Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 344

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 344

The Sword Point and Sword Edge clamored-up inside Chu Yang’s Dantian. They furtively tried to get out of the Dantian in order to a catch a glimpse of the third fragment. They were somersaulting within his Dantian; their excitement clearly overflowing in their actions.

Chu Yang gently walked towards the sword fragment and reached out with his hand.

The sword fragment automatically jumped as he extended his hand, and landed on his palm. Two brilliant rays flashed from it, as if to greet Chu Yang. It appeared to be blinking happily.

After that it faded away.

It disappeared into Chu Yang’s palm inexplicably. It was as if a snowflake had melted upon coming in touch with high-temperature.

The inside of Chu Yang’s Dantian was already a colossal mess.

This newly arrived fragment had reunited with Sword Point and Sword Edge after a long time. Chu Yang could also feel that delight.

The third fragment slowly merged with the Sword Point and Sword Edge after it had tossed about crazily for some time, and made a whole body.

There was a burst of gentle white light within Chu Yang’s Dantian. Then, this light slowly weakened and faded away. The three fragments had already become one by the time it had completely vanished; they were completely merged with no visible cracks.

Sword Spine of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

The various parts of the sword joined together to make a single body.

The front half was the Sword Point and the latter half was the Sword Spine.

The Sword Point, the Sword Edge and the Sword Spine were mainly used for killing. When these three came together — the wounding power of these three most lethal fragments would combine to become a whole.

“The Sword Spine constitutes the latter half of the sword’s blade. It is relatively on the frailest spot; a spot that can easily break off. The mode of attack used is — to cut, hook, lift and lock, and horizontal slash… The technique is the most important; the strength is just complementary… ”

Sword Spirit pensively recited within Chu Yang’s consciousness.

Even if Chu Yang seemed to have understood something… it appeared that he actually hadn’t since his brain was suddenly perplexed. His brain seemed heavy and there suddenly appeared a sharp stabbing pain in it; this pain lasted for a long time. Chu Yang’s felt as if his head would split open. He couldn’t help but hold his head. He faced upwards and released a ‘hissing’ sound.

The stream of air issued from his mouth sent-out violent ripples in the water.

“This pain… must be tolerated! The Nine Tribulations Sword recognizes its master in their most challenging moments. It is difficult because the first three fragments you’ve found are the main killer fragments. There will be incessant murders in the entire Nine Heavens starting from today.”

The Sword Spirit pensively said, “The Nine Tribulations Sword will traverse the world, and will wreak a reign of terror. The souls killed by your sword will never be reincarnated. It is unlikely that a drop of blood will effuse from the sword again.

“In other words… the Nine Tribulations Sword will increase its utility from today onwards. It will amend its methods for its benefits. That is… to engulf the people’s very life force!

“This is the power of the demon! It also ends the world’s cycle of reincarnation…”

The Sword Spirit’s speech finally came to an end. And Chu Yang finally understood the origin of this barrage of pain. He clenched his teeth tightly and then coldly grunted as he spoke, “Could this world birth a pain that I, Chu Yang cannot bear? That’s a joke!”

He faced upwards as he said this, and roared fiercely, “Come on! Take a look! You hurt me, but I will still conquer you! Ha ha ha…”

The waves of pain continued to appear inside his brain. It was incessant like wave of the sea; each wave higher than the other. He felt as if his body had been cut all over. His meridians felt like they had been staved-in. The sensation in his sensory nerves had been artificially magnified hundredfold.

Such pain was crueler than any punishment. It was intolerable.

But Chu Yang hadn’t made the slightest sound after he had roared that sentence. He was enduring it with stubbornness. The veins on his forehead and his temples were practically ready to jump out, while his eyes seemed to be popping out. The skin around the corner of his eyes had ripped apart slowly, and a small blood drop dripped out…

Chu Yang tightly clenched his fist; in fact, he clenched it so hard that his nails dug into his flesh. He was shuddering from head to toe; regardless, he didn’t shout.

[Even if it hurts a lot… I am Chu Yang!!] His heart screamed in disdain.

[Death… I’ve had to experience death! Nine Tribulations Sword, what do you think you are?! You might be a flamboyant bastard, but you are still just a sword! You have no other choice but to acknowledge me as your master. You have no other choice but to admit that I’m more important! Can I lose to you? What a joke!]

Chu Yang roared wildly in his heart.

The pain was getting more and more intense. However, Chu Yang was actually suppressing it. He could’ve fainted to tolerate it, or perhaps screamed to ease it a little since this point wasn’t specified. But Chu Yang was very determined; [I must stay awake and endure it!]

[Death must come when one is awake!]

He came on the brink of collapse several times, and almost fainted. However, Chu Yang would only roar in his heart, [Chu Yang! Stand firm! Qing Wu is waiting for you!]

[Qing Wu had said that she was more beautiful than a sword!]

[She is far more beautiful than any sword! She is far more beautiful than the Nine Tribulations Sword!]

He recalled from his previous life… that figure of hers in those red clothes that fluttered about… a sense of hidden bitterness on her beautiful face. Chu Yang suddenly felt an immense pain in his heart. This pain inside his heart had suddenly surpassed the one invoked during the possession test of the Nine Tribulations Sword.

He recalled her young, immature and delicate red silhouette from this life. [I don’t know the torment she is suffering right now], Chu Yang’s heart somehow endured this sadness.

[So long as I go through this test! I can save her! I have to save her!]

[Qing Wu… just you wait for me!]

That violent pain lasted for a quarter of an hour. Chu Yang’s entire body was sore and sweaty. Later, he was a raw-red color from the pain.

Then, that acute pain suddenly stopped.

It seemed like a landslide had cracked the earth open, but had paused in its stead at the time of going down. For a moment there was a mountainous call and a tsunami had come down… but the very next moment the entire sea-surface had condensed into ice.

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The seabed was frozen.

Chu Yang hadn’t returned to normal when he felt a sharp lightning wedging its way into his mind. A dense white fog suddenly appeared in his consciousness, and began to whistle and spiral. 28 large blood-red characters moved unhindered with hostility and an endless murderous intention. It was as if lightning had suddenly burst-out of the clouds and mist, and flashed out of dense white fog.

The twenty eight characters emerged in his mind, and slowly turned around. A dazzling blood-red in color — each character seemed as if it was made-up of the blood from the ‘sea of blood’ found in hell. It appeared like the eyes of the devil — flashing and flickering.

“This Spine has existed in this world since eternity

“One must go through the nine hidden hells on this journey;

“Cut off the traveler’s attachments with worldly affairs,

“The sharp edge will reach everywhere and put everything to rest!”

These four sentences were actually sword secrets, and they set-off murderous aura which soared-up. Chu Yang closed his eyes and became aware of his injuries. He then exhaled a long breath.

The Sword Spirit started to use huge amounts of powerful elixirs to mend his injured body. He too sighed sadly in his heart as he repaired Chu Yang’s injuries.

[How many years have passed since I have experienced this exact event… some Nine Tribulations Sword Masters fainted, and some twisted in the pain. Some screamed and some even lost their sanity from the pain. Some even bit-off their own fingers.]

[But I’ve never seen a person who is able to face it like this! He was always in his senses, and didn’t even utter a word… how can so much resolve burn in his eyes?]

[Moreover, the intensity of the pain had exceeded several times as compared to the last eight times!]

[This guy can be very ruthless! Not just to his enemies… he is even more ruthless to himself!]

Chu Yang realized that his ability to move had been restored after some time. He closed his fingers slowly with a loud cackling sound. There was a hidden ice-cold killing intention in his eyes as he shouted, “Come out!”

A long-sword spontaneously appeared in his hands as he issued the order. The sword’s hilt and other parts were illusory, but the sword’s point, the sword’s edge, and the sword’s spine were solid.

A dense murderous aura came out. It was ostentatiously wild, and had no qualms about wreaking havoc.

The fish, shrimps and small snakes that were still there in the surroundings scattered and fled in distress as this murderous aura came out.

This murderous aura surprisingly seemed alive. It seemed completely deterrent towards other life forms.

The Nine Tribulations Sword’s body leaked out a chilling silver-white energy. The lightly wielded silver-white light flashed through. Chu Yang observed carefully, and saw that the water current in front of him had been divided into two.

It separated at first, and then came back to normal.

Chu Yang’s heart shook since he hadn’t caused this. He hadn’t wielded the sword, or used any strength. But it was clear that neat cuts as if cuts made to a piece of paper… had been made in water… and these cuts had severed it. This was an incision.

This was simply incredible!

Draw a sword to part the water… this was a legend to describe a sword’s sharpness.

Using martial technique to divide the water into two halves could be achieved by any master. But to achieve such an outcome without the use of any physical effort could only exist in legends.

It was only a fable… at least in the Nine Heavens Continent’s written accounts… There wasn’t a single concrete evidence of this having happened in the past.

However, such supernatural object had appeared in his hands now.

The Nine Tribulations Sword!

Chu Yang sighed with disappointment as he looked at the wondrous Nine Tribulations Sword. [This is the true Nine Tribulations Sword! So… what had I obtained in the previous life?]

[Was I really the Master of Nine Tribulations Sword in my past life? …Or perhaps the Slave of the Nine Tribulations Sword? …perhaps I wasn’t even a slave… is that why I couldn’t achieve such power in the past life?]

Chu Yang heaved a deep sigh. His gaze was fixed on the Nine Tribulations Sword’s body.

The sword blade still shone with that chilling silver-white luster. However, the silvery bright light gradually became gentler as Chu Yang’s concentrated stare fell on it. Gradually, the arrogant and murderous aura also seemed to vanish from it.

It was as if an invincible demon had run into the master of its destiny. Such was the nature of obedience emanating from the sword’s body.

Chu Yang didn’t blink since he felt that the Nine Tribulations Sword was cautiously ‘looking at him’. In fact, it appeared to be crying. The sword’s blade was trembling slightly as well. It seemed as if a little kid was miserably looking at his guardian to get the fruits of his labor.

Then, the Sword Point cautiously and respectfully slipped-out and gently caressed Chu Yang’s hand. Then, it hastily withdrew. It continued to be respectful, and continued to flatter him.

Chu Yang was indifferent.

Sword Point curved a few times. It clearly revealed that it felt that Chu Yang had been wronged…

Sword Edge also slid-down in a similar respectful manner, and then carefully touched his hand. Then, it withdrew as well.

Chu Yang was still as motionless as before.

Following this, the Sword Spine came out after a good while, and sluggishly proceeded to caress Chu Yang’s hand.

The cold look in Chu Yang’s eyes became more and more acute as he faintly revealed his vicious thoughts, “I would rather not have a Sword Spine if you won’t obey me properly!”

“It’s no big deal!” Chu Yang’s announced very dully, but very resolutely.

“You will be discarded if you don’t accept my dominance!”

[Even if it is an ancient treasure… if I said I will give it up… then I will give it up! Just like discarding a worn-out shoe!]

Sword Point and Sword Edge angrily shouted. They were apparently facing the Sword Spine, and yelling at it — scolding and accusing it! Finally, the Sword Spine unfolded in Chu Yang’s hand, and snuggled in order to flatter him.

Chu Yang’s expression turned slightly gentle.


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