stood up… ‘Achoo’ ‘Achoo’, they sneezed a few times. They made it seem as if they had just woken up. They then sluggishly walked away…

This matter had become a mysterious riddle in the Cang Lan Battlefront… some even suspected… [Could the eldest daughter of the Xie Clan have the blood bloodline of the spirit beasts?]

Xie Dan Qiong’s violent rage soared into the sky when such a suspicion arose. He decided to use the means of ‘thunderclap'[1] to kill the rumor, and several enemies. His ‘Jasper Flowers’ danced in the sky… the chopped-up limbs flew randomly throughout the sky. Afterwards, the name of ‘Jasper Flower’ gradually spread in the Cang Lan Battlefront…

Chu Yang slowly rose from the bottom of the lake.

The massive corpse of Poisonous Flood Dragon was quietly lying below. It was appearing smaller and smaller since was he moving away from it.

Poisonous Flood Dragon’s skin was useless. Its internal organs had been destroyed by the Nine Tribulations Sword. Chu Yang had searched through its corpse… he had cut-out a few chunks of meat, and had tossed them into the Nine Tribulations Space.

Chu Yang had assumed, [this beast is known as Poisonous Flood Dragon. There’s the word ‘dragon’ in its name… its meat should be very delicious, right?]

However, the green color of the meat shattered his fantasy. The Poisonous Flood Dragon’s meat was certainly tasty… but it was also the most toxic in the entire world. No other antidote besides the Yin-Yang Poisonous Dragon Eyes could neutralize it.

Chu Yang had spent a longtime thinking. Then he finally decided to cut-out a few chunks of its meat even though it was extremely toxic. [I cannot eat it… but that doesn’t mean others cannot, right?]

[If I find someone unpleasing to my eye… I’ll invite them on dinner… and treat them to Poisonous Flood Dragon’s meat!]

[Anyways… there’s more than 500kg of meat in my stock…]

Chu Yang’s eyes slowly brightened. His cultivation had broken-through to the peak of the ‘Seventh Grade Revered Sword Artist’ after acquiring the third segment of Nine Tribulations.

[One step further and I’ll reach the Eighth Grade! Then I’ll become a Sword King after the Ninth Grade!]

Chu Yang felt that such cultivation pace was impeccable.

[It has only been a year since my reincarnation.]

He approached the water surface. The world got brighter before his eyes. Suddenly, Chu Yang’s spirit was aroused by something… he was about to pop-out of the water-surface when he suddenly saw shadows of people peeking down from their boats. These boats were constantly scurrying back and forth.

[It seems like many people are looking for something on the water surface…]

Chu Yang frowned. [I knew that Yin Wu Tian would come looking for me. After all… I had suddenly vanished underwater for a few hours… that were somewhat an unimaginable feat for him…]

Chu Yang suddenly got an idea. He remained underwater as he stealthily swam towards an isle that was located in the middle of Lotus Lake.

He silently stepped onto the isle. He then used his martial skill to dry his clothes. Then, he lay down on the grass. He fell asleep, and started snoring… loudly.

Yin Wu Tian hadn’t been able to find King Level Expert Jun. The delay was causing more and more panic to him… the range of search had also grown bigger and bigger. Beads of sweat had been seeping-out on his forehead.

[Prime Minister Diwu would be extremely furious if that guy has drowned in the lake!]

Gradually… they approached the center of the lake.

Suddenly, someone people heard something and a suspicious look flashed on their faces. [What is this sound?]

“En?” Yin Wu Tian was startled. He immediately concentrated his martial power to sense more closely…

“Snore… Snore… Snore…”

“It seems like someone is snoring…” A Martial Great Master laughed, “This guy’s snores can shake the world…”

Yin Wu Tian’s face was cold like the water. He listened very carefully, and suddenly stood up… and pointed his finger towards that isle, “Go over there and search.”

“Snore, snore…”

Yin Wu Tian jumped-up and flew forward when the boat was about 70-80 feet away. He followed along the direction from which that ‘snoring’ sound was coming.

“Snore… Snore…”

He realized that the ‘snoring’ sound was coming incessantly… from the central region of the isle. He focused his eyesight and looked towards a thick patch of grass.

This hadn’t seemed important initially… but Yin Wu Tian suddenly felt as if his lungs would explode with rage.

He felt his scalp going numb with anger, and his hair fiercely stood erect on his head.

His subordinate also looked carefully… and saw King Level Expert Jun… the man who had been missing for quite some time, and was speculated to have drowned to death. He was lying on the thick patch of grass… flat on his back. There was a tranquil expression on his face. His eyes shut tightly, and he was breathing quite rhythmically…

“Snore… Snore…” he would issue an odd ‘snoring’ sound from his mouth whenever he would breathe out.

Yin Wu Tian gritted his teeth, clenched his fists and strode forward.

“Snore… Snore… Squeak… Creak.” Everyone looked blankly at each other in dismay. They didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. [This King Level Expert Jun doesn’t just snore while sleeping… he also grinds his teeth. That is a very creepy sound…]

Yin Wu Tian stood in front of the King Level Expert Jun’s body. He couldn’t help but sigh.

[I looked for this guy everywhere. I was so anxious when I couldn’t find him. And this guy had just decided to sleep-off in this secluded place without informing us…]

[Who is to blame… for this matter?]

He sighed and slowly squatted down. He was about to wake the man up.

However, the King Level Expert Jun suddenly muttered something in that state of drowsiness. No one understood what he spoke… he then turned over and slept on his sides. His buttocks were now facing Yin Wu Tian’s face.

Yin Wu Tian stretched his hand to push him.

But at this time…


“F*k! Yin Wu Tian quickly bounced back like a ball… and leapt far away as he tightly covered his nose.

[This guy farted just now… ]

The complexions of the experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department who were standing on the side turned strange in unison. They wanted to laugh, but didn’t dare to… However, they had a tough time holding back their laughter.

The first glimmer of sunlight had already appeared in the sky. Therefore, everyone had seen very it clearly — King Level Expert Yin squatted… then there came a loud… boom… from the butt of King Level Expert Jun… which then echoed.

Everyone had clearly seen how the hair on King Level Expert Yin’s forehead had been blown by the sudden release of gas. In fact, his hair had even fluttered a little… this had been a spectacular sight.

Everyone had serious look on their face. But their bodies would subtly quiver from time to time. They were trying their best to restrain themselves from bursting into laughter.

“Bastard!” Yin Wu Tian roared. He had really lost his face ‘big-time’.

“Was that thunder?” King Level Expert Jun suddenly asked as he lazily sat up on the thick patch of grass. He slowly looked on his left, then right, with his sleepy eyes. And then, he slowly crawled up. He then asked in a puzzled tone, “Why are you guys gathered around me in this manner?”

Everyone felt depressed… [Why have we gathered around you? Do you think we wanted to gather around you?]

Yin Wu Tian took big strides to walk over. There was a furious look spread across his whole face.

He was about to rain curses.

However, he didn’t get enough to display his anger’s true extent. That was because… King Level Expert Jun suddenly stood up angrily before Yin Wu Tian could open his mouth… and then he started to rage like a thunder!

King Level Expert Jun had ferociously jumped-up and had started to curse-out loud, “Yin Wu Tian, I will hack you to pieces… you lazy son of a bitch; you neglected your duty! I told you I would need people yesterday night … you f*king didn’t reply. And now… you’ve brought so many people to idle your time away under the sunshine?”

King Level Expert Jun’s saliva splattered everywhere. He seemed to be getting angrier and angrier. He stomped his feet and bellowed, “Yin Wu Tian, I demand an explanation. Otherwise, I’ll go to Diwu Qing Rou… the bamboo people have never received such a cold reception… and even that was done so half-heartedly! You, you, you… you’re too foolhardy! You’re a downright brainless man! You’re disgraceful… in fact, add eight levels to disgraceful! That’s what you are!”

It should’ve been Yin Wu Tian’s chance to display his wrath… but he didn’t even get a chance to speak.

“You, you…” Yin Wu Tian discharged smoke from his head… but he stammered and was unable to speak a single word. He felt that his lungs and heart were about to explode, while his veins seemed to be on verge of bursting with anger.


Thunderclap. It often refers to a tactic when someone creates a bigger distraction in order to cover-up the previous one.


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