Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 305

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Transcending the Nine Heavens Chapter 305

Chapter 305 – For the sake of love, I’ll wait! I’ll fight on!

“Apart from you, there is not one I love!” Gu Du Xing was wholeheartedly affirmed as he anxiously vowed, “When I had ventured out previously, during the first three days……beauties were everywhere, yet none that I saw could compare to sister Xiao Miao, to the point that I couldn’t look on……You aren’t aware, but Ji Mo and Luo Ke Di had their eyes straightly captivated, yet I could not look on…..”

For the sake of confessing his love, Gu Du Xing instantly sold out his two brothers without blinking……moreover, he ruthlessly trampled over their characters……

“But……but we can’t!” The exhausted Gu Miao Ling wiped away her tears. Though she was utterly crestfallen, Gu Du Xing’s words had turned her tears into laughter as she gently replied, “Little brother, you must understand…….husband and wife are only called husband and wife only when they are together. This place is something I cannot escape my entire life……you musn’t be foolish.”

She softly hushed Gu Du Xing from replying as she woefully continued, “Little brother, sister Xiao Miao is extremely grateful for this affection……do you know, today will be the first day I no longer fear this Prisoner Cave……but you……you mustn’t walk this foolish path….”

“My little brother, you must find a tender loving woman to accompany you in braving through the storms of life…….to never leave each other, to grow out white hair together…..that, is the significance of husband and wife…..”

“Hurry up and return…..don’t stay here any longer. Stop being wilful little brother, be obedient alright…..” Gu Miao Ling looked upon Gu Du Xing with profound emotions. Fixing her teary countenance upon him for a long while before her lips curled with a gentle and content smile, “With your words today, you sister Xiao Miao’s entire life…..was not lived in vain…..”

“Never!” Gu Du Xing cried out, “Isn’t it just an Emperor level expert? Sister Xiao Miao! Wait for me, within two years, I will transcend to the Emperor level! I swear! On the graves of the past ancestors I vow! I……”

“You dare!” Gu Miao Ling’s tone was harsh, “If you dare to continue speaking! I will commit suicide before your very eyes!”

Gu Du Xing held back as he gazed at Gu Miao Ling and suddenly offered a gentle chuckle, “Sister Xiao Miao, if you really choose to die right here……then we can immediately become husband and wife…..”

The underlying implications of those words caused Gu Miao Ling to quiver.

She lunged forward with madness, rattling against the bars as she yelled from the bottom of her heat, “You cannot! I won’t allow you to!”

Gu Du Xing reached his arms through the bars, and lightly but firmly embraced Gu Miao Ling’s ice-cold frame. Gu Miao Ling trembled entirely as her face abruptly flushed red with dizziness…….

“Sister Xiao Miao, examine me. That time when you just entered here, I was merely a Third Grade Sword Great Master…….but now, I’m already a Fifth Grade Revered Sword Artist! I swear within five years, I will definitely charge forward to become a Sword King! Do you trust me?” Gu Du Xing solemnly pronounced.

“Fifth Grade Revered Sword Artist?” Gu Miao Ling gazed upon Gu Du Xing vacantly, “Is it true?”

“Of course It is the truth!” Gu Du Xing proudly declared, “Moreover, I absolutely haven’t taken any shortcuts, every step was taken with painstaking training.” As he spoke, he leaned in and placed his lips near Gu Miao Ling’s ear, and gently whispered, “I encountered a talented individual who imparted to me a set of training techniques which can traverse through sword ranks rapidly……mn, about this, no one else knows about it.”

Gu Du Xing benevolently fabricated all these to pacify the worrying Gu Miao Ling.

“Really?” Mu Miao Ling stared at him with sparkles in her eyes.

“Of course it is! Do you want me to swear an oath?!” Gu Du Xing lifted his hand in pledge.

“No need!” Gu Miao Ling hastily prevented him from doing so and delicately expressed, “I trust you.”

“Mn.” Gu Du Xing chuckled with abundant bliss. Although frozen and impregnable prison bars segregated the both of them, they could both sense an inseparable and unprecedented warm blessedness in this very moment.

“Oh right, that talented individual became my big brother and handed me something amazing to pass to you.” Gu Du Xing attempted to reach his hand into his bosom to retrieve it but was concurrently unwilling to release Gu Miao Ling. Thus, he had to employ an exceedingly awkward posture to fish for that item…….

Thus, he squeezed a jade case into Gu Miao Ling’s hands as though he was presenting a treasure, before eagerly cuddling her again.

“What’s this?” Gu Miao Ling drooped her neck down to fiddle with that tiny jade case.

“Don’t open it now, only open it after you return inside.” Gu Du Xing softly explained, “This is a tiny essence of a fire spirit.”

“Ah?!” Gu Miao Ling was astonished. A fire spirit essence was a mystical treasure under the heavens; wearing just a spark the size of a fingernail was enough to dispel all chilliness, no matter how harsh the blizzard one was in.

This was exactly what Gu Miao Ling required the most.

Indeed, this was the fire spirit essence that Chu Yang had managed to preserve after nearly falling out with the Sword Spirit. Such a valuable essence was almost guaranteed to leave no remnants once the Nine Tribulations Sword absorbed it; not even minute crumbs would be left.

Even after centuries of stockpiling treasures inside the Great Zhao imperial nation’s treasury, only a chunk of the fire spirit essence the size of a fist could be found inside the imperial palace.

Yet today, he had given all to Gu Du Xing!

“There’s something else.” Gu Du Xing fished out a Jade Pitcher from his bosom.

“What’s this?” Gu Miao Ling could no longer find the words to express her jubilation.

“Vitality Spring Water.” Gu Du Xing replied, “This is also gifted by my big brother, you can drink it now. This is a magnificent nourishment. It is said to enhance one’s vitality and thereby increasing one’s longevity; moreover, it can even prevent scars from forming after sustaining wounds in the future…..”

Gu Du Xing then started introducing the wondrous of the Vitality Spring Water in unceasing torrents, his face beaming with smiles of exultation.

As the daughter of the Gu Clan Lord, how would Gu Miao Ling not be aware of such a divine miracle like the Vitality Spring Water? Yet she remained silent without a word and only gazed tenderly towards Gu Du Xing. She wanted to carefully listen to the long-winded recommendations of her beloved…….

She understood this; Gu Du Xing is really engrossed in this, how determinedly must he have strove during this period of time?

How many ordeals must he have gone through?!

It was just half a year!

Charging from Third Grade Sword Great Master to Fifth Grade Revered Martial Artist! Perhaps the majority of bystanders would be amazed at Gu Du Xing’s progress and praise his natural talent…Yet Gu Miao Ling’s first notion was this; Breaking through non-stop throughout this short span of time, what sort of inhumane tempering must he have endured all this time?

As she pondered about it, Gu Miao Ling involuntarily felt her heart ache.

“You silly, you don’t have to be too harsh on yourself……with this…..” Gu Miao Ling knead her fingers against the case containing the fire spirit essence and gently issued, “Waiting inside for a few more years wouldn’t matter to me.”

“No!” Gu Du Xing resolutely protested, “Letting you spend another hour inside is already a crime!”

“Alright…… I guess you have to leave now?” Gu Miao Ling released him softly, “It seems someone else is here to prompt you.”

Gu Du Xing turned to look and saw one of the Clan Elders making haste towards them. His expression reflexively sank as he gritted his teeth and begrudgingly scolded, “These bunch of old undying…..”

“Don’t say that.” Gu Miao Ling lightly shook her head, “We are……we all belong to the same Clan! And this… our home…..”

“Haai…..” Gu Du Xing faced to the skies and sighed in languish.

“I’m going to head in now……” Gu Miao Ling mellowly implored, her eyes glistening as she stared deeply into Gu Du Xing’s eyes, “You must take good care of yourself…….little brother.”

“Are you still calling me little brother?!” Gu Du Xing complained nervously.

“If not little brother, what should I address you as then?” Gu Miao Ling frowned and snorted, “I haven’t agreed you know.”

“Ah?” Gu Du Xing anxiously started, “Sister Xiao Miao, you cannot go back on your words……”

“I didn’t go back on my words……” Gu Miao Ling glanced at him tenderly and gently chirped, “Sister Xiao Miao cannot run from here……but, if you ever come across another girl you admire out there, never ever let sister Xiao Miao tie you down……do your best to pursue her. We……I, even when I regain my freedom, who knows which month or year it would be already….don’t let me hold up your beautiful springs of youth……”

“Except Sister Xiao Miao, there is none for me!” Gu Du Xing’s voice trembled slightly as he continued, “Good girls are aplenty under all heavens; even in the entire Nine Heavens Continent, ravishing beauties amounts to the thousands…….does it mean I must have anyone that I favour in appearance?”

“Pfff!” Gu Miao Ling started laughing jubilantly and teased, “You dummy! Even if you favour one…..the other party must still be willing right?”

After speaking, she gradually retreated backwards whilst still facing Gu Du Xing. A pair of gentle loving eyes casted towards Gu Du Xing’s face as she reluctantly faded away from his sight.

The Elder that was rushing here had already started calling, “Young Clan Lord, everyone is waiting for you…..”

As his calls drifted to them, even that guard hiding by the side rolled his eyes with disatisfaction; This old fart, are you in rush for your funeral? Making such a ruckus before this moving scene……haven’t you seen this daddy, I, tearing too?

“I understand.” Gu Du Xing turned around and answered in annoyance. As he turned, Gu Miao Ling’s figure had already vanished into the Prisoner Cave.

Gu Du Xing glanced back vacantly for a good long while, before shouting abruptly, “Sister Xiao Miao! Wait for me! I will definitely, definitely marry you and make you my wife!”

Deep inside the Prisoner cave, Gu Miao Ling whimpered a little as her face heated up, and her body turned limp.

This little sweetheart!

Gu Miao Ling sneezed as the chilling airs of the cave surged in again. She retrieved that jade case and opened it. Instantly, a searing heat emanated out and enveloped her entire body, causing her to feel warm and snuggly…..

Keeping this chunk of Fire Spirit Essence pasted onto her body, she felt as if she was right in front of a fireplace in the cold winter; feeling not a thread of chilling cold.

This air of warm coziness gently enshrouded only three feet surrounding her. As for anywhere else, it remained as freezing as before.

Yet this treatment as compared to previously, was like the difference between heaven and earth!

At the minimum, such a temperature could still sustain one person.

Gu Miao Ling stroked against the Fire Spirit Crystal in her embrace, as she revealed an enchanting smile on her face….Du Xing, I will wait for you! I only fear the day you don’t want me to……but even if you don’t need me to, I will still wait on……

She sat down quietly. Ever since Gu Miao Ling was imprisoned here, a day had always felt like a year to her. Yet from henceforth today, she could finally sense a longing hope within her heart, finally allowing her to peacefully settle down.

In spite of all this, there’s still a smitten man waiting for me out there. I cannot fall now……

Du Xing, I will not disappoint you.

Gu Miao Ling then sat crossed legged and circulated her energy. Du Xing is striving out there, I too must be hardworking and assist him…….

Gu Du Xing turned and headed towards the guard. Bowing himself, he pleaded, “Brother! I beseech you, take good care of her!” His twin sword-like brows perked up as he implored, “I will not treat you unfairly!”

Overwhelmed by favour from his superior, the flustered guard scrambled to reply, “Young Clan Lord, why say such words…..eldest Missy has never suffered a single grievance here. You can be at ease.”

“You have my gratitude!”

Gu Du Xing clasped his hands and abruptly shot off like an incisive sword, blatantly piercing towards the blue dome of heaven!

For this endearment, I’ll fight on!

After several leaps and landing, Gu Du Xing finally appeared awe-inspiringly before the clan multitudes with an air of majestic sword aura!

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2) Some people expressed confusion about Gu Du Xing’s status within the family. He was adopted in. So, no wincest here peeps.


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