Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 316

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 316

Chapter 316 – The history of the Nine Tribulations Sword

“The conflicting disputes of the continent had reached an uncontrollable stage, with everyone facing imminent extermination. Hence, the nine titans forsook all enmity or friendship and colluded with each other to discuss a solution to this issue. Finally, their conclusion yielded a solution which was – dissecting this colossal continent into nine regions, of which some regions were more barren while some were more fertile…….the underlying signification of barren or fertile referred to……the energy of heaven and earth!”

“Thus, they mutually agreed that each race would reside within their various allotted regions. If this agreement were to be broken by any, it would inevitably incite the united wrath of the other races.”

As for the means of allocating races to which respective regions, it laid in the hands of the nine titans. The nine titans engaged in a ranking match, with the race of the first ranking titan occupying the best land! This continued until the last rank was decided.”

“In that period, the nine great races were differentiated as the Sun race, Moon race, Star race, which is also commonly known by us as the Three Stars Holy Clan. The Three Stars Holy Clan are not categorized as humankind, neither are they beasts, but they belong to a unique race. They all share one common ground, which is that whenever the stars congeal, they would be able to shapeshift into humans; yet their strength would remain equally monstrous!”

“There was also the beast race, which were the largest race. Moreover, when their cultivation had reached a certain realm, they could metamorph into humans without a single abnormal difference. Other races included the Raptors, the Dragon race, Fairies, humankind, Demons and the Spirit race. These various races all boasted of unique characteristics unduplicable by the other races.”

“Those were the nine monumental races!” Young Master Yu’s gaze revealed a marvel for the ancient past. Chu Yang observed closely but he couldn’t fathom the implicit significance of Young Master Yu’s current gaze…..ultimately, it was strange, exceedingly strange.

“But why, since there were Nine Monumental races, why is it that the other races have vanished?” Chu Yang inquired, “And what of the ranking match between the nine titans?”

“Hoho. The nine titans clashed for over half a year, finally both strong and weak were declared; which was the very first match of ranking between experts of the continent!” Young Master Yu shook his head and laughed, “The final outcome was……humankind placed first and had occupied the optimal region. Following that, the sequence was the Spirit race, demons, fairies, Dragons, Raptors, Star race, Sun race, and the Moon race.”

“Thus, the world was divided. At that time, the entire continent was joint by flowing rivers. Segregating the lands with water, plains of ocean separated the lands of each race…..none infringing on the other, and this persisted for many peaceful years……”

“However, wouldn’t the other races harbour malicious ambitions? Who wouldn’t desire to monopolize the best……after the nine titans had vanished for years, the most mighty humankind had finally declined and the continent once again fell into dissention. The Three Stars Holy Clan took the lead in leaving its allotted region, and geared themselves to seize better fertile land.”

“The action of the Three Stars Holy Clan triggered a chain reaction from the other races and finally threw the entire continent into a chaotic upheaval. Yet this time, without the oversight of the Nine Titans…..but at this moment, someone emerged, along with a sword!”

“Nine Tribulations Sword!” Young Master Yu imposingly declared.

Chu Yang was shell shocked.

I……how did I get involved with this Nine Tribulations Sword?

“Nine Tribulations Sword?” Chu Yang asked with an awkward countenance, “How is this related to the Nine Tribulations Sword?”

“Because the final decision of this matter, was made by the master of the Nine Tribulations Sword!” As he proclaimed, Young Master Yu’s expression seemed to portray a smile but also a helpless sigh, “That person……..was the ultimate scum! He utilizing a ridiculously absurd method, was able to resolve this issue!”

The disoriented Chu Yang inquired, “How many years has it been?”

“This……is truly difficult to decipher.” Young Master Yu shook his head.

“That time, after the Nine Tribulations Sword Master abruptly appeared, he first seeked out several formidable warriors of the Three Stars Holy Clan. Without a single word, a fight of intense crackle and rattle erupted. Eventually, various formidable warriors from the other Monumental races all suffered assaults without a single exception. The most severe of casualties belonged to a Supreme from the human race, who wasn’t willing to overlook his own humankind being marginalized and suffering grievances. Instead, he was pursued and slapped by the Nine Tribulations Sword Master all over the Nine Heavens. It was said that the slaps shook the skies and the earth. A slap that shattered an entire mountain!”

Young Master Yu’s eyes contained a captivated fascination.

“A slap that shattered an entire mountain?” Chu Yang widened his eyes till his eyeballs were seemingly about to pop out.

Is a slap and a mountain even directly related?!

“When that slap descended on his face, it instantly sent the Supreme crashing into the mountain; then the mountain was no more.” Young Master Yu furrowed his brows, “Simple as that!”

Chu Yan almost fainted from this absurdity.

There’s such a method of slapping? But on hindsight, how tough was that Supreme’s body……

“Following that, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master summoned the various formidable warriors together. It was said that situation was extremely stunning. The masses gathered together but remained unconvinced with one another. Eventually, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master intervened saying; since that’s the case, then each to their own respective areas. Hence, that old man folded the entire continent……”

“That continent……folded up?” Chu Yang was completely dumbstruck, “Folded??”

What the f****, the Nine Heavens Continent isn’t a piece of paper, how can it be folded?!

“It is true, folded. Everyone then discovered that the continent had shrank. Hence, the continent was transformed into nine layers like a nine layers Pagoda.  The Nine Tribulations Sword Master even pronounced his satisfaction and claimed; from henceforth, this continent will be known as the Nine Heavens!”

Chu Yang clicked his tongue; So that was how the name, Nine Heavens Continent, came about……

“Then the various races followed in accordance to the Nine Tribulations Master, each shifting into their own territorial layer; with none announcing any reluctance……” Young Master Yu continued.

Chu Yang shook his head; Facing such an individual…..reluctance? Who would dare to voice out any unwillingness?

“However, this deed by the Nine Tribulations Sword Master, was accomplished imperfectly! In fact, it triggered a calamitous catastrophe.” Young Master Yu sighed, “Originally, the issue was settled just like that. Yet the nine layers that he constructed abruptly, was in fact not stable at all. After it was accomplished, the territorial layers suddenly collapsed…….”

“Collapsed…..” beads of perspiration finally rolled down Chu Yang’s forehead.

The continental layers collapsed…..

“At that period, humankind occupied the uppermost territorial layer, followed by the Three Stars Holy Clan and the various monumental races…….crumbling down in that sequence.” Young Master Yu laughed bleakly with an expression of speechless awkwardness, “Once the uppermost layer totally collapsed, it pressed down onto the lower layers in consecutive collapses…….hence, the monarchies who once vied for hegemony over the world; the Dragon race, the Fairies, the Demons, the Spirit race and so on…….ceased to exist.”

“They were all crushed to oblivion?” Chu Yang asked in fear and trepidation.

“What do you think?” Young Master Yu batted his eyes at him, “With the entire continent crashing down…..who could withstand? Even a Supreme…..would find himself lacking!”

Chu Yang cold feel his limbs turning numb with cold.

“The Nine Tribulations Sword Master became embarrassed…..” Young Master Yu’s sentence utterly blew the fuse in Chu Yang’s brain; That brat exterminated five monumental races at one go, and all he felt was embarrassed?

Listening to such words felt just like getting kicked in the nuts.

“Thus, he refurbished the lands again, and consolidated the two lowermost layers into one continent. Followed by merging the middle two layers into one…….as for the five uppermost layers, he completely amalgamated them! In this manner, the Nine Heavens was transformed into the Three Heavens. Finally, in memory of the five monumental races that were obliterated during this calamity…….the name of this world, remained as The Nine Heavens!”

“So it was like that.” Chu Yang finally understood the origins of the Nine Heavens Continent. Yet recalling what he had heard still sent alarming ripples through his heart; A human was actually able to fold the continent so casually? Moreover…….he could unfurl them and fold them back upon his dissatisfaction?

This…..just thinking of that makes me giddy!

“Nevertheless, hidden calamitous defects lingered due to the instance of the territorial layers collapsing.” Young Master Yu added, “Hence, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master left his sword behind in this continent. In view of those heavenly defects, he divided his own sword into nine fragments, each sealing up those heavenly defects through an unknown technique. Ever since then, the world remained stable, never again did an apocalyptic collapse happen……”

“Following that, the Nine Tribulations Sword Master vanished……from then on, not one soul had seen him again!” Young Master Yu spoke in a grave tone, “Before that legend left, he expounded one statement. The Nine Tribulations Sword, surfacing once in ten thousand years; locking both qi and fate of the continent, establishing the cycle of karma. The pillar of strength of the Nine Heavens Continent…….”

Chu Yang widened his eyes as he nodded in astoundment.

So that’s the case!

This is the origins of the Nine Tribulations Sword!

“From that day onwards, that miraculous sword was hailed as the ‘Nine Tribulations Sword’! Everyone made their own conjectures; why did the legend name this sword as the Nine Tribulations Sword? Unless….this continental world still had to endure through nine tribulations? Yet after pondering thus far, no one could decipher and thus allowed the matter to rest.”

“After the first ten thousand years elapsed, indeed, someone acquired the Nine Tribulations Sword. During that time, the entire state of the Nine Heavens was completely modified again…….after a massive war, the final surviving Raptor race……was utterly annihilated…..”

“After another brief period, another tremendous dissention arose between humankind and the Three Stars Holy Clan…..but at that point, the Nine Tribulations Sword was owned by a human expert…..thus, when that Nine Tribulation Sword owner reached the peak of maturity, the Three Star Holy Clan was sealed entirely!”


“Yes, sealed. Only when the Nine Tribulations Sword resurfaces, could the seal be lifted…..’

“Ke, ke, ke…..” Chu Yang felt like he was crumbling internally as he listened.

His heart only harboured a single doubt; Was it really this this? Did such an inconceivable event truly take place?

Could the reason for the Nine Tribulations Sword to relentless absorb all essences of things, for the sake of gaining strength to become the pillar of the continent? If it really is so……then this is too……too…too bewildering right?

Every time the Nine Tribulations Sword emerges, it would give rise to waves of turmoil and abnormalities in heaven and earth. Could it be the unstable reaction from the heavenly defects after pulling out its pillar of support?

“Yet another ten thousand years elapsed. As expected, the Nine Tribulations Sword resurfaced after another interval of ten thousand years. Truly when it re-emerges, another calamity would strike. With every appearance, it altered the state of the entire Nine Heavens…….time past through with ages, yet another nine thousand years had gone by…….”

Young Master Yu raised his teacup for a gulp, as he offered his opinion, “Now, the Nine Tribulations has materialized again……not counting in the primary Nine Tribulations Sword Master, this would be the ninth appearance of the Nine Tribulations Sword!”

The Ninth appearance!

“Observing the records of time……the stirring caused by the emergence of the Nine Tribulations Sword this time far exceeds its ancestors. It seems like this time, the severity of events would be amplified! Moreover……ever since introduction of the Nine Tribulations Sword, a rumour has circulated within the Nine Heavens Continent; Nine Tribulations, Nine distinctions. The earth splits and the heavens billows…..which also means, the entire Nine Heavens would be decimated……such groundless nonsense…….it is still unclear when the rumour first begun…..”

Chu Yang could finally exercise his eyeballs, and muttered, “Hearing this, it sounds just like a fantasy…..”

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