Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 347

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 347

Tan Tan grimaced in pain as he stood up. Then, he furiously roared, “You, you, you crazy woman! Why did you do that?”

Xie Dan Feng covered her face; she was still crying. She turned around and hastily went behind a boulder as Tan Tan foolishly watched. He was just about to go after her when he heard her shout. Her voice seemed ashamed and furious, “Don’t come here! I am changing clothes…”

Tan Tan was startled and somewhat confused. He said to himself, [why would you change clothes at this time? Why change clothes for no reason? You are thinking of ways to refuse accepting that you lost the match… ]

He was about to follow her when Meng Chao Ran caught up from behind. He pat on Tan Tan’s shoulder to stop him, and asked: “What is going on?” Meng Chao Rang also felt very strange. [Everything was going so smoothly between the two so far; what did Tan Tan do to make her cry?]

[Considering Miss Xie’s temperament… it really isn’t an easy thing for Tan Tan to make her cry like this…!]

“I don’t know ah…” Tan Tan scratched his head and replied with a puzzled look on his face, “This woman suddenly started crying…”

Meng Chao Ran turned over and rolled his eyes. He suddenly had an urge to spank this guy to death. [You made someone cry, and then you tell me that you don’t even know the reason? ]

However, Tan Tan really couldn’t tell the reason, and Meng Chao Ran could only scowl at him.

Xie Dan Feng coyly walked out from behind that boulder after a long time. She was clad in a water-green skirt. Her walking posture was quite strange. Her face was bright red, and she was biting her lips. It was hard to tell why she was blushing so hard…

She turned over to look at Tan Tan. Then, she lowered her head bashfully. She actually looked like a shy little girl!

Meng Chao Ran’s eyes almost popped out when he saw this.

He couldn’t tell whether this girl was the same Miss ‘High and Mighty’ Xie — the one with the impregnably thick skin. She was taking small steps and would often blush. She was a soft-spoken and fine young girl… was this really the same female T. Rex from a while ago?

“Suddenly, you’ve changed your clothes?” Tan Tan frowned as he stared at her and asked, “Why did you change your clothes?”

Xie Dan Feng bit her lips. Then, she turned away with a ‘humph’.

Tan Tan got agitated. He spoke furiously, “Don’t give me that ‘humph’, okay? You do realize that you have lost, right? Quickly hand over the inner core!”

Xie Dan Feng felt a strange pain within her, [this extremely insensitive guy really has nothing else to say.] She grabbed the inner core and maliciously threw it towards him. She bit her lips and said in a scolding manner, “Inner core; inner core! The inner core is all you care about!”

Tan Tan beamed with joy as he received the inner core. He waved his hand and spoke as he held his head high and puffed his chest out, “Come on! Let’s go ahead!”

Xie Dan Feng bit her lip and stared at him. She had been rendered speechless; the grief and indignation was visible on her face. [This guy won’t even ask why I cried?]

She was still lost in her thoughts when she heard Tan Tan say, “Moreover, why on earth would suddenly start crying when I got on top of you? Anyways, I won’t haggle over it with you. However, you’re not allowed to do something like this later on; got it?”

Xie Dan Feng just stared; her brain had gone blank.

“You threw a tantrum; but things like that don’t work on me!” Tan Tan complacently declared, “Therefore, you should stop thinking about using such cheap tricks again. I will obtain the stuff I win; no matter what.”

Xie Dan Feng gawked for a while. She then stomped forward without uttering a single word. She had clearly come to understood that it was her fault to have expected this shitty guy to be gentle and considerate… it was nothing but a dream; a daydream to be specific.

This guy had a strong and unmatched ability — the ability to destroy one’s mood as well as the pleasant atmosphere. In this regard, he was the first under the heaven.

Xie Dan Feng puffed-out her cheeks. There was an irreconcilable look in her eyes. She looked at the ground; immersed in hate and indignation.

Tan Tan closely followed, and arrived beside her. They didn’t quarrel for quite some time; this was very unusual. Then, Tan Tan coughed twice and asked, “You still haven’t told me? Why did you change clothes?”

“I will gladly tell you! But why don’t you first learn to take care of a girl?” Xie Dan Feng’s body stopped abruptly. She put her hands on her hip. Her eyes were spitting fire. She had raised her head and stuck out her chest as she had shouted.

Her voice echoed like a thunderclap.

Tan Tan was scared as he looked at his sweetheart’s cold and stern complexion. He muttered to himself in a very low voice, “Geez, Don’t tell me if you don’t want to…”

Xie Dan Feng had roared fiercely, and now felt a lot less troubled in her heart. Then, she saw the scared appearance of Tan Tan, and somehow felt pleased with herself. She snorted twice and then turned around and walked away.

Tan Tan continued to follow after her, but a question was constantly revolving in his heart; it was really bothering him. He tried to ask her several times, but couldn’t bring himself to do that. He finally mustered his courage and took a few steps to catch up with Xie Dan Feng. Then, he secretively whispered, “Well, you see… there’s something I want to ask…”

“What? What bullshit do you have to say this time?” Xie Dan Feng’s countenance was cold and intimidating. Her tender face had already regained its initial valiance.

“That strange smell I sniffed back then… what was it?” these few words of Tan Tan successfully suppressed her valiant disposition, and instantly pulled out a bewildered look on her face. Her eyes lust-filled were now staring at Tan Tan.

“What, did, you, say?!” Xie Dan Feng gritted her teeth and asked. Her body dangerously approached Tan Tan’s as she asked this question. An ominous look was flashing in her eyes.

“I… I mean was that not… was that not…” Tan Tan diligently went backward. He seemed distressed, and seemed to be avoiding the other party’s oppression as he said this in a distraught voice.

“What was it?! It was nothing!” Xie Dan Feng roared like a thunder and turned away. On this topic… the best way was to not say anything.

However, it was too late.

Tan Tan thought that she was asking him to say what it was. Therefore, it suddenly came out of his mouth even though he didn’t have the courage to say it earlier, “Wasn’t it urine?”

Xie Dan Feng’s tender body trembled. She blushed and her ears turned hot-red. She slowly turned her head and glared at Tan Tan.

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“What I am saying is… you peed in your pants, didn’t you?” Tan Tan got somewhat panicky as he said this and immediately stepped backed. It seemed as if he was seeking truth from facts, “I had sniffed the crotch area of your pant, and it smelled funny… moreover, you went to change clothes immediately-after…”

He then tilted his head to one side. A pondering look appeared on his face as if he was recollecting his memories from back then. It seemed as if he was trying to figure out something. Then, he said in an uncertain manner, “But the problem is that… it didn’t actually smell like urine… it was a rather strange smell. Let me think again…”

“Ah… ah…” Xie Dan Feng held her head in her hands, and yelled out loudly; loud enough to the point of exhaustion, “Tan Tan! I will kill you! I will definitely kill you! This saber shall end your life; you heinous criminal, you stinky bastard, you infuriating scum. You’re nothing but an extremely shameless and obscene pervert…”

Then, her eyes turned red. Her whole face flushed red. Even her neck and ears had turned red. She clenched her fists and rushed towards Tan Tan. It seemed as if her martial strength had suddenly increased several times. She seized Tan Tan and started punching him like a sandbag. She fiercely kicked and punched him over and over again…

Tan Tan screamed and staggered along; he tumbled all over the place. He was simply left with no strength to fight back since he had recalled Chu Yang’s teaching, “When you face an enemy you are unable to guard against… when you realize that you’re not their opponent and unable to escape from them… you just need to do one thing… cover your head and hold yours balls… then endure… you will be alright as long as these two parts are okay!”

A wonderful idea suddenly flashed in Tan Tan’s mind. He gave up all resistance, and curled his body into a ball. He fiercely inserted his head into his bottom area and then used his hands to guard his crotch…

[Hit me now!]

[A dead pig isn’t afraid of the boiling water!]

This violent beating lasted for a quarter of an hour. Then, Xie Dan Feng started panting and threw a kick at Tan Tan who was still lying ‘all curled up’ on the ground. He was sent rolling forward to a steep slope like a rubber ball. He went rolling up the steep slope till he reached half the slope’s height, and then lost his momentum. He then retraced the same path by rolling in the reverse direction, and came back to the initial spot.

Xie Dan Feng had been raging inside. However, this kind of a phenomenon made her burst into giggles…

[This bastard! He really leaves you between laughter and tears.]

Meng Chao Ran caught up soon after; he was as confused. He asked with his eyes wide open, “What happened… what is going on here?”

“What happened?” Xie Dan Feng impatiently replied in an angry tone: “Ask your ‘good’ disciple!”

She then turned around and sped away without turning back. Suddenly, Tan Tan screamed, “Teacher… Father… save me…”

Meng Chao Ran had a tough time suppressing his desire to slap Tan Tan after he had heard the whole story. [It’s pretty obvious… but how can you be so stupid… things were going perfectly, but you spoiled the fun. What was this bastard thinking? ]

Tan Tan was plaintive and still groaning…

This matter finally came to an end. Miss Xie Dan Feng didn’t realize that she had already deviated from her original route in her enraged state of mind. She was now leading them towards the central region of the Cang Lan Battlefront…

She was born with a hot temper, and it could last for long intervals. However, they had already bumped into people by the time she woke up to her senses.

And quite coincidentally — the people of the Xie Clan!

Xie Dan Feng was shocked. She got nervous. She couldn’t bear to stand there any longer, and moved to the corner.

Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan changed their positions a bit as they saw that a fierce battle was taking place about a thousand feet away.

Several hundred people clad in black clothes were stationed on one side, and a large group of Iron-Clad Lion spirit beasts was on the other side. There were 5-6 individuals in the middle of these Iron-Clad Lion spirit beasts. These men were clad in weird attires.

A thunderous noise sounded within Meng Chao Ran’s bosom. He had exchanged places with Tan Tan to look after the Divine Chi Gathering Fish. The fish began to flip over in the fish tank for some inexplicable reason, and started to gurgle out bubbles.

“Three Stars Divine Clan?” Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan were stunned.

“These are the people of Three Stars Divine Clan?” Xie Dan Feng was relieved to see that her elder brother and the other clansmen weren’t in any immediate danger. She curiously looked at the Three Stars Divine Clan’s weirdly dressed people. She then said in a surprised tone, “Tan Tan, they are uglier than you!”

Tan Tan asked in a ‘shocked’ manner, “Now?”

Xie Dan Feng burst into laughter and said, “Now you look very handsome.”

Tan Tan maintained his ‘shocked’ expression and asked, “Do you know these people?”

Xie Dan Feng carefully looked at him for a while instead of making fun of his ‘shocked’ look. She then nodded her head and said, “Ah, so pleasing to the eye. Let me tell you something. That commander in the middle — the man who not only has the elegant demeanor of a senior general, but also looks very dashing — is my elder brother. His name is Xie Dan Qiong!”

Tan Tan was actually shocked this time. His facial features instantly changed. He released a hissing sound as if he was sucking in cold air. He then spoke in shocked tone, “So, that is my brother-in-law!”

Xie Dan Feng turned bashful and kicked him, “Get lost!”

A large military force was waiting on one sideline as the battle between these two sides continued to rage. They seemed to be taking pleasure in others’ misfortunes as they looked at the battle between the Xie Clan and Iron-Clad Lion beasts; they were obviously waiting to profit at others’ expense.

A snow-white lotus was drawn on a flag that was erected high-up. The word “Luo” was present in the center of the lotus. The flag was fluttering in the wind. The two young men stood side-by-side under the flag. They both looked sturdy, and were none other than Luo Ke Wu and Luo Ke Di.

“Ahwooh… this is so cool…” Luo Ke Di laughed. He seemed to have hidden intentions, “Motherf*k, Xie Dan Qion is always so arrogant. I will teach this guy a lesson this time! Motherf*k! Such a nice opportunity appears once in hundreds of years.”


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