Transcending the Nine Heavens

Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 306

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 306

Chapter 306 – Woah! Master!

“Everyone of the Gu Clan! We set off this time to face the Three Stars Holy Clan, for the sake of the entire Middle Three Heavens!” Gu Du Xing cut straight to the point in his speech, “We may die or disappear from this Earth! Even dying in the jaws of a spirit beast is possible! Against this, I only wish to give you one statement!”

Beneath him, over two thousand soldiers were fixated on his every move.

Total silence, not a single word.

Gu Du Xing stood beneath the cold Gu Clan banners as he unsheathed his sword and pointed forth. He roared sonorously, “This statement is…….never forget, behind us are our families! Our parents! Our kin! Our children!”

“Therefore! We set off!” As his words faded, Gu Du Xing surged forward and descended over a stallion. Turning around over the horse, he bowed and cusped his hands, “Be safe, godfather!”

Gu Yun Lan waved his hands gently and replied deeply, “I have only one request for you – return in one piece!”

“Yes, I will!”

The banners above fluttered as Gu Du Xing led the way forward! Following behind him were the rolling majestic cavalry fleet, the stampeding clanks of iron hooves trampling the ice and snow into fragments beneath!

Observing his gallant Gu Clan fleet disappearing into the horizon, Gu Yun Lan stood motionless for a long time.

“Clan Lord….” a figured flashed and appeared beside him. It was indeed that same Elder that had called for Gu Du Xing previously, “Clan Lord, are you still suspicious of Young Master Du Xing?”

“No!” Gu Yun lan replied gravely, “Ever since he returned, I no longer suspected him!”

“Oh……” the Elder expressed his surprise.

“We are the Gu family, our surname is Gu!” Gu Yun Lan solemnly declared, “As the biological father of Gu Yan Yang and Gu Yan Yue, I too don’t wish for them to die. Yet in the entire Gu Clan, excessive multitudes of others were all hoping for their early deaths……why is that so?”

The Elder lowered his head, not daring to make a sound.

“Those two brats……were indeed not cut out to be talents!” Gu Yun Lan released a long sigh,

“But Gu Du Xing is!”

“Yes.” This time, the Elder did not disagree.

“Therefore……for the Gu Clan, we shall forget about this matter.” Gu Yun Lan shut his eyes tightly, as two muddy old tears trickled from the corner of his eyes. In his grief, he murmured, “I only wish the Gu Clan……will continue to prosper for eternity.”

Then he lowered his head dejectedly.

As the Clan Lord of this generation, whatever he had to forsake had already been forsakened. Whatever sacrifices to be made, had already been offered! Yet, who could truly understand the manifold bitterness and grief of the Clan Lord, who could comprehend his acts of sacrifice and abandonment.

No one would.

Perhaps there were some that could, but not one spoke up.

Not a single one.

“Observing Young Master Du Xing’s progress, there is a massive possibility of him breaking through to Sword Emperor before the age of thirty! Furthermore judging from relationship between Young Master Du Xing and Young Mistress Miao Ling, when the time comes for them to get married……Young Master Du Xing will not only be your foster son, but also become your son-in-law…..a son-in-law is as good as half a son…..”

“The Elder beside him consoled, “Clan Lord, you don’t need to worry much…..the future inheritor of the Gu Clan will be your grandson, albeit a maternal grandson……it would still ensure generations of the Gu Clan to come throughout the ages…..Clan Lord, isn’t that good enough? It must be known in the entire world, there is no such thing as complete perfection and beauty…..”

“That is correct…..that would be perfect.” Gu Yun Lan revealed a smile and muttered, “It must be known in the entire world, there is no such thing as complete perfection and beauty…..there is no such thing as complete perfection and beauty…..forget it..forget it……”

Gu Yun Lan turned around and strolled towards the garden, “I’m going to visit Miao Ling…..that girl has been constantly suffering for all these days…..”

His figure faded away.

That Elder sighed as well and followed him over. However, his heart surged with unparalleled rejoice; Gu Clan’s crisis has finally been averted…….

In a field of wilderness, Meng Chao Ran and Tan Tan whom had long ago arrived at the Middle Three Heavens were also headed for Cang Lan Battlefront.

To shun from calamity and avoid confounding complications for Chu Yang, Meng Chao Ran had brought Tan Tan to escape the squabbles of the Lower Three Heavens, and had reached the Middle Three Heavens. Yet even by beating him to death, Meng Chan Ran would not have guessed…

That ever since stepping into the Middle Three Heavens, everything here was completely out of his expectations.

Foremost, he discovered personal changes to himself. The rich density of spirit energy in the MIddle Three Heavens was several folds amplified that of the Lower Three Heavens! Under the stimulation of such rich spirit energy, and the body tempering advance methods imparted from Chu Yang, Meng Chao Ran discovered that his cultivation had skyrocketed immensely!

He could barely complete the set of movements that Chu Yang taught back in the Lower Three Heavens. Yet within the Middle Three Heavens, after finishing a set he finally genuinely discharged the impurities contained in his body.

Ever since that realization, one incident triggered an extremely out of hand situation. Meng Chao Ran cherished this opportunity exceedingly as he exercised that set of movements three times daily. When the third day arrived, his body’s impurities had been completely eliminated……

Firstly, the spirit energy of the Middle Three Heavens was richly dense. Secondly, due to the Heavenly Chi Gathering Fish they possessed, it led to the density of spirit energy surrounding them to increase exponentially!

Meng Chao Ran immediately discovered his cultivation soaring up as though it was sitting on a fiery arrow. He actually managed to breakthrough a grade within three days!

In the following two months, Meng Chao Ran blatantly charged through to Peak of Ninth Grade Revered Martial Artist! The gap to ascend to King level was just a step away.

At this moment, it was as though his body had become accustomed to the spirit energy of the Middle Three Heavens, and his cultivation speed finally slowed down. Yet the martial energy progress within his body was already several times of the Lower Three Heavens……

As for Tan Tan, it was even more exaggerated. Due to the fact that the Heavenly Chi Gathering Fish remained infinitely beside him, this fella actually sank into madness and even forgo his meals. He continually trained, and trained…….

After completing that set of movements for the first time, Tan Tan almost snapped his own back.

Yet the favourable effects preceding that caused Tan Tan to beam with overflowing delight…..

Proceeding from Sixth grade Martial Artist, within two months, he consecutively raised a grade in every three or four days. His charging speed was like leaping over the clouds and harnessing the mists, as he steadily broke through to Martial Master; and continued to advance in gradual stability. After Meng Chan Ran’s progress returned to the usual, Tan Tan was still soaring leaps and bounds.

Even until today, Tan Tan had already broken through to First Grade Martial Great Master!

For such rapid progress, even Meng Chao Ran felt like he was living in a dream. After examining Tan Tan’s body once through, he discovered that Tan Tan had apparently triggered a strange modification in his physique. It was completely different to previously.

This caused Meng Chao Ran to scratch his head unfathomably.

Such a strange physique modification in Tan Tan, has it always been residing hiddenly within him and is now showing result due to the effects of Middle Three Heavens?

If he had been born with it, why didn’t I discover it before? If his physique only transformed upon reaching the Middle Three Heavens…..Meng Chan Ran felt that it was getting too far-fetched. He had never heard of such a strange total transformation of one’s physique after migrating from the Lower Three Heavens to the Middle Three Heavens.

It actually changed his aptitude as well….

After Tan Tan had ultimately broken through to Martial Great Master, Meng Chao Ran finally felt that this could not carry on. What the current Tan Tan needed wasn’t further progress in cultivation but combat experience!

Hence, he instantly made a decision to bring Tan Tan to Cang Lan Battlefront. As they travelled, he would gain experience through training. However, ever since they set off, Meng Chao Ran was completely oblivious to the tremendous variations that were occurring in Cang Lan Battlefront.

This very day, they had arrived before Ice Mirror Mountain.

This so called Ice Mirror Mountain was just a gigantuous precipice, releasing an impression as though a sabre had ran through it, top to bottom. From beneath the precipice and looking up, it appeared just like a vast flatland.

When winter approached, this precipice would be coated in ice and morph into a colossal mirror. People travelling would feel like they were walking inside a mirror.

It was indeed a scenery of  marvel in the Middle Three Heavens.

Cang Lan Battlefront laid ahead after passing through Ice Mirror Mountain. Ice Mirror Mountain could even be described as a portion of the Cang Lan battlefront.

Yet, in the end when they reached here, Meng Chao Ran actually crumbled.

Tan Tan who was suddenly facing such a colossal mirror had a momentarily dumbfounded countenance as he inspected the precipice with great astoundment. He then gasped loudly, “Master, master! This mountain is a mirror, ah……”

Meng Chan Ran chuckled faintly.

Yet following that, an accident struck. Tan Tan begun to observe himself in the mirror with great astonishment, and widened his eyes and mouth.

Meng Chao Ran felt rather odd as he turned to see, and could only see Tan Tan’s widened eyes staring into the mirror with shocked expressions. Yet…..utterly out of his expectations, Tan Tan who adopted such an expression had suddenly turned dashing due to the minute deformation of his reflected face.

His twin brows were no longer elevated differently but were now straight. His nose bridge wasn’t that abrupt anymore and his rounded ears seemed to have sharpened. Surprisingly, he now appeared like a flower boy.

Meng Chao Ran was shakened as he turned to glance at Tan Tan, immediately realizing the same changes! It was indeed the case when Tan Tan displayed a reaction of utter shock, he suddenly became much more pleasing to the eyes.

Following that, Tan Tan immediately became excited. In his excitement, his shocked expression waded off and he returned to his former self.

“Master……didn’t I look especially dashing just now?” The excited Tan Tan exclaimed to Meng Chao Ran in delight.

“Mn, you do look much more pleasing than before.” Meng Chao Ran was currently immensely joyous. Besides, this too was his own disciple.

The old appearance was indeed…..twisted.

Yet ultimately, depression descended over Meng Chao Ran.

This was because Tan Tan directly pasted himself to the mirror as he walked, turning his head to show his teeth towards the reflection of the mirror with every few steps. Another few steps and once again casting a glance and attempting different expressions.

Finally, after several dozens of experimenting, Tan Tan was finally enlightened.

My best look is the reaction of shock!

Thus, the torture of Meng Chao Ran commenced.

“Woah! Master!” The ‘shocked’ Tan Tan urged, “Look at that stem of grass here!”

Meng Chao Ran issued a light chortle.

“Woah! Master!” The ‘shocked’ Tan Tan exclaimed, “The grass is green!”

Meng Chao Ran laughed faintly.

“Woah! Master!” Tan Tan continued in his ‘shock’, “Look at how high the sky is!”

Meng chao Ran released a hollow laugh.

“Woah! Master!” Tan Tan was even more ‘shocked’ now, “Just look at the soil on the ground…..”

Meng Chao Ran’s smile had turned rigid.

“Woah! Master!” Tan Tan urged in ‘shock’, “Look at me, just look at me!”

Meng Chao Ran’s lips twitched slightly.

“Woah! Master!” Tan Tan maintained his ‘shocked’ demeanor, “Aren’t I rather dashing?”

Meng Chao Ran’s body begun to sway a little.

“Woah! Master!” Tan Tan inched forward, “Am I even cooler now?”

With tears filling his face, Meng Chao Ran was crumbling apart…….

How forbearing was Meng Chao Ran? Putting it courteously, if competing solely based on forbearance, even if he was pitted against Diwu Qing Rou, he would definitely not be inferior!

Unchanging even in the face of a true landslide. Not blinking when the vast ocean flooded in. Ever tranquil when bidding farewell to life and death. Undaunted in the midst of a million falling corpses.

Such forbearance, never ceasing since the dawn of time! Yet……Meng Chao Ran was finally defeated by the hands of a disciple he nurtured since young! The legend of Tan Tan demolishing his forbearance……

Dedition: In case anyone was like me and got initially confused, (doubtful since I’m just an idiot) then what basically happened is that when he looks in the mirror – for what I assume is an extremely rare occurrence – his face is so deformed that moving parts of it around gave way to minute changes that allow him to become a good-looking lad.

The mountainous mirror wasn’t giving magical properties or giving off reflections that changed the way he looks…heh…


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