Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 325

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 325

The Lotus lakeside was already bustling with a sea of people. They were mostly Confucian scholars; their robes’ sleeves were fluttering in the wind. It was hard to tell whether they were calm and carefree, or simply elegant.

In such an environment, one would probably pretend and put-on such appearance even if one was not an elegant scholar or a poet. While on the one hand these young men assumed an air of elegant gentlemen, on the other hand, they were casting glances on young maidens’ faces, bodies, chests, waists and other places… all at the same time.

Even then they pretended to be men of honor — tall and straight. They were under the impression that those beautiful women would consider them reliable, and might develop a liking for them. In fact, they believed that the women might just give their hearts to them as a result.

However, they didn’t know that it was hopeless… Those women hated such rogues. They were even less fond of fakes who brought up boring conversation to hit on them. But even if you were upright and didn’t hit on them, your chances would still be less than the hoodlums…

Three big camps were indistinctly taking shape in the Lotus Lake’s center.

There was a faction of people wearing purple clothes, another one wearing white clothes, while the third one wore black clothes. Though Chu Yang looked from afar, he immediately figured things out, [Perhaps the ones in black clothes belong to Jun Lu Lu’s camp. They really are worthy of being called ‘Dark Bamboo’. They are brimming with the aura of some crime syndicate… even in a musical competition…

Big ships had gathered in the center of Lotus Lake, and had jointly formed an ultra-large stage. Standing high and erect, those multicolored streamers drifted slightly in the wind. The sound of melodious musical instruments floated out in all directions.

The competition hadn’t yet started, but the factions were already in frenzy.

Several merchants and peddlers had grasped this opportunity, and had dug into this once-in-a thousand-year opportunity to make some money. This was an excellent opportunity; so much so that even the misers would not bargain. Hence, the merchants could easily cheat their customers as much as they liked!

Chu Yang, dressed in black, was walking slowly on the shore by a group of willow trees. He was lost in a train of thoughts, and seemed to be wandering aimlessly.

His heart was in a state of turmoil.

Young Master Yu had already left. He had gone aboard Jun Lu Lu’s big boat. However, the few words he had said before leaving, had uncovered a maze of doubts in Chu Yang’s mind. It had also roused a sudden chaos in his heart.

He finally understood why the blue-clothed person had suddenly vanished. It seemed as if the man had been recalled by his family. However, Chu Yang didn’t know how to react after hearing this news so suddenly.

That blue-clothed person had been trying to take Chu Yang back with him. Moreover, the man was willing to use any means necessary. In fact, he had also tried to take out the jade pendant in order to confirm his identity. However, Chu Yang had also employed any means necessary to escaped.

Actually, Chu Yang had no desire to unravel the riddles of his own past. Simply put… he was quite terrified in his heart.

Yes, terrified; Chu Yang, had already understood life and death thoroughly after leading two lives. In his heart, he held only the trace of obsession to correct his past mistakes. However, this matter terrified him.

Although Chu Yang tried to ignore it, but he could faintly sense that there was a 50% chance… that he was the baby whom the Chu family had abandoned all those years ago.

In his heart, he had hope and expectation. However, there was also resistance, and fear.

Such was Chu Yang’s precarious dilemma regarding his own past.

He would feel at ease if he had been heartlessly abandoned. He would cut off this section from his life, and henceforth have no worries. He would then be able to roam around the world carefree. There was no scope for disappointments where there are no expectations. Even if he hated them, he wouldn’t possibly kill them…

However, now he knew that he was probably lost as a child… Naturally, he had many complex feelings about this.

Chu Yang sighed gently as he leaned against the willow tree. He faced upwards, and saw the lush green branches swaying back and forth. At this time, it seemed as if all the sounds from the Lotus Lake had been blocked altogether!

A Transverse Flute started playing gently; the tune turned out to be “Immortal visits from the Heaven”. The entire atmosphere suddenly turned jubilant. Everyone who heard it couldn’t help but reveal a happy expression on their faces.

At the same time, a boat pulled up slowly to the shore. Six people dressed neatly in white clothes got down from the ship, and started to move in Chu Yang’s direction. Chu Yang looked at the six expressionless people whilst leaning against the tree.

“Are you the young master whose boat was being towed by a big fish that day?” The six people in white clothes approached. They were headed by a man who respectfully stepped forward, and sincerely asked.

[The young master whose boat was being towed by a big fish… ] Chu Yang was somewhat speechless. [What sort of way was this to address someone?] However, he smiled bitterly in his heart as he thought, [the opposite party basically doesn’t know how to address me. So their greeting was understandable and well-meant.]

“What do you want?”

“My Young Miss heard the about your extraordinary performance from the other day and is very grateful. She wants to invite you onto her boat.” This man bore a very cautious and solemn attitude. Moreover, he was very respectful.

“Your Young Miss… ” Chu Yang’s eyes flashed. “Transverse Flute Master?”

“Indeed.” the man unconsciously bloated his chest with pride as he replied.

Chu Yang finally understood. He had thought that the tune “Immortal visits from the Heaven” was to welcome Diwu Qing Rou. He hadn’t imagined that it was meant to welcome him…

However, Diwu Qing Rou thought that this song was played to welcome him upon his arrival… which must have flattered him. It could be said to have achieved success in one way or another…

However, if Transverse Flute Master knew that her tune had simultaneously welcomed Diwu Qing Rou and King of Hell Chu — two mortal enemies… In all likelihood, the look on her face would’ve been incredible.

“Inform your Young Miss that I will board the boat; but not now.” Chu Yang replied with a smile. From the corner of his eye, he saw Golden Horse Riders Department’s First King Level Master, Jing Meng Hun, walking towards him with a look of pleasant surprise on his face. Therefore, he had no other choice but to turn down this person’s invitation.

Jing Meng Hun quickly rushed over, then cupped his hands in greeting and said, “Young Master is here at just the right moment. No wonder the air below this willow tree is so fresh and makes a person feel refreshed.”

Those people in white clothes didn’t even spare him a glance. In fact, they were about to lose their temper when they suddenly realized that this person was among the ones walking behind Diwu Qing Rou a moment ago. They were immediately startled. They saluted to Chu Yang and retreated hastily.

Chu Yang smiled naughtily and irresolutely said, “King Level Master Jing talks as if this Young Master were to live in Prime Minister Diwu’s residence, and enable him to spend each and every day feeling carefree and relaxed.”

Jing Meng Hun laughed loudly as he faced upward and said, “This is exactly what Prime Minister Diwu earnestly wishes for.”

Chu Yang chucked and said in his heart, [Diwu Qing Rou better not be looking for that. If I really were living at his headquarters, he would have vomited three liters of blood by now.]

“Young Master, if you do not have any matters to attend to, will you get on the boat for a chat?” Jing Meng Hun asked warmly.

“Forget about it; I am used to staying idle. I am like a Cloud Wild crane that is not fond of worldly affairs.” Chu Yang refused. No doubt he had already changed his appearance, and had managed to hide the truth from Jing Meng Hun. However, he was not sure if he would be able to conceal it from Diwu Qing Rou!

He thought about the time he had gone to the Heaven Reaching Tower in preparation, and still hadn’t been able dispel Diwu Qing Rou’s suspicion. Diwu Qing Rou’s strong spiritual awareness had left a fear lingering in Chu Yang’s heart.

It would be bad if he was able to see through Chu Yang again.

“It’s no harm; no worries at all. No matter when Young Master decides to come, I will welcome him whole-heartedly.” Jing Meng Hun didn’t feel even slightly disobeyed. He was still smiling from ear-to-ear.

“Ah, King Level Master Jing is not carrying on with Prime Minister at the moment… Where exactly are you headed to?” Chu Yang asked curiously. Judging from the looks of it, Jing Meng Hun appeared to be going somewhere.

“Ah, it’s just a trivial matter. Prime Minister has asked me deal with it. I must go back and get something while it is convenient,” Jing Meng Hun said.

[Go back and get something?] Chu Yang’s brain started flexing up immediately.

“What a coincidence, I am also going in that direction to buy some raw materials for medicines. We might as well walk together,” Chu Yang’s attitude suddenly warmed up.

“Well… ” Jing Meng Hun was overjoyed. [This mystical master is willing to walk together with me. It shows that our relations are deepening.]

They started walking side-by-side, taking quick steps.

“May I ask what sort of medicinal raw materials does the Young Master need?” Jing Meng Hun asked in a probing manner.

“Aah, I am helpless.” Chu Yang said. “I was fighting with Young Master Yu the day before yesterday, and I sustained some injuries. I was looking for a few elixirs to recover. But where will I find such medicines in the Lower Three Heavens? Moreover… my sword was also destroyed by that guy. So I also need some good quality steel and iron… ”

Chu Yang shook his head helplessly and then continued, “These things can be obtained in the Upper Three Heavens with the slightest effort. But here… haha never mind.”

[Upper Three Heavens? Slightest Effort?] Jing Meng Hun’s immediately brightened up.

“If Young Master has not given up yet… I actually have some high quality materials… ” Jing Meng Hun gathered himself up to say, “They are the best quality items in my eyes… perhaps they will be trash in the eyes of the Young Master… however, that is also better than nothing…”

“Ah?” Chu Yang turned his head to look at him. He then smiled and said, “Forget about it. It must have been difficult for you to collect these materials in the Lower Three Heavens… I am just looking for two chunks of fine quality iron.”

Jing Meng Hun immediately spoke-up in an anxious tone, “Young Master, I sincerely want to tell you that although these materials are precious, they have no importance in comparison to a friend!”

“Ah… ” Chu Yang stared at him, and then to mutter to himself irresolutely, “If that’s the case… ”

“I will promptly take you along.” Jing Meng Hun was very happy.

“Fine, I owe you again,” Chu Yang sighed. In his heart he said, [better not blame me for this because you’re keen on exposing the secrets of Golden Horse Riders Department… ]

Jing Meng Hun’s entire body immediately became light as a feather. He almost laughed several times to divulge his heart’s excitement, “Young Master, please come.”

“I still haven’t asked… Young Master, what is your surname?” King level Master Jing asked gently, yet cautiously.

“My surname… ” Chu Yang he looked at him with a superfluous smile on his face. Then he gently said, “My surname is Ye; Ye Wan of Ye.”

“So it turned out to be Young Master Ye,” Jing Meng Hun staggered and almost fell down. His heart was now in a perilous situation. [No wonder he could compel Young Master Yu to give in. He turned out to be a person from the Ye Clan. They are ranked first among the nine super clans of the Upper Three Heavens!]


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