Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 337

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 337

“I have been wishing to do this for a long time.” Yin Wu Tian groaned. He looked extremely desolate, “This thing… is what I want to do!”

“Shut up!” Jing Meng Hun strictly said, “You are not to kill someone! Do you know who Cheng Yun is? Kill him? How can you even say that!”

“My elder brother’s legs were paralyzed by Cheng Yun He. That deceitful man cannot get away with this!” Yin Wu Tian said as he ferociously gritted his teeth.

“You are insane! Young Master Ye was a crafty guy!” Jing Meng Hun said angrily, “He said these words and you believed him?”

“Young Master Ye was obviously not a good person; but that does not mean that his knowledge and experience were also bogus.” Yin Wu Tian grunted. “We’ve already studied about it extensively, and have finally formed a unanimous opinion that this is a peculiar type of martial art that directly harms the meridians; that too… acutely.”

“But Young Master Ye took a quick look at it, and said that it was the invisible sword energy!” Yin Wu Tian said, “That is absolutely not a lie!”

“Even if it’s not a lie… what relation does Cheng Yun He have with it? He is just a weak scholar!” Jing Meng Hun was flustered. If he could not get Yin Wu Tian to dispel this thought, and if Yin Wu Tian really were to kill Cheng Yun He…

Then he would certainly be done for!

Diwu Qing Rou regarded Cheng Yun He as an important confidante. How would he tolerate it if Yin Wu Tian killed Cheng Yun He?

“Only he had the opportunity to pull this off!” Yin Wu Tian said indifferently, “He inevitably knows the facts even if he did not do it.” His eyes radiated with hatred, “Don’t tell me that my elder brother’s legs were disabled in vain… I won’t accept that!”

“Fourth brother!” Jing Meng Hun strictly shouted in gloomy manner. He then said in a low voice, “This matter has rotten your heart… ”

When he said these words, Yin Wu Tian immediately realized that Jing Meng Hun also seemed to have the same suspicion.

“Rotten my heart… ” Yin Wu Tian laughed bitterly. His eyes flashed coldly as he said in an inaudible voice, “Obviously it has… he is my blood brother… my brother and I, are the children of the same mother… we share the same blood and are connected by it… ”

Jing Meng Hun was silent for a while. He stared blankly at Yin Wu Tian. They couldn’t say anything further and only looked at each other in daze. Suddenly, there was a deathly stillness in the tent.

Diwu Qing Rou returned to his palace, and the first thing he did after returning was write a letter. Then he clapped his hands and the wall behind him started distorting… as if it was a living thing…

A strange shadow separated from the wall and came out after sometime. It was similar to the shadow of an illusory bird.

Diwu Qing Rou rolled up that letter. He rubbed his hands together, and changed it into a small ball. Then, he stuffed it into that illusory bird’s mouth.

Then, that illusory bird began its retreat into the wall. And when it touched the wall – it suddenly began distorting again with a fit of ripples, and slowly returned to normal.

That strange bird had disappeared into the wall in an instant; it was nowhere to be seen.

Diwu Qing Rou sat calmly on a chair. His eyes flickered with sharp rays of light. It was hard to know what he was thinking. A long time passed. He clapped his hands and said, “Summon Han Bu Chu, Cheng Yun He, as well as the generals of the eight big war-zones and the high-ranking officials of the Ministry of Arms, the Ministry of Revenue and the Ministry of Appointments, etc. All personnel must hurry to me before tomorrow afternoon!”

There was a resolve to cement every idea in Diwu Qing Rou’s voice! It was callous and cold!

“Yes.” the people outside the study room responded.

Diwu Qing Rou rubbed his temples as he slowly paced back and forth. A long time passed. He suddenly decided something. He stood in front of the window as he thought aloud, “This is the day when I will overturn the world!”

He turned around and flicked his fingers. A big map dropped with a swishing sound, and opened-up on the opposite wall.

This map was about thirty feet wide, and ten feet long.

The terrain drawn on it was very thorough and detailed.

In the middle of the map were two words in red… written by Diwu Qing Rou: Iron Cloud!

This was the map of Iron Cloud Nation.

“Crafty plots, schemes and trickery are merely the means to achieve a goal; though useful, but their usefulness is not very much. The real decisive power is displayed on the battlefield!” Diwu Qing Rou muttered, “If nine ways to attack… ”

His gaze fell on the border of Iron Cloud and Great Zhao. Both the parties had been fighting here for hundreds of years; in that very region!

It was merely the thickness of a finger on the map, and its span was no longer than an arm’s length. However, the lives of millions of excellent soldiers had been lost in this region over the past several hundreds of years.

These two countries had been fighting bravely and endlessly. They followed the simply principle of — you attack and I will retaliate.

Here was a battlefield. It comprised of dozens of high mountains, several hundred cities and canyons; a large-scale battlefield. Moreover, the area was vast and the span was awfully long. It was so vast that even when people screamed… the voice could not travel to the mountains nearby.

As the areas separated, it was obvious that the voices became more and more inaudible.

The war had been fought using the same military tactic over the past few years — deploy the troops on this side to mislead the enemy, and then attack from the other side. The other party would reach a stalemate after meeting the enemy troops head-on. Then both sides would call for reinforcements…

This region wasn’t small. Moreover, it far exceeded the category of an ordinary battlefield. It would be capable of holding million if a large-scale battle were to occur. But, bluntly speaking, the famous generals of the past had already put their brains into utilizing this terrain.

Every mountain-top had some exceptionally good strategic spots that were obviously remembered by both sides.

But even so… there were always people who prepared ambush in these spots, and there were always some who got killed or injured…

This place had become the ‘battleground of the fighting spirits’ for the two nations of Iron Cloud and Great Zhao.

Millions of soldiers’ bones were buried in this place. If it won’t be called this… what better a-name would it have?

“King of Hell Chu, the plots and schemes are merely a bypath. Let’s contend in the battlefield for supremacy, and see each other’s true capabilities!” Diwu Qing Rou muttered, “King of Hell Chu, Tie Bu Tian, Tie Long Cheng! Let us decide here — who will rule the world!

Chu Yang had already completed his evolution to ‘Fifth Grade Revered Sword Artist’! He was still lying on the thick patch of grass, and was still looking at the starry sky.

[It is almost daybreak now. I’m afraid the sound of tossing and turning will be heard during broad daylight if I dive into the water now.]

[That kind of sound will certainly be very loud.]

He wanted to ensure that the fight took place in the evening. Therefore, he needed to go into the water in the afternoon. And he would need to get close to finding the third fragment while the evening approached. An underwater-fight like that would be reflected on the water surface… and would also take time…

[It will happen at night!]

[I have a whole day of free time.]

Chu Yang was unconsciously thinking; [don’t know how things are with Master and Tan Tan in the Middle Three Heavens? Would Qing Wu be happy on receiving those presents that I sent? Will she smile?]

[I wonder what my brothers are up to. Has Gu Du Xing already given that present to Gu Miao Ling? Is he still troubled because I killed those two?]

[Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di must have reached Cang Lang Battlefront… they won’t be in danger right?]

A person’s image suddenly appeared in his mind while he lost in his thoughts — Wu Qian Qian! A pair of resentful eyes was looking at him. Chu Yang had a scare, and hastily shook his head; but this time the person staring at him was… Tie Bu Tian!

The Emperor of Iron Cloud was looking at him. Although the gaze was gentle… it had deep expectations.

Then Diwu Qing Rou’s face appeared.

Chu Yang closed his eyes and laughed bitterly. Things had been very colourful since his rebirth. He was constantly busy; it had been such a long time since he had rested for even half-a-day…

He had personal matters to deal with, besides public affairs… After that, he’d spend a great amount of time practicing martial arts in order to make his own body break through several thresholds…

Some time had passed in the morning. Chu Yang, Jing Meng Hun and Yin Wu Tian were sitting together harmoniously, and were having breakfast. Everyone talked and laughed together happily.

However, Jing Meng Hun and Yin Wu Tian’s faces looked very tired. It was obvious by their appearance that they hadn’t slept well in the past few days. But Minister Chu was full of vigor.

Yin Wu Tian tried to look for several fishermen at noon, and made them go underwater in order to bring several lotus roots — which they did. But none of them had more than seven joints.

Chu Yang sighed as he watched.

Jing Meng Hun received a summon in the afternoon. He hurriedly returned to Prime Minister’s palace once they were done eating and drinking.

Yin Wu Tian got drunk; he dizzily went to find someone to take his place and proceed with the job, but came back empty-handed.

Minister Chu shook his head and sighed.

Yin Wu Tian seemed as if he couldn’t bear the anger, and was fuming with rage; though, he didn’t say it. It went without saying that the Fourth King Level Master was having a bad time these past few days. And to make things worse… he had to look after this King Level Master Jun Qing Yang who had simply flushed all his expectations down the drain. As a result, he simply could not hold the anger in his stomach anymore. It felt like his stomach was about to explode…

“Great Zhao… Great Zhao has the reputation of being the wealthiest in the whole world. But it is actually mediocre!” King level Master Jun Qing Yang cynical remarked in his demonic voice. Yin Wu Tian covered up his face. He wanted to run away and hide.

“Moreover, this is Continent Centre is the richest place in Great Zhao… ” Jun Qing Yang’s voice was so monstrous and painstakingly mystical that it could make a man shiver.

“It had a reputation of having illustrious heroes… ” King Level Master Jun Qing Yang clicked his tongue and continued, ” …surprisingly can’t even find a nine joints lotus root… ”

Yin Wu Tian’s face turned black; it almost resembled an iron slab while he stood stupefied.

“It seems that this vast Lotus Lake can only breed fish… ” King Level Master Jun Qing Yang sighed melodiously.

“Wrong. It’s not like our Great Zhao isn’t ‘great’ because it does not have what you seek… and lotus root is only a means to save life.” Yin Wu Tian retorted. He was unable to restrain his anger, and spoke in a muffled voice, “You haven’t paid attention to our martial arts properly… ”

“Tch tch… don’t tell me you will make this King Level Master go down in person?” Jun Qing Yang said as he squinting at him.

[If not for Prime Minister Diwu’s order… I would have kicked this bastard into the lake!] A trace of cold flashed in Yin Wu Tian’s eyes as he said, “I can’t dare to stop King Level Master Jun if he has such a graceful attitude.”

“Hey… it seems like I don’t have a better option. I guess I’ll personally have to go into the water.” King Level Master Jun Qing Yang stretched his legs. He exercised his waist, and began to take off his clothes.

“I pray that he goes inside the water and drown to death. I hope that the weeds entangle him, and suffocate him to death. I beseech that his body lies at the bottom, and rots there!” Yin Wu Tian maliciously prayed to the Gods in the secrecy of his heart. However, he appeared to be deeply concerned on the surface. He said, “Brother Jun, don’t tell me you are really going to go down?”

“Brother Jun? Ha ha ha… ” Jun Qing Yang waved his bare arms monstrously. He exhibited the eye-catching scar that stretched all the way from his chest to his belly, and then wound around him like a giant centipede. He said with an odd smile, “Fourth King Level Master, “Brother Jun” are the two words that you cannot say. Although my status is quite humble… but hey, have you heard of Dark Bamboo?”

Yin Wu Tian was barely restrained himself from fainting.


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