Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 317

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 317

Chapter 317 – Hypothesis? What Hypothesis?

“Don’t talk about you listening……even explaining this feels like a fantasy speech…..” Young Master Yu chortled bitterly, “But this……this is the greatest secret of the Nine Heavens Continent!”

“All origins, points to the……Nine Tribulations Sword!”

“Then doesn’t this imply……every secret resides within the Nine Tribulation Sword?” Chu Yang frowned as he inquired. Yet he thought within his heart; What the fuck, isn’t this just a sword? How did it end up so…..complicated?

“That’s correct. The Nine Tribulations Sword. A pity, you aren’t the owner of the Nine Tribulations Sword! Moreover, the Nine Tribulations Sword of this era…..has already emerged. With it coming to being, the Nine Tribulations Sword seeks for someone capable to accomplish all these. You don’t stand a chance!” Young Master Yu implied a purpose of misunderstanding in his words, along with a trace of cynical helplessness as he slowly explained.

“Ah, not a chance…..” Chu Yang raised his head as he replied despondently, “A pity.”

“A true pity indeed, ah.” Young Master Yu too, released a drawn out sigh; such was the genuinity of his offerings of sympathy, which caused Chu Yang to sense the immense crisis welling dwelling in his own dantian.

If anyone caught wind of the Nine Tribulations Sword residing in my dantian…..Chu Yang dared to make a bet.

Even if my growth speed accelerates by a hundred folds, even if I had a hundred lives……I would surely die a cruel death beyond recognition within a short span of time!

Young Master Yu straightened up his expression and ultimately proclaimed, “This……is the Nine Heavens Continent.”

While he issued those words, Young Master Yu’s fingers waved gently. Chu Yang instantly discovered the tea aroma that had originally stagnated in the air, sudden regaining its fluidity; slowly dispersing with the wind…….

Doesn’t this signify the end of this conversation?

The swishing of the lake, the chaotic chatters outside; everything resounded in at this very instance. Actually, the lockdown that Young Master Yu had executed, had shockingly sealed up the entire space of the lake.

Outsiders couldn’t eavesdrop in, neither could we hear anything outside. Such remarkable powers……

Chu Yang was emotionally moved, as he added, “Dare I ask noble Young Master Yu, the ranks of martial artist in this continent…..”

“The ranks of martial artists……is the same as what you see now…..” Young Master Yu lowered his head and laughed meekly, “However…..places that are truly breathtaking, aren’t found here…..”

Places that are truly breathtaking aren’t found here? Is he referring to the Lower Three Heavens? Or the Nine Heavens Continent?

“Oh? So those places of breathtaking sensations……have Young Master Yu visited them before?” Chu Yang asked with implicit meaning.

“Indeed, places of true entertainment.” Young Master Yu drooped down his eyelids and heaved deeply, “Thriving with death and life…..and flourishing with opportunities….”

Chu Yang pondered carefully as his heart smirked suddenly; From Young Master Yu’s statement, those truly breathtaking places should be the Upper Three Heavens.

“I’ve already prepared your identity.” Young Master Yu raised his teacup and drank a mouthful.

His gaze suddenly turned stern as he reached out his hand to grasp the void ahead. The pervading steaming aroma of the tea was instantly seized by his hand and kneaded as though they were mud; condensing them into a tiny ball, before flicking off three times with his finger.

From within the the tiny ball, 3 jets of milky white vapor shot forth and pierced through the boat’s cabin!

Pfff! The echoes of three splashes of water drifted in from outside.

The water body undulated, ushering bumpy waves against this tiny boat over the lake surface……

“In this world, there will always be too many……self-conceited……” Young Master Yu revealed his teeth as he scoffed towards Chu Yang, pressing down his voice, “……ants!”

He then stood up and expelled a smile, “Such frustrating troubles.” In this moment, his smile abruptly surged with a grudgingly desolated murderous air, as his pearly white teeth lightly nibbled on his lower lip. The shimmering glimmer of his teeth resembled ocean sharks that were about to gobble up their prey…..”

A fuming roar ushered in from outside, “Who’s inside the boat? Issuing sneak attacks without a greeting, what kind of valiant man is that!”

“These individuals should be here for you. Your impending doom caused by your ruckus from mounting fish…..” Young Master Yu ignored the calls from outside and instead smiled to Chu Yang, “You gonna act, or you want me to?”

“I wanted to, but since you’ve already stood up” Chu Yang released a crafty sneer, “I won’t steal another’s inclined calling.”

Young Master Yu was stunned but immediately laughed spitefully at himself, “Sly!”

He then folded his hands and strolled out. The cabin of the boat remained sealed off on all sides. Yet the figure of Young Master Yu had abruptly disappeared.

Chu Yang observed his seating sit. With eyes twinkling, he finally stood up; unfolding the boat curtains and headed out.

Congealing the air with bare hands, spearing down the enemy with the snap of one’s fingers. From start till end, actions that were deemphasized to light sketches without a trace of exaggeration. The martial prowess of Young Master Yu, even after revealing just the tip of an iceberg, had already ranked foremost amongst the everyone Chu Yang had encountered before! Fully deserving of such honor, without a single reservation!

Peeping outside, Chu Yang finally realized this tiny boat had been completely encircled without him being aware.

Five to size boats anchored to his front, back, left and right; the boats brimming with humans. Floating peacefully atop the water surface, were 3 corpses dressed in light blue clothes. Needless to say, there were the product of Young Master Yu’s gentle flicks of his finger.

On the boat directly opposite them, a squared face middle age male glared ragingly at Young Master Yu and Chu Yang, who had just emerged. His gaze injected with an malicious severity!

Chu Yang observed several boats and immediately recognized one; That boat belongs to the side of the Flute Master. They must be here in retaliation, since I’ve foiled the fame garnering ploy of the Flute Master.

“You bunch obstructing my boat, what is the meaning of this?” Young Master Yu stood at the head of the boat with his hands folded. His cyan robes fluttering in the winds as his countenance surged with indescribable haughtiness.

“Dare I ask young master, those three…..who was responsible for that?” That middle aged male was unconsciously intimated by his imposing grandeur. Though his tone remained unyielding, it had involuntarily been altered to a manner of inquiry.

“It is this young master……” Without offering a single glance at him, Young Master Yu observed the gentle undulations of lake water with deep emotions. He sighed with an unexpected guilt, “My apologies…..”

“Since young master has apologized….then….”

“My apologies……to have caused these three filthy carcasses to sully the pristine purity of your water body, it is indeed my blunder……” Young Master Yu was brimming with regret as he apologized, “To express my sincerity, I will cleanse this area for you.”

The face of the middle aged male on the opposing boat immediately swelled with purple, unable to mutter a single word.

So it turns out that Young Master Yu’s apology, was directed towards the lake and not to any human…….this caused the middle aged male who misunderstood his intentions to burst forth with rage!

You killed three of my men, and actually blamed their corpses for contaminating the water? How could there be such unreasonableness under all heavens?

“Young Master must be someone from the Transverse-flute Master?” The middle aged male endured his fury and clenched his teeth. His temples were pulsating in disarray.

“You must be people from the Flute Master?” Young Master Yu finally lifted his head, casting sidelong glances towards them; his stare as clear as the distinction between black and white, as the middle-aged man questioned meekly. Such a pure and significant gaze; it was as though he was a wealthy young master who grew up within golden palaces and jade towers, ignorant of the woes of this world.

Yet as the middle aged male stared into his eyes, he instantly felt a hair raising chill soaring from the depths of his heart.

“That’s correct! Previously, the sensationalism stirred by that young master with his fish hurling antics has foiled clan master’s appearance. This one here wishes to inquire, what was his reason?” The squared face middle age male casted dignified stares at Chu Yang, “I believe this esteemed young master owes us an explanation.”

He could frankly sense this young master wasn’t a character to be trifled with. After affirming his status, he immediately shifted his attention and fired accusations at Chu Yang.

Concurrently, his words indicated to Young Master Yu; Who we want is him, not you. If you’re busy…..then you best carry on with your affairs…..

In reality, it revealed an underlying weakness, one that of pleading for mercy.

“Explanation? What explanation?” Without Chu Yang saying a word, Young Master Yu had already rolled his eyes and insipidly challenged.

“The Match of the Three Masters, each flaunting their talents. That is tradition……” the middle aged male answered.

“Tradition? What tradition?” Young Master Yu frowned as he questioned awe-inspiringly.

“This young master. Even though you possess formidable martial skills……it must be borne in your mind; it is difficult for two fists to resist four hands. That is the universal rule of existence.” The middle aged male yelled with a fierce appearance, yet his heart clenched with cowardice.

So much so that even without knowing who this youth in front of him was, dread had already been sowed in his heart.

“Difficult for two fists to resist four hands?” Young master Yu issued an ‘Oh’ in mock astonishment as he lazily lifted a finger and pointed towards a boat on the left, “You must be referring to those people, right?”

His tone was mellow, and could even be described as amicable. Yet after concluding his statement, the boat he pointed to fractured entirely with a sudden ‘puff’!

As for the eight individuals onboard, their flung bodies disintegrated in mid air; and when they landed, all that was left was dismembered limbs and mincemeat.

“No miserable wails, not a single distortion in the air. With merely a casual pointing, a boat was destroyed, and seven humans perished.

This was practically demonic magic!

Debris of the boat drifted along the water surface, with the largest splinter not exceeding palm size. A disbelieving blood stench permeated from the lake’s surface.

Young Master Yu inclined his face as he declared in anguish, “This is all my mistake…..contaminating yet another patch of water……” Then he turned his face and glanced at the middle aged male with pristine innocence. He chuckled amiably before pronouncing, “Any other hands?”

He then raised his hand and stared intriguely at the middle aged male. His finger already pointing towards another boat as he asked, “Or perhaps…….”

Without even completing his words, gasps of fright filled the air along with consecutive splashing of water. Back at the boat he pointed to, the eight individuals on board had already leapt desperately into the water, striving their utmost to swim in all directions……

A blank fixation terrorized the middle aged male’s gaze, as his body shivered entirely; his teeth clashed mutually with intense battling. At this moment, his legs were appeared like a pipa (Chinese lute), seemingly about to kneel.

“You still require an explanation no?” Young Master Yu observed him warmly and spoke with great interest, “I can give you an explanation, trust me, I can definitely do so.”

“No………no, no more……” the previous dignified bearing of that square faced middle aged male fled beyond the topmost clouds in this instance. He repeatedly waved his hands in frantic desperation, as he stuttered terribly.

“No more?” Young Master Yu asked as though he was experiencing a headache, “Do you exactly want one or not? The way you speak is making listening very strenuous you know…..”

“Not anymore, no need……no need for any explanations…..” The middle aged male was seemingly tearing in fright, as his tone morphed into despairing whimpers.

“Mn, that’s an obedient child. In the future do remember, not anyone can simply ask for an explanation, got it?” Young Master Yu scoffed with affection, “Also, return and tell your master.  If he wishes to retain his tiny mouth to blow his flute…….perhaps he’d better be more well-behaved? Yeah?”

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