Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 322

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 322

[Now that you have received the benefits so easily, you must be feeling quite pleased. On the other hand, I had to suffer all that annoyance. Moreover, I had to use-up my strength… all for nothing? Not only do I have to swallow my anger now, but I also have to release this man…? Although I had already decided to extricate him a while ago… but I hadn’t planned on suffering so many losses in the process.]

“Let these men go!” Chu Yang shouted, “I’ll stop being kind if you don’t release them now!”

Young Master Yu felt a surge of energy rise from his Dantian. He then grunted angrily, for he didn’t wish to look at this vile fellow’s face anymore. His feet ascended upward in the air with a swishing sound as he angrily said, “Catch up with me later. I’m going to beat-you-up until your world is turned upside down.”

Then, with a loud ‘whooshing’ sound, he vanished from there.

One could see that he had still been angry before he left.

But Jing Meng Hun saw this scene from a completely different point of view. [Young Master Yu is known in the Middle Three Heavens as a demonic character. Moreover, he is famous for being impatient and impolite. However, even such an unreasonable person didn’t dare to talk-back to this guy; in fact, he actually released his prisoner before leaving?]

[Although he spoke some ruthless words before he left, but it’s quite easy to guess the truth… he only took-off like this because he was no match for this other guy. Generally, when someone can’t to beat a powerful opponent — they often say such provocative things before fleeing…]

[Such a flamboyant character!]

In that instant, King-Level-Master Jing Meng Hun looked awestruck at Chu Yang, while the reverence he had for him in his heart had reached new heights!

The way he was looking at Chu Yang… if Jing Meng Hun was a woman, then it would’ve undoubtedly seemed like he had fallen in love with Chu Yang…

“King Level Master Jing, have you had a look at your younger brother?” Chu Yang beckoned him. A graceful and reserved expression surfaced on his face as he continued, “I must leave now; but I have a feeling that we are destined to meet again… ”

At this moment, Yin Wu Tian also crawled up with difficulty, and muttered words of gratitude; repeatedly. However, Young master Yu had thrashed him so ruthlessly that Chu Yang could not make out what he was saying… but still, he kept thanking Chu Yang in an inarticulate manner.

Chu Yang nodded in approval, and gave a slight smile. In that moment, Minister Chu’s body remained motionless. It appeared as if he hadn’t moved from his spot… and was instead blown away by the wind. In just a flash, he had disappeared without a trace.

“He vanished in the blink of an eye! He really is a highly-skilled person.” Jing Meng Hun murmured in fascination, and then muttered with a sigh, “Someday, I can also reach such a level… ah” He then looked at Yin Wu Tian, and shook his head as he thought, [this guy will remain hopeless his entire life… ]

He was hoping to see the ‘other guy’ again, so that he could repay his favor… though he thought that being able to meet him again would be a blessing in its own.

“Fourth Brother, you are too reckless… who on earth even thinks about provoking someone like Young Master Yu?” Jing Meng Hun, who loved his brother dearly, scolded while checking Yin Wu Tian’s injury. Simultaneously, he also shook his head in resentment of-the-fact that Yin Wu Tian had failed to meet his expectations.

“I… ” Yin Wu Tian had barely spoken a word when suddenly he started spurting blood from his mouth. He then took a step, but fell unconscious. Just now, this Fourth King Level Master had been humiliated to a whole new level… though he was finally safe, but he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed…

He had been subjugated into an utterly disgraceful situation… constantly screaming pitifully, and begging for mercy… right in front of First King Level Master… his sworn brother.

“No one else would find out about it.” Jing Meng Hun stood up fiercely, and looked at the two subordinates for a long time… sighing, “Forgive me for this… ”

As the eyes of both men filled with fear, Jing Meng Hun immediately shot his palms, which pounded heavily…

~~ Suburbs~~

On a solitary small mountain;

“I am in no hurry to fight; first I will share the booty. Now, hand over the purple jade core!”

Minister Chu was shocked to see Young Master Yu stretching out his empty hand.

[As soon as I arrived here, Young Master Yu stretched out his hand to claim the purple jade core. Moreover, what’s up with his self-righteous demeanor? …he is being quite straightforward about this.]

“Why?” Minister Chu spoke matter-of-factly since he was clearly unwilling, “This is the fruit of my labor!”

He had obviously never seen such a treasure in the Lower Three Heavens. So why would he give it up after finally acquiring it?

Moreover, Young Master Yu was filthy rich. In fact, he even owned a tea-set made of white crystal. But at the moment, he was actually trying to snatch this purple jade core…

“How dare you say that it is the gain of your labor?” Young Master Yu retorted, “It is the result of my toil. You just happened to benefit from it! Anyway, since when have you turned into such a cheapskate?”

“Young Master Yu, does it suit a person of your status to ask for such a small item?” Chu Yang asked as he rolled his eyes.

“This is a purple jade core; if it was any ordinary purple jade, then I wouldn’t have bothered. But this is a purple jade core. It is impossible that I will just accept your decision if you refuse to hand it over!” Young Master Yu was very determined.

“Okay, fine.” Chu Yang seemed to have compromised very quickly.

At the same time, he used his thoughts to command the Nine Tribulations Sword’s tip: [quickly suck it in! Consume all of it, but leave the shell.]

Nine tribulations Sword’s tip had long been unable to control itself. The moment it heard the explicit instruction, it excitedly did a somersault. Then it swiftly rushed to his bosom, and landed on top of the purple jade core…

A ferocious suction began.

“Hurry up,” Young Master Yu urged.

Chu Yang put his hand into his chest-pocket, and sighed, “Okay, I dare not provoke you. The only option I have is to surrender to your might… But Young Master Yu, what do you plan to do with this item?”

Minister Chu Yang’s hand stretched out very slowly as he stalled for time. However, his actions could only be perceived as reluctant in general.

Young Master Yu answered with a self-satisfied smile, “This Young Master has carved a big chunk of purple jade to make a lotus throne. But it looks imperfect since it lacks a core. The shape and size of this purple jade core is almost appropriate for that throne… ”

Chu Yang nodded as he thought, [you were the one who wanted to play. So don’t blame me for not being polite now.]

“Oh! If that is the case, then I would also like to see that Lotus Throne… ” said Chu Yang as he held out the palm of his hand, and revealed the purple jade core which was glittering with the same radiance as before, “Even though it breaks my heart… Nonetheless, considering your feelings, I will give it to you; you are in need of it… ”

“Haha… it still needs to be sculpted properly… ” Young Master Yu added as he took the parcel. “Eh?” He gasped all of a sudden. He remained startled for a while; unable to say anything. He then opened the red-clothed parcel, and raised the purple jade core against the sunlight to examine it.

“What happened… is there a problem?” Chu Yang asked worried, “Hey… what’s the matter?” Chu Yang’s vacant expression seemed to be mixed with doubt and curiosity… his acting was simply impeccable!

“What the hell is this?” Young Master Yu scratched his head in confusion. His eyes opened wider as he tossed the purple jade core again-and-again under the sunlight to examine it, and said, “This… this should not be… ”

“What are you trying to say?” Minister Chu also scratched his scalp while looking utterly confused, “This should not be? What should not be?”

“This is undoubtedly a purple jade core; but… how come it doesn’t have any energy inside it?” Young Master Yu conjectured as he looked at the purple jade core. He then smacked his lips, and said, “How can this be possible?”

“It doesn’t have energy in it?” Minister Chu had an even more baffled expression on his face now. “How is this possible?”

“Indeed, how can this be possible?” Young Master Yu also thought bewildered, “This Young Master has come across many purple jade cores; but one this strange has never occurred before… under normal conditions, it should have already turned into powder if there was no energy inside it. But it is still intact… ”

As soon as his voice faded, the purple jade core crumbled into a pile of dust with a sudden noise; right in Young Master Yu’s palm…!

Young Master Yu was stunned!

His eyes almost popped out of his sockets as he looked at this handful of powder in his own palm.

“Oh, how did it collapse just like that?” Chu Yang asked in surprise, “Did you crush it into powder?”

Young Master Yu, “… ”

Already having extracted the spirit energy from the purple jade core, Chu Yang felt proud of himself for being so clever. He then said, “It’s such a pity,” He kept shaking his head repeatedly, and then sighed raising his eyebrows…

“Stop your nonsense!” Young Master Yu retorted, “Do you even know how to absorb the vital energy of this big piece of purple jade core?! Even a Monarch Level Martial Artist needs a day’s time? Moreover, this energy still needs to be transformed, and then assimilated further after it has entered the meridians. It… you, you, you think I am a Supreme Level Martial Artist!”

“Then what just happened? I had held it close to my heart for so long, and it was fine then. But the moment it landed up in your hands; it crumbled into dust!” Chu Yang stared intently as he said self-righteously, “Young Master Yu, you knew that I was going to give it up. But you still snatched it from my hand, and then turned it into an eternal mystery case? That is so evil of you… don’t tell that I am some tacky fellow in your eyes?”

“It’s not like that… ” Young Master Yu seemed to be at a loss of words; unable to say anything, he just looked at this glib-tongued youngster.

“It’s ok. It doesn’t matter now; let’s fight.” Chu Yang said dejectedly, “This item that you took could have been a big contribution. However, I won’t say anything if you want. It’s not important… so don’t take it seriously.”

“You bastard!” Young Master Yu almost vomited blood.

“Please!” Chu Yang said revealing his sword, “Young Master Yu shouldn’t bother himself with such a trivial matter. I also don’t mind… I guess; please, please make a move.”

“How can I use such a lowly method to obtain this purple jade core?” Young Master Yu said as bristled with anger, “Chu Yang, you are thinking of me as some lowly being; aren’t you?”

“I have said no such thing… ” Chu Yang replied innocently, “Why are you getting so stirred up?”

Seeing his expression, Young Master Yu became even angrier, “There are plenty of these at my home! Why would I need to take one by force and deceit?”

“There must be plenty of these at your home… even though I cannot confirm with my own eyes… but I believe you!” Chu Yang said lightly, “You don’t need to explain yourself… really; it’s just one purple jade core, right? I feel reassured of it after taking a good look at your reddened and embarrassed face… ”

Young Master Yu really wanted to throw up blood. [This matter has escalated quickly. It is no more a matter of a mere chunk of purple jade core! It is related to my reputation now!]

“You wait. I will give you two purple jade cores when you arrive in Middle Three Heavens! Both bigger than this one!” Young Master Yu said loudly, “So as to stop you from thinking lowly of me!”

“I do not want them. Two purple jade cores… are a lot.” Chu Yang frowned.

“You must take them!”

“I don’t want them!”

“I will murder your brothers if you don’t take them!” Young Master Yu said ferociously. It was clear from his tone that he had almost choked up with anger!

“Fine… I guess.” Facing such a threat, Minister Chu finally gave in. In fact, he seemed genuinely grieved and helpless. “You always use such conduct to make people yield to your whims; don’t you?”

“You have to!” Young Master Yu roared, “This Young Master Yu has never been looked down at in his entire life!”

“Alright then,” Chu Yang gave up…


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