Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 327

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 327

In fact, Yin Wu Fa had actually been befuddled by the condition of his own injury from the beginning. He recalled rushing out of the heavy encirclement. However, at that time, he had clearly used both his legs to run back after being rescued by Kong Shan Xin.

He was sure that he had definitely not been subjected to an attack like this.

However, this kind of attack had obviously been made with a malicious intention to harm him.

Then he had fallen into a coma for about a month. After he woke up, he found out that the lower half of his body had become paralyzed. During this one month, only Chen Yun He had been by his side to guard him.

Herein lay a problem, [Cheng Yun He clearly could not use martial arts. Then from where did he bring the invisible sword energy?]

However, if it hadn’t been him, others would definitely not have had such an opportunity. Could it be that Cheng Yun He had arranged for someone to do it? The two brothers glanced at each other, their suspicions arising.

Little did they know that Chu Yang was even more surprised.

When Cheng Yun He had carried Yin Wu Fa during his return trip, Chu Yang and Gu Du Xing had seen Yin Wu Fa’s ‘corpse’ with their own eyes. Moreover, it had frozen into a chunk of ice.

How was he still alive here?

If it hadn’t been for Chu Yang’s nerves of steel, which had been tempered from his experiences from two lifetimes, he would have turned deathly pale with fright.

[Fantasy! It’s sheer fantasy! So this bastard actually didn’t die back then.] Chu Yang thought in his mind.

“Fantasy! It’s sheer fantasy… ” Yin Wu Tian kept repeating these lines. “What in the world is going on?” The complexion of the two brothers was quite ugly. However, in front of a stranger like Chu Yang, they found it inconvenient to speak up.

“Little brother, you accompany Young Master Ye and assist in managing his business properly,” Yin Wu Fa urged. He needed time to calm down and think about it properly.

“Yes,” Yin Wu Tian immediately complied. Then he turned and said, “Young Master Ye, please come.”

The moment Chu Yang went out of the door, Yin Wu Fa, who was lying on the bed, suddenly asked in a soft voice, “Young Master Ye… Are you from the Upper Three Heavens? A person of the Ye clan?”

Chu Yang’s footsteps slightly paused. He didn’t turn around and just said in a pensive manner, “King Level Master Yin… you also know about the Ye Clan?”

After he had said thus, he did not speak further and moved forward to leave.

After he had left, Yin Wu Fa’s face swiftly showed traces of relief. [He really is from the Ye clan. No wonder Big Brother respects him so much. Since he is from the Ye clan, perhaps that familiar feeling in my heart… is just an illusion?]

[After staying lain down in bed for so long, even the illusions have started to appear.] Yin Wu Fa’s gloomy face looked scary as he mumbled, “Cheng, Yun, He… ”

Crunch. He placed his right hand on the bedside and unconsciously grabbed it. The wood of the bedside was actually crushed in the process.

“Young Master Ye, please come. This is the location of our Golden Horse. I mean, our Big Brother Jing Meng Hun’s personal collection,” Yin Wu Tian led Chu Yang and took many rounds before leaving the temporary headquarters. They arrived at the backyard of a house. After saying a few words, the big guards quietly concealed themselves on either side.

Yin Wu Tian put out his hand and pressed it on a tree. With a faint clicking sound, suddenly the tree’s trunk that had been holding the lush green branches and leaves of the tree, drifted on either side to reveal a giant flagstone. He moved the flagstone aside to reveal a passage going downwards.

“This is Prime Minister Diwu’s backyard,” Yin Wu Tian said lightly. “It’s the safest place in the entire Continent Centre City.”

“Diwu Qing Rou’s backyard?” Chu Yang’ expression changed as he softly repeated the sentence.

[This is indeed unexpected. This turned out to be Diwu Qing Rou’s backyard! Then does that mean Diwu Qing Rou’s secret treasure… is also here?]

While walking all the way down, he noticed that that there were three consecutive rock gates along the way, and afterwards there were three gates that were made entirely of fine steel. Each one was several feet thick.

Chu Yang secretly smacked his lips.

[This level of security is simply unimaginable! So what kind of precious treasure is hidden here?]

Finally, the space on the front widened and slowly came to an end. At the end, there stood two fine quality steel gates side by side. They were perhaps already more than 300 feet under the ground – around 100 meters. However, it was surprisingly dry there and was not the least bit moist. Moreover, the air was as fresh as it was on the ground.

Just by looking at this hidden treasury, one could tell how much had been spent on manpower and resources to build it.

“On this side, we have ingredients for medicines and on this side, we have precious items,” Yin Wu Tian explained, “What does Young Master Ye need?”

“I need essential medicinal ingredients. I was in a battle against Young Master Yu for several days and several nights and got a minor injury. I need to treat it,” Chu Yang said in a deemphasizing manner. “Moreover, my sword was smashed by Young Master Yu. I also require essential materials to forge a new one.”

“Eh… ” Yin Wu Tian was in instant admiration. [He has fought for several days and nights with Young Master Yu, and only received a minor injury. Moreover, Young Master Yu was actually able to smash this Young Master Ye’s sword.]

[Does that mean that the Young Master of the number one aristocratic clan of the Upper three Heavens uses swords made of ordinary materials?]

“Then how about we first look at the medicinal ingredients?” Yin Wu Tan said in an even more respectful manner and added in a deeply concerned tone, “An injury must not be allowed to drag on, ah.”

“That’s fine,” Chu yang nodded with a smile and said, “Fourth King Level Master sure is as careful as if he is concerned about his own injury.”

Yin Wu Tian could not help but feel extremely flattered as he said repeatedly, “I should be, should be.” Saying this, he took out a strange looking magnet that Jing Meng Hun had left behind. He inserted it into a groove on the wall and then inserted a key. He then turned the key once and stomped his foot on the ground. With this, the steel door silently slid open to one side.

“This is the Three Heavenly Secrets lock. If there is any error while opening the gate, then one will immediately face 81 machine operated attacks at once. Moreover, one will receive the warning only after that,” Yin Wu Tian said with a smile.

“Such a tight security!” Chu Yang said. He thought in his heart, [So that means I can come here just this once? And wouldn’t coming here again in secret be difficult as well? If that is so and I don’t plunder from here wantonly, then how will I be worthy of being myself? How would I be able to repay for the sincerity shown by these King level experts of the Golden Horse Riders Department]

The door opened and Chu Yang took a broad look to survey it, only to see another long, impressive passage. On either side of the passage was a Black Ice Jade Cabinet which was stacked completely. This was the best way to preserve the medicinal efficacy (1) of the spirit medicines, without allowing it to scatter.

No matter which medicine it was, as long as it was stored in such a cabinet, it would remain safe and in good condition.

He saw two big rows of tall cabinets, each more than a hundred feet in height.

“These cabinets are divided into 4 layers,” Yin Wu Tian proudly exclaimed. “There is a push button in the cabinet door. Press it and it will open at once. The label above shows the category’s name. Some of the collections of Prime Minister Diwu are also here.”

Chu Yang looked at the numerous tiny labels, which had been densely packed in each cabinet. In the middle of each cabinet, the medicinal property, application as well as the name of each medicine was neatly written in a detailed manner. Even the source of the origin, the year of origin etc, was written in the description.

[Hit the jackpot!] Chu Yang said somewhat excitedly in his thoughts.

[Diwu Qing Rou’s collection is also here? Wow haha… this is really making me excited.]

[By the looks of it, I’m afraid this collection is comparable to those of the imperial palaces of the Great Zhao and the Iron Cloud Nation. Moreover, I am certain that the quality is also better.]

While Chu Yang was still busy thinking, the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Sword Spirit helplessly sighed, [I… ah! I had finally used up the efficacies of those medicines with so much difficulty. Then how did this fellow find such a place so quickly? If all these efficacies are to be absorbed, then even if there are a thousand Chu Yangs… won’t they all just explode as well?]

“What medicines does Young Master Ye need?’ Yin Wu Tian asked with a smile.

“There’s no hurry, I will look carefully,” Chu Yang said with a gentle and well cultured smile. “This place is indeed beyond my expectation.”

He reached in front of the first cabinet. He pressed the button and the drawer opened up. Immediately a unique fragrance of ginseng rushed into his nose. After opening, it became clear that it was a ginseng with 3 stumps. It already had a nose, eyes, arms and legs. It appeared to have a human form.

“The row of 8 cabinets contains ginsengs. From the start, they are the ordinary wild ginseng, red jade ginseng, snow ginseng, blood ginseng, white ginseng, purple jade ginseng, grass ginseng and so on. Each of them is over 500 years old,” Yin Wu Tian smiled as he explained pointing with his finger.

Chu Yang aspirated as he closed the cabinet, and then opened the one adjacent to it. Only his right hand was tightly pressed against the outer flank of the cabinet he had closed just now. It seemed as if he was unconsciously holding on to it.

Then he pulled one open and closed it. Then pulled open another cabinet after closing the previous one, but every time his right hand remained pressed against the cabinet that he had previously closed.

In the blink of an eye, Chu Yang had examined more than ten cabinets. He then stood up looking helpless. He looked somewhat disappointed and shook his head, “These medicines are not bad. It’s a pity that only the number of years is insufficient. I will take a look at these.”

“Number of years… ” Yin Wu Tian seemed to have been blown away to the cloud covered mountains. He blushed with shame. [In my opinion, no matter which cabinet is taken into consideration, all of our medicines are priceless treasures. But Young Master Ye has already looked at 12 cabinets and not settled on even one.]

[This Young Master from a super clan of the Upper Three Heavens is really out of the ordinary! This knowledge, this insight, this experience… this is the difference between our realms ah…]

Young Master Ye opened a cabinet, glanced at it and closed it again. Then he opened another one.

Nine Tribulations Sword Point was excited beyond insanity.

Happy! Too Happy!

Whenever Chu Yang opened a cabinet and closed it again, Nine Tribulations Sword’s Sword Point would stealthily come out of his right hand’s fingertips. It would sneak inside the already closed cabinet and start gorging itself with food.

The speed ah!

Nine Tribulations Sword’s Sword Point also seemed to know that time was pressing .For this reason it did not hesitate to reach an agreement with the Sword Edge. Co-operation and equal division! Therefore the absorption rate was amazingly quick.

It would go in and touch. Shua! The item would cease to exist. The ginseng it had absorbed previously turned into a small dry radish. Not to mention there was no efficacy left in it.

The Sword Point absorbed, and the Sword Edge transported. With more and more mutual understanding, the speed of the two little ones became more and more rapid. After having absorbed several cabinets, the Sword Spirit finally joined in unwillingly.

Having no other option, the Nine Tribulations Sword’s Sword Spirit began to absorb the essence. Even the residues could be precious medicinal efficacies. All of these piled up in Chu Yang’s meridians rapidly to the bursting point.

Therefore the Sword Point stole, the Sword Edge transported and the Sword Spirit was in charge of extraction from his meridians and transferring to the Nine Tribulations Space. Everyone divided up the work to cooperate. Isn’t that a joy?

Minister Chu’s speed of switching from one cabinet to another was getting faster and faster.

Snap! Open!

Snap! Close!

Snap! Open once again!


Medicinal efficacy = Medicinal Power or Medicinal Potency


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