Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 341

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 341

Chu Yang flicked his wrist and a bunch of sharp sword energies flew out as swiftly as flowers. They spread out as he started to walk forward.

He hadn’t even taken two steps when a massive current of water swiveled fiercely. The small and weak poisonous flood dragons were swept far away. In fact, many of them were even crushed to death.

However, Chu Yang didn’t even bat an eyelid.

Chu Yang had been analyzing the water’s supple power for a long time. He would really be unworthy of obtaining the third fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword if he couldn’t even put through this small occurrence.

His attention was fixed on the gigantic poisonous flood dragon that had emerged before his eyes.

Its eyes appeared to be fist-sized when seen from afar. But they looked no smaller than a big rice bowl as it came nearer. They were quite fierce and were emitting an ominous glint. This flood dragon’s body was several hundred feet long. Chu Yang was surprised because a portion of its body was floating slightly outside the water surface.

Chu Yang was motionless.

The poisonous flood dragon raised its head in anger and let out a roar.

A powerful current of water was released. It shook the surroundings violently.

However, Chu Yang smiled and took a step forward.

The poisonous flood dragon noticed that its antagonist didn’t acknowledge its superiority. Suddenly, it raised its head and opened its mouth to emit a ball of misty energy. It looked at Chu Yang with cruel intentions in its eyes.


The sudden turn of events was far from reassuring!

Chu Yang moved hastily and dodged out of its way. Then the poisonous flood dragon shot something looking like a bubble out of its mouth. It exploded with a ‘pop’ sound and changed into criss-cross shaped water blades. These water blades rushed towards Chu Yang.

They cut through the deepwater and created a vacuum zone. The resulting friction created white smoke which eventually filled the vacuum zone. This clearly demonstrated the speed and strength of the water blades.

Chu Yang jumped to avoid a blade that was about to hit him in the abdomen. Then, he hurriedly swam towards the surface. Meanwhile, he kept swinging his sword to block the incoming attacks.

The ‘ringing’ sound was sharp and clear… even though it was underwater; so much so that even the echoes were audible. Chu Yang withdrew ten feet each time the sound echoed. Chu Yang had already retreated more than three hundred feet by the time a dozen echoes had been issued.

The water blade that had failed to hit Chu Yang didn’t dissipate after flying past him. It had gone-on to chop the small poisonous flood dragons. Surprisingly, this wave of attack had chopped open their bodies.

It had killed no less than ten thousand flood dragons.

Their miserable green blood was floating around. This gave rise to an unpleasant smell.

Chu Yang felt his wrist going slightly numb and sore. The flood dragon’s roaring attacks were ferocious and difficult to deal with.

[This flood dragon is too abnormal. It is emitting hoards of blades from its mouth. It is really very powerful.]

Suddenly, it seemed as if the poisonous flood dragon had been infuriated further. It moved its tail like a pendulum, and its huge body flew towards Chu Yang.

It opened its mouth… Chu Yang felt as if the whole world had suddenly gone dark.

[Such a big mouth…] Chu Yang recalled that the biggest animal that he had seen so far was a rhinoceros. However, it seemed that this flood dragon could easily swallow a rhinoceros without a burp.

The dragon’s mouth would be sufficient to accommodate three warhorses striding proudly… at the same time.

“Holy Mother!” Chu Yang’s hands trembled as he said in his heart, “One ray of cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms!”

The Nine Tribulations Sword frantically exploited the water’s supple power, and went ‘all-out’ in the water.

This move was still not finished when Chu Yang invoked the next one. “What’s the harm in slaughtering the entire world?”

His body flipped over. Then, he proceeded to display the next two moves in one breath. [A sharp will buried deep will not change. The one who gathers wind and cloud becomes the emperor.]

Four moves issued one after another!

The sword light moved in all directions. The poisonous flood dragon screamed loudly. It was apparently in extreme pain. However, it moved forward fiercely to face the shining sword light, and bit it.

Chu Yang was shocked. He had clearly seen that the acute sword light released from Nine Tribulations Sword Edge had hit the beast’s mouth. Blood had begun to drip as big chunks of flesh and meat fell off its mouth. However, the ferocious teeth in its mouth were unusually strong. Even a full power strike of his sword had only been able to chip off its teeth, and a fine powder had been scattered in the water.

Chu Yang leapt back, and fled like an arrow.

The poisonous flood dragon chief’s ominous instincts were aroused by this. It began to pursue him closely. It was unwilling to let go.

The Nine Tribulations Sword was very small for such a huge poisonous flood dragon; despite being incisive. It couldn’t even be regarded as a toothpick in front of it. And it certainly couldn’t cause great damage. The flood dragon’s internal organs wouldn’t have been injured even if the sword was stabbed right up to the hilt.

Fortunately, Chu Yang had already comprehended the water’s supple power. In fact, he would have ended-up inside the stomach of this beast if he wasn’t capable of being pragmatic at all times.

[Inside its stomach…]

Suddenly, he came up with an idea and his eyes lit up. [This beast’s outer skin is too sturdy. It would require great effort on my part to stick the Nine Tribulations Sword into it. The only opportunity I get to inflict any damage is when it opens its mouth to attack… Else, the results seem to be minimal.]

[This beast may not be able to catch me if I continue to strike like this. But, I will be so bored of this unending cycle that I might actually die.]

[But, there won’t be any hard scales inside its stomach, right?]

Chu Yang started to size-up the mouth of that beast and frowned, [It looks like this beast doesn’t pay attention to hygiene; his mouth has a strange odor that can even be smelled in the water…]

[Ready!] The minister was ready to sacrifice his own hygiene.

Chu Yang had already withdrawn by several hundred feet, and the poisonous flood dragon’s body was also completely unfolded, and was floating in the water. [My goodness! It is no less than five hundred feet long.]

Chu Yang had already made several hundred cuts with his sword on its body. This had thoroughly enraged it. It opened its mouth as its ominous eyes shone viciously. It was wishing for a chance to bite Chu Yang, and then chew him into pieces…

This was the first time it had received such heavy injuries over its rather prolonged life. This filled its heart with rage. It couldn’t accept that a tiny human had pushed it to such an extent.

Moreover, there hadn’t been any effect on Chu Yang even after a dozen of its attacks. It had started to understand that these simple attacks would cause no harm to this human. Its own body was very huge …and not at all nimble, whereas its opponent was very sly and agile. Consequently, it cleverly changed its tactics.

It finally used its innate skill since it could not keep up with the chase — suction!

A fierce current of water caused an obstruction; following which, a violent suction force came towards Chu Yang, and engulfed him.

Its plan was to suck in this small fellow into its mouth, and then bite him to death.

This was an indiscriminate attack; it simply didn’t differentiate between friend and foe.

The tiny poisonous flood dragons in the surroundings were just like moths drawn to the flame. They all were sucked inside its mouth. That beast didn’t seem to mind making a meal out its own off springs. In fact, it seemed rather accustomed to it. It was simply unconcerned about eating its own children. Its eyes were only focused on Chu Yang.

Chu Yang’s body had been dashing about in water. It suddenly stopped, and rushed backwards towards the beast.

The poisonous flood dragon was extremely delighted in its heart. It opened its mouth and didn’t hesitate as it issued an even bigger suction force.

[Closer! Even closer!]

[He will soon enter my mouth and turn into my food!]

The poisonous flood dragon’s eyes issued a cruel radiance.

It had lived underwater its whole life, and had never gone up. It had never eaten such unusual food. This had filled its heart with anticipation, and it happily looked forward to the upcoming meal.

The food finally arrived at its mouth.

The poisonous flood dragon issued a ‘roar’ in excitement since it felt that this guy would finally turn into its ‘food’ upon entering its mouth. It almost couldn’t wait anymore, and suddenly shut the top and bottom rows of its teeth to bite him.

Something wasn’t right…

Actually… Chu Yang was incomparably cooperative when its mouth was closing, and had willingly charged inside. He rushed all the way into his stomach from its mouth in the blink of an eye.


The poisonous flood dragon faced upwards and roared.

The upper and lower rows of its teeth did come together to shut the mouth close, but could not bite; instead, dozens of those teeth were chopped off by the Nine Tribulations Sword, and their chunks collapsed.

[Too much grief and indignation!]

[This repulsive creature!]

The poisonous flood dragon hatefully thought, [it doesn’t matter what happened… he was eventually eaten by me. I just need to wait till the day after tomorrow… or perhaps don’t even have to wait till the day after tomorrow… this guy will turn into my feces and come out…]

[Finally this troublesome guy is finished!] The Poisonous flood dragon lord was content with himself. He gracefully turned to leave when it was suddenly struck by a strange pain in its stomach…

Then, the pain got more and more acute, and later it became almost unbearable. It didn’t even get enough time to be excited, and celebrate its own ‘victory’. It had already sunk into a sorrowful realm of immense pain…

Chu Yang had let go of the control over his own body when the suction was at its strongest. He had taken advantage of the violent suction, and had flown into the poisonous flood dragon’s mouth at a very fast speed.

This was obviously very easy to accomplish.

This poisonous flood dragon’s mouth was simply too big. As mentioned earlier, once opened, it could easily hold three warhorses. In fact, they could easily prance into its mouth unhindered.

Chu Yang’s body… when compared to three steeds… was way too small.

Chu Yang immediately scuttled downwards after he went in. He felt as if he had entered a slimy and slippery place. Yet, he did not have the slightest amount of hesitation. He drew his sword and he went all-out as he advanced downwards. He launched all the moves of Nine Tribulations Sword’s sword-play within that beast’s stomach.

[One ray of cold light piercing ten thousand fathoms!]

[What harm is there in slaughtering the entire world!]

[A sharp will buried deep will not change!]

[One who gathers wind and cloud, becomes the emperor!]

[A sword’s edge famous for all eternity!]

[Wind and cloud move unhindered from east to west!]

[The sun and moon thunder at my will!]

[Chopping mountains and breaking peaks under the blood-red sky!]

Chu Yang had never considered using the eight moves of the Nine Tribulations sword-play to their maximum capacity; that too all at once. This action was tantamount to insanity.

However, Chu Yang still suspected that he wasn’t being insane enough.

His body continued to slip down for a while after he had used a chain attack of the eight moves of Nine Tribulations sword-play. But he continued to wave his sword. Then, he exhausted all his strength and displayed the eight moves of Nine Tribulations sword-play once again.

After that, he stopped! He was totally exhausted…

However, the formidable power contained in the eight moves of the sword-play he had used the first time frantically condensed within the poisonous flood dragon’s stomach, and exploded.

Nine Tribulations sword, Nine Heavens Sword Technique! Even a low-level Revered Sword Artist’s strength was capable of leveling scores with Young Master Yu using this marvelous sword-play.

However, the chain of eight moves… even Young Master Yu had not tasted the flavor of that. But, this poisonous flood dragon thoroughly enjoyed this serving.

Bang! The sword light exploded like a bomb and the poisonous flood dragon’s weak inner body ruptured from the inside. Several thousand rays of sword light exploded at once, and ruptured the flesh inside its body. In fact, it turned it into minced-meat.

Its body exploded from inside from two places with a loud ‘Bang’.

The poisonous flood dragon’s internal organs spanned over its hundreds of feet long body. However, they were all destroyed in an instant. But its outer scales were actually very sturdy. They didn’t fall off its body still. Yet, its body was actually turned into a pool of blood on the inside.

Chu Yang felt as if he would ‘drown’ in this pool of blood. He held his breath and hastily rushed up to expose his head out. He then suddenly felt his head banging against something hard.

“F*ck me!” Chu Yang had never anticipated that he would receive a surprise attack in this beast’s stomach. He took a look. It turned out to be a round pearl. But it was slipping away. This pearl didn’t seem ordinary to him. It had the appearance of an ordinary pearl, but such a huge pearl only existed in oceans… it was issuing a gentle white light.

Chu Yang grabbed it with his hand, and suddenly felt that it contained a massive amount of pure spirit energy.

[Nice item!]


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