Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 308-310

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 308-310

Chapter 308 – A peculiar composition

“You scoundrel!” The young lady’s rage was surmounting mountains, “Obviously slaying that snake was for the serpent core in its head! Argh, arh, argh, this is too infuriating, it’s driving me nuts……”

“Serpent core?” Tan Tan was at a loss.

Do the snakes here contain cores like dates?

By the side, Meng Chao Ran appeared as if he was enduring a stomach ache, as he finally approached to reconcile them. After realizing there was someone else here, the fuming young lady released Tan Tan and sprinted over to inspect the three badly mangled serpent heads…….

After a brief inspection without reaping any harvest, her buttocks slammed onto the ground as she mourned tearfully, “My serpent core…….”

“Young lady, how do I address you?” Tan Tan stroked his nose as he strolled over, seemingly aware of his own blunder already, “Ahem, ahem, since I’ve rescued you, ah lady, does this count as a hero saving a damsel in distress?”

“Hero saving a damsel in distress?” The young lady glanced wearily at him. Her brain simply could not process this absurdity.

You’re calling yourself a hero saving a beauty? Aren’t you just shamelessly showing off now? You’re not even close to that!

“Uh, yeah.” Tan Tan replied delightedly with satisfaction, momentarily forgetting to maintain his ‘shocked’ demeanor, “My senior told me once before; when a hero saves a beauty, that beauty will become devoted to him. Henceforth, that tale of youthful romance will be shared throughout all eternity…….”

“The beauty…..will become devoted?” The young lady stammered with her words as she glared at this sickening brat.

This thick-skinned bastard not only foiled all my hardwork and fortunes by destroying the serpent cores, he still dares to brazenly talk about devotion with me?

Where did he come from, how is his skin so thick?

“Uh, yeah! Devoted to me!” Tan Tan continued in his obliviousness, “I am the hero while you are the beauty. I rescued you, aren’t you going to stay devoted to me now? Besides, my martial prowess are more bountiful than your chest and your round butt cannot compare to my attractiveness. Ah, truly a perfect match!”

When Tan Tan spoke till here, he suddenly awakened as he hastily pretended to contemplate in deep thought. Then, he suddenly exclaimed in ‘shock’, “Woah! You musn’t be thinking that a dashing and confident male like me……isn’t worthy of you no?”

While he exclaimed, his brows bounced with shock.

“Uhgh…..” the young lady’s eyes rolled back as she fainted.

This granny has truly encountered a jinx……

Ultimately after Meng Chao Ran mediated, both parties finally sat face to face in peace. Right now, Tan Tan was still rather vexed.

The hero has already rescued the beauty, why Isn’t she devoted?  

The young lady was similarly fuming.

This brat is a damned retard.

Under the superb eloquence and amiable smile of Meng Chao Ran, along with utilizing gentle and delicate inquiries with words that seemingly drizzled alongside winds of spring, the young lady unconsciously divulged all her information…….

Cough!  It wasn’t an easy feat for Meng Chao Ran. To stealthily dig out information from the lady that his disciple had fell for on first sight, he spared no expense at flirtatious flattery…….

Xie Dan Feng of the Xie family clan. The little sister of the young Xie Clan Lord, Xie Dan Qiong. Moreover, her genius potential was the subject of prime nurturing emphasis in the Xie clan.

Although her looks were subpar, she had everything else an average woman should have; even amplified several times at that!

It was merely her mediocre features that proved troublesome; still, she could still be considered a beauty above the average. Yet that only flaw had been fully compensated by her haughty and fiery figure.

Actually, it completely surpassed it!

Although the air between them is pretty bad, I have utterly hundred percent faith in this miracle, which is my disciple’s relentless and indefatigable prowess of harassment.
That and the pinnacle of his unequalled impudence and narcissism……

Needless to say, this disciple can definitely ‘charm’ the little lass….Mn, the only hurdle would be her family…….no need to worry about that for now, settle the individual first. As for other matters…..let Chu Yang worry about it in the future.

Meng Chao Ran pondered over this issue irresponsibly.

Everyone is headed towards Cang Lan Battlefront. Besides, for Xie Dan Feng to venture out herself, she must have been scolded by Xie Dan Qiong and ran off in a fit of anger……

Then this is essentially a golden opportunity bestowed upon by heaven.

Hence during their journey, Meng Chao Ran either walked much farther ahead purposefully, or lagged far behind; allowing this ‘young married couple’ to spark something…….

Therefore many a times, he watched on as the two clashed daily with tempers flaring, before displaying a martial arts performance for the heavens.

Tan Tan’s growth was rapid. He was essentially equally matched with Xie Dan Feng, a talent that her clan expanded innumerable medicinal herbs to groom. Although he suffered a little in the beginning, after several bouts of duelling, he actually reached a stage where he could counter-attack. After conflicting for another 3 days, Tan Tan actually managed to occupy overwhelming superiority…….

Moreover, Tan Tan had an exceptional advantage or perhaps it should be referred to as a benefit. After witnessing the latest events, Meng Chao Ran finally discovered that he had been underestimating his disciple all this while.

This brat doesn’t hold restrain to the opposite sex at all!

As his master, Meng Chao Ran felt both worry and admiration.

Hence during their entire journey, he frequently witnessed as Tan Tan pressed Xie Dan Feng to the ground, like he was a vigorous dragon or a ferocious tiger. After that, he would mount over her and release his violent beatings onto her; apart from sparing her face, none of her other body parts were taboo to him!

Chest, buttocks, thighs; seizing rampantly, wherever he wished!

Bang! Bang! Bang! Like a cudgel smashing against a sandbag, thoroughly satisfying his venting cravings.

As for Xie Dan Feng who was beneath Tan Tan, she struggled to the best of her abilities; hurling curses at him while getting knocked about……

Yet the most astounding phenomenon was that whenever Xie Dan Feng suffered beatings, she would never resolve to crying. Instead, she deliberated excruciatingly to retaliate against him! To the extent of not resting until achieving her goals…….

Such a character was simply spectacular!

Hence, such a scene playing out during their journey became commonplace, it was simply mindblowing!

Thus, Meng Chao Ran had completed half of his objective in tempering Tan Tan through real combat, even before they had entered the core of Cang Lan Battlefront. This was all Xie Dan Feng’s credit, even though it resulted in her numerous blood, tears and torment.

Whenever they encountered a spirit beast, both fledglings would compete as they charged forward.

Xie Dan Feng’s main mission had always been to acquire the core and hide of spirit beasts.
While Tan Tan did so to temper his martial skills and similarly intended to gain some riches.

As for the cores they acquired, both followed the mentality of ‘each to their own’, both sides minding their own business. Tan Tan would absolutely not resort to gifting any to Xie Dan Feng to win her favour; Since I slayed the beast, on what grounds should I hand it to you? You haven’t even agreed to be devoted to me!  

Tan Tan’s reasoning was actually sufficient.

Such a mindset was totally poles apart from a male in pursuit of a female’s affection.

Moreover, Xie Dan Feng would absolutely not accept any freebies from Tan Tan; That’s obviously yours, based on what are you giving it to me? You’re not even my husband!

Though both parties were like misers to each other, they held onto their separate principles; moreover, they did so resolutely.

This caused Meng Chao Ran to watch on as his lips twitched, unsure whether to cry or laugh.

As things developed, it was unclear who first suggested this – A wager in fighting!

Every time they fought, they wagered. The loser would then have to hand over proceeds to the winner.

As for their wagers, it commonly involved a spirit beast core, or even several cores.

Yet evidently, Tan Tan only lost a few times. Instead, it was young mistress Xie who lost consistently, as grief and indignation accumulated within her. Hence, all the spirit beast cores that she had painstakingly gathered throughout this period were all transported into Tan Tan’s pocket.

As for Tan Tan’s pocket, it only permitted entrances with zero exits!

This drove Young missy Xie crazy, as she strove harder to acquire more spirit beast cores. When she finally accumulated enough gambling stakes, she would then return to challenge Tan Tan again, before…losing once more…….then fighting again……repeating the same process all over again……

Tailing behind two lunatics, Meng Chao Ran was confused if he should be crying or laughing……

Forget it, since our aim is to train, then I’ll just let them carry on……

Hence, this peculiar composition of three gradually traversed into Cang Lan Battlefront, repeatedly squabbling and jostling with each other along the way……

While the Middle Three Heavens was experiencing an upheaval, back in the Lower Three Heavens, the stench of massacre pervaded the air in Continental Center Citadel.

Diwu Qing Rou’s purging was still ongoing,

Yet, the one pulling the strings within the dark, Minister Chu, was presently boating and fishing over Lotus lake; contentedly living his simple and carefree life.

Though Lotus lake wasn’t enormous, it wasn’t small as well, but had a perimeter of several hundreds of li. Within this inland region, it could indeed be described as an exceptionally massive lake.

Midwinter had just elapsed, as the lands started to defrost and made way for tiny shrubs and shoots of young grass. Winds of spring isn’t cold to the face…..this saying referred to this exact moment.

The surface of Lotus lake remained enshrouded with decay, as the frozen winter lotus leaves scattered about the lake surface like rags. It was seemingly inconceivable to imagine the spectacular scenery of blooming red lotus flowers drifting through the lake during the summer.

Clad in white and snow, Minster Chu held onto a thin fishing rod as he sat within a tiny boat that was roughly the width of his buttocks; floating aimlessly over the water’s surface. Like a duckweed, he drifted wherever the ripples took him to.

Like the reflection of a white cloud casted onto the emerald surface.

The thin thread of his fishing rod tugged slightly, before abruptly tensioning and swishing in the water, and finally begun coiling in twirls within the lake surface……

Indeed, a fishy had taken the bait. Moreover, it wasn’t a small fish…..

Yet oddly, even after the fishy had taken bait, Minister Chu remained nonchalant; allowing the fishy to dart around underneath the surface while dragging the tiny boat swaying along with it……

“How satisfying!” Minister Chu tugged against his fishing rod as he felt the tension beneath the lake. His heart was utterly untroubled, “The joy of fishing, must it be directed to the fish? Not true! Or perhaps the process of angling? Not that either! It is merely the instance the fish takes the bait, only the thrill of adrenaline and palpitation……”

“Today, I get to enjoy such long lasting pleasure……” Minister Chu sighed to the skies,


“Pfftt…..” a giggle whispered in front nearby. It was another boat, a slightly larger one. On board was a little lass dressed in bright robes, similarly tugging along a fishing rod with one hand, fishing without a care in the world.

That young maiden’s expression carried a trace of utter boredom. After listening to Minister Chu’s self-proclaimed fallacy, she couldn’t resist the urge to giggle as she scoffed, “Hey! That nerd over there, have you hooked a fish yet?”

Minister Chu’s expression sank as he refuted unhappily, “An ancient proverb, men and women should maintain a distance! An ancient proverb, a daughter ought to learn the ways of a woman and not reveal her teeth while smiling. An ancient proverb…..a man and woman should not recklessly converse during first meeting. Another ancient proverb…….you should be addressing me as young master, and not a nerd……”

“Haha……” The young lady cackled uncontrollably as she revealed a pair of sharp eye tooths. She knead her belly and responded, “Ai ya ya, you’re truly an annoying sour scholar……your ancient proverbs, just let me faint now….”

(TN: 古人云 (Gu Ren Yun) means ancient proverbs or ancient saying, but the last character yun sounds similar to 晕 (Yun): meaning faint, that is why she exclaimed about fainting…..”

“Young lady’s words are inaccurate!” Chu Yang shook his head with a sharp air of fuming scholarly disgust as he lectured her, “This one here is merely a student and not a scholar, therefore…..the term ‘sour scholar’ cannot be used on me…..”

Chapter 309 – A truly domineering woman!

“Not a scholar?” The young lady was further humoured, “Then you’re a…. Graduate?”





“That’s an even bigger nope!”

“Then what exactly are you?”

“This student has yet to achieve anything….. I’m truly ashamed.” Minister Chu showed a face of shame, as if he was deeply embarrassed.

“Wa Ha….” The young lady cracked up to the point of almost falling off the boat into the waters. She turned around and delectably shouted, ” Young Missy, this nerd is gonna make me die of laughter.”

“He is just teasing you, mn.” The young miss inside lightly said, the sound of her voice was exceedingly attractive and similarly…. extremely authoritative!

On hindsight, it sounded like a male’s, however, it could also belong to a female, both were possible!

A neutral voice.

Actually, Chu Yang has already noticed this peculiar pair of master and servant for the past few days. The young mistress had seemingly never showed her face while her young servant girl was continuously busy with chores.

Chu Yang had already been residing in Lotus Lake for several days now, while the girls too had unexpectedly continued sailing for the past few days; where both sides caught glances of each other almost everyday. Yet this somehow caused Chu Yang to feel rather intrigued.

I came here in search for the Nine Tribulations Sword: What exactly…. Are you girls here for?

Presently, there isn’t even a single lotus floating on the surface of the lake. I will definitely not believe you, If you say that you’re here for the scenery.

Chu Yang’s objectives for this trip was; firstly, gaining insights of the essence and flexibility of water, and secondly, which was the most important goal – The third fragment of the Nine Tribulations Sword, was in fact, located within this Lotus Lake!

Chu Yang had left hidden clues at the House of Exceptional Beauties in order to confuse Diwu Qing Rou. Yet most importantly, it was to obtain the third fragment of the Nine Tribulation Sword, which was within the Lotus Lake!

Because the match of Three Masters, would be held at Lotus Lake!
(TN: Match of Three Masters was mentioned in ch 224)

Chu Yang was currently at a tipping point.

He had roamed about the lake, allowing both the Sword Point and Sword Edge within his Dantian to probe out the location of the third fragment.

However, even up till now, there wasn’t a single reaction.

Chu Yang’s memories were definitely not wrong; Yet in lieu of such a situation, he could only come up with a self-explanation for this oddity – The time wasn’t ripe yet!

As the voice drifted out, the cotton curtain on boat was raised, revealing the shadow of a person as she strided out gently while causing the boat to sway. Due to the sudden rocking, the maidservant cried out in alarm, as though she was about to fall into the water.

“This gentleman, do you mind coming over to my boat for a drink?” The voice was the same as before. Mn, or perhaps it should be described as, the voice belonged to that “lady”.

However, despite being on the boat, her manner of walking was shockingly as grand as dragons and tigers, deep as stagnant waters, and firm as the highest mountain peak!

From one glance, Chu Yang involuntarily yelped to himself: Oh my goodness!

He thought that, since this was a ‘ lady ‘, then even if it wasn’t a beauty, at least she should have a curvaceous, soft and delicate figure. Yet the appearance of this young lady … … enlightened him of his total misjudgement and broadened his horizons!

Examining her now, he finally realized she was seven feet tall, equipped with a fierce menacing expression, her broad shoulders and thick back were the back of a tiger and waist of a bear, such crudeness was simply extraordinary!

Just by standing still, it actually released a natural sensation that he was a hero and master of the universe! – if she was a male that is.

Chu Yang maintained a face of composure, however in his stomach, gastric juice were already churning rapidly. If not for a missing beard, or a missing Adam’s apple, and if not for her bulging bosom and perky buttocks, and if not for her dress ……

Chu Yang would’ve definitely assumed that she was a guy!

Not just any normal guy, but the manliest of them all!

“This gentleman, please come over for a drink.” The lady knitted her eyebrows, instantaneously, a natural aura of dominance flushed out.

“Kek, alright alright.” Chu Yang answered. With a flick of his fishing pole, the fish underwater begun to drag his boat over.

Chu Yang had a gut premonition; this lady, I’m afraid she isn’t just a simple character.

“You didn’t even row your boat…. How did your boat move?” The young servant girl was flabbergasted by this scene, and asked with her big sparkling eyes.

“A fish hurled me along.” Chu Yang winked and laughed.

“You’re boasting!” The young servant girl pouted.

“Heh.” Chu Yang had already arrived in front of her, as he casually passed the rod into her hands: “Take it, enjoy yourself … .., ”

The young maid pouted with a face brimming with disbelief as she received the rod. She added:

“Who will believe you……. Ahhhh!”

She suddenly shrieked out as her body tiled instantly. Splash! she crashed into the lake, completely caught off guard as the enormous fish continued to drag her along the water, leaving behind ripples and splashes everywhere.

Yet as soon as she resurfaced and wiped the water droplets off her face, she yelled, “Wow! So he was really dragged by a fish…… and such an enormous fish … … Wow, you’re not escaping!”

Her last few words were directed at the fish.

The young servant girl climbed up the boat with both her hands and legs, before proceeding to steady the rod and beginning to reel the fish in.

Chu Yang furrowed his brows; This servant lass is trained in martial arts, and she isn’t weak at all!

“Young master please enter, don’t mind that crazy lass.” The masculine lady smiled and stretched out her hand.

“Many thanks.” Chu Yang smiled as he walked inside. A tiny table was unexpectedly placed within the hold of the ship, with a large tea pot and a large cup sitting over it.

It appeared straightforward and boorish.

“May I ask for this esteemed lady’s surname?” Chu Yang inquired.

“My surname is Huting.” The lady retrieved the large tea cup and filled it with tea for Chu Yang.

She then sat opposite of Chu Yang and smiled humbly, “My name is Huting Ao Bo.”

“So it’s Miss Huting.” Chu Yang’s heart skipped a beat; Yet another from the Middle Three Heavens’ clans! Haven’t those from the Middle Three Heavens went back recently? Why is this girl still staying here?

“Young master’s surname?” The lady, Huting Ao Bo, smiled mildly.

“My surname is Chu.”

“So it’s young master Chu.” Huting Ao Bo lightly smiled: “Dare I ask young master Chu, are you from the Middle Three Heavens? Or the Upper Three Heavens?”

As she spoke, she looked suspiciously into Chu Yang’s eyes and said: “Young master Chu please refrain from suggesting that you’re just a student that isn’t even a scholar. If not, I will despise you.”

Chu Yang suddenly realized that this girl was indeed hard to deal with!

Such a difficult style didn’t belong to the category of annoying pestering, but rather a difficult individual that was intellectually cunning, abstruse and farsighted! She was indeed a knowledgeable tough nut to deal with!

In front of her, it would be exceedingly difficult to fabricate tales without being found out.

“I am neither from the Middle Three Heavens nor from the Upper Three Heavens.”

“Mn, King of Hell Chu?” Huting Ao Bo raised her head, as she stared at him with sparkly yet sharp eyes; just like a falcon.

Such a pair of eyes should in fact belong to a man of great significance; Chu Yang pondered. Smiling, he replied, “Young miss, how did you come up with such an absurd deduction? King Of Hell Chu….isn’t that too atrocious, no?”

“Ke…, ” Huting Ao Bo smiled steadily and replied: ” Maybe this gentleman isn’t aware but you have been sitting alone on that boat while looking so carefree, and yet are able to control such a big fish with a thin fishing line. How can a normal person accomplish such a feat?”

“Or perhaps, you may say there’s a fishing line guiding it, but … … the fishing line can only stop the fish from running, it cannot direct it; and there we have the first reason.”

“Oh?” Chu Yang started to get interested.

“The second reason; I have met most of the young masters within the Middle Three Heavens’ clans before. Yet none of the outstanding characters resemble you.”

“As for the third reason… … In the past I heard, there were two young masters Chu who came from the Upper Three Heavens. After Diwu Qing Rou inspected and verified the King Of Hell Chu, he mustered up a great force to capture them only to find that they had disappeared without a trace.”

Huting Ao Bo seemed to have an ace up her sleeve as she continued: “In this Lower Three Heavens, with a talent like yours within the Zhao Dynasty, I believe that you would have been scouted by Diwu Qing Rou as a subordinate. Yet as of now, the Great Zhao Dynasty is in shambles and yet this young master is without a worry. This undoubtedly shows that you’re not from Great Zhao.”

She smiled lightly, “There are multitudes of young warriors from the Great Zhao who are currently worried and fretting over this chaotic situation…….”

“However, that isn’t enough grounds to prove that I am the King of Hell Chu… … Miss, don’t you feel this is irrelevantly forcing your way through?” Chu Yang said this without panicking.

“This can’t prove much! But I am sure of it.” The young lady let out a sudden expansive laugh and said: “I daresay, even if you aren’t King of Hell Chu, you’re at least one of the two Chu Young Masters… …”

“Moreover, since I’ve identified you as King of Hell Chu……. Even if you’re not…… I will deem that it is you!”

This Tyrant!

Chu Yang rarely felt such an aura from a girl, but this girl right before him managed to interweave such a tyrannical tone within her soft spoken words flawlessly!

“Then my hands are tied.” Chu Yang laughed bitterly.

Since she has put it that way then what else can I do? This lass is really capable in combining the willfulness of a female with the unruly and domineering nature that can only be found in males…….

If I keep denying, then it will just turn into a joke.

Might as well remain ambiguous, neither admitting nor refuting and let this roll over and be done with it.

Chu Yang’s keen senses was whispering to him; This girl doesn’t possess any ill intentions towards me, but rather she actually admires me. What’s more……It is a cutting emotion, an admiration that is invoked upon  when one meets his match.

“Young master Chu, do you know who Gao Sheng is?” Hu Ting Ao Po smiled quietly and said.

“Gao Sheng?” Even if Chu Yang did not know beforehand, after arriving at Continent Center, he would’ve surely found out by then.

Middle Three Heavens’ Gao clan’s successor, yet for some unknown reason came down to the Lower Three Heavens, and for some unknown reason assisted Diwu Qing Rou. Within a short year or two, he had used his powers to achieve meritorious achievements for Diwu Qing Rou!

Gao Sheng!

“Ah, yes, Gao Sheng……” Huting Ao Bo described as if they were discussing about a stranger. She faintly smiled and continued: “I am Gao Sheng’s fiancee. The reason why Gao Sheng didn’t stay in the Middle Three Heavens but rather came down to the Lower Three Heavens was actually to flee from our marriage……”

“Abscond… …. pfft…….” Chu Yang choked and nodded repeatedly: “Ahem……. I understand…….”

Huting Ao Bo glared at him furiously and scoffed: “What do you understand?”

“I understand what you are feeling!” Chu Yang solemnly declared, ” The feeling of being absconded is really unbearable.”

“Unbearable? NO! I don’t feel terrible at all.” Even though she knew that Chu Yang didn’t mean what he said, Huting Ao Bo did not expose him, “I knew long beforehand that Gao Sheng had took off. It is just that I felt rather intrigued by him, that is why I came here to observe him.”

“Oh? Observe him?” Chu Yang suspiciously asked.

“Yes, it was just spectating.” Hu Ting Ao Bo laughed haughtily and said: “Even though I am not that pleasant looking, but I still wanted to see; what exactly does this guy who absconded look like? Whether he is worthy of me!”

“Oh?” Chu Yang still retained his suspicions.

“Gao Sheng may be feeling conceited that he had successfully evaded me.” Huting Ao Bo issued a mocking pair of eyes: “What he doesn’t know is that somewhere in his past, that big bearded bodyguard beside him…….was me. I followed him and observed him, spectating him for an entire four months! Only until some time back when he led his troops back to the Middle Three Heavens did I decide to stay behind.”

Chapter 310 – A daughter drinking Nu’er Hong

“He!” Chu Yang broke out in sweat. A sudden sympathy for the enemy he had never met soared greatly……to be toyed by a woman to such an extent, he is really one of a kind……

“Do you wish to know……the manifold affairs I’ve acquired from him about Diwu Qing Rou? including…..many many secrets?” Huting Ao Po winked her eyes.

“The manifold affairs of Diwu Qing Rou?” Chu Yang inquired as he gazed at her. Ultimately after pondering for a long time, he resolutely and decisively announced, “Yes!”

“You’re finally admitting that you are King of Hell Chu!” Huting Ao Po smirked at him.

“King of Hell is fine, so is Qing Rou, aren’t we all just mortals?” Chu Yang reasoned out, “During the past half a month, you and I have been drifting about here; while I observed you for half a month, you too inspected me for that period. Today, you’ve finally decided to call for me, it definitely isn’t solely to verify my identity.”

“Of course!” Huting Ao Bo released a stern and chilling giggle.

“Dare I ask, what your true intentions are?”

“It is simple actually.” Huting Ao Bo lifted her head and peacefully started, “It is a fact that Gao Sheng ran from our marriage. However, back in the Middle Three Heavens, he could be considered as a renowned talent of the younger generation.”

“My purpose here was mainly because I was curious, and secondly, just to gain some entertainment from disguising as a man……thus, I blended and infiltrated in just to see that person.”

“After months of investigation, I’ve finally reached a conclusion.” Huting Ao Bo chortled gently while carrying a tinge of disdain, “Gao Sheng is a talent. He has brains, schemes, and moreover his latent potential for martial skills is exceedingly vast.”

“Since that’s the case, then why?”

“Such an individual of his calibre, if I had just married into his house, then it would’ve been settled. Besides, though he cannot compare to the likes of Ao Xie Yun, Gu Du Xing, Xie Dan Qiong, Mo Tian Yun, Mo Tian Ji, Ou Du Xiao, Dong Wu Shang; Gao Sheng can still be considered an outstanding sapling when placed beside numerous other clan inheritors! He wouldn’t be considered as a disgrace to me.”

“Lacking when compared to those above him, while flourishing when compared to others beneath. That is Gao Sheng.” Huting Ao Bo lightly pronounced.

Chu Yang frowned as his heart was slightly startled.

Not only does this lady Huting possess a commanding tone, her foresight is incredibly precise as well!

With regards to the influential figures of the Middle Three Heavens, her casual statement had already encompassed a substantial portion of them! it seems like she is exceedingly informed of such matters! Furthermore, several names she recited are in fact, not even well known. Yet, she is still aware of their potential!

She scarcely missed out on just Tu Qian Hao, while Mo Tian Yun is already an expired name.  

Yet…….speaking of that; if Mo Tian Yun ultimately had not perished in Mo Tian Ji’s hands, then once he matured, who could confirm his future achievements would be inferior to the others?

“But since he had decided to flee from our marriage…..then he must pay the price! Although I have completely zero interest in him……” Huting Ao Bo revealed a masculine smile and continued, “Hence, right now, Gao Sheng isn’t worthy of me anymore!”

“If he didn’t fancy this matrimony, then he should’ve just voiced out! Nobody would’ve hassled him with a dead face. What more to sneakily run off? Since he was afraid of assuming responsibility, how dare he call himself a man?” Huting Ao Bo snobbishly scoffed.

“Young missy…..there are many things in life that doesn’t flow the way you expect it to.” Chu Yang gently advised, “Gao Sheng…..did he possess sovereignty over this matter? As for you…….if Gao Sheng hadn’t flee from his marriage, just based on your current strength, do you think you could’ve absolved the wedding?”

“This is an alliance contract of two major clans! How could personal opinions simply meddle with it?” Though Chu Yang didn’t know who Gao Sheng was and hadn’t met him personally before, even to the point they could be classified as enemies; but for this matter, he had to express his personal viewpoint.

This was because…….he could already deduce that Huting Ao Bo was absolutely a lady that drew a clear distinction between likes from hatred! Moreover, it was an aggressively intensified distinction!

Today she had divulged all her secrets to him, yet if she ever regrets in the future……Chu Yang had an inkling that her schemes may not be sufficient to deal with Gao Sheng……

Therefore, Chu Yang’s words were not directed at resolving the issue, but instead, he was trying to crucify the topic entirely!

Whatever happens in the future, you cannot blame me!

Mn, that was his intention.

“Just based on my personal strength, it is inadequate! But I have the balls to say it, does he?” Huting Ao Bo glanced at Chu Yang profoundly before giggling again, “I never imagined our Minister Chu to be so scrupulous and noble, to actually plead on Gan Sheng’s behalf.”

“This is just guarding against the unexpected, to prepare for rainy days!” To fabricate words before an intelligent individual was to display one’s own folly.

“What a great prepare for rainy days!” Huting Ao Bo praised, “Then you should’ve already guessed my intentions for seeking you out today.”

“Do enlighten me please.” Chu Yang smiled faintly, neither anxious nor flustered.

If you’re not going to personally say it, then I’ll just treat it as I’ve heard nothing.

Huting Ao Bo gazed abstrusely at him for a long while, before stroking her palms as she laughed, “King of Hell Chu, sure enough you live up to your name, King of Hell Chu! Against all heroes underneath the heavens, this little lady here has never felt more wariness than towards King of Hell Chu’s conduct.”

“You flatter me.”

Huting Ao Bo muttered to herself briefly before finally explaining, “My goal is very simple! Since Gao Sheng has offended me, then he must pay the price for it! Everything he has painstakingly accomplished till now, I will tear them down! A thorough and merciless demolishment!”

“The blood and efforts he has expended to assist Diwu Qing Rou in hopes of rising to prominence, hehe, wouldn’t that be too simple?!” Huting Ao Bo scoffed, “I wonder what it must taste like? Of having all your blood, sweat and tears getting trampled on ruthlessly……”

“He will soon get to sample…..that taste.” Chu Yang raised his cup with a faint grin, “I believe, it will be an eternally, unforgettable taste!”

“I too believe so.” Huting Ao Bo fixed her eyes on Chu Yang for a long while before her mouth started spreading out in smiles.
“Not just here, even in the Middle Three Heavens…..the Gao clan will pay dearly.” Huting Ao Bo chuckled lightly as she gazed at her own hands with an air of manly brutality. Swivelling her tea cup slightly, she concluded, “This is my intentions.”

“I have full faith in your success! I think highly of you!” Chu Yang incited with all his might.

“Ha ha ha……how delightful!” Huting Ao Bo lifted her head as she laughed hysterically. Her long hair fluttering to the twinkles of her eyes. Then, she suddenly turned back, “Do you drink wine?”

“You have wine?”

“I have fine wine!” Huting Ao Bo laughed brutishly again as she reached her head out and hoisted out a massive wine jar, “Fifty year old Nu’er Hong, care for a drink?”

(TN: Nu’er Hong (女儿红) is a type of chinese wine, noticeably used for weddings or celebration events.)

“Fifty year old Nu’er Hong……indeed an old fashioned woman. As the saying goes, a woman resembles wine……..of course I’ll drink!” Chu Yang licked his lips.

“A woman that resembles wine is a product of time, of the human world and of Jiang Hu! Definitely not products of men like you!” Huting Ao Bo refuted impolitely, “Men like you, what can they amount to!”

Chu Yang could only return a bitter smile.

“Right after our meeting, I will immediately return to the Middle Three Heavens! This period of prolonged staying in the Lower Three Heavens, was all for the sake of finding you!” Huting Ao Bo gulped down her wine in big bowls. Without raising even an eyelid, she declared, “Fortunately, you didn’t disappoint me!”

“Stop speaking to me in such a crude and casual manner, it isn’t pleasing to my ears.” Chu Yang similarly raised his bowl and replied with a sliver of frustration.

“You’re dissatisfied…..only my fart cares about you!” Domineering! This lady Huting absolutely belonged to the domineering category! A mouth without dread nor humility.

“Only your fart will care about my dissatisfaction? Then why’d you reply me?” Chu Yang rebutted her without courtesy.

“Hmph!” Huting Ao Bo rolled her eyes, “King of Hell Chu. Although you are hailed as the King of Hell in the Lower Three Heavens, this granny isn’t afraid of you! See how I get you drunk to death today!”

“Then let’s see who gets drunk to death first!” Chu Yang sneered in response, “But we must first clarify something. As the saying goes, drunkenness begets recklessness. Since today we are both single male and females drinking together, if anything happens later on, let me warn you first. I will not be held responsible!”

“Responsible your head! You wish!” Huting Ao Bo blushed as she drank with eyes widened.

“Screw this! This daddy would rather not have that many beauties…..” Chu Yang had since drank down 7-8 bowls, still sober in drunkenness, he allowed his tongue to run wild, “Take pity on this gorgeous pretty boy……my honor……my chastity, my morals……my……”

“Scram!” Huting Ao Bo could no longer endure as she roared out.

“Take this along!” Huting Ao Bo retrieved a piece of paper from her bosom, “In case i forget this later on. Everything is written clearly and precisely on it.”

“Just this?” Still far from drunk, Chu Yang very nimbly received it. Without even examining it, he stashed it inside his chest. Without a sound, this piece of paper resurfaced inside his Nine Tribulation Space.

it was completely secured. Even in his drunken stupor, he would absolutely not lose it.

“Everything i have written……if you utilize them well……I won’t say you can overwhelmingly defeat Diwu Qing Rou, but at least it would deliver a severe blow!” Huting Ao Bo glanced at him and continued, “Everything there includes news acquired by Gao Sheng himself, information of my observations, and my conjunctures……it is sufficient!”

“Many thanks.”

“i just knew you weren’t intoxicated yet!” Huting Ao Bo snobbishly smirked, “Trying to feign drunkenness to abstain from drinking? King of Hell Chu, you aren’t considered a man!”

“Whether I am a man or not……to verify this point…….disputing that is simply not worthwhile!” Chu Yang snorted, “But since you’ve said it like that…..woman…Prepare to stagger back home today!”

“Fine! Come at me!”

They raised their wine cups, roaring clamorously as they drank!

Lady Huting’s drinking speed was actually even faster than Chu Yang! Whenever she hoisted her bowl up, once it touched her mouth, not a single gurgling sound would be emitted; even a single drop on her lips weren’t spared.
Both harboured ulterior motives. Huting Ao Bo was merely concerned with a sole intent; Today, this drunkenness will be my farewell to the past! From henceforth, my former self is no onger related to me!

If during normal circumstances, I would’ve never dared to get drunk. Yet today, this King of Hell Chu is definitely a trustworthy individual!

No more restraints for now, drink to my heart’s content!

Chu Yang raised his wine bowl, his eyes was already slit with intoxication before he abruptly laughed, “Lady Huting, I suddenly thought of an antithetical phrase, please review it.”

“What phrase?” Huting Ao Bo’s vision was already slightly blurry from her drunkenness.

“A daughter drinks Nu’er Hong, a daugher blushes with red.” Chu Yang laughed heartily, “How’s that?”

(TN: 女儿红 (Nu’er Hong) means daughter (女儿) red (红) literally. Author is playing around with chinese words which doesn’t make sense in English, because Nu’er Hong is a Chinese name for a certain Chinese wine. it is sort of similar to English puns that wouldn’t work if translated to Chinese.)

Huting Ao Bo paused her wine cup and pondered for a long while, before slamming it to the ground as she pointed at Chu Yang and cursed, “A scoundrel speaks shameful words, words of trash and shameless disgrace!”

Thump! Chu Yang slumped onto the ground, as he attempted to curse out, “………”

“Ha Ha ha……” Huting Ao Bo snickered heartily. Pam! She suddenly collapsed onto the chair, and proceeded to……submerge into deep sleep.

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