Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 346

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 346

These were chaotic times. However, Meng Chao Ran, Tan Tan, and Miss Xie Dan Feng had arrived at the Cang Lan Battlefront.

This journey with Tan Tan and Xie Dan Feng had been tough for Meng Chao Ran. The noise and commotion caused by his two companions had been very irksome. In fact, he had started harboring thoughts of committing suicide despite his high tolerance.

Xie Dan Feng seemed familiar with the Cang Lan Battlefront. Well, she was familiar with the outer region. She was able to act as their guide without facing any major problems.

It was hard to tell this young maiden’s thoughts as she led this master-disciple-duo. It seemed that very few people ventured on this desolate route. They met a few people in the beginning. However, they ran into a sandstorm later on. Afterwards, they set foot in a desert which was home to a thick growth of shrubs…

How could an experienced man like Meng Chao Ran not notice this change in her? In fact, he understood it clearly; more or less.

[Miss Xie must’ve had a big fight with her family. This young girl has a bad temper; she must’ve acted like a spoiled brat, and must’ve run away. She should’ve returned to her family after 2-3 days on her own… ]

However, she had bumped into Tan Tan.

This high-and-mighty maiden had been blown-away after meeting this freak.

The two of them had been fooling around since the start. They were boisterous, noisy, and kept fighting. Afterwards, they began to fight side-by-side, and started to confront the enemy together. And Tan Tan put on airs of a top-tier macho-man. He thought, [You mustn’t admit defeat when fighting with a girl who has a grudge against you!] As soon as there was a moment that endangered their lives, “Woman! You are in the way! Step aside!” he would immediately clamor.

Tan Tan firmly believed — the woman should hide behind the man in the face of danger; as long as he isn’t dead!

Tan Tan’s reasoning was undoubtedly rude and impolite. However… even a ‘female T. Rex’ like Miss Xie Dan Feng happened to like it for some reason.

Miss Xie Dan Feng had always acted valiantly; even in her childhood. She would often beat the boys her age; in fact, she would beat them black and blue. She had always carried a ‘big sister’ like presence.

No one had ever treated her like a girl. In fact, even her parents would often sigh and say — we are blessed with two sons.

Consequently, Xie Dan Feng grew up as such.

However, it is an undeniable fact that… girls desire to be cherished. They want to be taken care of. Even a valiant girl requires the warmth of her loved ones.

This warmth was easily accessible to other girls. However, she had never enjoyed such warmth in her life.

She herself was to blame for that… She would laugh wildly as she would kick and punch the people who tried to be gentle with her… And no one looks forward to getting their butts kicked in exchange for showing tenderness to a girl…

Miss Xie would sometimes envy other girls as she grew up. Yet, her character had already taken shape by that time. Moreover, the impression she had left on the others was still going strong.

For example — If Xie Dan Feng and a boy of same age were to get injured, and someone came forward to lend comfort… they would only comfort the boy. Anyone who tried to comfort her would usually be warned by their companions — Wait; what on earth are you doing? Can’t you see that’s Xie Dan Feng…

As a result, even the-said person would walk away…

No one knew that Xie Dan Feng actually needed someone to comfort her then…

However, she suddenly encountered a freak like Tan Tan after waiting for so long. And she just couldn’t afford to let go of this rarity.

She had clearly seen that Tan Tan liked her. However, he was the type of guy who wouldn’t willingly lose in order to please her. Moreover, he would never give her what she desired. Yet, she didn’t care.

After all… girls crave the very feeling of being pursued. Generally, a girl is ready to be a mother by the time she grows up to the age of 16-17 years. Then, she gets engaged… but no one had dared to ask for Xie Dan Feng’s hand in marriage.

Not because she was unattractive — but because no one dared to!

The legs of young men would turn limp due to fear after they heard her name.

It is said that a young master was asked by his parents to seek for her hand in marriage. However, he refused. They beat their son up. However, he still refused. He then tied a rope to the ceiling of the hall and solemnly requested his parents — any other girl from the Xie Clan will do. Any girl from any other clan will do. I don’t even care if she’s ugly… But I will hang myself if you ask me to marry Xie Dan Feng.

Xie Dan Feng’s fighting prowess and reputation was evident…

However, she was enjoying being pursued by Tan Tan. It made her feel somewhat satisfied and pleased with herself. She couldn’t help her desire to enjoy more. [This guy doesn’t know how to pursue a woman properly. He looks quite ugly too… but… one should be satisfied with what one’s got.]

[Isn’t it great that someone is pursuing me?]

She continued to participate in betting matches with Tan Tan along the way. And she kept losing until she was broke. Meanwhile, Tan Tan’s pockets kept inflating proudly.

However, Xie Dan Feng wasn’t willing to give up on the stuff she had lost; she naturally wanted to win them back.

Afterwards, the fighting strength of the beasts increased. Tan Tan dashed-on bravely to fight with them; he showed no concern for personal safety. He simply wouldn’t allow her to engage those scary beasts. He desperately struggled on his own, and came close to his death dozens of times. Even Meng Chao Ran was somewhat scared for his safety. How could this not give rise to some feelings in Xie Dan Fang’s heart?

So, Miss Xie was left with thoughts such as… [This guy isn’t elegant, and doesn’t understand amorous feelings. However, considering my temperament… I don’t even need a man who does…]

[He looks somewhat ugly, but… his ‘shocked’ appearance is worth a sight. Well, at least he looks like a beautiful boy when he is shocked.]

These thoughts continuously revolved in her heart.

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She would sometimes blush; very suddenly at that. Her brother, Xie Dan Qiong, would certainly be shocked to death if he were to see her like this.

Xie Dan Feng knew that Tan Tan and Meng Chao Ran didn’t belong to any influential clan. They were just two worthless wanders. How could her family allow her… to be with such a person?

It might not be pleasant to hear, but Tan Tan wouldn’t even be allowed to marry the pigs and dogs of such a prestigious clan. They would never allow this guy to marry Xie Dan Feng.

And Miss Xie was well aware of this.

Hence, she didn’t wish for them to come across the Xie Clan’s people. Therefore, she was consciously leading the two of them farther and farther… more and more into the remoteness…

Meng Chao Ran understood her thought-process clearly. Therefore, he didn’t say anything. Anyways, practical battle experience was important for Tan Tan’s martial practice. If his disciple was able to get unceasing practical battle experience and a chance to find a wife at the same time… wasn’t this like getting the best of both worlds?

Therefore, Meng Chao Ran neither agreed nor opposed; he simply allowed things to take their natural course.

Those two had just started the latest competition. The stake was the inner core of a Fourth Grade Spirit Beast that Xie Dan Feng had just killed.

However, the fight was still one-sided. Tan Tan had been progressing by leap and bounds every day… whether it was his agility skills, his saber technique, his sword-play or his spiritual power. Therefore, Xie Dan Feng had fallen into a comprehensive disadvantageous position.

Less than a quarter of an hour had passed since they had started fighting, and Tan Tan had already defeated Xie Dan Feng. He put her on the ground. He twisted her arms behind her back. He then mounted himself on her back. Then, he joyously shouted, “Say you give up?”

For some reason her body suddenly turned soft as he sat on her buttocks this time around. Her upper body had been struggling until now. But it suddenly pounded on the ground with a ‘pop’ sound. She then said in a soft voice, “You first let go of me.”

Tan Tan didn’t notice the abrupt change in her tone. He was panting; he seemed no different from a fiend. He viciously looked at her and said, “Say you give up?”

“First let me get up!” Xie Dan Feng said somewhat anxiously. Her body was turning softer and softer on being ridden like that. A tide of joy and lust seemed to have appeared in her heart. That spot in her lower abdomen seemed to be losing strength…

“I won’t!” Tan Tan replied angrily, “You want to be shameless, huh? You’ll have to say it first. Did you lost this inner core or not?”

Xie Dan Feng was struggling to get up. She suddenly felt that intense rubbing on her butt; and a strong male odor. Only god knows why she was being so sensitive today. Her vision turned hazy as she moaned, “You just keep chanting ‘say this, say that’… you, you… you vile man… let me stand up now…”

She had said this in a very coquettish manner.

She herself couldn’t believe the voice that had come out of her mouth, [this… why am I speaking like this? This is really disgusting… ]

But, Tan Tan didn’t hear it that way. He continued to act as if he was the boss to this servant. He ordered like a strict elder brother with an iron-heart, “No! You will first admit defeat! Are you refusing to acknowledge that you have lost? Humph…”

He raised his eyebrows. He then lifted his hand, and smacked her round buttocks twice. This sent ripples through her buttocks; they fluctuated like the ripples on water surface. Then, he triumphantly said, “You better not think that I won’t ‘dare’ to hit you, humph…” he said as he had gently spanked her to prove that he had the ‘daring’. It was indeed very daring!

*Cough* it is a well-known fact that some girls’ bodies are quite sensitive… *cough* it was Miss Xie Dan Feng’s inexorable fate that she had bumped into a demon like Tan Tan.

These two spanks had induced dozens of intense reactions in her body.

Suddenly, Xie Dan Feng felt a wonderful feeling surging within her. It seemed like something mystical yet irresistible was welling-up inside her body… and was about to pour out… her body trembled uncontrollably once; then it trembled a few more times… and then violently trembled one last time. Then, she suddenly lost her strength. She lay-down on the ground softly. She hid her face prevent other from seeing the anger and shame. Unexpectedly, she began to cry…

Tan Tan suddenly panicked.

He hastily let-go of her hand, and got down from her body. He rubbed his hands nervously as he slowly asked, “You, you, you… why are you crying… you … you don’t cry… you… hey, hey… really, ah…”

Xie Dan Feng felt even more shameful. She simply lay down on the ground, and began to bawl loudly.

“What, what is this? What is…” Tan Tan felt helpless. [I don’t know what’s happening to this high-and-mighty Miss? She wasn’t like this, right? We fought just the way we did a couple of days ago… how come she is crying today…]

Xie Dan Feng was at a loss to see him staring blanking like a bird at her. She continued to cry since he didn’t approach to comfort her.

Finally, Tan Tan slowly walked towards her and bent down…

Xie Dan Feng finally felt a bit relaxed, [this bastard, at last he came over. Humph.]

She felt that Tan Tan would help her up. However, he suddenly drew closer and began to sniff. He sniffed here and there, then near her… He seemed to have picked up a strange smell. He doubtfully scratched his head and said, “This smell… what kind of a strange smell is this…”

Xie Dan Feng gawked for a second. She then suddenly blushed; she was very embarrassed. A surge of vigor had appeared within her when she saw him sniffing and approaching her ‘critical’ spot. She fiercely jumped-up, and mercilessly kicked him in the belly.

The power contained in this kick was enormous.

Tan Tan was caught off-guard and issued a weird cry. The kick sent him flying…


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