Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 323

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 323

“Come Fight!” Young Master Yu said as he gasped for breath. He felt as if his chest was about to explode. [Never have I been aggrieved like this!]

However, Young Master Yu was also quite baffled at the same, [how does a nice piece of purple jade core such-as-this not have any energy? Moreover, how did it crumble into pieces the moment I held it in my hand?]

In his heart, he suspected that Chu Yang had something to do with it. But then he took a look at Chu Yang and denied it. [It can’t be this guy’s work. It’s not like I am looking down on him… but one has to cultivate for at least 500 years to layout this kind of a trap in such a short time… ]

Chu Yang certainly wouldn’t hold back. He pranced, and swished his hands using the move, [One Ray of Cold light pierces ten thousand fathoms!]

Young Master Yu stamped his foot, and bellowed as if venting his heart’s anger. He then rushed forward with a loud whistling sound.


It seemed as if fireworks had erupted in midair, while the ground began to tremble.

Chu Yang’s body obliquely flew out like a shooting star. Since Young Master Yu was using only a-tenth of his strength, he also staggered 30-40 steps back; seemingly drunk.

Chu Yang felt that his move was filled with might. The power released this time was a lot higher than before. As a result, his spirit couldn’t help but be aroused.

[This is really useful!]

He drew out his long-sword with a loud and clear hissing sound, and maneuvered it into a rolling motion. There appeared a beam of light which looked just like a rolling dragon; the long-sword’s metal sparkled with a multi-colored radiation as it ferociously slashed down all-of-a-sudden.

Young Master Yu snorted melancholically. Fist! Palm! Kick!

Following a loud explosion, Young Master Yu’s body was sent flying in the air. On the hand, Chu Yang was left spinning on the ground like a gyroscope, and kept rotating continuously until he touched a hundred revolutions. His spinning motion formed a pit that was hundreds of feet in depth.

Young Master Yu was about to drop from the sky when a bright light suddenly flashed from the pit. It was followed by the sharp-point of an intense sword-light, which suddenly projected towards him!

[Nine Tribulations Sword, Nine heavens Sword Technique- the third move: A Sharp Will Buried Deep Will Not Change.]

Young Master Yu was startled. He was airborne at the time when the opposite party had launched a menacing surprise attack. Having no alternative at hand, he was forced to bombard a series of several hundred palm attacks in the downward direction!

This method wasn’t employed to injure the enemy; its main purpose was to use the shock-repulsion from the enemy’s attack to propel Young Master Yu’s body higher into the air!

In this expansive sky, one could see only a sword light chasing after a person’s silhouette; just like a maggot in hot pursuit of one’s heel — reluctant to let go, the sword light had actually risen hundreds of feet in the air!

There could’ve been no action as swift as this!

The bodies of both the men were in the sky now!

Chu Yang’s eyes flashed brightly. He raised his long-sword above his head, and started rotating it in a circular motion. Suddenly, the sword’s blade released bright rays of light as it filled the quiet sky with a ‘humming’ sound!

It seemed as if this brief moment had given rise to a violent hurricane!

Immediately after that, a magnificent crown appeared in the air all of a sudden. Its splendid dazzling was clearly visible from moment it appeared! In fact, it almost seemed as if an ancient regent of life-and-death had suddenly transpired!

It seemed that clouds had gathered-in from thousands of miles for the singular purpose of destruction! They appeared to have gathered here like the heaven’s mighty troops; dignified, solemn and respectful!

Nine Tribulations Sword, Nine Heavens Technique- the fourth move: Gather Wind and Cloud to Rule over All!

At this instant, Chu Yang fiercely shouted, “One who gathers the wind and cloud; becomes the emperor!”

Young Master Yu was suddenly caught in the throes of a powerful fear.

Although the true might of this move hadn’t yet been issued, but he already knew that it was going to be massive. One-tenth of his strength wouldn’t even remotely be enough to counter this move!

He uttered a long and loud cry since he lacked of a better option; suddenly, an aura wildly erupted out of his body.

He had doubled the strength of his body now!

Young Master Yu felt very helpless. He had never thought that this trivial Second Grade Revered Sword Artist could show such mystical swordsmanship; or could possibly use his skills to ten-fold his actual martial strength!

The sword light rained down in the most majestic and awe-inspiring manner. It almost looked like an imperial trial!

Chopping down for execution!


Young Master Yu felt a stinging sensation in more than 30 spots on his body; Chu Yang had stabbed him so many times in a split second.

He felt a sharp stinging pain in his throat, while he felt a stabbing pain in his heart at the same time… and in his back as well. The two dazzling rays suddenly appeared before his eyes as he felt a sharp pain in his eyelids…

“Damn!” Young Master Yu was shocked as he called out in alarm. He immediately shifted to offensive; seemingly having the power to topple the mountains and overturn the seas.

Bang! Bang!

The sword light and the vital energy incessantly clashed in the sky before they finally exploded!

Chu Yang’s body fell from the sky like a kite-with-a-broken-string, and soared-out far away. In fact, he was sent flying no less 1000 feet away. His body finally pounded heavily against the ground, and rolled 20-30 times before coming to a halt. He lay sprawled on the ground; covered in dirt. Moreover, he was bleeding from the corners of his mouth.

Young Master Yu tried to dodge to the side at the last minute; however, he was caught by the repulsive-force of the explosion. Moments later, he had already entered the huge pit that Chu Yang’s attack had opened just now. The explosion had sent the dust to rise up more than 100 feet in the air…

Several drops of water splashed into the air. Young Master Yu came out from the pit. A sneer appeared on his face as he looked at the pit which had already turned into a puddle by now…

[Unexpectedly, water has appeared in this pit which was made simply from a person’s attack crashing into the ground!]

[This indeed is a hilly region!]

As soon as he came out of the pit, Young Master Yu quickly flew towards Chu Yang. [I attacked him with 20% of his strength. However, it was a frantic attack, and I must say that I didn’t hold back either. I just hope I haven’t ended up killing this young fellow… ]

He rushed to the spot where Chu Yang had fallen, and saw him twitching; whilst being sprawled out on his back…

Young Master Yu was startled, [it seems my attack was too intense… this guy’s face looks like ‘paper gold'(1) now. I am afraid his internal organs were shaken during the fall. So I guess he is done for… ]

He couldn’t help but sigh.

As he sighed, he saw Chu Yang twitching again. And in that instant, unexpectedly… Chu Yang tried to sit up with the support of his own hands…

“Do not move… you are injured very badly… ok?” Young Master Yu stared at him as his eyes widened. Chu Yang instantly sat up, and then immediately started healing himself…

After sometime… his paper-gold like complexion turned to deathly pale…

[So pale… even if it’s an ugly complexion… at least he isn’t dead. But… how is he recovering so quickly?]

Whilst feeling strange… he saw Chu Yang’s face turn ash-grey, which was soon followed by a trace of scarlet-flush appearing on it…

“This… what speed of recovery is this?” Young Master Yu was confused.

[The body slowly recovers after suffering such extents of injury… even if one rests for several days… it would still take about a fortnight to recover completely.]

[But this guy has actually recovered so much in such a short span?]

At the time when Chu Yang had closed his eyes to start the healing process, the sword spirit also got busy. Moreover, the sword’s tip set to as well…

The power absorbed from the purple jade core finally emerged inside his Dantian. The accumulated medicinal efficacies — previously under the Sword Spirit’s suppression — were also released into his meridians, and were immediately transformed into purest form of elemental energy.

Though Chu Yang’s injuries weren’t minor, but the efficacies derived from such a large amount of elixirs had restored him very quickly! Moreover, he had just used four moves of the Nine Tribulations Sword to face Young Master Yu. In fact, Chu Yang had gained several insights under the pressure of defeating an invincible and powerful enemy like Young Master Yu. As a result, his understanding of the sword-play was getting more-and-more transparent.

The barriers which were originally invisible had gradually weakened…

Chu Yang could feel his own martial power advancing by leaps and bounds now. Young Master Yu’s pressure was like that of a mountain; one that no ordinary master could bear.

Although he had used only 20% of his strength, but his spiritual pressure and his expert’s aura hadn’t been contained during the fight!

Chu Yang continued to utilize this massive pressure to compress the vital energy within his body, which lead to unceasing eruptions… unceasing progress; unceasingly… taking him all the way towards breakthrough… and realization!

This was a once in a lifetime opportunity for Chu Yang!

Young Master Yu had also closed his eyes and-was-since indulged in controlling his breathing. However, after half a day’s time, he sensed something strange in front of him. He opened his eyes, and saw Chu Yang standing upright. His tall figure looked glorious under the setting sun; just like a long-sword standing tall and straight!

In his hand was a long-sword, which twinkled as the sunlight fell on it!

Chu Yang seemed to be at the top of the blue sky from Young Master Yu’s point of view; his feet appeared to be stepping on the setting sun… his sleeves were floating-about, while his hair was flying upward in the air.

Young Master Yu suddenly felt that there was something different about Chu Yang now.

[This is a marvelous feeling! Chu Yang seems to have made a breakthrough to some domain!]

A complex luster appeared in Young Master Yu’s eyes as he looked at Chu Yang.

[His talent is unparalleled; very difficult to come across! He is the so-called “genius” who is not only coveted, but is also looked-disdainfully-upon by the whole world. However, today he has proven the existence of a ‘true genius’ in this world.]

[Moreover, this genius’s strength is undergoing a meteoric rise at the moment! And this process is being facilitated by none other than his own hands.]

[If what I witnessed just now… is the birth of a future legend of the Nine Heavens Continent… then, I — Young Master Yu — must rise to be a part of it!]

[Simply because I’ve witnessed the growth of this talent!]

“Let’s fight!” Chu Yang said as he pulled out a long-sword. The shiny tip of his weapon was sparkling while being aimed at Young Master Yu.

“I would also like to see how you can have a breakthrough in such a short time!” Young Master Yu spoke coldly. His body floated up from the ground, and then withdrew an inch; however, he quickly rushed forward at the same time.

In that moment, Chu Yang felt as if the entire space had distorted. He couldn’t help but bellow coldly in his heart as Young Master Yu appeared in front of him, [‘what harm is there in slaughtering the entire world’! Directly shot!]

This time, the fight between these two continued for a little longer.

The first four moves of Nine Tribulations Sword were used six times by Chu Yang; over-and-over with each move having different comprehensions and attainments; every single time!

Chu Yang decided to fight without any restraints. He laughed, and then shouted, “Pay attention!”

“Bring it on!” Young Master Yu shouted loudly; appearing to be in high spirits.

“A sword’s edge famous for all eternity!” Chu Yang recited, and soon the tip of his long-sword suddenly disappeared. However, the sword’s edge seemed to radiate an intense light which dazzled in the sky; just like the sun!

The first four moves belonged to the Nine Tribulations Sword’s tip. However, this sword move belonged to the sword’s edge!

[Nine Tribulations Sword, Nine Heavens Sword Technique, fifth move!]

The sword energy howled. Even though the sun was set behind the mountain top, but the light emitting from the sword could be easily compared to the scorching midday sun!

Young Master Yu shouted lightly, “You come out quite well!” He moved sideways to dodge. Then, he rushed forward resolutely.

Screech… the sword energy whistled as the sword light moved-about unhindered!

Young Master Yu’s black clothing of was tattered all-over with a loud tearing sound; but he fought with even more excitement. He madly roared and went all-out; making no attempts to defend himself!

Chu Yang’s body was carried high-into-the-sky by the sword energy as he calmly said: “Wind and Cloud move unhindered from East to West!”


Paper gold – it’s actually a banking term… it means that you have a piece of paper which is substituting the actual gold.


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