Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 350

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 350

“However… it will lead to a tragedy if you put too much attention on finding a perfect match,” Meng Chao Ran said very slowly. He put stress on each and every sentence to express it clearly. Thus, it gave rise to a feeling of approval in Xie Dan Qiong’s heart.

“Indeed,” Xie Dan Qiong exhaled a long breath.

“The marriage of children is a fairly difficult task in big and respectable clans. To find a proper match for these children, and that too someone who is also to their liking, is often as difficult as ascending to the heaven. Common people simply can’t see the pain and suffering of the children of these big families. They only see the glamorous lives, but they never realize that their entire generation has to pay the price for the sake of continuing their envious existence…”

Meng Chao Ran’s voice was quite heavy. It seemed as if he was very disappointed and frustrated.

Xie Dan Qiong sighed deeply. Indeed, these words had really come from Meng Chao Ran’s heart.

“But… that also depends on the situation. If a clan had a capable heir who is at the height of power… then this sacrifice of their children’s happiness will no longer be necessary…” Meng Chao Ran lightly smiled, “Young Master Xie, your self-confidence meets the requirements.”

Xie Dan Qiong raised his handsome and outstanding eyebrows. These words had certainly made him feel good about himself, but they also had a hidden meaning behind them. How could he not understand?

“Moreover…judging someone solely based on their appearance, Young Master Xie…” Meng Chao Ran’s eyes suddenly issued an extremely sharp cold light. He seemed to be brimming with confidence as he looked at Xie Dan Qiong disdainfully,” …everything in life is cyclical; so one mustn’t bully poor youngsters, ah.”

He always had a genial look on his face, but the sudden appearance of such a sharp look was extremely surprising. Moreover, it seemed like he was giving a warning in advance.

“Regarding this matter involving your younger sister and Tan Tan… you might let it go for now, and consider it later on…” Meng Chao Ran insipidly said, “Your Xie Clan may change its mind in the future. The wise Jianghu people and the youngsters think very differently… it’s not necessary that they will do whatever you tell them to. Therefore, it’s necessary to leave one’s options open. What do you think, Young Master Xie?”

Xie Dan Qiong was silent for a long time. He then spoke: “What you say is correct, Mister.”

He knew he wouldn’t be able to convince his younger sister at present; but the same couldn’t be said for the future once these two would go separate ways and return to their respective homes. Considering how his younger sister’s temperament had changed this time… there was a possibility that she might forget this in 2-3 days.

He was unaware that Meng Chao Ran’s motive was also to part ways with these people. He wanted to take Tan Tan away from this place as soon as possible.

Meng Chao Ran could sense that a big problem was about to be drawn to Tan Tan. If they were to remain around these people, perhaps… this could become a major event.

“Then, we master-and-disciple will take our leave now,” Meng Chao Ran smiled and cupped his hands. Then, he turned around to depart without wasting any time.

“Slow down…” Luo Ke Di hurriedly called-out to stop them.

“You… are Chu Yang’s sworn brother?” Meng Chao Ran warmly looked at Luo Ke Di.

“Yes… nice to meet you, senior.” Luo Ke Di knew that this person was his Big Brother Chu Yang’s master.Therefore, he hastily greeted the man since he couldn’t possibly dare to neglect him.

“So you’re my fellow brother’s brother… no wonder…” Tan Tan said excitedly.

“En, we will come to find you once Chu Yang arrives in the Middle Three Heavens,” Meng Chao Ran hastily said. His voice made it evident that he was in a hurry, “However, I have an important matter to attend to… so we’ll be leaving for the time being.”

“Yes senior; please do as you wish,” Luo Ke Di scratched his head; he seemed a bit puzzled. He didn’t know why Meng Chao Ran seemed so distant. But he still piled a smiling expression on his face.

“Let’s go, Tan Tan!” Meng Chao Ran pulled Tan Tan and left quickly.

“Master… this…” Tan Tan was somewhat reluctant.

“Run quickly!” Meng Chao Ran shouted coldly as he sped-up. They didn’t take the main road. Instead, they dashed into a forest of dwarf-trees like a meteor, and then disappeared.

Xie Dan Feng blankly stared in the direction of Tan Tan’s departure. Suddenly, tears started to well-up in her eyes. A deep sense of loss had spontaneously risen in her heart.

[He… left just like that?]

[Won’t he say goodbye?]

“Little sister…” Xie Dan Qiong came to her side and spoke in a gentle voice.

“Xie Dan Qiong, I tell you! I’m not finished with you!” Xie Dan Feng angrily looked at her elder brother, “How dare you interfere into my personal matter? Just you wait! Humph!”

She turned her head and grumpily walked away.

Xie Dan Qiong’s complexion darkened…

The Luo Brothers and Xie Dan Qiong were in the midst of saying their goodbyes shortly after Meng Chao Ran’s departure. ‘Boom.’ Suddenly, a loud thunder sounded from afar. It was similar to the sound of ten thousand stampeding horses; in fact, it seemed as if this noise was coming towards them from all directions…

“This is bad!” Xie Dan Qiong, Luo Ke Wu and Luo Ke Di exclaimed in unison.

They turned around to inspect, and couldn’t help but suck in a cold breath.

They saw a ‘mighty current’ flooding towards them from the three frontal directions. It was a massive crowd of densely packed spirit beasts of the first, second, third, fourth and fifth level… they were being led by dozens of spirit beasts. These lead-beasts were most probably of the sixth level.

An overwhelming number of spirit beasts were charging towards them; they were thousands in number.


Xie Dan Qiong and Luo Ke Wu revealed a look of despair on their faces.

The combined strength of the two clans would add up to 1300 people. They didn’t have enough strength to have a face-to-face confrontation with so many spirit beasts. Moreover, most of these beasts were high-level. The humans would be torn to shreds and gobbled-up in a matter of moments once the other side launched the attack.

The despair was clearly visible on the faces of the two clans’ experts.

Even if there were several King level experts among them…their faces would still be in distress.

Even an Emperor level expert would run for their life when faced with such a massive mob of spirit beasts — let alone a King level expert.

“My god, ah… Xie Dan Qiong, you motherf*cker. Have you dug-open their ancestral graves? Or violated their Empress? Damn it! We brothers never thought that an association with you would implicate us like this…” Luo Ke Di glared at him as his complexion turned pale.

“Shut your nonsense!” Xie Dan Qiong snapped and said, “I think it must’ve been you who’s done all that!”

“Shut up; both of you! Get yourself together, and get ready to kill these beasts,” Luo Ke Wu shouted in a sinking tone. His eyes brimmed with a sense of unwillingness. [Will I… Luo Ke Wu… die in the mouths of these spirit beasts?]

Those spirit beasts had almost arrived upon them. An unspeakable bloody aura shot-up in the sky. There was a ferocious look in the eyes of those beasts, while their sharp-white teeth looked very sinister…

Everyone unsheathed their swords, and waited for the order to start the battle.

A loud roar was heard, and the incoming mob of spirit beasts suddenly raised their front hooves in the air. The hooves then fell down on the same spot, and they all came to a stop. There only remained a distance of less than three feet between them and the human experts.

There were more than a dozen people of the Three Stars Divine Clan behind that tide of spirit beasts. They leisurely walked over with their hands crossed behind their backs.

These people were dressed in neat and tidy human clothing. They seemed to have the demeanor of human experts. In fact, anybody would take them for human experts — if not for that glittering ‘starlight’ mark on their forehead.

“Is that person here?” the person in the middle swept his vision across Xie Dan Qiong and the others in an instant, and then asked slowly.

[Which person is here?] Luo Ke Di and Xie Dan Qiong were stunned.

“He was certainly here a while ago… with these people. Senior Minister, I swear I saw him,” aThree Stars Divine Clansman clad in grotesque looking attire suddenly emerged from the side and said. He was the same person who had fought with Xie Dan Qiong and his men a little while ago.

“Was there a strange looking guy with you people a while ago?” The man in the middle looked at Xie Dan Qiong. He then slowly asked, “Where did he go?”

As soon as he asked this — everyone knew that he was referring to Tan Tan.

“Why are you looking for him?” Xie Dan Feng had already started to walk away. But, she immediately turned around and bravely came forward as she heard them enquire about Tan Tan.

“Who are you?” The man in the middle gently turned his eyes. He looked at Xie Dan Feng sharply, and lightly asked, “Why don’t you wait for your turn to speak?”

Xie Dan Feng got furious, “I’m his wife! You’re asking about my husband and I can’t even speak?”

The complexions of several people simultaneously turned strange as soon as these words came out of her mouth. They looked at each other in utter dismay for a while. There was complete silence for a moment.

“You’re his wife?” The man who appeared like their leader looked strangely at Xie Dan Feng. His mouth became crooked in bafflement, “Wife?”

“Of course!”Xie Dan Feng’s blushed, but she still spoke in a rough voice,”You think I’m lying?”

“Good… good… good…” that person said ‘good’ three times in a prolonged voice as he sized-up Xie Dan Feng from top to bottom. The other people also looked at her from all angles…

Xie Dan Feng felt uncomfortable since her entire body was being looked-at in this manner. She was about to lose her temper…

“Where did he go?” the leader asked in a gentle voice.

“He has left, and I won’t tell you where he has gone to,” Xie Dan Feng put her hands on her hips and replied. “Why are you looking for him? Tell me, and we may reach an agreement!”

He looked at Xie Dan Feng with a strange splendor in his eyes. He then nodded and spoke, “Good… good… good…good…”

“Stop with this ‘good’ crap! Can’t you say something besides repeating ‘good’ again and again?” Xie Dan Feng suddenly became furious and cursed. She didn’t seem to care even though her side was at a disadvantage.

“Good… good… better… really good!” That man didn’t find her rude. Instead, he faced upwards and laughed heartily. Then, he glanced at Xie Dan Feng again and said, “This really is good.”

Xie Dan Feng was speechless.

The man then turned his head gently. It seemed as if he wanted to say something. He then said to Xie Dan Feng, “We will go looking for him since he isn’t here.”

“What are you going to do to him?” Xie Dan Feng anxiously stepped forward and asked.

“I’ll give you a gift,” the man gave a warm smile. His figure suddenly turned into a lighting flash and arrived near Xie Dan Feng. He gently patted on her shoulder and then drew back in a flash.

Xie Dan Qiong became furious, “What are you doing? Stay away from my sister!” He then suddenly flew forward.

However, that man had already retreated by then. He nodded, then waved his hand and said, “Such being the case…I will spare these people. Let’s go.”

Suddenly, his body started to float in the air. He waved his hands, and his body flew forward with a ‘whooshing’ sound; his speed was no less than that of a meteor.

Myriads of spirits beasts roared in unison. They then turned around and rushed away… they followed after that man, and left the battlefield.

A dead calm spread everywhere. Not a single spirit beast could be seen in the vicinity.

Xie Dan Qiong, Luo Ke Wu and the others felt like they had been dreaming. What just happened was… simply inexplicable. They all seemed baffled. They blinked as they looked at each other dumbstruck.

[The enemy appeared with such massive might… but left just like that?]



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